The Treacherous Conspiracy facing Sri Lanka – Part I
Posted on October 22nd, 2017


It remains a quandary why the Mahanaayaka Thero of the Malwatte Chapter Ven. Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thero changing his earlier stance has reposed blind trust on Tamil and foreign slavish Sirisena and Ranil and expressed opinion in favour of the constitutional process being intensively undertaken by the government despite the well known fact that this process is being undertaken to effect the secret agreement reached by Sirisena and Ranil with the separatist Sampandan and fulfil the promises made to the Tamil diaspora, western imperialists including the UN interventionists, Indian hegemonists, and the dollar voracious NGO vultures that this country will be made a federal and secular State, total power will be devolved to provinces and the North and East will be merged to make it a single province where the Tamils could have a free and self rule without any form of obstacles or hindrance from the central government.

The so-called vicious process of formulating a new constitution was started with the appointment of a committee headed by Lal Wijenayake for this purpose and following the receipt of recommendations of this committee which included that Sri Lanka should be Secular State and all religions should be accorded equal status, the term ‘Unitary’ in Article 2 should be removed, After that 6 reports of the interim committee reports were released and recommendations of these interim committees were incorporated in the Steering Committee Report submitted to Parliament by Ranil Wickremasinghe, father of Federalism and Secularism. This report recommended transformation of Sri Lanka into a Federal and Secular State. replacing the word ‘Unitary’,  removal of the Concurrent List under 13th Amendment, removal of the powers of provincial governors, appointment of provincial governors based on the selection of relevant Chief Ministers, devolving of Police, land and other powers to the provinces, and bring District and Divisional Secretaries, Grama Niladharis and the public servants under provincial councils.

As a result of the promises and secret agreements made to the Tamil diaspora, western imperialists including the UN interventionists, Indian hegemonists, and the dollar voracious NGO vultures that father of Federalism and Secularism Ranil Wickremasinghe held a meeting at the Temple Trees with well known NGO activists in the country including the so-called Puravesi Preamuna as early as 21st July and urged them to launch an island wide campaign to canvass vigorously for the proposed new Constitution and make all efforts to make the government victorious if it becomes necessary to go for a referendum on the proposed constitution if they fail to get it approved in the Parliament alone by any other foul means. More than 20 NGO vultures including Dr. Wickremabahu Karunaratne, Dambara Amila Thero, Gamini Viyangoda, the male nurse Saman Ratnapriya, Dharmasiri Bandaranaike and Mrs. Nimalka Fernando attended this meeting.  It was reported that any and all necessary funds for this misinformation and deceptive campaign will be provided by the Tamil Diaspora and it was as a part of this campaign that Tiger in the cloak” Father S. J. Emmanuel, the leader of the UK based Global Tamil Forum arrived in the country.  In the meantime as urged by Ranil Wickremasinghe the NGO vultures Viyangoda and Sunanda Deshapriya and some others have commenced posting long articles in favour of the proposed new Constitution in the Sinhala website of the tiger terrorists””

Under these circumstances it is heartening to find that the Joint Sangha Council of the Malwathu and Asgiri Chapters of the Siam Sect which met in Kandy on 18th October have decided that there is no need for a new Constitution or any amendments to the existing Constitution. The council, which convened for a special meeting at the Sri Dalada Maligawa has also unanimously decided that the ongoing process of formulating a new constitution should be halted immediately. Lay scholars from various sectors have also participated in this meeting, after which the Anunaayake of the Malwatte Chapter Ven. Dimbulkumbure Wimaladhamma Thero and the Chief Registrar of the Asgiri Chapter Ven. Medagama Dhammananda Thero have jointly explained to the media the decisions they reached.

Upon submission of the despicable Interim Report of the Steering Committee on the proposed Constitution to Parliament on 21st September the print and electronic media have become replete with articles and comments from many erudite scholars, politicians, veteran journalists, doyens of the legal fraternity, historians and many patriotic personalities resident in Sri Lanka and overseas. They have come forward to comprehensively flay the proposed constitution considering that their criticisms as a timely national responsibility and brilliantly countering the few who have ventured to support the proposed measures fully or partly for pecuniary reasons or outdated ideological compulsions.

