In Sri Lanka today Rogues and Traitors are Heroes , and Patriots  who saved the country from disaster are  called rogues and traitors.
Posted on December 2nd, 2017

By Charles S.Perera

The ordinary people of Sri Lanka have gathered from evident facts  that there is sufficient circumstantial evidence to show that the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe is directly or indirectly  involved in  the  planned Central Bank Bond robbery. And  it is being confirmed  from the way his UNP followers are trying to make  the Prime Minister a hero, because he appeared before the Bond Commission to answer questions on the part he had played in the Bank Robery.

Then again the Prime Minister’s good friend the former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake who was selected the Finance Minister of the Year for Asia-Pacific by the prestigious , The Banker ” Magazine, was forced to step down from his Ministerial position due to his involvement in the Central Bank Bond Robery.

The people now question why if Ravi Karunayake the former Finance Minister  had stepped down because of his involvement in the Bond Scam, why should not the Prime Minister follow suit as his presence before the  Commission  establishes the Prime Minister’s involvement in the Bond Scam.

Instead the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  who it seems , wants to claim that he got involved in the Bond scam as the Previous governments may have also got involved  in such a Bond Scams before him, has said in Parliament that he is calling for investigations into Bond Sales by the Central Bank under the previous governments in the years before 2014.

There is nothing so great in a Prime Minister appearing even in a court house, and be cross examined to clear his name from any theft he may have bee accused of ?  However  today the ordinary people of the country thinks that after the Bond Scam scandal Ranil Wickramasinghe has no moral right to continue to be the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Then the President Maithripala Sirisena, who had been a silent spectator of the Bond Scam comedy for a long time, payed scant attention when the Prime Minister appointed  the blacklisted Governor of the Central Bank Arujun Mahendran as an advisor to the Prime Minister in the area of investments.

This was  despite the President Sirisena’s demand to remove him, and he  appointed Indrajith Coomarswamy as the Governor of the Central Bank. But yet the President Sirisena  did nothing to  settle the raging scandal around the Bond Scam that took place on the 27 February,2015.

The President Sirisena was also acclaimed  a hero after the Prime Minitser Ranil Wickramasinghe put in motion his FCID to catch the thieves and bribe takers of the previous government.  However, the President became aware of the  seriousness of the Bond Scam only  when he read the news papers, and heard the noise raging outside in the streets about the bond scam scandal.

It was only then on the 27 January,2017, one year after the Bond Scam, that President Sirisena  woke up to appoint  a Commission  to investigate into the Bond scam. The ordinary people now asks what the President was doing all that time, and questions whether he is not partly to be blamed for allowing the Bond Scam to continue for so long without a proper investigation, The people begin to wonder  whether it would  now not be best for him to  step down from his office along with his Prime Minister.

There are the pro President Sirisena Ministers of the Yahapalanaya, who praise the President as a great patriot, who saved Sri Lanka by taking a risk to walk away  from a vicious leader who was keeping the people of Sri Lanka  under his  grip, a dictator who had done away with  democracy , and  the rule of law , for the benefit of his  family, making money  and antagonising the western countries. Hence the Yahapalanaya sympathisers  believe that  the President is another great Yahapalanaya hero.

But the ordinary people of this country knows,  that the  President Mahinda Rajapakse who was betrayed by his friend and the General Secretary of his party, was no dictator. He was one who was given the driving seat of a dilapidated vehicle to take it  safely through  a  jungle road infested with terrorists , with untrustworthy army commanders, and a set of local political  leaders manipulated by the West and the Tamil diaspora.  President Mahinda Rajapakse had no time for political niceties or justness, for  him it was then a live or die situation.

President Mahinda Rajapakse had to be careful and  had to be strict  with those  with whom he was to work, and  help him, in order to drive safely the  dilapidated political vehicle he was handed over.  And the people knows that he drove that dilapidated  car to safety and removed obstacles  and brought peace and security to the country what ever the now heroic betrayers say about him, and say about  lack of democracy under him.

But apparently it was not  patriotism and the desire to save the country from a demoniac’ leader that made Sirisena walk away from SLFP. He was rather  lured by the promise of the  Presidency of Sri Lanka offered to him by  Chandrika and  Ranil. It was the result of a secret plan,  a conspiracy hatched by the Ranil- Chandrika duo.

According to what Chandrika Kumaratunga said to a reporter of the HindustanTimes of the 15 September,2015:

……On Saturday morning, speaking to a small group of journalists in New Delhi, on her first trip to the Indian Capital after the political change in Sri Lanka, Kumaratunga traced back the past decade and then recalled how she narrowed down on Maithripala Sirisena, the current President as a common candidate.

He had worked under me, and was not known to be corrupt or a murdered. It was difficult to find someone in my party at the leadership level who met those parameters,” she said, with a smile.”

There you are,  that was how the choice was made  they wanted  a good honest malleable man from amoung the trusted people of  Mahinda Rajapakse, and that was how Chandrika picked the man who was  to back stab his leader.

That is not the end for Yahapalanya has created yet another hero. It is the former Yahapalana Minister of Foreign Affairs , the present Minister of Finance. Mangala Samaraweera a well known enemy of President Mahinda Rajapakse. His speciality was in selling Sri Lanka to the West and the Tamil diaspora, and do every thing to spit China in the face and promote the West as Sri Lanka’s new found friends.

