Why Dayan Jayatilleka is promoting Dinesh Gunawardena?
Posted on July 23rd, 2018

C. Wijeyawickrema

When Mahendran crook was replaced by Coomarswamy as the CB governor politicians such as Vasudeva, Gammanpila, DEW Gunasekara or Dinesh praised the selection, not thinking for a moment that the best choice should have been an officer currently serving in the CB itself. This reflects the shades of black-whiteness that exist in these politicians, perhaps unknown even to themselves. I hesitate to call Dinesh a black-white, but his father, the father of Marxism in Ceylon had a period of full-blooded black-whiteness under Dudley. Now, the issue is why a black-white Dayan Jayatilleka (DJ) came to promote Dinesh over Gotabhaya R for the 2019 presidential race.

I oppose DJ’s choice based on reasons DJ gave for his decision (Island, 23/07/18. People in Sri Lanka will not accept Dinesh simply because MahindaR thought that Dinesh was MR’s choice. People have no way of knowing that MR has made any change in the behavior and policies he followed prior to his 2015 defeat. Based on what DJ reports Dinesh is for 13-A kind of devolution, and MR is for that because MR and Basil wants support of the big and small crooks in the PC system.

DJ reveals that GR is opposed to 13-A. But this does not mean GR and the military officers and soldiers behind him are opposed to devolution. DJ has this habit of distorting facts and taking slippery paths suitable to his changing positions and backings. It is now clear that DJ is withdrawing from his GR platform, because he got signals that his plan for 13-A plus was not accepted by those behind GR. Despite the tragedy called Wigneswaran, DJ still thinks 13-A is not a death-trap. He thinks his 13-A plan is a wall against an Eelam by pen.

The people in Sri Lanka do not want career politicians, like in so many other western and other countries. Therefore, what DJ cites as a plus for Dinesh could become a minus. GR clearly indicates a system of governance based on scientific management run by professional not in politics of corruption.

DJ talks about an ultra-right, and some military monks. As a Christian Marxist, DJ cannot fathom the grievances and discrimination faced by the Sinhala Buddhist in this island. MR got misled by an Interfaith myth and multi-cultural trap. European countries which propagated these ideas are now withdrawing from such jokes. Sri Lanka is the country of the Sinhalayas in which others ethnic groups have a right to live with dignity. India or America or EU cannot decide to alter this.

The devolution Sri Lanka needs is devolution of power to people at the Grama Raajjya level. 13-A kind of devolution is a method to divide the island into 8 or 9 pieces and destroy the Sinhala Buddhist heritage of this island. 13-A is a bribe to Tamil politicians to become rulers controlling poor Tamil people and nothing else. A proposal on how the island’s GSN units be re-demarcated using ecological boundaries was presented to the then LLRC and to president MR. MR was willing to consider that plan but Basil and Lalith Weeratunga sabotaged it. MR would have become a model ruler in the world if he implemented that plan. It would have solved the ethnic headache and the ecological, social and economic problems in the nation once and for all. As Raj Somasundara says there are 17,000 tanks in the Anuradhapura District alone, and if half of these are resurrected there would not be a food problem.

Basil created a Divinaguma monster and put the country on logs. GR began a project to beautify Colombo for the rich Tamils and Muslims, instead of using the army to repair village tanks in the dry zone. This time around, if GR comes a real Gamperaliya will take place instead of Ranil’s big jokes.

If Dinesh accepts these ideas, it odes not matter if Dinesh or GR becomes the candidate. MR should retire leaving GR and Dinesh to jointly run the country as MR has shown no signs of reforming himself.

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  1. Christie Says:

    I think Dinesh is a Royalist?

    What ever it is we Sinhalese are getting divided and Indian block vote will rule the country.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Josephian Dayan Jayatilleke call himself a political scientist. In fact he is a Christian Marxist with a very Christian Agenda – the modern version of Peter Pillai’s Catholic Action, with shades of yesteryear Marxism. His real agenda is for full devolution – 13 A which would inevitably lead to secession and Ealam, which is what the Christian Church wants in Sri Lanka – a divided Sri Lanka which can be fully evangelized, province by province (divide and conquer) as per the John Paul II agenda for Asia in the 21st Century.