.’ අස්ගිරි-මල්වතු මහානාහිමිවරුන් ඓතිහාසික රන් ආයුධ මණ්ඩපයේදී මහාවංශයේ රනින් ලියැවෙන තීන්දුවක් ගනිති..

A prime move being made in the proposed constitution is to make this country a Federal and Secular State.” TNA Parlamebtaeian M.A.Sumanthiran and the UNP Parliamentarian Jayampathi Wickremaratne who act as the Co-Chairmen of the Management Committee to facilitate the work of the Steering Committee have undertaken active roles in selling the constitution to the people.

The majority of the Sinhala people of this country heard about this separatist Sumanthiran elevated as a President’s Counsel by Sirisena in January this year, only after the foreign sponsored despicable regime change in 2015.  The Tiger Terrorist website ‘TamilNer’ publishing an article on 8th October 2017 under the heading SL constitutional discourse seen coupled with ‘Vision 2025’ policy of genocidal Sri Lanka” said that Sumanthiran had been prepared by the West long before the 2002 CFA agreement and he was in fact deployed to advocate the Oslo Declaration model already at that time. Referring to the proposed constitution the article says that the trend of the current constitutional discourse was clearly evidenced already in 2013 in Singapore principles to which ITAK’s Sumanthiran and UNP’s Jayampathy Wickmaratne emerged as chief proponents along with collaborating sections of Tamil diaspora organisations that have no grass-roots backing.  It says that the immediate aim of Singapore principles was achieving a consensus on trapping Tamil voters through the ITAK (TNA) for the regime change that followed in 2015.

In an interview with the Tiger Terrorist organ Tamil Guardian” published from London (01.12.2016) Sumanthiran speaks about the constitution, transitional justice and the budget. On Constitution he says the new constitution will go well beyond the 13th amendment, the governor’s powers will be stripped, and President’s powers will be abolished.  He has explained that the TNA’s position is that labels (implying words unitary, united or federal) don’t matter as long as the substance of federalism is there in the constitution.  He has said that they will not allow any label that will be a problem later in interpretation and key features will be introduced making it unable for the centre to unilaterally remove powers without the consent of the periphery.

Explaining further, Sumanthiran has said that new constitution will make it possible for the provinces to obtain Foreign Direct Investments and this would enable the Tamil diaspora to channel funds to their province without any hindrance.  He has disclosed that they are not allowing the Joint Opposition members to dilute the process and he anticipates that JO will pull out eventually.  Sumanthiran has emphasised that the Tamil polity has a large role to play in speaking to the South about the constitution and addressing Sinhala fears, and stated that the best people to lead this North-South dialogue would be Mr Sampanthan and Chief Minister Wigneswaran because they understand the Sinhala psyche quite well.”

We already saw Sampanthan and Wigneswaran taking these initiatives with Sampanthan unsuccessfully approaching former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse seeking his assistance for the proposed constitution which Mr. Rajapaksa rejected outright.  Wigneswaran also took the initiative by visiting Mahanayake Theros and Sri Dalada Maligawa with much publicity.

In this interview given by Sumanthiran almost one year ago he predicts that the Steering Committee’s interim report is expected to be released on December 10, though that might be delayed, and then debates will happen in the Constitutional Assembly about the reports on January 9-11. Though there is no deadline for steps after the Steering Committee’s interim report he expects it will take at the very least a month after the January debates for the Steering Committee to issue its final report and only after the Steering Committee issues its final report they will start drafting the constitution. However release of the interim report 3 months ahead of Sumanthiran’s time schedule shows the work is being aggressively expedited by some treacherous elements.

Speaking on the transitional justice, Sumanthiran has emphasized that every provision of the Resolution [30/1] must be implemented and will be implemented.” He has said that the TNA was putting a lot of emphasis on the constitutional process but because of that they cannot put accountability-related matters/obligations on the back-burner”.  Then he has said that the un-legislated mechanisms of a truth commission, office of reparations and judicial mechanism might have to be done once the constitution process is over.”

