Ranil abused and subverted parliamentary democracy
Posted on November 10th, 2018

H. L. D. Mahindapala

 TIME: What was the immediate reason for calling an election?
President KUMARATUNGA: I was forced into it by a total breakdown of cohabitation in government. The Prime Minister (Ranil Wickremesinghe) was determined to harass me and chase me out. He has only one obsession: he wants to be the President. And he does not seem to care what happens to the country in the process. We came to an impossible impasse. The only way to resolve it was to ask the people for a mandate. —TIME’s Alex Perry at President’s House in Colombo, March 29, 2004

The comments of President Chandrika Kumaratunga on her friend Ranil Wickremesinghe cited above reveals how history never fails to repeat itself.  The total breakdown in cohabitation in government, the  determination of Ranil to harass and undermine the authority of the President, his  obsession to oust  the President, his utter disregard for  the fate of the country, and driving the political process to an impossible impasse are familiar to President Maithripala Sirisena too. In recalling his relationship with Ranil, it  is  not surprising to hear President Sirisena repeating almost the identical comments of his  predecessor with, of course, a serious difference: this time  he is alarmed that the threat of a bullet aimed at him is real. Besides, Ranil’s political ambitions were just  not a threat to the Presidency alone. His consistent political behaviour, as revealed by  his past and present  political friends,  projects him as a serial killer of democracy and its institutions.  Chandrika Kumaratunga’s comments confirm that his ambition to become the President overrides all other democratic norms. Her comments debunks Ranil’s posture as the defender of the nation or democracy. Her comments are most relevant to understand the prevailing climate of hysteria about the premature death of democracy. It is necessary, therefore,  to run through briefly past precedents that demonstrate how the nation had faced and triumphed over the fascist forces of the Right, Left and the North that attacked the democratic centre of the nation. Those going down memory lane will pass the following main milestones (leaving aside the minor ones) that marked the triumph of the democratic ballot over the fascist bullet:

