Disbanding Wild Boar Slaughter!
Posted on September 24th, 2018

King Tissa from Heavens –

All beings on earth deserve the right to live and nature will take care of balance, but humans are not authorized to do so- Excerpts from Buddha’s teaching –

In a surprise move on the 20th Sept. the GOSL removed the ban on slaughter of Wild boar, transport and sale of its meat in the pretext of protecting cultivations.

Such is a stupid and inhuman act by a govt. of this country which it claims an over 2500 years old Buddhist and civilized by compassion who lived in the past in line with ecological balance and in harmony with the wild.

In parallel with relentless cutting down centuries old trees that is base of protecting water table and wetness and more importantly providing shade from burning Sun is now expanding its destruction of ecology in the silliest manner legalizing the slaughter of wild animals.

The disbanding is labeled for Wild Boar, but this automatically open the way to all meat mafia to thrive on wild animal slaughter with the legal protection.

From the nature’s point it is wild boar that keeps the balance and control the serpents from fast growth and the wild boar in fact helps keep the wild clean by eating all fuzz and dirt. When the Boars are extinct then the serpent population will grow next and that will upset the nature’s balance becoming threat to humans and as well as other animals in the wild.

The adverse and dangerous effect of this move is that it will allow killing of any wild animal in the pretext of Wild boar, cannibalize then transport as Wild Boar Meat by money greedy. There is a big appetite from tourist hotels to food corners for wild meat is no public secret. It is also well know public secret the Police is engaged in supply of wild meat to hotels and other places in demand and for Police own consumption during drinking sessions. No doubt this stupid decision will lead to extinction of all wild animals in a matter of short period.

There is another speculation whether the Muslim minister who is involved and engaged in clearing Willpatthu for populating and converting the Mannar and Puttalam areas has hand in using the opportunity in getting rid of all wild animals of the areas?

It is first and foremost not fair by a govt. in Ceylon to enact such a law of legally slaughtering wild animals anyway. Such decision will lead its office bearers to take full responsibility of Cause and effect results (The Karma) not knowing how the horrible and terrible universal law take effect.

There is no doubt this will pave the way for the extinction of wild animals in Ceylon in a short while.

2 Responses to “Disbanding Wild Boar Slaughter!”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Apage Bauddha Narapathi Sirisena palamuwa rilawunda, devanuwa wal ooranda, thevenuwa dugee magee yaachakayanda me Siri Lankawen thuran kireemata gannalada me piliwetha rajya anak lesa siyalu denawetha kiya danwa prakasa kara atha! Eya ohuta wenasak patha chandaya dun 62 lakshyata pin pinisai!

  2. Nimal Says:

    Must find a way to depopulate them as they are ruining our farms.

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