He has also disclosed in this interview that Maithripala Sirisena has asked the TNA to come to him with proposals for development, even if it’s a plan for the entire North-East and said that he will implement them and added that the President is working on developing a mechanism including the MPs and provincial councillors that will look at development in the North-East

The website reported that the most deceptive Tiger supporter in the TNA is M.A. Sumanthiran who is a separatist to the core, and the suit wearing Sumanthiran engages western nations, media, and NGOs to target Sri Lanka! It said that Sumanthiran educated in Sri Lanka speaks English well but lies that there is discrimination and is a racist in his heart, Sumanthiran spreads misinformation and disinformation inciting hatred!. The website said that Sumanthiran is ungrateful to the land of his birth, spends a third of his time lobbying Diplomatic missions against Sri Lanka and during the UNHRC sessions in Geneva, he did not allow Ananthi Sashitharan to speak fearing that she will be questioned about her husband. Ananthi’s husband Velayutham Sasitharan alias Elilan was a hardcore terrorist leader in the Trincomlaee District. It was Elilan who led the LTTE effort to forcibly recruit civilians including children. During Geneva, Sumanthiran had flown to lobby Australia that has steadfastly supported Sri Lanka to try to convince them also to vote against Sri Lanka.

The website revealed that the LTTE infiltrated or created fronts that legitimized terrorism and undermined the Sri Lankan state and they included the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) the British Tamil Forum, (BTF) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF). CTC, GTF and ATC are staffed by acknowledged LTTE ideologues, supporters and trained cadres such as Father Emmanuel, David Poopalapillai, Vany Kumar – Thamil Vany and Sampavi alias Sam Pari respectively.

It said that masquerading as a champion of Human Rights, Sumanthiran flew to Canada and raised funds through CTC. In Canada, both World Tamil Movement and CTC staff engaged in illicit procurement, fund raising and separatist propaganda against Sri Lanka. After helping him to raise funds, Gary Anandasangaree, Legal Counsel, CTC joined Sumanthiran in Geneva to target Sri Lanka. Tamil Tiger activists and supporters resurfaced in Geneva to extract revenge from the Sri Lankan government that defeated them in May 2009. Gart Anandasangaree is presently a Canadian MP and the son of V.Anandasangaree. Leading the charge at the 25th Regular Session Human Rights Council in March 2014 was Sumanthiran of TNA and Gary Anandasangaree of CTC. Ignoring Sri Lanka’s return to peace and progress, economically, socially and politically, since the end of terrorism, both Sumanthiran and other separatists met with a number of governments and NGO representatives to canvass against Sri Lanka.,

As an incorrigible separatist, Sumanthiran called for an independent, international investigation in Sri Lanka through an International Commission of Inquiry! A diplomat in Geneva has told the website that Sumanthiran sounded like the new Rudrakumaran, the one time legal advisor to the LTTE who ignored LTTE ethnic cleansing, bombings of public places, massacres of villages, assassinations including Rajiv Gandhi.

It was well known that the TNA allowed the ruthless terrorist group LTTE to function as the sole reprsentatives of the Tamils while the separatist TNA functioned as the voice and defender of the terrorist outfit beyond Vavuniya and in the Parliament.  In order to mislead the world that they were not loyal to the LTTE Sumanthiran made a great effort in the interview given by him to the Sunday Leader on 19th April, 2015.

In this interview this double tongued separatist Sumanthiran disclosed many facts concerned to everyone which included Sirisena-Ranil junta offered them several Ministerial posts which they declined to accept and instead only insisted in writing to the Speaker that Mr. Sampanthan should be given the post of the Opposition Leader. On the question of their allegiance to the LTTE he said that they do not have any allegiance to the LTTE nor they are committed to their ideology. He said that they stand up for the rights of the Tamil people and are not in favour of terrorism nor do they encourage it

Speaking about the newly elected government, he said that they are totally happy with the way things are moving, they are moving in the right direction and they need a little more time to correct all the mistakes that have been made. He said that time and space should be given to the government to rectify the shortcomings and move in the right direction at the required pace.

With regard to the 13th amendment and the promises made to the Tamil people, Sumanthiran emphasized that the 13th amendment is part of the constitution and it is not a separate thing and there is no need for anyone to promise to implement part of the constitution as they have all sworn to uphold the constitution and it has to be implemented. He said that if any government is not implementing it then they will become guilty of violating the constitution.

