Posted on November 28th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Nothing happened during the honeymoon of 100 days and 3 and ½ years and they kept boasting about transparency and criticised unsolicited proposals entertained by previous regime is full of corruption

Hambantota .Airport ,Highways and Oluvil  were  completed and Port Project Commenced during regime under MR

If we are to learn from Singapore and  we SHALL forget transparency and  democracy and entertain proposals which can be implemented   with minimum delay.

Lee Kwan Yu did not call tenders to develop shipyards and any other development projects in Singapore and now they have mammoth shipyards and other industries   which are enormous state owned entities

What Sri Lanka need a benevolent dictator who should be a Hybrid of JR and MR  and RP  and  current executive should follow suit rather than lamenting about how he could not perform because some people were pullinh his leg .

If he is honest he should not fear

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