Daya Gamage Analyzes Washington’s Foreign Policy on Sri Lanka in Book
Posted on October 4th, 2017

Las Vegas, NV – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A desire to achieve a common objective is a force that motivates a strong leadership.

Success is the outcome of a well-organized plan.

Author Daya Gamage, who was a public affairs assistant and political specialist of United States Department of State, shares his own insights on Washington’s overt and covert foreign policy with the aim of reviving Sri Lanka’s military organization Tamil Tigers” back in the global arena.

The book Tamil Tigers’ Debt to America: US Foreign Policy Adventurism and Sri Lanka’s Dilemma” describes how Washington’s foreign policy is carefully designed to aid in a global supportive instrument of a terrorist organization to weaken Sri Lanka. The analysis and interpretations found in this book are uniquely documented and these cannot be found in other works. The title itself speaks of Washington’s adventurism in handling Sri Lankan issues. Washington’s failure to win Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers Leadership motivated them to create conducive ambience through its foreign policy.

The book helps political observers and history students gain a better understanding about reviving Sri Lanka’s annihilated organization Tamil Tigers”, without reservation.

Tamil Tigers’ Debt to America: US Foreign Policy Adventurism and Sri Lanka’s Dilemma” will be displayed in 2017 Frankfurt Intl Book Fair on October 11, 2017. Get a copy of this book now to acquire the best information on the controversial issue.

Tamil Tigers’ Debt to America: US Foreign Policy Adventurism and Sri Lanka’s Dilemma
Written by: Daya Gamage
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date: November 9, 2016
Paperback Price: $39.93

About the Author
The author, Daya Gamage, is a retired public affairs assistant and a political specialist during the 1970-1994 at US Diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka. Because of his excellent performance and professionalism, he earned a Meritorious Honor Award in 1988 given by the U.S. State Department. Currently, he works for Asian Tribune, an online daily newspaper, as a political-foreign affairs correspondent.

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