    At a personal level DJ is a weakling looking for higher office and status. He is definitely not suited to be the Ambassador for Sri Lanka in Russia. Although he is much more qualified and better informed than the veritable crap that ends up as most of our diplomats abroad, his Josephian loyalty to the Catholic Church, animosity towards the Sinhalese, especially the Sinhala Buddhists and the Buddhist Establishment in Sri Lanka, makes him highly unsuitable for this important diplomatic posting. Present day President Putin’s Russia is a far cry from still impoverished Cuba!

    To suit his and church agenda his wish is for politics ”as usual” in Sri Lanka. It is only in such an environment that the likes of DJ can shine and pontificate as ‘giant’ think tanks. This is why he favors the likes of Dinesh and Chamal and even Kumara Welgama – another ‘Thomian lost in the wilderness’ , to be the next President of Sri Lanka. This is in the event his backers are not able to keep Aappa Sirisena in power for yet another term. Even after all the frauds, lies and mega corruption under Sirisena he still has a soft corner for him in the hope of this posting in Russia!

    His voice in the parliament is Vasudeva Nanayakkara a politician not very different from WIckramabahu, both political misfits with no powerbase. Vasudeva is tagging onto the United Opposition only because it is only there he has a ready platform from which he can pontificate on what is right and wrong for Sri Lanka with hardly any takers on his out dated pseudo Marxism.

    Sri Lanka needs a change of direction in politics – away from ‘politics as usual’ we had for the last 70 years, bringing into office term after term incompetent, uneducated and in later years, local thugs as parliamentarians. Sri Lanka need to take stock of the situation and make a deliberate move towards a united Sri Lanka not under the sway of power hungry racist Tamils or jihadi Islamists or the utterly corrupt not to be trusted ever the unpatriotic Colombian hordes. All communities need to unite under this one man giving him the unenviable task of leading Sri Lanka towards meaningful development, taking into wise consideration the existing geopolitics in the region and then in the world.

    Only man who fits the need at this moment is Gotabhaya. However, he needs to refine his tendency to get angry and cultivate the ability to listen to a wide range of advice, sort out wheat from the chaffe and lead from the front. He must be careful of highly qualified (paper), highly academic but inexperienced professionals who might encroach his way forward.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Since 1987, Sri Lanka is a federal country with elected Chief Ministers, Constitutionally guaranteed devolved provincial powers, inability of parliament to take back any devolved powers (without the consent of all PCs – a typical feature of extreme federalism not found even in India), the inability of parliament to dissolve a PC and the inability of the president or anyone else to takeover PC functions without dissolution.

    Proposed new constitution makes Sri Lanka a confederated nation like the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia.

    Fully agree with Chadrasiri except for devolution. I oppose devolution as it is unsuitable for a small nation. Decentralization is a better means of service delivery.

    However, if devolution is to stay (emphasized), there should be only a few large units for the three large ethnic groups. Devolution boundaries must be ethnic. This way we can protect what is ours. It is similar to India. Northern Province and Batticaloa District can be two Tamil provinces. Tamil majority areas of Trincomalee and Ampara can be merged with the Batticaloa province. Muslim majority areas of Trincomalee and Ampara can be made into two Muslim provinces. Sinhala majority areas of Vavuniya, Mannar, Mulaitivu, Trincomalee and Ampara districts must be merged with the Anuradhapura and Badulla districts. Thereafter all other 7 provinces outside the north and east should be merged into one province.

    This is the least damaging devolution method. This is because no matter how generous we are, some others in the island are not so. They want mono ethnic provinces. One large Sinhala province will protect Sinhala interests. Otherwise no one will protect them.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    I do agree with everyone here except for large unit ethnically based devolution proposed by Dilrook. This is a clear route to separation more than the 13A. Only safe method is the Grama Rajya proposal based on more localized units. Let there be a mixer in these units. That is how it should be as we are a one nation, not a little Island ethnically divided into regions. Our ancestors will curse us from their resting places.

    DJ promotes greater devolution which can be evidenced in his approach in most of his articles.
    On Vijaykala episode he was indirectly advising the Ealam camp the way to handle it and strengthening 13A without asking for a new constitution due to the current political climate in the Island resulted by the opposition from the society and specially Maha Sanga to the new constitution project which had a hidden Ealam intent.

    Keeping and strengthening the 13A is his primary goal and the Idea of Dinesh had come to him and probably to the “hand” behind him as a secondary matter to jack up the 13A.