  1. 1959 – Assassination of the elected Prime Minister, S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike. It was the first attempt of post-Independent Sri Lanka to overturn the ballot with a bullet. Democracy was restored in May 1960 with the election of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, after a brief spell of clueless W. Dahanayake’s idiosyncratic premiership. Political violence failed and non-violent democracy triumphed at the polls.
  2. 1965 – The Right-wing coup against the elected government of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike. It was the first organised threat to democracy which had the full potential of establishing a military dictatorship considering the fact that the majority involved in it consisted of those drawn from the upper echelons of the Security Forces. Violence of the Right-wing amateurs collapsed riven by betrayals within its own rank. Once again, illegitimate political violence failed and non-violent democracy bounced back triumphantly.
  3. 1971 – The first organised militant  movement led by the fascist fanatics  of  the  Left, the JVPers, pretending  to be liberators committed to save the nation from oppressive capitalists, threatened to overthrow the democratically elected state. The rise of the first wave of JVP fascists led by the lumpen Marxist, Rohana Wijeweera and his gang of fascist extremists, who knew nothing about making a revolution, ( example: Jayadeva (Ooo-Mahatya) Uyangoda and Lionel Bopage led a band of school children to capture Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the Prime Minister, dead or alive, and realising  the folly of  their  unattainable goal on the appointed day both abandoned the misled children and  ran away to hide under a bed in a Buddhist Temple in Panadura!) resorted  to violence without any consideration for the inevitable loss of human lives as a result  of their bovine politics that was going  nowhere. The legitimate violence of the state crushed them and brought them eventually to the democratic mainstream. Once again, illegitimate political violence failed and non-violent democracy bounced back triumphantly.
  4.  1976 – The Tamil political leadership of the North declared war against the elected state by urging Tamil youth to take up arms and never  cease until they achieve Eelam. The main objective of the Vadukoddai Resolution was to step out of the democratic mainstream and resort to violence. They decided to abandon the ballot and go for the bullet. In pursuit of this goal they militarised, legitimised, financed, propagandised, and directed violence for 33-years against the elected state of which they too were members. The Tamil leadership wanted to have it both ways: for international consumption they posed as moderates in the democratic mainstream and to collect votes in Jaffna they backed the Pol Potist LTTE. The fascist Tamil forces led by the violent children fathered by the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 crumbled under the mighty forces of the democratic South. The greatest achievement of the state led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has been the restoration of democracy to the Tamils of the North. Today they have been provided the opportunity to walk with dignity without bending into two before the fascist monsters they bred in the womb of the Vadukoddai Resolution. Once again, illegitimate political violence failed and non-violent democracy bounced back triumphantly.
  5. 1987 — The intervention of the Indian imperialistic forces in subverting the democratic will of the people – both Sinhalese and Tamil – was a humiliating experience to the fourth largest Army of the world. They first undermined the democratic state of Sri Lanka by training, financing, encouraging, supplying military hardware, and directing operations under the Machiavellian arm of India, RAW. The Indian operations were a direct threat to the democratically elected state of Sri Lanka. The largest democracy in the world sending its handpicked agents to undermine the oldest democracy in the Asia-Pacific region is an unpardonable political crime. Having held a gun to the head of J. R. Jayewardene India forced him to accept the intervention of  the Big Brother.  They marched in under the  pretext of being invited by the Sri Lankan government. Though the Indians would not admit  it  publicly they are smart enough to know that it boomeranged and forced them to run away with their tails between their legs. It was not only costly and humiliating to India’s status as a mighty power in the Indian Ocean Region, but also to its holy image of a peace-loving nation built on Gandhian principles. India’s threat to Sri Lanka’s democracy was resisted by the anti-Indian grass root waves that rose, both in the South and the North. Both forces resented Indian bullying and both forces never rested until the Indians were chased out. The defeat of Indian imperialism on Sri Lankan is a resounding victory for Sri Lankan democracy.
  6. 1988-1990 – The rise of the second wave of JVP fascists who obstructed with extreme violence the holding of elections. The democratic forces of the state fought back with all its might and defeated, once and for all, the Sinhala Pol Potists. Today the JVP fascists are growing fat and rich on the benefits of non-violent democracy. In fact, they have joined hands with the UNP forces that crushed them and are going shopping” (kaday yanawa) to save Ranil Wickremesinghe who was a Cabinet Minister of the regime that smashed them. At the end of the day it  is  heartening to  know that the power of democracy has triumphed over fascist violence.
  7. President Chandrika Bandaranaike was the first to offer power (TIME reported the offer  was  for ten years without holding elections) to Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Tamil Pol Pot. The ingrained forces of democracy lying dormant in the Sri Lankan political culture moved in and worked in its own mysterious way to possess Prabhakaran and make him reject the offer. In a sense, the nation is blessed with the repeated rise of the the congenital idiots of Jaffna” (Prof. Kumar David) whose attempts to kill democracy have ricocheted and ended  in killing more Tamils than all the other forces put together.” (S. C. Chandrahasan).
  1. 2002 – The much-vaunted Cease Fire Agreement was signed by Ranil Wickremesinghe, handing power to Prabhakaran with international guarantees. Once again the mysterious hand of democracy that protects Sri Lanka led Prabhakaran to shoot it down with utter contempt. The mysterious devas of democracy” blinded Prabhakaran who fell into the same trap as Hitler — the egotistic fascist who believed in his power to survive and thrive with authoritarian militarism. Like Hitler Prabhakaran failed, after his initial victories. . Ranil’s surrender to fascist tyranny confirmed not only his chronic inability to read the signs of his time but also his abysmal failure to handle with a degree of sanity the most critical affairs  of the nation. Had Prabhakaran accepted Ranil’s surrender, it would have legitimised Tamil fascism in the North and East and elevated the Tamil Pol Pot into the status of a Surya Devan”. The  hired hacks in academia and NGOs baptised Tamil fascism as Tamil nationalism/liberation”. Once against the hidden power of democracy triumphed over Tamil fascism. With his CFA Samanala” Ranil would have given birth to the first state of Tamil fascism in Sri Lanka. It so happens that in times of crises the South has decisively produced saviours of democracy. President Ranasinghe Premadasa crushed Sinhala Pol Pots in the South. And s President Mahinda Rajapaksa annihilated the Tamil Pol Pots in the North.
  1. 2015 — Ranil Wickremesinghe schematically attempting to convert the Parliament — the ultimate repository of the supreme will of the people — into a mechanical rubber stamp for him to use according to his whims and fancies. His parliamentary manoeuvres were fundamentally flawed because he has acted as if it is his private playground for his pet Samanalayas” to suck the erect stamens filled with the pollen of parliamentary privileges and power. By grabbing the powers of the president in the name of strengthening democracy” (Ranil imagines that he is the sole and legitimate symbol of democracy), he has proved to be the most criminal corrupter and debaser of democratic values in Parliament. He imagines that he has been given a mandate to impose his authoritarian ego to run the Parliament as his private estate. Within his party and in the larger theatre of national politics he has always acted to thrust his will down the people. A classic example is his Ceasefire Agreement with the Tamil Pol Pot, Velupillai Prabhakaran. It was done without informing the President, Parliament, Party and the people. The two big moves in his career – the CFA and the 19th Amendment – boomeranged and knocked him down. The 19th Amendment was nothing but a naked move to acquire all presidential powers into his hands. Once again the devas of democracy”, residing in the Sinhala version of the Constitution, had come to the rescue, along with other provisions, to save the nation from the Samanala supremacists” who were craftily acquiring the entrenched powers of the Presidency not to consolidate democracy in Parliament but to accumulate the powers of the presidency and combine it with those of the Prime Minister to make Ranil the all-powerful destroyer of democracy.  He was accumulating power to sell the nation to the defeated forces of Prabhakaran.

