Current UNHRC sessions in Geneva, and its impact to our Motherland, Sri Lanka
Posted on November 26th, 2018

Guest Speaker : Asoka Weerasinghe, 

SLUNA – AGM, Saturday, 24 November 2018, at Advent Lutheran Church, 2800 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Ontario

Mr. President of SLUNA, Members of the Executive Committee, Your Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, the Daughters and Sons of my Mother Lanka and Friends of my Mother Lanka;

This is the topic: ‘Current UNHRC sessions in Geneva, and its impact to our Motherland, Sri Lanka’, is what was  proposed by the Executive Committee for me to speak on, It is vast.

It is all about the Geneva Resolution 30/1 which was co-sponsored by the Yahapalanayo Government in October 2015.  It is a theatre of  International cunning, Humbug, Bullying and Sri Lankan Gutlessness and Treason.

It targets the Sri Lankan Armed Forces personnel who annihilated the Tamil Tiger terrorists, on 19 May 2009, after they had hemorrhaged yours and my Motherland, Sri Lanka, for 30 bloodying years. This act gave back to 20.5 million of their people the most paramount Human Right – their right-to-life which was hijacked by the trigger-happy and claymore-mine detonating Tamil Tiger terrorists for 30 long years

The topic discussed at the UNHRC Session this September, has a history that goes back to the former Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon.  He was sitting on that chair in New York from January 2007 until December 2016,  who had the audacity of Mooning Sri Lanka”and bullying her, with his famous Darusman Report,  with no  formidable challenge by the present Maithripala Sirisena’s Yahapalana Government, nor the Government before. No one in these Sri Lankan Governments or its Oppositions  had the guts, had the gumption, had the spine to tell Ban Ki-Moon to cut out crapping on Sri Lanka and her valiant war-winning soldiers and pull up his pants and not to ever Moon” Sri Lanka, again as we don’t like it as it gets our goat and dragon-fire spitting anger.

I repeat, this UN Resolution 30/1  which was co-sponsored by  Yahapalanayo’s Sri Lanka at the UN, was a Tragic theatre of International  cunning, Liars, Humbugs, Bullying and Sri Lankan Gutlessness and Traitors lining up the valiant Sri Lankan soldiers who gave back the lost freedom to all colours of politicians to move around freely, in a ridiculous and a sick attempt to vilify the soldiers in front of an International War Crimes Court, as War Criminals.

Let me say loud and clearly so that all Sri Lankan politicians could hear, You let it happen ladies and gentleman, I point my finger at everyone of you who did not shield our patriotic courageous men and women in fatigues who fought that Eelam War to the bitter end.  As some gave their lives for you all to walk freely on Sri Lanka’s kabook earth to live another day without being blasted by the Tamil Tigers,  as being Sick.”

Conclusion of Eelam IV War

The Eelam IV which began on July 26 2006, when renewed hostilities began when Sri Lankan Air Force fighter-jets bombed several Tamil Tiger terrorists camps around Mavil Aru anicut in the East.

The reason for this aggression was because on July 21 the Tamil Tigers cut the water supply closing the sluice gates of the Mavil Aru reservoir for surrounding paddy fields  and starving over 15,000 people of drinking water in Government controlled areas.  Remember, that water is Life. We cannot allow people not to be given even a drop of water and starve the person to death.

The Eelam IV War concluded on 19 May 2009. This was after the 58 Division of the Sri Lankan Army led by Brigadier Shavendra Silva, the 59 Division led by Brigadier Prasanna de Silva, and the 53 Division Commanded by General Kamal Gunaratna, linked up  and cornered the last of the Tamil Tiger terrorists into a small sliver of land, near the Nandikadal lagoon and eliminated the last of the Tamil Tiger terrorists.  This final battle claimed the lives of several top Tamil Tigers, including Jeyam, Bhanu, Lawrence, Pappa, Laxmanan, Balasingham Nadesan, Pottu Amman, Soosai and their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran according to reports they all attempted to flee.