With regard to the removal of the army camps, reducing of the military presence in the North, releasing of civilian lands being kept by the military Sumanthian said that several thousands of acres of lands are being kept by the military and the army is cultivating them and other recreational facilities are being built on these lands which cannot be justified. These lands belong to the people and they should be able now to go back and live on their lands since the war has ended. He pointed out that the government agreed to these conditions even before the elections were held.

Addressing a Press Conference at his office in Jaffna, on 2nd September 2017 Sumanthiran said that their key demand for a merger of the North and the East has not changed and the cooperation of Muslims living in the East is important for this purpose, and noted that Muslim people could have an autonomous unit within a merged North-East province. Sumanthiran further stated that the new constitution would bring about a solution for the Tamil people and the TNA were supporting the government in order to attain the solution they wish to achieve.

The Tamil Guaardian reported on 11th August 2017 that TNA leader, R Sampanthan and its spokesperson, M A Sumanthiran met with the Indian Foreign Minister Mrs Sushma Swar**aj when she attended the Indian Ocean Conference in Colombo and highlighted the fact that much work had been done on the constitution and said that it could not be delayed any longer and the draft Constitution should be approved by Parliament before the end of this year. Tamil Guardian said that Mrs Swaraj reassured Mr Sampanthan of India’s support in this regard.

Similar to the meeting with Mrs. Shushma Swaraj the Sampanthan Sumanthiran duo has been extensively canvassing support for the constitution recently with foreign embassies in Colombo and foreign visitors.  On 22nd July the evil duo met with Norway’s ambassador to Sri Lanka, Thorbjørn  Gaustadsæther.

The evil duo has also met the United Nations Under Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman in Colombo and said that the Tamil people are not satisfied with the progress being made by the Sri Lankan government. A Press Release issued by the TNA said that during the hour long meeting Sampanthan raised various issues that affect the day to day life of the Tamil people living in the North and East.  It said that amongst the issues discussed was the implementation of a United Nations resolution on Sri Lanka, which calls for a hybrid court to be set up and try those accused of war crimes. The Press Release said that Sampanthan also highlighted the military occupation of land in the North-East, and emphasized that there is no justification for the government not to release these lands,

It was revealed that discussions also covered the subjects of the new constitution, missing persons, and the repeal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). They have complained that despite promises made to the international community very little progress has been made.

The evil duo has also met the Assistant Secretary of State of the United States Alice Wells, at the residence of US Ambassador Atul Keshap during her recent visit to Sri Lanka and has emphasized that the new constitution being drafted for Sri Lanka must not be allowed to fail, They have also complained about other issues they raised with foreign visitors recently.

Another foreign dignitary met in Colombo by this evil duo was the Australian Foreign Minister Mrs. Julie Bishop, Reports said that they discussed the constitution making process and key issues faced by Tamils

At several occasions Sambandan espoused the need to have a Federal Secular constitution for Sri Lanka. He has continuously sated that Sri Lanka should be a Secular Federal State and Northern and Eastern provinces should be amalgamated as a single province.

At the TNA May Day rally held in Jaffna. A resolution calling for making Sri Lanka a federal secular state, amalgamation of North and East as a single combined province was unanimously approved with much applause.  The resolution was presented by Smbandan.

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C.V.Wigneswaran seems to be different from other leading Tamil politicians, and is forthright in expressing his views unlike cunning foxes like Sambandan and Sumanthiran. This is not to say that he is better than the other two evil duos but a guy advocating the same objectives openly. Responding to a series of e-mail questions forwarded by the Indian journalist Sulochana Ramiah Mohan , he has said that the Sinhala people would realize as soon as proper federalism is granted, this country will jet towards prosperity,  the hatred and suspicion among the various communities will disappear and reconciliation and peace will be established. If Sinhalese leaders feel against granting federalism for the North and East, let them concede federalism for the entire country giving federal rights to each province with the right to any one or more provinces to merge with another.

As per a report published in ‘Mawbima’  Wigneswaran has said that Sri Lanka is not a Buddhist country and hence the country should immediately be made Secular.  He has said that majority of the people living in the North and East is not Buddhist and these two provinces should be made Secular.  In a press release  issued to the media, he has said that he completely rejects statements being made saying that Sri Lanka as a full Buddhist State and has pointed out that there was a  time when this country was ruled separately as Jaffna Kingdom, Coastal Kingdom and the Upcountry Kingdom. He has said that in the year 1833 these kingdoms were united for administrative facilitations.  Because of this the majority of Tamil people lived in the North and East became a minority in this country.  He says that Sri Lankan leaders upon gaining independence created divisions as Sinhala, Tamil, Upcountry Tamil, Muslim, Malay and Burgher.  Wigneswaran has criticised the disenfranchisement of upcountry Tamils and settlement of Sinhalese people in the

Trincomalee district.  He has said that establishment of Buddhist temples and Buddhist statue in the North disproportionate to the very few Buddhists living there has extensively increased.

