Posted on December 23rd, 2017


Lack of physical fitness amongst the Sri Lankan cricketers is a major drawback.  In a Workshop held this week in Sydney for coaching under 15 cricketers several slides of Sri Lankan cricketers were shown ( with their eyes covered) to demonstrate the Sri Lankan  international players were  puffing and panting after few minutes of playing.   It was revealed that the Sri Lankan National squad players ( country not directly identified) cannot even do 10 push-ups in a training session).

When other players are continuing to play under unfavourable weather conditions, our players appears to be exhausted, requiring drinks, muscle treatments etc.  Some players come to bat, after facing few overs, request change of gloves from the dressing room, demonstrating lack of preparedness.

They are lacking self-confidence.  At the Workshop in Sydney, it was also revealed (once again the name of the country not mentioned) that those who are playing at the National Level in Sri Lanka would not have had any chance of being selected even for a Divisional Cricket Tournament in Australia.  In comparison, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have developed the techniques with well  founded strategies, in line with professional sportsmen elsewhere.

To overcome the  lack of self-confidence and stamina, they have started seeking redress from the Divine Intervention.   The Buddhist players carry a bundle of Pirith Nule  wrapped around their hands.   Can a piece of thread help someone to bat, bowl or field, surpassing the skills of your competitor?

The Sri Lankan Christian players never hide their religious identity.  The whole world knows the religion of Angelow Mathews, Tissara Perera, Kusal Mendis, Nuwan Pradeep, Niroshan Dickwella, Ajantha Mendis, Dammika Prasad etc.

How many SL players lose their wicket just after reaching 50?  Those who score 50 will almost require a cool drink, as if he has climbed the Mt Everest. The players look to the heaven if they score a boundary, six, 50 and get out for the next delivery.

Foreigners   ridicule and down grade Sri Lankan cricketers, calling that SL’s are trying to win matches through inspirational   BLACK MAGIC, instead of Training, Development and Commitment to the game.

The Players of predominantly Christian countries, play their game, without disclosing their religious affiliations. Wearing Pirith  Nule and placing Crucifix must be banned for the players in Sri Lanka.

Most players fail to respect the National Anthem at the beginning of the game. It is quite clear vast majority of key players and skippers are not familiar with the Namo Namo Matha.   After all, our own Prime Minister Rt Hon Ranil Wickremasinghe insulted the National Anthem and the country in public, by chatting with a colleague   while National Anthem was playing.  Unfortunately if the Leader  of our country,  who was educated at the Royal College  disrespect the his own country’s National Anthem, what happens at the ground level is a foregone conclusion.


  1. Nimal Says:

    I appreciate this web for highlighting this national curse of pirith nule,crusifix and the sudas have a rabbit foot. These are people lack self confidence.Our leaders have set a bad precedence that they decide vital issues using Kattadyas and Soothsayers and even that late fake general used the soothsayers to plan the attack jayasurini and I asked why soy dead and injured, his response is ‘unege karyumata’ In our fake culture this kind of cardboard heroes/criminals are venerated with statues. That our culture which I think is not genuine.Even MRS SWRD had these freaks around her as katadiyas.Truly shameful.
    I am proud to say that my burgher friends I exploited this superstition by eating all the nice food presented to the devil at the junction in Asgirya and they really thought that the devil ate it.So this kind of stupidity has no limits, infected from the people in the street level to the president of the Darmadeepaya.
    Cricketers should have a passion for the sport and practice tirelessly to the world standards.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Displaying religious affiliation was/is not the problem. One of the best bowlers of Sri Lanka – Chaminda Vaas – did the same thing but no one found fault with him. Sanath and Arjuna had their prominent pirith nool and strange “rituals” (so does Rafael Nadal). This is about getting side tracked with non-issues that can totally ruin cricket.

    Fitness is a clear problem. Sanath mentioned publicly that players (even young players) have a callous attitude towards fitness training. They think it is unimportant. Gurusingha was roundly condemned in social media for his focus on fitness.

    Cricket has lost its place in the Lankan society. In 1980s and early 1990s cricket had the support of the upper middle class and the middle class. Not anymore. Now they support rugby, etc. Only the lower middle class is fully behind cricket. The school structure has changed. Today at least 500,000 students study in international schools where cricket is not the prominent sport. Rugby and basketball take that place. Domestic cricket hardly attracts crowds but all domestic rugby matches are packed to the rafters; even grounds are not sufficient.

    These issues should be considered when trying to develop cricket.

  3. Senerath Says:

    I raely agree with this writer ( I simply don’t like his Kade Yaama) but I salute him for this article.

    Drawing a cross before bowling is a stupid act although clearly it is not the problem. Chamida Vass or sucsess of the bolwer has nothing to do with this stupid act. Being a smart nation we should take the lead by banning this stupid act.

    Surely some catholics will protest. But such stupid action ( not only the cross but also looking at the sky is a foolish act) is a very good lead we should take becuase we should show the world our unique way of life.

    How could the God or Gods help both the batsman and the bowler ? STUPID !.

    How could a pirith nool could help to bring suffering to one man and happiness to another. Another extremely STUPID act.

  4. Christie Says:

    Test cricket was not for the fit blokes. 50 and 20 are different. Anyway these dyas completion and pay is high and so other aspects should also be high as well as our expectations.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Number one qualification for to be in Sri Lankan team, you should never have been to a temple. Then your place
    almost guaranteed. Age? Age isn’t a problem at all. Dhammika prasad is 40 or 60 years I think. We still see him
    bowl since he has the most important qual. Very very important folk, we should show the world Sri Lanka is a catholic country by making the cross displaying to tv cameras. By the way if we go to any museum in the world,
    we can’t find god. Wonder why? We only see a chimp! No creator god? Yes creator god? You know the answer.

    Winning? Who cares? We don’t follow Sri Lanka cricket at all now thanks to TRAITOR YAMA PAALANAYA. When
    these traitor thieves gang can’t keep a forest safe from the multiplying mussie …. what chance winning a match at world stage? Traitors to the core TRAITOR YAMA PALLAN!

    Royal college has the dubious distinction of producing a lot of traitors of the highest calibre. Traitor chief die hard
    catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Lajja Baya Nathi Aga Matta Batalande
    Wadakaya pol pot [email protected] wickrama Sinhala killer, traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) thambi mudiyanselage [email protected]
    who put foundations to break up 350 mile long island (what a shame, no phones, no transport, huge country,
    so you need provincial governments every 25 miles to govern albeit please mussies and tamils) are royal’s products! It is not surprising Batalande Wadakaya talking to a hench man during National Anthem play since alugosuwa has no Sinhalese blood running in its veins. It’s portuguese blood!

    Under such traitors Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism has no chance of survival. Tragedy is a lot of
    Sinhala traitors support these traitor low lives to line up their pockets/stomachs! Shame on you traitors, shame
    on parents who produced such traitor low lives to destroy our country, culture, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race!

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