On the morning of the 19th of May, soldiers of the 4th Vijayabahu Regiment led by Lt.Colonel Rohitha Aluwihara claimed to have found the body of Velupillai Prabhakaran with a bullet wound on his forehead.  And so was the Sri Lankan Armed Forces ending a Tamil separatist War in Sri Lanka which defined her contemporary history of 30 bloodying years.

On 22  May 2009, Sri Lanka’s Secretary of Defence, Gotabaya Rajapaksa confirmed that 6,261 personnel of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces had lost their lives and 29,551 were wounded during the Eelam War IV since July, 26, 2006.  A ratio for each 1 killed there were 5 injured and maimed for life.

Ban Ki-Moon comes into the Act to heed his Masters who pay his wages as the UN Secretary-General:

However, the one country, a puny island  jutting out of the Indian Ocean that valiantly got rid of terrorism, a war that was aided and abetted by foreign countries, which included Canada, suddenly was the nucleus of interests for the senior UN officials to victimize this little island who fought an internal war with the democratically unelected Tamil separatists who wanted to carve out one-third of the island’s productive real estate bordered by 60% of the coastline for 12.6% of their people in the North and East of the island.   But mind you, by then 54% of the Tamil population lived in the South among the majority Sinhalese population that amounted to 74% of the entire population of the island.

On 23rd May, 2009, 4 days after the Sri Lankan Armed Forces ended terrorism in Sri Lanka, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon made a spontaneous visit to Sri Lanka, it was under the guise of wanting to experience the post-war situation first hand.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa at this point had a choice.  He should have told Ban Ki-Moon, Sorry Buddy, we cannot entertain you 4-days after the war ended, we have much to take care of.  Your presence will be an impediment in our progress.  I will let you know when you can come over.  If you  have mischief in the agenda of your planned visit, well you might as well postpone it.  You are not invited to come here at the present time.”  So that was stupid of Mahinda Rajapaksa  not to have put his foot down, and he had that authority, as the Head of the Island’s peoples.  He didn’t.  Just too bad.  And so the valiant soldiers who got rid of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers, are suffering from headaches not knowing whether they would be brought in front of an International War Criminal Court for allegedly violating human rights during the last 5-months of a 360 month long bloody war.

So what did Ban Ki-Moon do, he came, he saw and he conquered  to put in place the agenda to harass Sri Lanka for winning the Tamil Tiger terrorist war which the terrorists were aided and abetted  by outsiders like India, US, Norway, Germany, UK and Canada.  They screwed her to a crucifix for not obeying and accommodating Ban Ki-Moon’s pay masters, when they wanted the Rajapaksa Government to declare a Ceasefire,  a few days before the Tamil Tigers were annihilated. This would have given them a chance to extricate the Tamil Tiger leaders and their families from the island.  The Americans were waiting with their ships ready to do just that.

According to the then Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Norwegian-cum-Americans were exploring pathways to extricate the Tiger Leaders.  By mid-February they were mulling at the possibility of mounting a sea-directed rescue mission” and a high-level team from the United States Pacific Command (PACOM) headquarters in Hawaii” visited Sri Lanka to evaluate the logistics of such an exercise.

The famous Darusman Report the genesis of UN Resolution 30/1

Let me roll your memory back to 19 May 2009.  This was the day when the Tamil Tiger terrorists were defeated militarily after a 30 year long bloody conventional war. They were the only terrorist group in the world who had fighters on land, sea, and  air with five Czech ZLIN-Z 143 light aircraft converted as night bombers. These aircraft,  had a flying range of 630 nautical miles,  an endurance of 5 hours and a maximum speed of 168 miles per hour, and could carry an ordnance  load of 210 kilos.

