Why the Vesak was advanced to April?
Posted on April 24th, 2018

Mahinda Karunaratne

The Vesak poya falls naturally on the 29th May which by means that the Vesak should be in the month of May according to Julian calendar we follow worldwide. From time and memory there had been no shifting of Vesak (or even Poson) festival.

Since the Yahapaalana govt. came in to power, it is taking all decisions and acting on behalf of Tamils and Muslims and persecuting majority Sinhelaya and destroying and attacking Buddhism. (While the Temples, places of worship and Historical sites being destroyed and bulldozed by Tamils and Muslims,) yet the Yahapaalana govt. asks Sinhela Buddhist people surrender and reconcile with Tamils and Muslims.

This year the Ramadan supposed to be started on 17th May which will go on for the next 29 days, the Muslims opposed and does not want the Vesak festival come in between their Ramadan period where the 29th May Poya falls right in the middle of their fasting.

The Sirisena – Ranil alliance knowing but maliciously agreed to the Muslim demand and shifted the Vesak to April, whatever arguments and theories brought in to justify this, the bottom line is that Sinhelaya and Buddhism being decimated and destroyed under this Anti Sinhala, Anti Buddhist govt.

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  1. NAK Says:

    Despite the governments spineless sellout the Buddhists must resolve to observe Vesak on may 29th. Where are our Buddhist leaders and clergy who should have intervened to rectify this abnormality.

  2. Charles Says:

    Sirisena and Ranils Yahapalanaya is not a peoples Government it is an anti Sinhala Buddhist Government of the West and the Tamils and the Tamil Diaspora.

    We the Sinhala Buddhists should rise agaist these traitors. Even in the Lanka web there are few who speak for the Sinhala Buddhists. Yahapalanaya has released 685 acres of land to Tamils. The Settlement of displaced Sinhala from North and east are completely neglected. Sajith Premadasa is building houses but what about resettling the Sinhala in the North and East.

    They are reconciling with the Tamils while the Tamil Provincial Councillors go to Mulathivu Sambodhi Vihara in Kokuvil and ask the high priest for the deed for the land where the temple is built. Maithripala Sirisena Ranil wickramasinghe have still not made a statement. The Mahanayakes too have said nothing. This is a serious matter. Further reconciliation with Tamils should be stopped immediatately.

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    The Sinhala-Buddhists need to wake up and take charge of the future of our motherland.

    The first step is to get rid of these anti Sinhala-Buddhist parasites in the present regime. Ranil/Sira and their supporters in this government are the biggest crooks in the country. These traitors have sold the country and continue to do so as long as they can milk the system. Ranil is a cunning, master-crook who will sell his mother to stay in power. Sirisena is a naïve idiot who has no idea what he is doing.

    The result is a disaster for the country, as we are already beginning to see the consequences..

  4. ranjit Says:

    Current Yamapalanaya yamaballo should be sent to hell for what they are doing to our Motherland, sinhala race and to our sacred religion Buddhism. Enough is enough we sinhala buddhists must act now before these foreign backed Yamapalanaya yamaballo destroy everything we owned,we earned,we loved, we inherited and we cannot just stay idle and allow these traitors within and abroad to meddle with our affairs. Maha sanga should not sleep and do nothing when Buddhism is threatened. Talking and do nothing is useless. This is the time for action. Not once, not twise, not thrice these traitors and conspirators have tried to harm us but several times in different ways in different places inside our Motherland. We saw so many incidents around the country which threatens our sacred religion Buddhism and maha sanga but to-date no one in this Yamapalanaya has opened their mouths against these incidents or against the culprits or the traitors. Muslims and Tamils cannot dictate to us while they enjoy all the benefits which the rest of the country enjoys. Spineless President and the prime minister must resign and leave immediately before the people in this country chase them away and branded them as traitors to the motherland. They haven’t done anything useful to this country for the last three years except taking us backwards with their stupid undemocratic decisions and actions. Time has come for patriots to come forward and voice their anger against the Yamapalanaya yamaballo. Hell is the only place for these traitors who do not have any love for their motherland.

  5. helaya Says:

    Dear Friends, I received this email from Professor Asoka Bandarage about tamil organized meeting in congress. If anyone live around DC please spread the word and try to attend this meeting.

    Dear FOSUS Member,

    The Tamil Diaspora has organized a panel on Religion and Violence in Sri Lanka at the House Rayburn Building on Thursday at 3:30 PM (see attached notice for details). The Sri Lankan Embassy has asked me to get the word out so that members of the Sri Lankan community attend this event. I apologize for the late notice, but the Embassy only contacted me today.

    If you are available, I urge you to attend. Please note that you must RSVP to Laura.Wilson@mail.house.gov if you plan to attend.

    Thank you,


    PS, I have also attached an article from the Economist magazine that is cited in the announcement

    2 Attachments

    They started hoodwinking idiotic so called educated HARAK again. I used to attend all this event when lived around DC.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These are all traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiaya bay gal karaya walking crime
    bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years Batalande Wadakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer’s work.
    Batalande Wadakaya is the one ruling Sri Lanka today while puppet the rubber stamp vaira pala nari sena looking on
    helplessly. Wadakaya knows this is the best time to deliver the killer blow to destroy Buddhism, Sri Lanka and the
    Sinhalese race to please traitor low life leech’s ardent supporters tamils, mussies, catholics and the catholic west.

    These traitors are followers of religions of conveniences which don’t regard killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct,
    drug abuse (Buddhism’s five precepts) as sins while all the people (honest only) including all the law courts under
    the sun do. Traitor low lives are hell bent on destroying only true religion, Buddhism, in the world and as a result
    accrue a lot of sins and won’t be two legged creatures in their next lives. Good for Mother Lanka.

