IS recruiting from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Posted on September 22nd, 2017

Sultan M Hali Courtesy The Pakistan Observer

PRIMA facie, the so-called Islamic State (IS or Daesh) is receiving a hammering in Syria and Iraq but fresh information has come to light that the terror mongers are engaged in a recruitment drive in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka using social media tools. According to PTI (Press Trust of India), IS chief recruiter in India, tech-savvy al-Hindi has been operating on facebook and other personal messenger services to contact, brainwash and recruit the youth from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The report elaborates that the IS or Daesh claims that an Indian suicide bomber killed a number of people in an attack in Raqqa, Syria, the de-facto capital of the terror group.

In a statement in Arabic via its Amaq propaganda agency, the IS identified the Indian bomber as Abu Yusuf al-Hindi, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, a US based monitoring firm. The terror group claimed killing and wounding a number” of what it described as Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) apostates” in the suicide attack involving the Indian bomber. However, there was no confirmation about the IS claim by Indian agencies.

Al-Hindi was the fugitive chief recruiter for the IS in the Indian Subcontinent and was known as Mohammad Shafi Armar. He had many aliases like Chotte Maul” and Anjan Bhai”. The 30 year old was named as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist” by the USA in June, becoming the first Indian leader of the outfit against whom the US has imposed sanctions. An Interpol Red Corner notice was also pending against the bomber. Al-Hindi, a native of Bhatkal in Karnatka, was a leader and head recruiter in India for the Foreign Terrorist Organization and Specially Designated Global Terrorist group, according to the US State Department.

While announcing sanctions, the US State Department has said that al-Hindi cultivated a group of IS sympathizers who are involved in terrorist activities across India, such as plotting attacks, procuring weapons, and identifying locations for terrorist training camps. The master head hunter had escaped to Pakistan along with his elder brother after crackdown on Indian Mujahedeen cadres. There have been many reports of him having been dead in a drone attack or crackdown by the allied forces. However, every time, intelligence agencies began giving credence to such reports, his name or voice cropped up in intercepts, giving value to the information of his being hale and hearty.

Tech savvy al-Hindi has been operating on facebook and other social media to contact, brainwash and recruit young men from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. His links to the IS were also the highlight of the interrogation of Yasin Bhatkal, who was arrested near the Nepal border in 2013. The Hezbollah used drones to strike the IS in Syria close to the border with Lebanon. India claims that the IS has no footprinton its soil but the activities of al-Hindi in India belie the Indian claim.

The US intelligence agency has done some remarkable tracking of Al-Qaeda and IS networks but sometimes the US gets it wrong. Recently, it prompted US public opinion builders in Afghanistan to commit one of the gravest mistakes by printing a leaflet having Taliban flag containing the Kalima-e-Tayyeba inscribed on the side of a dog being chased by a lion. In the image, the Taliban are depicted by the dog while the lion represents US-NATO forces. These leaflets have been dropped in the Parwan province of Afghanistan on September 5, 2017. Locals, who are opposed to the Taliban, have expressed their angst and displeasure over the Kalima being depicted on the back of a dog.

Since the Islamic teachings unite all Muslims, desecration of the words of the Quran is tantamount to blasphemy. Religious sentiments guide the average Afghan and they may put aside their animosity towards the Taliban to avenge the defilement of the Kalima by putting it on the back of a dog, which is considered unclean by Muslims. Even the Afghan Governor of Parwan declared the act as an unforgivable sin of the US.” Since the Afghans rely less on TV and newspapers, dropping propaganda leaflets from the air is a regular part of military operations, often used by US led forces in Afghanistan.

Afghans have been airing protests against such provocations in the past as well. In 2012, copies of burnt Quran were found by an Afghan sanitary worker in Bagram air base. Resultant protests throughout Afghanistan caused numerous deaths and injuries. Once again in 2012, images of US Marines urinating on slain bodies of Taliban bodies hurt the sentiments of Afghans and human rights activists around the world. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai was especially critical of US night raids in Afghan homes, which demonstrated disrespect to the Afghan privacy and an invasion of their cultural norms.

Such provocations can only fuel the ill sentiment against the Afghan occupation forces by a large segment of Afghan society. President Trump needs to come up with an out of box solution where a regional approach receives priority. Grave faux pas of the nature of that committed on September 5 will not achieve the desired results but rather work to the detriment of the mission plan. While targeting the IS or al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka or even in Pakistan, the protagonists must be mindful of local sentiments and not turn a winning battle into a losing one.

India on the other hand, has been known to sponsor the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), who have wreaked havoc in Pakistan, much to the joy and cheering of Indians but India should remember that nurturing snakes like al-Hindi on its own soil, is likely to backfire because the same snakes can turn around to bite their hosts. The best option for India should be to join forces with Pakistan. Pakistan is the citadel of Islam and is fully capable of defending itself, not withstanding Indian machinations. Al-Qaeda was defeated, Tehreek-i-Taliban were routed out and the IS have no place here but if the menace is to be weeded out and its roots terminated, it would be prudent to execute a coordinated action to combat the evil and eradicate it.