The Tamil Tigers prior to that 30 years were a barefooted and some sandals and sarong wearing guerillas who couldn’t shoot straight. India’s Indira Gandhi took them over to India in the early 1980s and trained them in several military camps at the foothills of the Himalayas and South India’s Tamil Nadu, They were trained to shoot AK47s, pull the pin of a hand grenade and throw them at their enemy, SLRs, LMGs, No.36 Browning revolvers, Rocket Launchers, etc. They were sent back to North Sri Lanka in jack boots and kaki-fatigues, money in their pockets,  with festoons of live bullets around their necks and cradling Kalashnikovs like babies in their arms to fight and destabilize Sri Lanka.

When South Korea’s Ban Ki-Moon  the UN Secretary-General  who was reduced to be a puppet by his Western pay-masters being ordered to go on the war-path to hurt punny, but mighty Sri Lanka for not taking orders from the US, Norway, UK, France, India and others calling for a ceasefire a few  days before the Tamil Tigers were annihilated, to give them another day to fight for their Eelam, arrived in Sri Lanka 4-days after the war ended on a cunning comprehensive study tour. So Ban Ki-Moon  goes back to New York and appoints a Special Panel of three ‘experts’ to advise him on Sri Lanka’s alleged war crimes. This was the very issue that was dealt in June 2009 at the UN’s Human Rights Council in Geneva where members decided in a 29 to 12 votes not to intervene in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

By that appointment of a Specialist Panel Ban Ki-Moon exceeded his powers prescribed in Chapter XV of the UN Charter where the authority was detailed clearly in Article 97 and 98.

Ban Ki-Moon clearly violated Article 2 (7) of the UN Charter which prohibits intervention in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state.  Thus this UN Panel Report known as the Darusman Report and released for international consumption is a good reason for Ban Ki-Moon,  the Secretary-General to have been impeached.   Did the Sri Lanka Government do any thing about it to safeguard Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces personnel who gave back 20.5 million of their people their right-to-life, the most paramount Human Right?  They did sweet nothing about it.  If they did, then we the people of Sri Lanka were not privy to know about it.  Pity!

Now to identify Ban Ki-Moon’s Specialist Panel of Three.  Here they are.

Let’s get this right.  The three panel report should not be accepted  as a UN Panel Report, but be recognized as the Moon’s Panel Report, as the composition of the panel of the so called ‘experts’ is from outside the UN organization.  As such it violates the authority under which the Secretary-General of the UN is expected to function under article 100, Clause 1, of the UN Charter.  This is the Charter that provides guidance to the Secretary-General to maintain his/her neutrality of the UN.

When he appointed the three member panel, the Sri Lanka Government should have gone at Ban Ki-Moon’s jugular exposing his mischief as all three panelists were bias against the Sri Lanka Government. It didn’t happen.  Why?  Were they scared and spineless fearing that the UN and its powerful members of the west including Canada, would ‘huff and would puff, and blow the Sri Lanka Government down with sanctions, et cetera.

The First Panelist was Marzuki Darusman,  the former Attorney General of Indonesia, and was appointed to Head the Panel.  This guy was a member of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) invited in March 2008, to observe the working of Sri Lanka’s Presidential Commission looking into alleged serious violations of Human Rights.

This guy Darusman left this Commission in a huff disagreeing with th Sri Lanka Government and yet signed the IIGEP Report, or else he wouldn’t have been entitled for the handsome consultant fee.  And there was no way that this guy could be neutral on Sri Lankan Government affairs.  But still Ban Ki-Moon appointed him letting him screw Sri Lanka unfairly and right Royally.  That is how UN’s questionable honesty and neutrality  cookie crumbled.

The Second Panelist was Steven Ratner. He was an advisor to the Non-Governmental Organization known a Human Rights Watch (HRW) that had been very critical of Sri Lanka from the very inception of the Eelam War.  Ratner co-authored a book with Jason Adams titled, Accountability Of Human Rights: Atrocities in International Law beyond the Nuremberg legacy, where in page 123 he has stated that the convention on banning apartheid should be invoked in relations to countries such as Sri Lanka.  This statement itself should have disqualified him for not being a neutral panelist.  But then Ban Ki-Moon had to satisfy his western pay-masters, and so he decided to go ahead with Steven Ratner as a panelist, also to gain another opportunity  to ‘Moon’ at Sri Lanka, one more time.