What then is the lesson to be learnt from history? The amazing fact is that with each challenge/threat democracy has bounced back with reinvigorated power and resolve to resist the next threat. That is why this current hysteria about the impending death of democracy can be dismissed as the insane fears of the Samanala sycophants”. They falsely equate Ranil’s loss of power to the end of democracy. They assume that he is the sole representative of democracy.  The verdict of history is different. It says that if democracy could defeat the gigantic threats  from  the North, East and South and  bounce back with renewed vigour the proroguing  of Parliament  for 11 days cannot by any measurement of pragmatic and rational thinking end in the death  of democracy. Ranil is now acting in the most  hilarious farce in Parliamentary politics by pretending to be the saviour of democracy with his hypocritical and ineffective act of hiding inside Temple Trees”. He fancies that he is leading the forces of democracy by locating himself in the comfortable residence of Temple Trees”.  Did Gandhi leads the swaraj movement in India by issuing press releases from a maharaja’s palace? Did Mao lead the Long March from rich potentates residence in China? Which leader heading a resistance movement hide in the safe havens of a state building? It is time that he ended his political farce and went home  for  the good of all. He looks like a prize idiot by pretending to be the Prime Minister when his writ does not run even to the neighbouring Police Station in Kollupitiya.

The loud cries of the impending death of democracy in the current political impasse should be tested against the cascading trend that flowed down in the post-independent era, listed above. Some hysterical political pundits have raised the spectre of Machiavelli rising from his grave to stalk Temple Trees”, which Ranil Wickremesinghe claims to be the latest symbol of democracy”  and  ”symbol of legitimacy” . He imagines that overnight he has turned into a high priest of democracy. The only reason why he fancies himself as the High Priest of democracy in the Temple of Trees is because he has parked his carcass there. He thinks that his fall is going to be the end of democracy. He fails to recognise that democracy existed at Temple Trees” from  the time D. S. Senanayake, one of his most revered ancestors, celebrated Independence Day on February 4, 1948 in that  hallowed premises and will continue to last long after he leaves  the  premises gracefully, if  he can.

Democracy does not reside in Temple Trees” alone. At least not when Ranil occupies it. In essence democracy resides in the humble huts in Angunukolapellassa, in Madagal and in Kathankudi. Democracy, as Greek word implies, has its roots in the people and not in posh places occupied forcibly by those who have lost power. Democracy also lives in places like Medamulana where the sympathetic people flocked voluntarily in their thousands to demonstrate their affinity and loyalty to a leader who had lost power.

That is the fundamental difference between Ranil and Mahinda: people flocked in their thousands to express their heart-felt empathy with Mahinda even though he retreated to his ancestral home, without any trappings of power. But even after occupying forcibly the symbol of power,  the Temple Trees”, Ranil has not been able to attract the people on the same mass scale as Mahinda. With all the allegations surrounding the” Rajapaksa” name Mahinda still remains the most popular national leader. But Mr. Clean” is still struggling to survive in the popularity contest without any mass support.