    Google traitor catholic run UNPatriotic_rats party’s anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka activities. Or google
    how Batalande Wadakaya’s UNPatriotic_rats party try to break up Sri Lanka to give half to its catholic buddy
    barrel man hitler mala paharan. Or ask why UNPatriotic_rats burnt Buddhist jvpers alive, headless corpses in rivers
    etc while catholic tigers of tamil drealam were given half the country on a plate by the die hard catholic token Buddhist
    Batalande Wadakaya. What’s more r@ni_leech’s catholic mafia broke into CB and the fat thief got away with murder
    (billions). While UNPatriotic_rats busy digging the grave for Buddhism, Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka, still a lot of
    jaathi dhrohee Sinhala booruwas support these murderous (Sinhalese only), thieving traitors. For the
    UNPatriotic_rats Fastest Breeding Religion’s mussies votes more important than Sinhala modayas since they are
    easily fooled with one big lie! Only recently Batalande wadakaya’s fellow portuguese national gamini perera banned
    Vesak (pandols). Actually it wanted to ban Vesak like in 60s Vietnam. It is too drastic and Sinhala modayas going
    to notice it and the portuguese national went for pandols. Chicken with fox is more safe than Buddhism, Sinhalese
    race and Sri Lanka under these murderous (Sinhalese only), thieving, lying traitor UNPatriotic_rats!

  7. charithsls Says:

    Preposterous! While all know about Ranil (& the UNP) of the anti Buddhist stance, shall we look at our Buddhist leaders.
    The Poya Days are determined & printed at the end of the previous year, so where were our Buddhist clergy until the Ven Malwatte Anunayake said so recently? Any other Mahanayake should have brought this to the public notice & protested vehemently if this was the reason. Govt as well as the big opposition leaders pay a regular homage to Dalada & to other Buddhist Mahanayakes & I fail to understand not a single one of them has protested before. What about bodies like YMBA & All Buddhist Congress etc? Either this story is false or something somewhere terribly wrong.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lanka Law ought to make certain items unchangeable and non-negotiable.

    The top of such a List ought to have that, by Law, Sri Lanka cannot be divided up through Language, Religion, etc. Such an attempt should be considered an act of treason and the death penalty imposed on such persons.
    Second, that Buddhism is always given primary place, and protected by the State.
    Otherwise, the gentle Teachings of the Buddha will always be ousted by ‘stronger’ Others, won’t it ?
    The Buddha used his super normal powers to vanquish evil in all its forms.
    Ordinary mortals must use the Law.

    The Full Moon day in the month of May has always been the traditional Vesak Day.
    Keep it so. No reason good enough to change that tradition.

    Part of the Vesak celebrations ought to include mass Sil gatherings.
    It is a wonderful celebration to find great Peace & Happiness, Within, through Meditation.
    It is heartening to note that the Parliament has thrown out the suggestion by the Ministry concerned that Pandals & Dan Salas be abolished.

    Protect Sri Lanka through the Law of the Land, or prepare to divide the country via the 20-A, which is probably a piece of legislation coming from the ‘divide & rule’ groups abroad with local seviles in tow.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  10. Hiranthe Says:

    This treacherous act of Yama Palanaya is so frustrating. Similar to Ramadhan which is advanced every year and moving all-round the year as per the lunar calendar, Wesak poya day cannot be moved up or down. It is meant for celebrating Lord Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana all three happened on the Full moon day on the month of Wesak.
    Month of May is called “Wesak” in Sinhala for a valid reason. It is connected to the season prevailing during that period. It is not by accident that the price Siddhartha was born on that day. The Bodhisatwa, prior to conceiving in the womb of Queen Maha Maya, checked five important things and decided to come to earth on the certain date. Timing was one of these five factors considered by the Bodhisatwa.
    By interfering with all these holy things this Yamapalanaya is asking for a big wrath of people and shall face the music.
    Maha Sanga should take the lead and decide to overrule this declaration and instruct the people to celebrate Wesak on the Full Moon day in the month of Wesak (May)
    If they do not do that, we cannot call them anymore as the guardian of the Buddha Sasana.
    They then become a part of the Yama-palanaya.

  11. ranjit Says:

    Hiranthe you are very correct when you were saying that vesak day celebration means lord buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana all three happened on the full moon day on the month of vesak. This is not a joke. Maha sanga and the Buddhist population cannot just stay idle when some assholes change the buddhist calendar. This must be stopped. I am not ready to observe vesak on April 29th. It’s damn wrong decision by this treacherous traitors of Yamapalanaya. It should be on may 29th vesak month as we were observing for many many years.
    How on earth can maha sanga describe this day as the day lord Buddha was born and enlighten and so on? Why they are mute? Why the buddhist organisations are silent on this. Whom are they afraid of? Time has come to act if not very sorry for sinhala buddhist in this country. Theses treacherous dog’s who lifts their backs to white man and helps to destroy our sacred religion Buddhism and the sinhala race should be severely dealt with to protect our sinhala motherland. Dear patriots the time is running out therefore we need to organise and stand up against our enemies to the motherland pretty soon if not theses three spinless traitors Sira, Ranil Chandrika will sell out the country we love and care so much. Long live srilankan nation.

  12. helaya Says:

    The reason behind celebrating Vesak in April is RAMADAN fall on May 20th to early June. traitors gave into Muslim demand. Muslim does not want to see celebrating Vesak during their stupid Ramadan. I cant believe this. Sirisena if you are a real Buddhist wake up from sleep. Sri lanka becoming Saudi Arabia.

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