Maithripala Sirisena destroyed a fast developing  Sri Lanka in three years.
Posted on September 2nd, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

Maithripala Sirisena  became the traitor to SLFP when he walked away to join the UNP and other reactionary forces in November, 2014. He is therefore entirely   responsible for the  damage he allowed the enemies  to cause to  Sri Lanka  in a matter of  3 years.

To-day with Sirisena at its helm, Sri Lanka with its  2600 years of history, its culture nurtured  in Buddhism since the 3rd Century BCE  remains doomed to be communally disunited, territorially separated, and culturally destroyed, with its unique Buddhist identity lost.

The people of Sri Lanka had rejected the destructive politics of UNP for thirty years until Maithripala became a traitor to his political party SLFP, to join the UNP and un-Constitutionally appoint Ranil Wickramasinghe the leader of UNP, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka on the 9th January,2015.

To-day Sirisena is being deeply praised” by the enemies of  Sri Lanka,for his .. commitment to achieve reconciliation and sustainable peace while ensuring democracy and freedom in Sri Lanka”(Modi), when exactly the  opposite is what Sirisena has achieved for Sri Lanka. His blind assent for reconciliation has only allowed separatist Tamil politicians to move towards achieving their objective to establish two all Tamil provinces, destabilizing peace and security in the whole of Sri Lanka with a possible resurgence of terrorism.

They say that children always expect so much from their parents, but do they the children ask themselves  what they have given in return  to their parents ? Like wise let us ask  Maithripala Sirisena  how much he got from the SLFP and from his motherland –Sri Lanka,  and what  has he  contributed  in return to the SLFP and Sri Lanka, after his nocturnal ambulation  away from SLFP  in to the arms of destructive political forces in November, 2015 ?

Sirisena has got everything for himself  both from SLFP and from Sri Lanka, but after 8th January,2015,  he has destroyed and desecrated  every thing he had  touched. The SLFP is in shamble, Sri Lanka since he became President  has changed unrecognizably. He has desecrated Sri Lanka as a Nation by allowing the National anthem to be sung in two languages. He began the backward  journey by  stopping the development projects immediately after his election. He elected an unpopular political leader as the Prime Minister, He appointed a non citizen as the Governor of the Central bank and allowed the Bank to be robbed twice.

Sirisena  has almost separated the North and East from the rest of the country, and allowed Tamil extremists to have their own way.  He has taken away security and protection of the country and the people, by closing down many Army Camps in the North and East. He has allowed the Heroic officers of the Armed Forces who fought against terrorism and brought back the lost peace and security to the country to be humiliated, arrested and   imprisoned.

Sirisena  has separated the Communities as  it  had never been done before. He develops Polonnaruwa and the North and East while he allows Harbours, airports and land in the South to be sold or given on long lease. He has allowed Sri Lanka to go bankrupt and he puts the nation in danger by allowing the Setting up of an Office of Missing Persons, and allowed sponsoring an American Resolution against the Armed forces of Sri Lanka.

He has  allowed many laws to be passed in the Parliament that enable any country in the world to arrest any Army personnel retired or serving for war crimes if he is found in any foreign country on a simple accusation by any one, that he has committed war crimes.

He allowed the UNP which  was rejected by the people for thirty years to set up a UNP Government under the pseudonym Yahapalanaya. He has completely lost control of his Prime Minister, who has signed a devastating Trade Agreement with Singapore, and negotiate other  disastrous Trade Agreements with India .

So what has Sri Lanka gained from having elected Maithripala Sirisena as the President of Sri Lanka ?

Srisena is also helping the enemies of Sri Lanka to write a Federal Constitution. It is the MP Abraham Sumanthiran the Christian Tamil, perhaps to clear his guilt of not being a Hindu, is the prime mover of the writing of the New Constitution, which  is supported by America and the West,  and  opposed by the Sinhala Majority.

Sirisena who prides himself for  his supposed to have  resolved the  fear of an electric chair” by making then enemies of Sri Lanka his friends, is ignorant that those Western Countries and India are only using him to achieve their objective of dividing  Sri Lanka both Communally and territorially,  weakening it to make it a dependent State, allowing to use Sri Lanka’s strategic position to their advantage..

Sirisena is ignorant that Yahapalanaya is only a pseudonym for a Government  run by a Prime Minister  assuming  dictatorial powers, with the Parliament, police and the judiciary well under his control, with a President only to give it a democratic face.

While President Sirisena  stands for democracy and freedom, his Prime Minister organised Bank robberies first on 27 February,2015, and the second in 25 March 2016, sold harbours and airports, signed  agreements without the consent of the President or the Parliament. And now  the UNP MPs shout from roof tops that there  is democracy in Sri Lanka.

While President Sirisena  is  globe trotting, Sri Lanka looses its historical i

But the Tamils do not want to reconcile with the Sinhala, but  want only   separation from the rest of  the Communities in Sri Lanka to have two Tamil only Provinces. But what do the Tamils-the Tamil politicians give to the Sinhala Community in return for Sirisena’s blind acts for an expected  reconciliation  of  the Tamil Community  with the Sinhala Community.

For some time now Sirisena is determined to hang drug dealers, he even requested the member states at the BIMSTEC Summit  in Nepal to rally round to fight against drug dealers, But no drug dealer has been hanged as yet.  It will be like his setting up of Commissions of Investigations. He gets the Commission reports and thereafter who knows what would happen.  He also asked  the BIMSTEC member States to unite to fight against poverty, which in Sri Lanka has increased since he took over the Presidency of Sri Lanka.