Why? Why is it that there is no mass rush to buy his latest marketing strategy of being the protector of democracy? By and large the people have never placed their trust in him as their reliable leader who would protect them in times of crises. Ranil too has never placed his total trust in the people. That is why he puts up surrogates to fight for him in presidential elections. He has more faith in Western embassies. That is why he runs to the foreign embassies to prop him up.

When she was president Chandrika Bandaranaike used to say that the only distance between her Prime Minister Wickremesinghe was a bullet. Perhaps, the memories of what happened to her father were haunting her. This time, however, the threat to President Sirisena has come from a bullet. Actually, there were two bullets : one for  him and the  other for Gotabaya. Who is it who would benefit if the bullets hit the targets? President Sirisena hasn’t revealed yet the full details of the plot to assassinate him and Gotabaya. Could this be the  reason this why Ranil is hiding inside Temple Trees” fearing the wrath of the truth ?

9 Responses to “Ranil abused and subverted parliamentary democracy”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya samanalaya mega thief mega thakkadiya walking
    crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Buddhism and Sri Lanka only) Batalande Wandakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech
    wickrama Sinhala killer is reaping what it sew during the last 40 years. Batalande Wandakaya got immense
    pleasure murdering, torturing and seeing how those people suffered. All these crimes these pathala man done
    during the last 40 years have come to haunt the low life. Being a token Buddhist, it never realised the ditta
    dhamma vedaniya kamma. If this traitor low life has at learned first precept, refrain from killing, the traitor
    chief’s life would have been better.

  2. Christie Says:

    What I see is a different picture. We Sinhalese have been taken for a ride by India and Indian Parasites from the dawn of Democracy in our country.

    First India and Indian Parasites took us for a Socialist ride with N M Perera (financed by Captains) and Phillip (financed by Gnananm) etc.

    Note that Indian Cabal stated funding some of our Sinhala politicians since 1920s. Handy’s who invited Maohandas Karamchand in 1927 to address Indian Colonial Parasites in the country.

    Fortunately the Indian backed Socialists could not get in to power and Sinhalese were able to wrestle power to some extent until 1956.

    India and Indian Parasites got hold of Banda financed him, provided him with policies and even a name for the party Sri Lanka (name used by Indians for Ceylon) Freedom (though we British had already left) Party.

    All discussions with Indian Cabal taking place in Gall Face Hotel and Grand.

    S W R D used moral corruption against Kotalawala and won the election.

    Banda’s family ran the country and destroyed the Sinhalese people and the Indian Parasites prospered more than what they did with the British.

    Then came J R J who was a more Indian than an Indian like any other Person of Indian Origin.

    Then followed by Banda Family.

    India and Indian Parasites installed Mahinda because Indian thought It will be hard to deal with Ranil.

    But Mahinda did not follow India or the Indian Cabal like Bandas or JR J.

    Then India tried with Fonseka but failed and finally won with Sirisena.

    I have my doubts about whether Sirisena is doing a Mahinda that is standing up to India or trying to destroy the Sinhalese.

    We can only succeed by uniting.

    We should stop fighting among ourselves and unite against India and Indians who are with India.

    So let us forget the past and get together and stand up to the Indian Empire.

    So let us not attack Ranil or the UNP but invite them to join.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The “Democracy” and “Parliamentary Majority” BOMBS that Ranil Wikunansinghe & Karu Jayasuriya wanted to HURL at the NEW Govt JUST BLEW-UP intheir OWN FACES aided & abetted by their VERY OWN POISON PILL, the 19A, they CRAFTILY PLOTTED & CONNIVED to INSERT into our CONSTITUTION!

    President Sirisena, EMBOLDENED by the ABLE SUPPORT of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, just KICKED the whole CRAP SHOOT to PIECES!

    NOTHING, SIMPLY NOTHING, could be BETTER for the VAST MAJORITY of Sri Lankan Citizens HEARTILY SICK of the Yamapalanaya CROOKS driving their Motherland into the DIRT!

