Establishment of mono Tamil Villages in the hill country – Stop this national disaster at all cost before it is too late Appeal to all patriots
Posted on September 21st, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

21.Sept. 2018

Dear Patriots

I attaching herewith a bill presented to Parliament by Digambaran the Minister of Upcountry Village And Infrastructure Development foe establishing mono Tamil villages in the Hill Country the Geographical Heartland of this country

Already this Government has established 1340 Tamil villages within the N’Eliya District in areas over 3500 feet above sea level going up to 7700  feet at Lidasal with 160 houses even before this bill. At Dancinan they have built 404 house. All these 1340 housed has already been ceremonially handed over to Estate Tamils with the Participation of the Indian Ambassador by this Government.

These are estate lands coming under the LRC . The LRC has no legal authority to alienate crown lands as far as I know.

The irony is that none of these lands have been given under the existing laws covering the alienation of crown land. The Government Agents and the Divisional AGAA who are vested with powers over crown lands tare also kept completely out of this program. These houses are funded by the Indian Government

This programme will cover the entire hill country and just imagine 1.2 million Indian estate labourers occupying these villages whose heart and souls are in India, occupying the prime watershed of this country that provides the main source of the water for the whole country and on which rests the entire life system and the civilization of this Island nation.

This programe will final end up in a Mini Tamilnadu right at the center of our nation. Just think of the future political and strategic situation that will emerge if this is allowed beside the numerous ecological ramifications where the need to put all lands at least above 3000 feet  under forests is a crying need to protect this country.

In my opinion no all land above at least 3500 feet  should be converted to strictly reserved forest if this country is to be protected from future desertification

Isn’t is a shame for a national government to embark on this kind of lunacy, having only the Tamil vote in mind as if the destruction and the devastation the British has done by removing the entire forest cover on the hills  over 1,3 million acres en is not enough, Shame to these politicians who have no love for the country or the Sinhala nation.

The crying need of the our is to think of a comprehensive national programme to restore what is lost and rehabilitate the land and the forests cover to bring back the physical stability of the prime watershed of the nation by declaring it as a Tahanchi kele as it was done by our ancient Kings where there was no settlement on lands above 3500 feet..

Therefore I earnestly request all MPP irrespective of whether o Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim to oppose this suicidal decision .Let all settlements be on land below 3000 and all land above 5000 under strict forest cover. If immediate steps are not taken to stop this Indian invasion and colonization of the nations mother watershed, we are doomed to  disappear as a nation in no time.

ONE HAS ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT THE Tea plantations will disappear before long from these lands degradation and  due to plantation would  slide back to forest as John Still (1930) a planter and antiquarian has pointed out

Furthermore it is a tragedy that no one ever has thought of the plight of the Kandyan Sinhalese peasant who fought valiantly for nearly 500 years against the colonial invaders and lost everything they had inherited from the dawn of history in order to save their motherland for posterity.

The Kandyan Peasantry Commission of 1951 is now permanently thrown in to the dust bin of history. The once lingering Kandyan Peasantry Department and the Upcountry Development Authority were closed down in Jan 2014 and the Kandyan Sinhalese were also buried along with it.

In this backdrop I appeal to all Sinhala politicians especially those who are supposed to represent the Kandyan areas to vehemently oppose this legislation and abort this attempt to create mono Tamil Villages in the central hill country.

However since I have no trust or an atom of faith what so-ever on any of our power hungry self-seeking unpatriotic politicians I appeal to you all true patriots who love the motherland  and the Sinhala nation to rise against this conspiracy and disaster and to do everything under the sun to stop this move  national calamity


New Villages Development Authority for Plantation Region Bill presented to Parliament

By Skandha Gunasekara

The Government presented the New Villages Development Authority for Plantation Region Bill in Parliament on Wednesday.

Presenting the Bill, Hill Country New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development Minister PalanyThigambaram said that plantation sector communities have not been provided with even the most basic of facilities, and that it was high time the State took measures to rectify the situation.Successive Governments have failed to resolve the hardships faced by the upcountry plantation sector community. In 1997, the then-President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga set up a Ministry to address the issues faced by the plantation sector communities in the hill country, but that Ministry was soon absorbed into the Ministry of Housing. When the current Government came into power in 2015, a Ministry was set up once again, but as it was a new Ministry there wasn’t enough resources and manpower to carry out the necessary development activities. Therefore, this bill is crucial to uplifting the lives of those living in these communities.”

He said the new authority would allow the State to directly be involved in providing assistance, such as infrastructure and roads. The Bill seeks to establish the New Villages Development Authority for the Plantation Region, which would develop new villages in the plantation region, as well as infrastructure development.

According to the Bill, the objectives of the Authority shall be to: ensure inclusion of the plantation community in the designated areas into the social mainstream by socio, economic, cultural and infrastructure development in the plantation region; and empower the plantation community in the designated areas socially and economically, in order to enable them to contribute to the national development process.” 


6 Responses to “Establishment of mono Tamil Villages in the hill country – Stop this national disaster at all cost before it is too late Appeal to all patriots”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thank you Sudath.

    Indian Imperialists and colonists are keep moving on.