Wigneswaran calling on the Maha Nayaka Theros of Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters on 10th September in his sudden mission to persuade Mahanayake Theros in favour of the proposed constitution said that under Unitary rule, the majority community had the supremacy and the minorities did not have the freedom of administration.  He said that under the 13th amendment, the Provincial Councils had no freedom to act independently as the Central Government had controlling power by the appointment of a Governor and hence the best option was to confer federal status to provincial council regions, not only to the northern provincial council but to other provincial councils as well. He emphasized that Federalism is not separatism. He also stated that Sri Lanka should not be a Unitary State but a United Federal State.

Speaking at the Ezhuga Tamizh” (Tamils Arise) rally at Jaffna, Wigneswaran said that the problems of the Tamil people cannot be solved just by getting elected to parliament or the provincial councils but can be solved only by a people’s movement. Elected representatives cannot deliver the goods unless backed by a peoples’ movement, he said. These rallies were held in Jaffna and Trincomalee.  Wigneswaran’s assertions clearly indicate that the Unitary Status and all powerful Governors under the Central Government remain as main obstacles and tied their hands preventing them to unilaterally declare self rule and expel security forces and even Buddhists and non-Tamils (Hindus) from the North and East

(To be continued)


4 Responses to “The Treacherous Conspiracy facing Sri Lanka – Part I”

  1. Senerath Says:

    MR Delhi bound

    October 22, 2017, 11:07 pm The Island

    Former President and Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa is expected to visit new Delhi this month. Former External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris is expected to accompany the ex-President.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indeed, MORE DEVOLUTION of power to dedicated unrepentant deshadrohi SEPARATISTS won’t SOLVE ANY PROBLEM.

    ENOUGH DEVOLUTION ALREADY under the 13th Amendment, even without Land and Police powers!

    The PROPOSED DEVOLUTION far exceeds what FULL IMPLEMENTATION of 13A would do.

    It would DEVOLVE to separatists Law-making powers, EXECUTIVE powers, Land and Police powers, Foreign Agreement powers, REMOVE executive power from the Governor of the Province who reports to the National President and subject him to the Chief Minister of the Province …. and SO IT CONTINUES to create a sovereign sub-national state in ALL but NAME!

    What kind of a DESHADROHI GOVERNMENT, would PROPOSE to ENACT and INFLICT such a CALAMITY upon his Motherland.

    ONLY a DESHADROHI GOVERNMENT controlled by KALU-SUDDAS, GREEDY PUPPETS of FOREIGN Powers, and our own MINORITIES who never lifted a FINGER in the defence of our country, and those DEFEATED SEPARATISTS now posing as WAILING VICTIMS of PATRITIC FORCES of our Motherland would do it!

    CLEARLY, the YAMAPALANAYA MUST BE OUSTED …. the SOONER the BETTER … before they bring Sri Lanka to its KNEES!

    Instead, the 13th Amendment should be REPEALED and the Provincial Councils DISSOLVED, and GOVERNMENT POWER CENTRALIZED & CONCENTRATED EVEN MORE to CREATE a strong National Government capable of DEFEATING all FUTURE SEPARATISM and FOREIGN INCURSIONS!

    Let DISTRICTS under a District Governor APPOINTED BY and REPORTING TO the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT be the NEW System of Administration of Sri Lanka.

    NO sub-national ELECTED government bodies other than city, town and village councils SUBJECT to the authority of the National Government are necessary.

    Let the House of Commons of the Parliament with ELECTED MEMBERS remaain largely unchanged in its present form as the Legislative Branch of Government.

    Let the POST of Prime Minister be ELIMINATED completely. It is sufficient to have the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker to lead and moderate the conduct of business in Parliament. This will ELIMINATE the perennial TUG-O-WAR between the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT and AMBITIOUS REBELLIOUS Prime Ministers. Let the Committee system for creating and enacting legislation be strenthened with participation from the Govering and Opposing parties.

