Price of horse and an MP
Posted on November 18th, 2018


Six hundred million rupees to buy a MP can be used to build boatyards

When I heard that opposition MP’s price tag is as same as the price tag of a race horse with a pedigree.

These horses like Green Monkey which is a Thorough Bred was 16 million rupees

Our green monkey who jumps from one  tree to another who are not thoroughbred like real horses cost 5 million US dollars !!!

Being in the Industry in developing boatyards and Marinas in Sri Lanka we can build 22 boat yards  in all fishery harbours with the money they would spend to buy  10 green MP’s .These boatyards can provide employment to. Over 25000 youths and generate  a billion dollars annually for Sri Lankan economy.Fishing folks can be provided with modern boats with ice making plants which reduce deterioration of fish during the voyage.

I was passing by Mirissa Harbour to observe how we have failed to develop the harbours and Yacht Marinas

People may be wondering who has such colossal amount of money?

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