    Yo, Ranil! NOW you KNOW why they SAY that The BEST LAID PLANS of BOTH MICE & MEN OFTEN GO ASTRAY!

    Ha! Ha! This is SIMPLY TOO GOOD FOR WORDS! The MORE Ranil & Karu TALKED, the DEEPEER THEY DUG the GRAVE for the UNPatriotic Party! LOL! BLOODY PIN-HEADS!

  4. Ratanapala Says:


    It is time the SLFP died its natural death and so too the UNP. These two geriatric political parties though brought into existence on lofty ideals have over the years failed to bring peace and prosperity to the citizens of Sri Lanka. The only thing that they did famously is to divide the Sinhala polity in the middle. This brought in the minority racists and religionists to the fray and made them kingmakers of Sri Lanka. The end result is for all to see – our past political history!

    After 70 years what the nation needs is time and space to move forward as one nation leaving behind the enmity and divisiveness. For this to happen the Sinhalese must be united.

    What ailed Sri Lanka during the last 70 years is the constant demands of minority Shylocks asking for their pound of flesh and nothing else. Even after making the TNA with only 16 seats in the Parliament the main Opposition Party, did they have anything to do with the governance of the nation? They abstained from every parliamentary activity that had to do with the governance of Sri Lanka and only participated in legislating actions that would lead to the balkanization of Sri Lanka and in the end her destruction as an independent political entity in South Asia. Their main purpose of occupying the position of the Opposition was to prop up the unpopular, traitorous, mega-thief Ranil and his cohorts – now famously referred to as the “Butterflies”!

    And so it goes for the Islamists spreading Wahabbism throughout the length and breadth of SrI Lanka. Just at the eleventh hour when there was a clear need for ousting mega-thief Ranil they left to Mecca indicating that they will return to enjoy the spoils!

    It is time, all those well-meaning Tamils and Muslims leave the divisive politics and join the mainstream to achieve their realistic aspirations. Division of the country into fiefdoms or giving land and police powers to Eelamists is no way to achieve lasting peace in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka simply does not have space nor the security measures necessary to entertain such wishful thinking!

    It is time, Sinhalese of all hues, be they UNP, SLFP, Buddhist or Christian unite behind Pohottuwa to take the country away from the cannibalistic politics of today and towards prosperity. It is time the Sinhalese demanded from Pohottuwa that it cannot be ‘ Politics as Usual’ as it used to be. It is time they got rid of the useless riff-raff, the traitorous, self-serving and the bribe-taker lot among them and move forward with only those who can be trusted to make way for progress. Pohottuwas must leave space only for the best in the SLFP, the UNP and those among minorities to join.

    UNLESS AND UNTIL THE SINHALESE UNITE AS ONE THERE IS NO SOLUTION TO THE MINORITIES. THIS IS THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH BEHIND POLITICS IN SRI LANKA. This is what ailed Sri Lanka for the last 70 years. It is only the United Sinhalese who can accommodate those peaceful intentions of the minorities and take the nation towards progress.

    Other nations such as Malaysia and Singapore sorted similar problems right at the beginning of their independence from Colonial Powers. This is why these countries prosper and Sri Lanka not!

  5. ranjit Says:

    Fine and well timed article by Mahindapala. This should be read by all who were singing the most popular song in town today and that was “song of DEMOCRACY” RANIL the Ali Baba and the forty thieves may have not dreamt in their lives that such a surprised bombshell will explode in their faces like that never. Now they must realize the strength of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers. They have the blessings of the majority of our citizens including Maha Santa and other religious leaders in the country. They have the strength, willpower and the vision for the future therefore do not underestimate them at any time and treat them shabbily. Ranil your days are over so don’t waste your time and ours just say goodbye to your Royal thieves and to your western hypocrites and also to your Indian parasites etc and leave the Temple Trees like a good Royalist and retire from politics and stay at home. Please Mr. Bean please go home.