    Let a SENATE be created as the SECOND CHAMBER of Parliament, with ONE Senator ELECTED from each District. The Senate should have the power to approve or reject legislation passed by the House of Commons before it goes to the Executive President for his signature, which would be the last step in enacting a bill into LAW. Such a Senate would grant more power to each District than they would have through electing multiple Members to the House, enabling a measure of PARITY between Districts with small and large populations.

    Let SINHALA be adopted as the ONLY OFFICIAL COMPULSORYLANGUAGE in the country, with Tamil being declared a non-official community-specific language. Let ENGLISH be adopted as a COMPULSORY LINK LANGUAGE to enable Sri Lankans a strong WINDOW for communication with the rest of the world.

    Let Buddhism be DECLARED the STATE RELIGION with FREEDOM of Worship guaranteed to ALL religions.

    Let Marriage between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN be ENSHRINED as the ONLY LEGAL FORM of marriage in Sri Lanka and NO-FAULT marriage with the consent of both parties be adopted as law. ALL other forms of polygamist and same-sex marriages should DECLARED to be ILLEGAL, NULL and VOID!

    ALL Community specific laws, such as the Thesawalamai Law, that DISCRIMINATE against other communities in the ownership and inheritance of land and other proprty should be DECLARED as ILLEGAL, and the LAW should be STRICTLY ENFORCED wherever any Community practices DISCRIMINATION to exclude members of other communities. Specifically, Muslim communities who prevent the settlement of non-Muslims in majority-Muslim areas, and Tamils who hinder and prevent the settlement of non-Tamils in majority Tamil areas should be SEVERELY DEALT with. The Sri Lankan cake should be edible by all citizens irrespective of community.

    Let Laws against TREASON be FURTHER STRENGTHENED and STRICTLY ENFORCED to prevent the kind of TREASON being practiced by Tamil Politicians such as Chief-Minister Vigneswaran, Sampanthan, Sumanthiran, and Sivajilingam! The maximum penalty for TREASON should be DEATH!

    To DEFEND & PROTECT our Motherland in this way, we NEED STRONG ACTION by a PATRIOTIC Government. To enable that, the FIRST STEP should be to OUST this PARA-GATHI DESHADROHI Yamapalanaya led by a PAL-HORA KALLIYA of OUTRIGHT TRAITORS!


  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    While VERY IMPORTANT, the unitary nature and state sponsorship of Buddhism ARE NOT the MOST IMPORTANT of the issues with the New Constitution.


    ThIS LEVEL of DEVOLUTION of POWER COMPLETELY UNDERMINES and NEGATES those PALLIATIVE Statements EMBEDDED in the New Constitution to placate the IGNORANT among the Sinhala Buddhists, including the Malwatte Mahaayake Thera, whose mypic view is NO DOUBT seeded by liberal financial bribes!

    Those PALLIATIVE words assuring the Unitary Nature and Protection for Buddhism are CONFUSING and MISLEADING in that the words used in Sinhala, Tamil and English mean completely different things, as pointed out by many patriots.


    In my VIEW, this is a PRESCRIPTION for NATIONAL SUICIDE, that DISMANTLES the LAST BARRIERS and yields to the SEPARATISTS the LAST OF THE AMMUNITION they need for a UNILATERAL DECLARATION of Independence with the blessings of the Western Supporters of the Tamil Diaspora, including their PUPPET United Nations!

    This attempt to HOIST a New Constitution, crafted by SEPARATISTS, MINORITY COMMUNITIES and the NeoColonial West, MUST BE DEFEATED, and PREVENTED from seeing the LIGHT of DAY!

    This DESHA-DROHI Yamapalana Government OF the SEPARATISTS, BY the SEPARATISTS, FOR the SEPARATISTS ,attempting to DISMANTLE and DESTROY Sri Lanka must NOT be allowed to SURVIVE this 2017 year , and MUST BE OUSTED at the earliest possible opportunity!

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Mr Nizam of Matara.
    Your Series of articles are truly appreciated.


    Our grateful thanks also to Ananda-USA for his valuable comments & suggestions.

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