Sri Lanka’s population rises to 21.4 million
Posted on September 28th, 2018

Courtesy NewsIn.Asia

Colombo, Sept 28 – Sri Lanka’s mid year population as at 2017 was estimated at 21.444 million, a rise from 21.203 million estimated in 2016, latest official data showed here Friday.

According to a report in Ceylon Today, quoting official data, since 2012, Sri Lanka’s population has increased by 1,019, million. The highest population increase was recorded from the capital Colombo District with a population of 2.419 million and the lowest was from Mullaitivu, in the north. with a population of 96,000.

A total of 169,365 marriages were registered last year in the island country. This was a decrease of 2.6 per cent compared with 2016, where the number of marriages recorded was 173,990.

The number of live births last year was 326,052, down from the 2016 figure of 331,073 while the number of deaths last year was 139,822.

Last year, 8 percent of the population was aged 65 and over. People aged under 15 years comprised 25 percent of the population and 67 percent were aged between 15 to 64.

There were more females than males especially among higher age groups due to the longer life expectancy of females.

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Must be the ‘hard’ work of the followers of the fastest breeding religion. Wherever they go, they multiply and
    multiply relentlessly to wrestle control. The dirty, disgusting, sub human trick was used in old Buddhist iran,
    afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia withing a few hundred years of their
    arrival in those countries with their baby machine wives to turn them to mussie countries. Sri Lanka is being overwhelmed by the baby machines.

    For a country to prosper to you have to manage people numbers. China is reaping the benefits today of their 1
    child policy and soon going to be the number one in the world. Sri Lanka going to join hell holes pakesthan,
    afganisthan etc. etc. thanks to baby machines. All these for a religion of convenience which don’t regard sins
    as sins while the world’s only true religion, Buddhism, getting bashed by these followers using its non-violence
    stance itself.

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