So the incumbent Sri Lanka government lacked the courage to rubbish this intended Report and go at the jugular of Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the UN, questioning his neutrality, asking him what the heck are you upto.  This didn’t happen.  Pity!

This guy, Ratner,  had also written elsewhere that the Tamils represented by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (aka Tamil Tigers) are an oppressed community.  That is a load of hogwash.  If he had been honest with his research he would have found out that this Tamil community of 10% was the ‘privileged minority’ for 131 years of British colonial rule and some years beyond Ceylon’s Independence on 4 February  1948.  And that the majority Sinhalese of 75% of the population was the ‘wronged majority.”   I say, Come on Steven Ratner, be real.  I just can’t stomach that kind of ghoulish fairy tales.”

The Third Panellist appointed by Ban Ki-Moon was the South African Lawyer Yasmin Sooka, who was heavily dependent on EU funds to be impartial.  She was also a close associate of the South African Tamil Navi Pillay who was  a patron of the Sooka Foundation, and also responsible for the failed resolution that was brought against Sri Lanka before the UNHCR in May 2009.

With such credentials I smell three rats here who are supposed to be honest non-partisan members  who should not be appointed to any panel dealing with alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka as all three of them carry full baggages of anti-Sri Lanka sentiments.

I say Boo” to Ban Ki-Moon, the then Secretary General of the UN and I am shocked that the Sri Lanka Government didn’t take him on.  Why?  There may have been a good reason to make pawns of our courageous men and women in Armed forces fatigues, who won the Tamil Tiger terrorist war for 20.5 million peoples of that  beautiful puny island jutting out of the Indian Ocean  on 19 May 2009 which mighty India in the North would love to have it annexed on to their huge land mass.

Now to the story of 40,000 Tamil deaths during the last 5 months of the Eelam War, which had been announced in the Darusman Report was the genesis of the UN’s Resolution 30/1 against Sri Lanka.

Once again, let me take you back to 19 May 2009, when the Tamil Tiger terrorists were defeated militarily, after 30 years of popping bullets from Kalashnikovs, blowing 386 Human suicide bombs and detonating many Claymore mines, the country was now in peace across the island.

This was followed by the January 2015 Presidential elections and  Maithripala Sirisena was elected as President. Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed as the Prime Minister in a coalition Government. The mandate for which they won the election was to achieve reconciliation, ensure a durable peace, promote and protect human rights, uphold the rules of law and strengthen good governance and democracy.  And Lo behold, out of that flowed the UN Resolution 30/1 of 1 October 2015,  This Resolution was co-sponsored by Sri Lanka and spokesperson for the Yahapalanaya Government at the UN was Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

What intrigues and shocks me is to find out that such an important decision had not been discussed at Cabinet.  What kind of democracy do the Yahapalanayo think they are governing the country with.   It boggles my mind.

This beats me as it puts our valiant soldiers who won the war for Sri Lanka in jeopardy and possibly will be frog-marched to an International War Crimes Court charged with human rights violations during the last five months of the Eelam IV War.  Mind you, they talk of Ban Ki-Moon’s Darusman Report which says there were 40,000 Tamilian deaths.  I wish the UN’s Ban Ki-Moon had produced a War Manual for Dummies on how to win a war with Terrorists without having to kill a single terrorist or a civilian.  That would have helped  the Sri Lankan soldiers enormously, and there wouldn’t have been a UN Resolution 30/1 on Sri Lanka as no one would have been killed.

