A golden opportunity for the interim Prime Minister ‘to put the country first’.
Posted on November 18th, 2018

Dr D.Chandraratna

I believe that when the Parliament is recalled in a weeks time monies have to be voted to carry on the task of government in this interim period till a finality is reached. A money bill of some sort has to be approved by the Parliament and this gives the caretaker Prime Minister to set the country on the right track as a first step to show the public some elements of financial good governance that Yahapalanites failed to do. To the author, there is a few that the incumbent Prime minister can do to prove his worth. The money bill that he brings must be drastic, challenging and public friendly as seen never before in the history of our democracy. The author believes that the public will light crackers, true to Sri Lankan style, vote with their feet later for the measures that will clean up the law making body for a start.

Given the pathetic state of the law making body I cannot list all the remedies that need to be done in this short article but for a start can suggest a few that will gain universal approval. First, it is absolutely vital that the supreme law making body and its occupants are cleared of the tax rorts they individually and severally committed which made them the laughing stock starting off with the illegal selling of tax-free vehicles. Please legislate to tax them as per the rules applicable to other citizens and get them to pay the public money as a matter of urgent priority. Failure to pay should make them ineligible for public office at the forthcoming polls. This is killing two birds with a single stone. We, the taxpayers get our dues and second a public enemy, a would- be crook, is barred from the Parliament. In the same vein for the good of our country, the environment and the narrow roads that we have please set limits on the cubic capacity of vehicles the state will allow, lest we will die of pollution, if not killed at pedestrian crossings.  Other frauds such as the Central bank while being expedited, the immediate beneficiaries of the ill gotten money be exposed and the monies paid with fines imposed straight away under existing bribery laws be collected in favour of the Sri Lankan Treasury. This is an immediate penalty for murderers, drug merchants and rapists as in many other countries. There should never be leeches that jump from one party to another making democratic governance difficult for all times. Suggest legislation to end it for all times.

Second, cut the wasteful expenditure on the perks and privileges given to Parliamentarians, which the public should not bear. I am sure that the whole caboodle of ministers and their kith and kin are beneficiaries of this largesse and it is the starting point of a much needed cleaning up operation. If your own party candidates don’t like it that is a blessing that God has delivered to you. Get rid of the men and women who could become unworthy of becoming public servants and select those who are willing and genuine.  Politicians from both sides do not realize that the very substance of politics and the state is at stake in the body politic of Sri Lanka and this is the time to ‘soften up’ the institutions and in particular the premier institution — the Parliament.  There will not be another golden opportunity like the one given to you by an unforeseen set of circumstances. Being superstitious yourself, this must be your destiny.  As Marx said of the bourgeoisie let these useless men and women be their own gravediggers if they vote against the money bill for we know the legislative repercussions. I cannot value highly enough of the golden opportunity placed before you. Do not waste it, if you do, you will be painted by the same brush, as one who did not have the verve to walk the talk.

I am sure that the wish of the incumbent Prime Minister is to allow the public to decide in this hopeless situation, which I believe is correct. We also need laws to prevent opportunities to sell, lease, and plunder our national assets by the politicians without public approval. Legislate against selling our heritage and dignity for a ransom. If you want to walk your talk this is the opportunity to start your second coming on a genuine footing. Prove yourself by incorporating some of these measures for corruption free governance right at the start and if you win your money bill we are winners and if you lose we still are winners in being able to elect someone willing to do the same.  What a golden opportunity.

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  1. dhane Says:

    There is one solution to STOP UNP activities they do in Parliament & Temple Trees. Print the Presidential Commission full report of Central Bank quickly and make available to public at nominal price. When this report comes into the public all those who are shouting will hide. Government Printer is capable of Printing all sections of the full report within 2 weeks before end of1st week of December if start immediately.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    I, for one, totally agree with Dr Chandraratna. I also understand (I think) why he is not referring to the present unnecessary commotion in the parliament. President Sirisena’s dissolution of parliament and installation of a new government are constitutional. It was very clear that the dissolved parliament had long ceased to represent the people. However, we must wait till December 7 to be sure whether he must reverse his course. My hunch as a layman, considering what experts are saying, is that a reversal is not likely. Even if he is obliged to reinstate Ranil in his previous position, a fresh dissolution of parliament will be inevitable. The Mahinda-Maithri alliance, even in the unlikely event of Maithri being exposed to be playing some game in support of the regime change of 2015, will gain from the verdict on December 7, whatever it is. The ongoing disorder in the parliament seems to be the handiwork of foreign meddlers. That will definitely fail. Too many odds are stacked against the Yahapanites. They and their foreign backers who know it are engaged in a temporizing strategy. Karu J is preventing the parliamentary recognition of the new PM to prolong the chaos in parliament for the pleasure of the foreign nosey parkers. The PM should seriously consider Dr Chandraratna’s suggestions. In case Mahinda is unceremoniously dismissed or otherwise forced to step down, he needn’t worry. He can include these among his election pledges.