    Our country will be another Indian State with Indian Colonial Parasites having their own State (not Estates) along most of the coast and in the Hills.

    What ever is left will be for the Sinhalese Budhists, Christians and Muslims.

    The area left for the Sinhalese will be governed by Indian sponsored Socialists may be the JVP the Sinhala terrorist arm of India.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Tamil speaking peoples’ colonization of the island takes place village by village outside the north and east. It is the areas outside the north and east that needs protection, not the north and east which we have lost permanently. Our foolish focus on the north and east mainly has led to a situation where we lose both.

    Our primary focus should be to stop Tamil speaking peoples’ colonization of areas outside the north and east.

    Otherwise we lose everything.

    Change of government will not fix it. This process of Indian backed colonization of the upcountry happened since 2010. It will continue with another Indian servant replacing the current band of Indian servants. When the presidential election approaches all major candidates will go begging behind minority parties and minority voters. They know that they cannot win it without them.


    Tamil and Muslim members of parliament are providing an excellent service to their communities, whereas Sinhala members of parliament are reaping the benefits of the position by increasing their personal wealth, sex drive ignoring the Sinhalese.

    This attitude by Sinhala MPs have open an play ground for Tamil and Muslims.

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    Shall I say, in summary,

    Up to 2010 we lost of our young people to protect the homeland.
    Since 2010 we are loosing our homeland, village by village.
    Cities already gone some time ago.

    So, what shall the Sinhalayas do ?

    Cannot ask for too much. To start with STOP WORSHIPING AND RESPECTING POLITICIANS. That is a good start. The rest will follow.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Tamils want a greater drealam by connecting Colombo and up country to the north and east. Traitor anti Buddhist,
    anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka UNPatriotic_rats giving all the support for it. 650,000 upcountry tamils volunteered
    to go back to tn under the Sirima-Shasthri pact in 1963. Then Sirima lost elections to thambi mudiyanselage jr@
    and traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) quickly abolished the pact soon after the elections to secure tamil votes.
    Today those 650,000 must number several millions (since mussies and tamils compete each other to multiply to
    increase the vote base).

    Then only last year traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya
    walking crime bomb (to Sinhalese only) Batalande Wandakaya Pol pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer gave
    deeds to 2,500 tamils o break up tea estates. That’s how these anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri
    Lanka UNPatritoic_rats destroying our country. The UNPatriotic_rats chief traitor alugosuwa jr@ put foundations
    by introducing 13, 13A to vast vast country with different time zones to please indians, tamils, mussies and
    catholic west. Today there are more deshapaluwan than ordinary citizens in the country whose only job is to plunder,
    plunder, murder, murder. Still a lot of Sinhala modayas support these anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri
    Lanka traitor UNPatriotic_rats. It is no wonder these traitor tamil and mussie deshapaluwans driving nail after
    nail with the full blessing of the traitor UNPatriotic_rats to Mother Lanka’s coffin. One thing is certain, thanks to
    these tamil and mussie deshapaluwan with the full blessing of traitor UNPatriotic_rats deshapaluwan taking Sri Lanka to an eternal blood bath!

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    We are loosing our land, culture, religion all because arch traitor SWRD Bandaranaike split the Sinhalese right down in the middle and negated their political power. Had we reformed the UNP and stayed as one political force we wouldn’t be in this fisaco now. Since then we have been loosing out to minorities in every which way possible – in education, in employment, in land – you name it, at an exponential rate. Only remedy is for Sinhalese to unite under one political organisation. In the absence of any credible others Pohottuwa qualifies for this position if only it can be made to understand this position. If they go in the way of – ‘Politics as usual’ of the yesteryear – the one for which Mahinda R and Rani W are used to, then the Sinhalese are doomed.

    For all practical purposes politicians look for votes and they go after votes even if they come from hell. This is the predicament the Sinhalese are in. Seeing the Sinhalese divided between two unpatriotic – will do anything for votes – the unpatriotic political parties, the SLFP and the UNP are going after minority votes. This is history now. Every single election since Independence from the Britisher the Sinhalese lost out. if on the other hand if Sinhalese be they Buddhist or Christian have some love for the country, its culture, the language and understand what we stand to lose out, unite to save the land of our common ancestors from predatory minorities – then we have some hope.

    Sinhalese Language is one of the oldest and one of the most innovative and continuously spoken languages in the world. Even today Sinhalese that we speak is understood throughout the island as one language. It is said that one cannot go a couple of miles in London without hearing a different dialect being spoken.

    Throughout history all those who came to Sri Lanka eventually ended up speaking Sinhalese and last but not least identifying thenmselves as Sinhalese. Sinhalese culture has assimilated all who came peacefully and they are all Sinhalese, be they descendants of Vijaya, Kuveni or other. It is their civilization, culture, their places of occupation, worship and constructions such as the great tank network and even the forests that were kept as watersheds that were not to be disturbed that are at risk.

    All patriotic SLFPers and UNPers unite under Pohottuwa and say goodbye to the old unpatriotic SLFP and UNP! Bring pressure on the political leaders to safeguard the Sinhala possessions!

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