But here is the sad thing about this Darusman Report.  It says quite clearly as  clearly as the ding-dong of  the noon-chime of Westminster’s Big Ben, that There is still no reliable figure for civilian deaths”, yet, later put the figure at 40,000 civilian deaths in black and white print. This number is now bandied around by every human rights organization, the Tamil Diaspora and the Canadian parliamentarians who have sold their souls for the separatist Tamil cause.  The time was ripe for the Yahapalanayo Government to go after the UN and its  Darusman Report that they keep quoting.  They should have rubbished it, but they haven’t so far.

This act of co-sponsoring this Resolution 30/1 is the worst betrayal by any country against itself,  And is probably the first sovereign nation that did it.  This is asinine, it is pathetic!

But here is what the Yahapalanayo Government missed in the Darusman Report, either due to the lack of comprehension of the English language which the Darusman Report was written in, or because it didn’t matter as they were not prepared to challenge UN’s Ban Ki-Moon in New York, or UN’s Navi Pillay at their Human Rights Council in Geneva.  Whatever it was, the losers were the Sri Lankan people, especially our valiant soldiers, who gave back to the 2-o’clock-in-the-afternoon-Mothers  their freedom, who stood  at their front doors of their houses watching  far away into the roads waiting to sight their children coming home from school in one piece.  Not in a plywood box with their child’s ketchup blood covered body in a puzzle of  the head, flesh, heart and, limbs blasted to smithereens by a Tamil Tiger claymore mine, and the Mothers don’t have to do it anymore.  Or the Men and Women going to work each morning, making a sign of the cross over their chests, or placing palms together with a quick prayer before they get on a bus,  wanting to come home to their families safe and not in a plywood box in a puzzle of flesh, head, body, limbs and heart covered in clotted blood having been bombed by the Tamil Tigers.  I watched them on two 7 o’clock mornings standing by a bus stop on Sri Jayawardenapura Mawatha at Rajagiriya, by Royal Gardens opposite Keels Supermarket, and thank to the valiant Sri Lankan soldiers, they don’t have to do it anymore.

And here’s what the Yahapalanayo Government missed in the Darusman Report:

  1. In the Executive Summary, the Darusman Three Musketeers say, The panel’s mandate however does not extend to fact finding or  ” In confirmation of this the page 3 of this Report says, The panel has not conducted fact finding as that term is understood in United Nations practice,”
  2. Again on page 6 of the Report the Darusman panel of Three Musketeers say, The panel and the United Nations officials repeatedly made clear to the government the scope of its mandate as an advisory panel to the Secretary-General including that it was not engaged in any investigation.”

What!  This is unbelievable.   When the Government officials were briefed repeatedly”, were the officials asleep at the briefing table.  The Yahapalanayo Government had an excellent window for desk-thumping-screams at Navi Pillay the Head of the UNHRC in Geneva, and ask her to go back to school and learn English comprehension when her outfit in Geneva claimed that there were 40,000 Tamil deaths, as gospel.  Where the hell did the Darusman Three Musketeers get that number.  What Humbugs, what Liars, what a sham! I ask them, show me the 40,000 bodies, show me the 40,000 skeletons.  Where the hell are they?” 

  1. But here’s the punchline that the Sri Lanka Yahapalanayo Government proved that they lacked guts to challenge  Ban Ki- Moon  and his Co-worker in Geneva, when the  Darusman Three Musketeers on page 15 of their Report says, The panel has chosen to present the allegations it finds credible, in a narrative account.”

And on the same page they say, this account should not be taken as proven facts.”  This is mischievous….this is crap…  this is poppycock.  They played with semantics playing  Russian Roulette with the professional lives of these valiant Sri Lankan soldiers who won the Tamil Tiger Separatist

War. So what you and I find is that Ban Ki-Moon gave a pretty lucrative consulting fee for these anti-Sri Lankan Three  Musketeers to write a Halloween Horror Story of  Fiction  hoping that it would be a bestseller, and teach the  Grandmothers of those fools who ever use the Darusman  Report’s findings of 40,000 deaths as Gospel to suck-eggs.  And as a value added incentive to see that the Sri Lanka’s  Government get themselves nailed well on to a crucifix.

