Sri Lanka minister takes cover after close shave
Posted on September 20th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

News Item quotes that the Hon Minister of Transport has gone to India to seek divine help to beat the railway strikers or Private bus owners or Three wheeler drivers.The news gossips about his shaving of the hair presumably to get rid of the ticks” ( Ticka’s -how we called railway guards during our school times.) as all railway strikers intend to cripple the transport system .It may be a hair  pulling exercise for the minister to find a solution.

Few  front -line politicians like Kothalawala ,JR and Chandrika ( may even be Sirimavo did not seek divine help) All other presidents like Premadasa.MR ,MS and even RW have been  seeking Indian god’s intervention .

They are not satisfied visiting Kata agama ,or Indigolla St Jude’s or Dawatagaha mosque .but also seek other foreign gods in India.

( People should see the Indian Movie Called OMG ( Oh my god) to understand how  these agents of divine gods operate .

We as Buddhist should not be believing in god or creations by god, but we shall believe in Karma

Shaving hair or wearing a talisma  or carrying a gold dagger may not help anyone and even breaking coconuts ( a coconut is about 90 Rs now) may not help either

There is a saying that people who go to temple are all God Fearing people than God Loving …. ( quote from OMG)

Or we have to preach God Save This Country from these God fearing people who may have been doing sins in the past

I quote my opinion about God Kataragama

Tense situ at Kataragama Devalaya Nilame and shamans fight over keys

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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