    MR has fallen to DJ’s trap during his tenure in Geneva. Whatever promises MR made to India during the war time on keeping and strengthening the inimical 13A are now null and void after the Indian sponsored Regime change project which ousted MR in 2015. Therefore Gota has no obligation to keep it.

    One thing we can gather from this move is that DJ and the team have realized that if Gota comes to power, their devolution plans will get destroyed forever. That is the reason for this big hurry and big change in mood.
    We have to be more vigilant of the forces who are gathering to destabilize Mother Lanka for many external reasons unknown.

  5. Dilrook Says:


    Quote – I do agree with everyone here except for large unit ethnically based devolution proposed by Dilrook. This is a clear route to separation more than the 13A. Only safe method is the Grama Rajya proposal based on more localized units.

    I was of the same view until the post-war era when it is very clear now that the north and most parts of the east are not going to allow Sinhalas to live in. No politician is willing to resettle them or even look after the few bold Sinhalas who settled there.

    Further, we are fast losing the rest of the provinces as well, politically! Central Province will tip against the political majority (divided) in the coming decade. Western Province will edge close to a scenario of total minority creeds exceeding a divided majority. This is a very dangerous development. In short, we will see the effective political majority in the rest of the island nation lose out phase by phase within our lifetime. The only way to put brakes on this is to merge all Sinhala majority provinces.

    If we follow the Grama Rajya concept, there will be a number of almost entirely mono-ethnic minority controlled Grama Rajyas in every district! Almost all economic hubs will be controlled by minorities as Grama Rajyas! Do we want that?

    Sadly most of us are not updated about the ground situation today and unable to see the irreversible changes taking place. The ideal we dreamt of during the war will never be realised as can be seen from 2010.

    In a way we are like the Americans – we think we are in charge or we will be in charge again once this regime leaves as we used to be decades ago but irreversible changes in the world scene have clearly undermined the US/our domination of the world/island for good. Chinese and Russian “salami slicing” tactics are practiced in the island too by certain groups. Those who point out to the Americans that they are not in charge anymore are called traitors and ridiculed. By the time they realise it, time would have passed to save their core interests. Same goes for us.

  6. Sarath W Says:

    Dayan is right on two counts. 1.Gota will struggle to win without the minority votes and because of the hate campaign from the RAW, Western countries and the NGO’s. 2. Dinesh is the next best option if Gota is not the preferred candidate. I think Dayan is worried Gota will either repel the 13th amendment if elected or he will further dilute the powers or the provincial councils. The fact that the elections were not held for these councils for a long time and the country did better before they were forced on JR shows we do not need them. The country will do much better and save a fortune without those members who are mostly uneducated thugs and crooks. We need a strong leader like Gota who can instil much needed discipline to our workforce, especially in the public service. He has a proven record of leadership and has showed how capable he is as a project manager and will develop the country at a rapid pace.

  7. Christie Says:

    Thanka Ratnapala. So he is a Marxist; a Samaja Wadayek like Dinesh.

    What other evidence you want?

  8. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Dilrook,

    You are right. I respect your view. It may look like irreversible. However in the interest of the long term survival of Mother Lanka, we have to reverse the ill effects of the things happened in the recent past.

    We have to clear Wilpaththu. We have to re-settle the Sinhela and Muslim people in the North those who were chased by killer Velu. We should have one law. Thesawalamei should be removed.

    When there is no large body to protest in the world arena once Grama Rajya system is implemented, it may be easier than now. Remember D.S. Senanayake settled Sinhelas in Padaviya, Siripura, Ampara areas against the will of some quarters including our own left led by N.M.

    This generation has to do it without hesitation. We have to remove all the possibilities of separation and should aim to keep the whole island as one unit. Otherwise there will be no country for the future generations.

  9. Dilrook Says:


    If 13A cannot be removed, the first step is to merge the 7 provinces (other than the north and the east). This does not affect the devolution demand of Tamils, India and the West. Tamils will have devolution in the north and the east as they have demanded. There is no reason to divide the rest of the country into 7 provinces. This has diluted Sinhala clout where it has concentrated Tamil clout.

    Although settling is good, it is no longer effective. All arable land is taken. Settling Sinhalese in the north east available infertile land worsens our plight.

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