—The writer is retired PAF Group Captain and a TV talk show host.
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4 Responses to “IS recruiting from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    The REFUSAL to allow Rohingya refugees into Sri Lanka is the FIRST PATRIOTIC act of this otherwise INCURABLY PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI Ranil Wikunanasinghe!

    IN FACT, as a country ALREADY BEING OVER-RUN by a FLOOD of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS of EVERY KIND threatening to overwhelm its majority Sinhala Buddhist population, Sri Lanka’s IMMIGRATION and REFUGEE POLICY should be NOT TO ACCEPT ANY FOREIGNERS as IMMIGRANTS or even TEMPORARY RESIDENTS into the country, PERIOD!

    The DUTY of National Leaders should be to PRESERVE the homeland for its NATIVE population and their descendents; NOT any other CONSIDERATION!

    The INFLUX of Malidivians has turned into a FLOOD while they deny reciprocal privileges to Sri Lankans in the Maldives, and under the ETCA a TSUNAMI of Indians will FLOOD IN to join the Indian TAmil Community already OCCUPYING the Hill Country, to be soon joined by a MASSIVE INFLUX of Chinese citizens into the Hambantota Port region and its 15,000 acre industrial zone, thanks to our DESHADROHI PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI!!

    What then will be the FATE of the NATIVE Sinhala Buddhist people of Sri Lanka, poverty stricken and with the loss of political power unable to use their ONLY DEFENCE, the SOVEREIGNTY OF THEIR ANCESTRAL MOTHERLAND, to stem these FLOODS of MONIED FOREIGN SETTLERS?

    The Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka, will be driven out of the BEST LAND in the nation, and FORCED TO EKE OUT a living in the rural backwoods of their once sovereign country, just as the Native Hawaiians were slowly conned, robbed and dispossesed of their land by white Americans from the Continental United States, while the rest of their kith and kin emigrate abroad to serve as minons of abusive employers in the Persian Gulf!

    I WEEP UNCONTROLLABLY and INCURABLY for my MOTHERLAND, that PRIOR to Jan 8, 2015 seems POISED to become a PROPEROUS, DYNAMIC and RESURGENT New Wonder of Asia!

    Let all PATRIOTS, where-ever you are, near or far, resolve to BANISH this TREACHEROUS Yamapalanaya from Power and RESTORE to our Motherland a PATRIOTIC, PROGRESSIVE and COMPETENT Government committing to preserving this ancient homeland of the Sinhala Buddhist people of Sri Lanka!

    In UNITY lies our STRENGTH and our SURVIVAL!

    Sri Lanka won’t allow in Rohingya refugees, says Prime Minister Wickremesinghe
    Sat, Sep 23, 2017, 08:19 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 23 (BDN24) Sri Lanka has made it clear that it will not accept any Rohingyas as refugees. Prime Minister Ranil Wickrmesinghe said on Friday that refugees coming to a country like Sri Lanka, far away from their native Myanmar, evoke suspicions of an ‘organised immigration racket’.

    “A citizen of another country can enter Sri Lanka by following the immigration procedures,” he said replying to a query at the government parliamentary group’s meeting.

    “Rohingya refugees of Myanmar can easily seek refuge in neighboring Bangladesh or Thailand.”

    But their arrivals in Sri Lanka indicate that it is an organised effort. The government will not permit such maneuverings, he said.

    There are a few Rohingyas in Sri Lanka who had come by boat and by air following communal disturbances in Myanmar in 2012, but there has been no recent influx.

    But what the prime minister did not admit was the fact that there is an undercurrent of anti-Muslim sentiment among the majority Sinhalese Buddhist community in Sri Lanka which will not permit settlement of Rohingya Muslims in Sri Lanka.

    The communal divide was reflected in the demonstrations held on the Rohingya issue in Sri Lanka.

    While the Muslims wanted the government to rush to the aid of Rohingyas and accept refugees, the majority Buddhists would not allow anything of that kind.
    While the Muslims looked at the crisis as a huge humanitarian one, the Buddhists saw no merit in the Rohingyas’ case, as in their view, the Rohingyas could be a breeding ground for jihadi terrorists.

    Udaya Gammanpila MP and leader of the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya, a Buddhist party, said that it would be dangerous to allow Rohingyas to settle in Sri Lanka because they would come with hatred in their hearts for the Buddhists.

    “They would create communal tension here and disturb social harmony,” Gammanpila warned.

    Gammanpila maintained that much of the news about atrocities against the Rohingyas is “fabricated” by the US and other international players wanting to destabilise developing countries; get an excuse to intervene; and re-impose their hegemony.