 We Gotch-Ya, Sri Lanka, you little turd of an island who did not obey our commands.  When we say ‘We want a Ceasefire’ we expect you to stand up, come to attention,  put your war weapons down, bring your right hand to the side of your forehead in salute, and say ‘Yes, Sir…Yes, Sir … three bags full”. That was it.

Do you know what?   The Darusman Three Musketeers achieved all what they wanted to nail Sri Lanka to a crucifix and Ban Ki-Moon delivered what his pay masters wanted, a document heralding the punishing action that the Western world and its UN handmaidens took over the next month’s to place a vice around Sri Lanka’s neck and tightened its screws until the Yahapalanayo Government frog-march our valiant soldiers who annihilated the Tamil Tigers to an International War Crimes Court for alleged War Crimes as reported in the Darusman Report.          

And Ban Ki-Moon’s  paymasters are  now revelling rubbing their palms together watching Sri Lanka’sYahapalanayo Government sweating at their chairs during the UN sessions.  I say tough-tiddy to  Sri Lanka’s President and and the Prime Minister for not applying the Sinhalese Mahinda Rajapaksa gumption to stand tall against international Bullies like Eric Solheim, David Milliband, Navi Pillay, and Robert Blake, and not accept their challenge and win the battle as what the Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces did.

This indeed is the rub.

Remember, when no less a person than the US Ambassador to  the UNHRC  in Geneva, Eileen Donahoe, spat out We will get you” to her Sri Lankan counterpart Tamara Kunanayakam within the stately corridors of the UNHRC in Geneva and not at a  friendly strawberry and cheese tea party.  It was a primeval desire for vengeance, Co-sponsoring UN Resolution 30/1,  was all because of unsubstantiated evidence of allegations that 40,000 Tamils were killed  during the last five months of the war.   If war statistics tell us that the number of wounded and maimed in a war are double the numbers killed, did anyone of  the Yahapalanayo Government personnel representing Sri Lanka at the UNHRC sessions in Geneva had the smarts to ask the Navi  Pillay bullies as to what happened to the 80,000 Tamil Tigers and civilians who were wounded during the last 5-months of the war.  If not, Why not?  What was indeed the problem to ask this legitimate question? Are we stupid or what? I am amazed by such intellectual paralysis,  such intellectual dishonesty among the Yahapalanayo legislators.

They indeed got us when the Yahapalanayo Government cosponsored the UN Resolution 30/1.  Well what do you know…this is how Sri Lanka’s good governance work.

Lord Naseby of the UK stands up for Sri Lanka to help clear the self-inflicted UN’s Resolution 30/1 mess.

What I have not figured out as yet is whether the decision to cosponsor UN’s Resolution 30/1 was a collective decision by President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera,  or whether it was a unilateral decision made by the Foreign Minister Samaraweera.  So far it has been a secret in the country which will ultimately come out clearly in the wash.  Whatever the computation  was, it was, in my eyes an act of treason.

On October 12, 2017, Lord Naseby, a long time friend of Sri Lanka initiated a short debate on Sri Lanka in the House of Lords in Westminster, London.

This was after receiving 39 pages of highly redacted dispatches between January 1 and May 19, 2009, from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in London.

These documents divulged views expressed by the then US Ambassador, Robert Blake; military expert Major General Holmes; UNs Media spokesperson Gordon Weiss, and the former British Defence Attache in Colombo, Lieutenant Colonel Anton Gash.

It was Colonel Gash’s observations and comment that got the Darusman three Musketeers caught as liars with their pants down.  Too bad,  One could not have expected anything different from these three anti-Sri Lankan so called experts.

Lord Naseby, in his speech to the British parliament paid scant respect to the guesstimate number of 40,000 civilians killed during the last five months of the Tamil Tiger terrorist Eelam War IV.  Several sources he cited estimated the number to be in the range of 7000 to 8000 and not 40,000.

