Mahinda establishes rapport with Modi, “visibly” makes up with India
Posted on September 15th, 2018

NEW DELHI, September 15: Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s private visit to New Delhi last week has helped him establish a “personal rapport” with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his confidant Prof GL Peiris told the Sunday Island here.

At a dinner at Le Meridien Dr Subramanian Swamy, India’s ruling BJP MP, hosted for his guest Rajapaksa and his team on Thursday night, Peiris told this correspondent: “Mr Rajapaksa and Mr Modi had a one-on-one meeting. It was cordial and friendly. It is fair to say that they have established a personal rapport.”


Even though it was a private visit, Rajapaksa and his team of about 10 people were treated like royalty. Modi received Rajapaksa warmly and both spent some 40 minutes together. When Modi heard that Rajapaksa’s son Namal was waiting in the lounge, he promptly invited him to join.

This was the two leaders’ third meeting since Modi took office in May 2014.

The New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) Convention Hall, the venue at which Rajapaksa spoke about “India-Sri Lanka Relations: The Way Forward”, was packed with diplomats, lawmakers, intellectuals and media. He was mobbed by wellwishers and selfie-crazy admirers.

Dr Swamy’s dinner for Rajapaksa was attended by senior cabinet Minister Maneka Gandhi and a host of distinguished personalities, including former Minister K Natwar Singh and former Foreign Secretary Shiv Shanker Menon.

Rajapaksa also called on former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and opposition Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi was indisposed and could not receive them.

A Mercedes car from the Rashtrapati Bhawan was at his disposal. It ferried him around town and dropped him at the airport on Friday.

Said Dr Swamy: “Mr Rajapaksa wiped out the LTTE with determination and dedication in spite of loud protests from the West and elsewhere. In the process, he saved India from a lot of bother from the world’s deadliest terrorist outfit. He is India’s valued friend. It is understandable that he enjoys respect and admiration in our country. I have requested the Government of India to bestow on him the Bharat Ratna—-the highest civilian honour.”

Sunday Guardian Editor Monu Nalapat said: “Rajapaksa and his A Team’s visit went off very well. Though it was a private trip, the Indian Government extended all courtesies to him and his team. It is obvious that he has visibly made up with India.”

It may be recalled that Rajapaksa had bitterly complained that Indian intelligence outfits were instrumental in his ouster from power in the last presidential election in January 2015.

3 Responses to “Mahinda establishes rapport with Modi, “visibly” makes up with India”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Nothing good comes from India. Nationalists must take note.

    India considers offering Bharat Ratna only on those who sold their country for the benefit of India. It is a shame for a non-Indian, certainly not a respect.

    What has happened to our sense of right and wrong? Is anything that is politically beneficial a good thing suddenly?

    Interesting to see how the JO will now act on the proposed confederated constitution and the Mattala sale.

    Sinhalese need a new political party to defend their interests particularly from India and Indians. Taking Sinhalese for doormats must end in 2019.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    JR said he will find until last drop of blood is India invaded. – India introduced 13A and got rid of him
    Premadasa armed LTTE and chased Indians out using LTTE – India killed him
    Chandrika never went against them – India happy to keep her with Ranil to cease fire with LTTE
    When Ranil was not going it fast enough( due to Prabhakarans’ stubbornness, not because Ranil loves the country) – India Made Mahinda the king

    Subramanium Swamy may not be a LTTE supporter for past 20 years, but he is an ardent supporter of 13A full implementation, reconcilliation and Tamil Homeland concept. Read all his history and what he says.

    When Mahinda ( the friend of India) is too slow in “DEVOLUTION” – India taught him a lesson

    Then came Ranil and said he will shoot Indian fishermen and started worshiping Thirupathy for forgiveness.
    Surely he is not doing enough to please India. He gave Hambantota to China. How can India be on his side now ? Sirisena is a simple simon Indian puppet anytime at Mody’s disposal.

    Ranil cannot win anyway !

    So, what is India’s next project ? This one is easy and Caju Kanawa.

    Sirisena as executive President and Mahinda as the PM.

    Forget about strong men. Forget about Fonseka. Forget about Gotabhaya. Forget about anyone asking to remove 13A.

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    Correction, mistyping.

    “JR said he will fight until last drop of blood if India invades.”

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