The UNP and Chandrika went all out along with Mangala Samaraweera to kick out China’s influence in  Sri Lanka under President Mahinda Rajapakse, and welcome back the friends of the West neglected hitherto by Mahinda Rajapakse.

Mangala Samaraweera is quite proud of his smooth talk and ability to be servile to the white  West. Of course Chandrika and Ranil believed that it is the West that would help them to develop Sri Lanka, faster than Mahinda Rajapakse did with the help of China.

Mangala Samaraseera, Ranil and Chandrika won the West to their side, but the expected financial aid to develop the country failed to come from them. Yahapalanaya then had no alternative but to prostrate before  China begging for financial support to build Sri Lanka. China played their cards well with the traitors”,  and asked for Sri Lanka’s National wealth in return for crumbs to serve them with what ever development they envisaged.

Mangala Samaraweera did not stop with winning the West, he went all out to sponsor a resolution the USA and the West had moved at the UN Human Rights Council denouncing Sri Lanka’s own Armed Forces for war crimes in the course of the elimination of terrorism.

Samaraweera went on his  knees at the Geneva Human Rights Council shedding tears of complacence praising  the West for the well prepared  resolution against Sri Lanka’s own Armed Forces, which he said hew would sponsor with humility on behalf of Sri Lanka.

Mangala Samaraweera also went with TNA terrorists supporter MP M.A. Sumanthiran  to a meeting of  the pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora Organisations in Singapore, to promise them amoung other matters, to write a New Constitution to Sri Lanka making secret provisions to make the Constitution Federal once it is passed on Parliament.

Mangala Samaraweera has strange bedfellows to promote his efforts to sell Sri Lanka to the Tamils-Dambara Amila, Vickramabahu Karunaratne, and M.A.Sumanthiran. They were addressing  a meeting of the third Sathyagraha Campaign of 6.2 Million on Alert” on 24 November, 2017  opposite the Sacred Bo Tree in Matara. In his speech to the gathering  Mangala Samaraweera said,

….The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United National Party (UNP) have formed a consensus government to finalise and adopt a new constitution for Sri Lanka as we do not know who would be elected as the Executive President in the future; so let’s use this opportunity for the betterment of the country,”

M.A.Sumnthiran had said addressing the same gathering, power should be devolved for every citizen  to live amicably  as one family  and Sri Lanka to prevail as one Nation.” Vikramabahu Karunaratne had said , In the past, northern politicians who addressed people of the south in Sinhala were assassinated by northern extremists. “Sumanthiran has ignored this threat as this duration may be the last opportunity to adopt a new constitution,”

After all this in the North TNA MP Sivajilingam had celebrated  terrorist Prabhakaran’s Birth day , yet the West  prods on the Yahapalanaya Government to continue with the Reconciliation.

In reality there is nothing to write about the political heist of the 8th January, 2015, that set up a Yahapalanaya Government displacing a government that was looking forward to greater development of Sri Lanka, for its security ,  peace and welfare of the people.

After  the elapse of more than  two years Yahapalanaya has done nothing for the country and the people , but what ever they did was  all for the benefit and enrichment of themselves.

Ranil Wicramasinghe and Sirisena keep making  more promises for the future to the people, already weighted down with financial burdens thrust upon them, and in poverty and distress caused  by the  Yahapalanaya Government’s  so far unfulfilled  promises.

Already fooled by this  rogue” government which keeps on promising wealth and prosperity in eight years to come, would the people once again give their votes to them at the forth coming  elections for the Provincial Councils ?

If the people of the country were to trust these Yahaplanaya tricksters once again   and votes them into power in the Provincial Councils as well, there would be neither  hope nor prosperity,  but disaster in a divided Sri Lanka lost to its Sinhala Buddhists for ever.

Is that what the Sinhala Buddhists want ?

Today the Sinhala Buddhists who  are the majority of the  population have been reduced to a minority status in political power and decision making where the Yahapalanaya Government has with a pseudo reconciliation move given more power to  Tamils and Muslims to decide on the future of Sri Lanka.

We see that in the preparation of a new  Constitution , protection of Buddhism and the Buddhist Sinhala cultural values would only be a name board, giving more consideration to  satisfy the Tamil and Muslim interests , which are also promoted by the anti Sri lanka West.

If the Sinhala Buddhists would be divided  in their votes at the forthcoming Prvincial Council elections, it would be the Tamils and Muslims that would put back into power the disastrous Yahapalanaya, pushing the Sinhala majority to insignificance.

The NGO vultures have become the political advisers to the President Sirisena, and Ranil and Chandrika will steamroll any decisions of the President Sirisena, which would be reduced t u high sounding Sinhala speeches unheard in the West and ineffective in Sri Lanka.

2 Responses to “In Sri Lanka today Rogues and Traitors are Heroes , and Patriots  who saved the country from disaster are  called rogues and traitors.”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Sadly this was the case since late 2009.

    It has a bigger picture than party politics. It is an attempt to weaken Sri Lanka again by India. It worked.

    The nation was saved by combined efforts of all presidents since 1978 and combined efforts of all soldiers and officers. A few trying to take all or most of the credit for winning the war made them look foolish and ungrateful in the eyes of the people.

    If the nation is to be saved again, all those forces must come together again.

  2. Nimal Says:

    All rogues, murders, criminals should face justice, now or someday.

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