  3. Hiranthe Says:


    In addition,

    • if any of the Ministries are paying some colossal amounts in Rents, Move them to Battaramulla Government premises or any other for lower costs,
    • No more government functions spending millions until the country recovers economically,
    • No more foreign trips to any legislators on state funds until the country recovers economically,
    • Set up an advisory panel comprising presidents of Professional bodies (Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, lawyers, Economists, Surveyors, Agriculturists, Geologists, Environmentalists, etc) to approve and award of government Tenders as co-approvers in addition to the subject Minister. This will eliminate the bribery claims and lies and avoid risks of it happening.

    This will also clear MR’s name due to the lies fabricated by JVP and UNP.

    This is sufficient for the interim!!

    Once you are back with 2/3rd Majority, kick the ass to 13A and save billions of Rupees per month which is wasted on Provincial councils. Saving money by this is a by-product. The main benefit is it eliminate the future risk of federalism leading to Ealam.

  4. Nimal Says:

    The present unpleasant situation demands an impartial honest interim administration headed by a caretaker PM.I would suggest that the JVP leader be made this interim PM until the next general election.
    It is a bad sign when the OIC of the CID that is investigating robberies and abductions are being transferred. Therefore under present setup one can’t accept a honest administration.
    We could form an interim administration comprising of equal number of MPs from JVP,SLFP,UNP,TNA etc.
    I doubt that the present set up will usher an impartial future for the country but end up with utter chaos and destruction of the country’s well being.
    Present JVP is not stained with any malpractice or criminality and they are the best to lead and steer the country to an impartial election and then let the people of the country decide.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Nimal

    We should not worry about the situation and the brawls taking place in the Parliament.

    These little hick-ups are nothing compared to the total disaster of losing our Motherland of the Hela nation to foreign invaders including Ealamists, if another one year is allowed for Runil and the Yahaps to continue.

    Just relax and wait and see. The overlooking deities of this Sinhaladeepa are at work. All traitors will suffer like hell. This is not a joke. This country is very powerful than the selfish politicians and their pay master from West who get influenza when it is raining in SL

  6. Nimal Says:


    We can’t accept any kind of brawl any where in the country and people in the Parliament are not privileged to act like criminals disrespecting our country and West has nothing to do here, perhaps likes of China as something to do as they are far too ambitious in the third world getting their way at any cost.
    WE have very few honest and erect among our parliamentarians and my suggestion is one option that is there to save our country.
    It was highly significant on the day of the disgraceful parliamentary brawl there was an debate among the ruling party within the parliament in London and the opposition too joined in but it was done in an orderly and civilized manner and no one can lecture us as which system and which country’s political system we must accept. As far as I am concerned UK political system is the best which is part of the Western prevailing culture we all go and live and enjoy.
    Therefore it would be right if the west ever care to intervene when situation gets desperate.
    Speak to the victims of Ruwanda,Burma,Cambodia whose near and dear are slaughtered in front of them and they all say that there should be some intervention by well meaning west. Who else will intervene but the West, will the rouges in any third world countries will ever intervene to save the human rights of another rough state?I am very concerned that the present regime in US seem to ignore the high standards and conventions set up to protect the nations from tyrants, hell bent on protecting the Saudi criminal prince and he will pay for it in the next election.

  7. Nimal Says:

    We are delighted to hear that the parliament conducted it self peacefully today the 19th of Nov.Our heartiest thank you to every one and that’s the way to conduct ones self.

  8. Randeniyage Says:

    Deputy speaker conducted the parliament today in an excellent manner commanding respect.
    We saved our face today, after disgraceful act of Friday.
    It also proved that Karu jayasiriya is too old to be a speaker and so are most of our senior parliamentarians and this is partly a reason leading to many disgraceful Parliament sessions in many recent years.

    MR government should take immediate action to request President to replace the old man Karu with the new deputy

  9. nilwala Says:

    Glad to see Parliamentarians’ behavior return to some semblance of reasonableness after the absolutely unacceptable 2-day demonstration that left what little dignity the country had left after the “Hora Hora!” dance led by RW, had taken the country to schoolboy cricket tent level some months ago. The Speaker too did his bit by acting too partially.
    Heard that JVP wants the Bond Scam Comm. Report released with some sections omitted!! What a turnaround!!

  10. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ destroyed this beautiful country for
    good by introducing 13, 13A to break up the country. Then jr@ introduced a new constitution which is causing so
    much trouble in the countr as we all have seen already. Alugosuwa then created ever Sri Lanka hating diasporats
    by not putting down the terras insurgency when it could’ve nipped at the buds easily. Then the alugosu jr@ introduced pathalyin to silence the opposition. Then jr@ introduced its traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist r@ni_leech nephew who carried on the destruction of Sri Lanka, Buddhism and Sinhalese race to the much
    delight of tamils, mussies, catholics, india and catholic west. Now we see the end of the pathala man traitor chief. It’s struggling to survive and hope Batalande wandakaya will taste its own medicine for a long time to come.

    What MR & co should do is round up all these mega thieves, Batalande wandakaya, milk dog aka kirixalla, pacha
    ranawakaya, parajithaya, a k de lapaya etc. etc. bunch and put them behind bars to teach future deshapalu
    traitor thieves a lesson. Only then Mother Lanka can march towards being a prosperous country.

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