The material evidence that Lord Naseby had elicited and received with much effort from the Commissioner of Information Act, were the dispatches to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from the UKs own Defence Attache in Colombo, Lt.Col. Anton Gash from 1st Jan. until 19th May 2009.  He was quite certain that the UK Government knew the ground realities which contradict the negative propaganda that had been extracted from the highly suspect Darusman Report.

But what has shocked and saddened me and  a bitter pill to swallow was how the Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry essentially dismissed Lord Naseby’s assertions based on classified military dispatches obtained with the intervention of the UKs Information Commissioner’s Office according to the Freedom of Information Act The revelations were made during a debate on Sri Lanka, when Lord Naseby declared:

……The UK  must recognize that this was a war against terrorism. So the rules of engagement are based on international humanitarian law, and not the European  Convention on Human Rights.”

 I say Boo”to all sitting in Sri Lanka’s parliament who didn’t have the smarts to recognize Lord Naseby’s tireless efforts to set the record right about Sri Lanka in Geneva and never received the support but only received the wrath of the Government of Sirisena-Wickremasinghe Yahapalanayos., for having successfully countered the despicable UN Project against Sri Lanka.  Damn it!  It makes me angry.

,,,,,,,What is also interesting is that The United  Nations Country Team is one source of information; in a document that was never released publicly, it estimated  a total figure of 7,721 killed and 18,479 injured from August 2008 up to 13 May 2009, after which it became difficult to keep count” (para 134, UNPoE).

The Darusman Three Musketeers simply bypassed the implication of this data – a mark perhaps, of their office room blindness compounded by imbecility.

However, what made me cool off and make me happy was that finally Lord Naseby, on October 13, 2018, received the British-Sri Lanka Association Award for being an outstanding Friend to the British-Sri Lankan community from the British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, James Dauris.  And I tell the then Yahapalanayo Sirisena-Ranil gang in Sri Lanka’s parliament you did not do right on Lord Naseby, you can now eat your hearts out and I say Boo” to everyone of you.

The Choices that Sri Lanka had regarding UN Resolution 30/1 and the impact to our Motherland

Yahapalanayo Government always had choices to shield our valiant soldiers from  possibly being Frog-marched to present themselves to an International War Crimes Court for alleged human rights violations during the last 5-months of the 360-month long Tamil Tiger terrorist Eelam War.  An unfair penalty for eliminating the most ruthless terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers,  which saw over 100 thousand innocent civilians killed.

But the Yahapalanayo opted to co-sponsor the UN Resolution 30/1 which was brought about by the suspect Darusman Report’s 40,000 unsubstantiated killings which was a spineless way that has led to a complete sell-out at the UNHRC Sessions in Geneva.

Britain’s Lord Naseby did the research for the  Yapalanayos which they obviously weren’t capable of doing.  His disclosures in the House of Lords on October 2017 disputed the very basis of the Geneva Resolution 30/1. It was a choice that the Yahapalanayo Government had, and they squandered it Big Time, not wanting to run with the ball.  Pity!

It is interesting to note that the Yahapalanayo Government continued to shirk its responsibility even after Lord Naseby provided them with the ammunition to battle their way through the UNHRC Sessions in Geneva and stand tall against the International bullies which included Canada.

And tell them loud and clearly, Oh no, you can fly your kites in the skies, but we won’t fall on our knees  to your cruel lies.”

So President Maithripala Sirisena trying to be macho flexes his muscles against the UN Bullies when outside the UN portals in New York and Geneva and announces at local gatherings in Sri Lanka that he will not allow  international investigators, prosecutors and judges interfere with Sri Lanka’s justice processors as UN Resolution 30/1 has not changed.

But what is pathetic is that he goes to New York’s UN Sessions and didn’t act macho and announce those political sentiments when he was addressing the UN assembly in September.  That was wimpish!