  6. Nimal Says:

    As a party worker who had give my time on the ground in SL in all elections where I have even given my business facilities for party/public meeting, I fear the worst now.
    First the President should not have dissolved the parliament that set a bad precedence for future regimes who become a president could also dislodge the government by dissolving the parliament thus putting the country into endless elections at the expense of well being of our honest economy where the private sector and the taxpayer is struggling to survive.
    Talking about winning the war and getting credit for it is wrong when the poor lads in the villages and few of my relatives who lost their lives and limbs are neglected while having given facilities and permillages to war criminals like Karuna and KP and many others., This not my opinion but of the humble people that highlighted in one of the occasions at a café on the way to the airport where useless rascals who were hanging around on the 5th of Spt on their way to Colombo and I was on their way to catch the plane.When I went for the local government elections it was noticeable even the local councillors had police security and the people were angry that the government could waste money while there were no medicines in the hospital and people had to hire attendants and nurses to look after their sick in the government hospitals. I my self spend lakhs on these people hiring attendants and help for near and dear.
    So be wise I say…
    So don’t split the party set up by SWRD.Should have had a bit of patience till the real general election to chase out the elephants.
    So get back to the Parliament and get RW to make a fool of himself and get a proper majority without buying MPs allowing crossovers. In fact SWRD was not very happy about W.D joining his government but he allowed it as a desperate measure as he had some undesirable lot force them selves around him.OEG warned him about this.If CBK could remember WD spent most of the time close to him not in Galle where he should be but sadly the hangers on like Osie Corea and Soma got him.
    So bring sanity and rule of law to the country and not lawless to get to power because the people are not fools. Even our mason and the labours are angry about this situation and they are the grass root.So wait for your turn and respect the rules that are there.

  7. Christie Says:

    SWRD the first Sinhalese to suck to India and Indian Parasites in the country.

  8. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you HLD for a fantastic explanation of “our brand of democracy”.

    We should be clever to identify the democracy meant for us by the West is a destructive tool to the nation while it produces benefits for them and opening avenues for them to loot this land once again after the colonial time.

    By intention or otherwise, My3 has brought the country to this state, which will help reverse certain actions detrimental to Mother Lanka taken by the Yahaps team, planted under regime change project of the West and the RAW and India, just for that purpose.

    The only thing the so called International Community and Yahaps failed to do was to prove the lies they fabricated to win young voters against MR in January 2015 which de-railed the development drive for 3.5 years. It is true that MR had a lot of weaknesses tolerating corruptions of his team below him but his defeat must have taught him a lesson that Mother Lanka comes first before his political colleagues.

    This is a blessed land and unholy & unscrupulous interference will bring them disasters eventually and we have seen what happened to Hilary, Miliband and many others in the past few years.
    t is frustrating to see some educated Sri Lankans still trying to install the previous Yamapalanaya regime despite the day light robberies they have carried out with proofs.

    If you love this land and have an unconditional love towards Mother Lanka, you will not see the background, colour, cast or religion of the person who is coming forward to save her. We all have to unconditionally support them without pulling by their legs.

    As Christie rightly said in a comment above, we all Sri Lankans should get together and support the team who is honestly taking this land out of poverty by proper planning and calculated strategies, but not by selling key assets like the Yahaps lead by Run-nil.

  9. ranjit Says:

    I cannot understand why people embracing UNP after all what they have done to our motherland all these past years specially after Ranil the great bank robber took over the leadership of UNP party. Four of the UNP stalwarts like JR,Premadasa,Wijethunga,Ranil couldn’t stop the war or even put a full stop for unnecessary killings in the country. They never cared for the poor people in this country. They were taking care of only high class section of our society and were always in the habit of pleasing the white man. They do not have any love for the country. In 2004 they were almost given half of the country to terrorists. This is a country where Lord Buddha have visited thrice and no harm will come to this country from any source. This blessed country must be protected at all cost by the Sinhala Buddhist majority. This is our land. We cannot allow few unpatriotic UNP Royalists to destroy our religion Buddhism and Buddhist culture or allow them to sell our assets, or allow them to destroy our economy, unity, development, and also peace and freedom in the land. If anybody approving their work and their way of governing then he or she maybe out of their minds or unpatriotic to their motherland because UNP is for selling the country and taxing the poor masses unnecessarily. They are pain in the ass for patriotic citizens of this land. We should reject them in wholesale this time for the betterment of our country and its ordinary people who were suffering under them for so long. It’s a party for high class few unpatriotic people so let’s give them a good lesson this time.

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