    “As a country which had waged a 30-year war against Tamil terrorists, Sri Lanka has the bitter experience of facing manipulations by the Western Powers. Fabricated news in the international media about atrocities against the Tamils led to international intervention and stopped our attempts to nip Tamil terrorism in the bud,” Gammanpila recalled.
    Dilantha Vithanage, CEO of the radical Buddhist Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), endorsed the stand of China and India that the Rohingya issue is basically a terrorist one and that the Myanmar government government’s tough actions are justifiable.

    “We should not forget that the Rohingya issue has its genesis in a Muslim separatist movement in the 1940s. We also feel that the Western media is spreading exaggerated accounts as sensationalism sells,” Vithanage said.

    As a fellow Buddhist country, Sri Lanka should help Myanmar settle the Rohingya issue and provide the refugees humanitarian assistance, he added.

    Muslim View

    Giving the Muslim view, Hyder Ali, a functionary of the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama (ACJU), called upon all Sri Lankans, irrespective of their faith, to see the Rohingya issue as a humanitarian one and not as a “Muslim” issue.

    “Buddhists should view it from the stand point of the Buddha, and ask if Buddha would have allowed the atrocities? Did’nt the Buddhist leader, Dalai Lama, say that if the Buddha were alive now, he would have supported the Rohingyas?” Ali said.

    “The Rakhine coastline has great strategic value. And the area is rich in minerals. China and the US would like this place to be secure one for them so that they can pursue their economic and strategic objectives safely,” Ahamed said.

    “As for the Myanmar government, it would like Rakhine State to be populated fully by the majority Burmese Buddhist community. What is going on is systematic ethnic cleansing,” he said.

    Read More:: BDN24 (Source)

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good on you Ranil. DO NOT bring this DIRTY PARASITE TERRORISTS.

    Ask SAUDI to take them in. Or Pakistan.

  3. Senerath Says:

    Wait and see FOOLS. BLOODY FOOLS.
    HAKHIM and RISHAD BATHIUDIN pair are talking to you GOD already.
    GOD already gave prime and prestine land in Wilpattu to open Jihad City in 2014 Novemebr to RISHAD BATHIUDIN. To continue Jihad he joined Ranil. Soon he will join God.
    If GOD comes again it will be the TRUE END of Sinhala Buddhism and will be replaced with the religon of pease. BTW even Buddha was “THE MESSENGER OF PEACE” tpo this GOD.
    Nevertheless SATARA WARAM DEVIO WILL PUNISH the GOD soon to save Sinhala Buddhist from this evil ENEMY OF THE NATION.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Why not bangladesh, pakesthan, malaysia, indonesia, saudi, iran, iraq etc. etc. We have already multiplying mussies. They multiply and multiply and not even ancient Buddhist temples, wildlife sanctuaries aren’t safe from
    the fastest breeding religion. It is always non-mussie countries
    they expect them to help. Then mussies start breeding breeding and start killing the very people helped them in
    the first place. Look close to home, and you see the mussies were saved from parangies by King Senarath. How
    the mussies pay back? Destroying ancient temples, wild life sanctuaries etc. etc. to make room for the new breeds.

    What these mussies don’t understand, is there is no god. There has never been one. We all know 2-legged creatures evolved from apes to humans over millions of years. Simply put no creator god. Also universe is a vast place. To this day scientists can’t find the edges! That vast! So who can create such a vast place? Breed and breed and expect god to help is a crafty way to propagate the religion of violence (also the fastest breeding religion). In the end god won’t bother. Wonder why? Poor Sri Lankan government has to pick up the bill. Crafty mussies must be thinking who cares?

    This is the dirty trick they used to convert old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia, indonesia to mussies in a few hundred years since their arrival in those countries. Most of them are hell
    holes now. When syria trouble started, where did the mussies run to? Europe. Even after getting to turkey, they do
    not want to stay there. Shows how good this religion of violence countries. Nobody wanted to go to iran, saudi, iraq, libya etc. Non believers have to bail them out later to get murdered by them of course! Religion of utter peace, also the fastest breeding religion. There is no
    end to this mad religion. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the creator god myth. Also his Theory of
    Natural Selection explains why mussies on a killing spree worldwide. It explains when there are too many fighting
    for too few resources, it has to be controlled. So killing each other is a one way to stop the numbers going up.
    It is all science Mr. Religions also has to be inline with science. Only Buddhism passed the science test! No god.
    Buddhism’s five precepts alone are religion enough to any human being (honest only). No thousands of non-sense
    messages. All these other religions are religions of conveniences. They don’t regard killing, stealing, lying, etc.
    etc. to be sins. Religions? Religions of conveniences. In the end you are only cheating yourself and won’t be two
    legged creatures in your next life.

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