I tell the President:

                        Go tell it to the Mountain where your then Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera created  a  home for  International Tin Gods to guide the destiny of our  valiant Armed Forces Commanders in the field who  gave back to 20.5 million Sri Lankan peoples the most paramount human right, the-right-to life, by  eliminating the Tamil Tigers terrorists who had hijacked it for 30 bloody years.

The President has betrayed his people at the UN Session in September.  Regardless of the consequences, in my opinion, he should set the record straight.   He has foolproof well researched evidence given by Lord Naseby on a platter pro-bono. It is time he uses it.  Shred the Darusman Report to pieces  and watch it bleed to death in a waste paper basket.

And now for my final comment  on the UN Resolution 30/1 on the future of our Motherland, Sri Lanka.

If indeed the UN Resolution 30/1, was  the result of the Darusman Report authored by the disingenuous three anti-Sri Lankan Three Musketeers, it is upto the Yahapalanayo Government to prove it is a lie, a damn lie, then UNs Resolution 30/1 has no grounds to harass puny Sri Lanka.  And there is no snowball’s chance in hell to see it survive.

The 2020 Presidential elections will keep it or break the sovereign democratic state into two.You cannot recycle the same politicians whose primary intention is to sell the privileged  licenses to buy luxury cars, sell them and become millionaires and to hell with their country, and make its Real Estate a patchwork quilt of foreign owners. You know it, I know it and we all know it.  The solution  is staring at our faces. The year 2020 is to change direction and skirt around the big black hole that spells doom.  The change is in the hands of the  local patriotic intelligentsia.  SLUNA, you and I, we  have done our bit for our Motherland, much more than some of the paid officials who have been sent from Sri Lanka.

My strength came from my wife Jeannie- Daya,Mahinda and Mali, you have met her, a white Canadian-Newfoundlander who told me Asoka,                                   I know you are a good fighter and that you love Sri Lanka dearly, if you don’t fight to uphold the good name of Sri Lanka I will be disappointed in you.  If these separatist Tamils take you, they will have to take me with you, and we will take down one of the separatist Tamil bastards with And that was my strength to go toe to toe with them for 30 years.”  

Thank You.                        

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Fantastic job Asoka.

    You are a true son of Mother Lanka.

    Those who betray their Mother land can easily sell their mother, wife and daughters for personal gains.

    That much is the difference.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Once again I applaud Asoka for standing up to those political sluts in Canada and the LTTE loving western pollies. Asoka is doing the work of our elected, paid, stupid and corrupt politicians. I always support and admire Mihinda, but I blame him for not standing up to those western political thugs. He had the best opportunity to shut them up for ever when he had the support of majority of Sri Lankans after the war, but he let us down by not standing up to them.

    As I said several times before, the only good thing Prabhakaran did was killing Rajive Ghandi. He and Indira were the biggest enemies Sri Lanka ever had.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    I totally agree with Sarath W on killer Velu getting rid of Rajiv Ghandhi. He paid for the sins of his mother and himself committed against this blessed land. Finally, Killer Velu also went in the same route, hit on the corrupted head.

    Yes, MR could have done more things. He could have had a referendum to repel the 13A and get rid of this menace for ever, which was imposed on us under duress by Rajiv bloody Ghandhi.

    Even if he had promises made to India during the war time to strengthen the 13A in return of getting Indian blessing for the final humanitarian effort, He could have passed the responsibility on people, the supreme authority under the constitution for agreeing for getting rid of 13A which is the biggest threat for Mother Lanka, financially and politically, ever since it came to effect.

    Gota advised him to do so. WW also advised him to do so. But someone else closer to him supported the view of continuing with it. If MR has decided to keep it for his own benefit as the grass root support was coming from that level, it was very selfish of him and finally he paid the price by losing the power and learning a hard lesson.

    He is still paying the price now by humiliating himself. He must be blaming himself for that because he is the only one who could have done it to safeguard Mother Lanka. Even today, no one else is capable of doing it other than the great MR. Hope it will come to his senses this time.

    It is noticeable that he is determined to serve Mother Lanka seriously this time.

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