While Sirisena prays at Lumbini, Buddhism in Sri Lanka is being battered from all sides- the Buddhist Judges, the Buddhist police men, hasten to imprison yellow robed Buddhist Monks. While extremist racist Tamil politicians, and the interfering West, hasten to demand the removal of the Article 9 on the protection of Buddhism, from the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Electing Maithripala Sirisena as the President was a great disaster to Sri Lanka, causing irreparable damage to a peaceful and secure country he found on the 8 January,2015 when he was unfortunately for Sri Lanka   elected  as its President. The external debt in 2015 had been around 44 billion dollars, which is around 54 billion dollars in 2018.

How can we redress Sri Lanka in this most regrettable situation in which  it finds itself today ?

We should have a political leader with experience and a vision to bring back Sri Lanka from the abyss it has been  pushed into by Maithripala Sirisena as its President.  There may be new people with new ideas, saying that the old politicians should be discarded  and new men with constructive new ideas put in place.

But we learn from other great nations that people still seek the old veterans to the young and bright. In China , people have declared Xi Jinping a President for life, Malaysia has brought back Mahathir Mohamad its 92 year old former Prime Minister to lead the country once again.

In Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse was the only President of Sri Lanka after its independence that showed he has the ability to change Sri Lanka, releasing it from fear and insecurity to peace and security and develop it to a middle income status. His government took loans, built roads, ports, airports, hospitals, schools and all that a developed country should have, and kept paying loans regularly. The IMF Commended his government for good financial management.

It was the UNP with the instructions received from the CIA, IMF and India RAW that created the slogan that Rajapaksa Regime is a family affair, and they and their supporters robbed the people. It was all a false story to discredit Mahinda Rajapakse . But Sri Lanka today  needs Mahinda Rajapakse back in saddle with his Mahinda Chintanaya, as it is the only man  with a vision who could restitute Sri Lanka to what it was before Maithripala Sirisena, from  its present sad politically distressing condition.


Therefore it is Mahinda Rajapakse and all those who are around him that should be back in saddle in Sri Lanka to bring back Sri Lanka to what it had been before Maithripala Sirisena was elected President on the 8th January,2015.

dentity with his so called independent judiciary condemning Buddhist monks for contempt of  court or for damage to public property. The judges stick to court rules that have come down from the British and have  lost the respect they  historically owe  to Buddhism  and the Buddhist Monks, who had been and are the guarding angels of Sri Lanka.

And all that,  while a UNP MP and a Minister who in a public meeting  calls for the resurgence of Tamil terrorism has not been  arrested for making seditious statements.

The NPC passes a resolution demanding the establishment of  International Courts with foreign judges and its Chief Minister  calls the Central Government not to settle Sinhala people in Tamil provinces. All that is happening while Sirisena in the name of reconciliation closes Military Camps and distributes land back to their owners in the North and East.  He fears to get arrested Wigneswaran, Sivajiganeshan or Vijayakala because he thinks it would be a threat to reconciliation. He upholds his Prime Ministers decisions.

5 Responses to “Maithripala Sirisena destroyed a fast developing  Sri Lanka in three years.”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Since 2012 the nation has been a fast collapsing one. Certainly not a fast developing nation. Sirisena continues the debacle started in 2012. Mahinda achieved unprecedented development from 2006 to 2011 but since then the nation’s net wealth (the real indicator that cannot be faked) collapsed as never seen before. It’s not his fault. It’s the fault of his ministers (including those who planned his demise while being in his Cabinet and incompetent and uneducated senior ministers).

    I really don’t want to play this petty pro-Rajapaksa and anti-Rajapaksa childish game. The nation is beyond that and is certainly not restricted to a single clan (or a few). Voters have proven many times that they don’t care two hoots about any political clan. National interest always takes the second place in Sri Lanka because people are divided into political clans. The good news is the younger generation can’t care less about political clans and their past achievements. They are more concerned about the future and are not afraid to experiment.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Agree with Dilrook. More you write politically biased news( with distorted facts) more you push our country into darkness. Reconciliation was started by MR. Current mob use the same word and do more, that is all. Next lot will do even more reconciliation. Who initiated South African advice seeking ? Who allowed Vilpattu destruction with Qatar funds ?

  3. Charles Says:

    May be people do not care too hoots about clans. They had made wrong decisions until it came to Mahinda Rajapakse, because he was the one who accomplished lot of what political analyst and intellectuals said could not be achieved. May be end of terrorism is oft talked about accomplishment, but who else did it while Sri Lanka suffered for 30 years. And that itself was a great accomplishment even if one wants to bury it under failures after 2011.

    And it was accompanied by a massive development that none had attempted before, The Presidents and Ministers are not Arahants, and they have human faults-lobha, dosa, moha . Though they cannot be perfects always, despite those failings none other did so much of work for the country other than Rajapakses even if it is a petty childish game to point it out. But the people changed in 2015 and what good has it done ?

  4. Christie Says:

    Ceynon or the land of Sinhalese and the majority oh it the Sinhalese have been destroyed by Bandas, HRJ and now Sirisena.

    All of them are puppets of India and Indian Colonial Parasites.

    People do not see who are behind the politics in our country. It is India and Indians here.

  5. Christie Says:

    India failed with Socialists like NM and Phillip .

    Indian got Banda and in 1956 started the destruction of the Sinhalese.

    Bandas and JRJ worked for India and Indian colonists.

    India installed Mahinda in 2005 but Mahinda did not suck to India or Indian colonists.

    So India got Sirisena using the proven prodigal of SWRD

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