All those who were in charge of the security of the country in between 11th April up to yesterday should take full responsibility for this carnage
Posted on April 24th, 2019

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara

All those who were in charge of the security of the country at the top in between 11th April up to yesterday should take full responsibility, for this carnage. Therefore they should unconditionally apologies to the nation and resign immediately from their positions without putting the nation in to greater difficulties.

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara 24.4.2019.

Dear all please read the following two news items carefully and tell the country what you feel about it.

Sources confirmed that a letter signed by Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Priyalal Dasanayake dated April 11 which was widely circulated through social media pertaining to an impending attack, was authentic.

The Secretary of Defense and the Establishment did not deny knowledge of the warnings of an attack.

The letter specifies the suspected perpetrators too.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also confirmed that information was there”. (news item)

The above news item confirms the following things

1 The letter was signed by the DIG on 11th April. This means the warning letter must have reached the IGP’s office on or before the 11th. Therefore the IGP himself must have seen this and probably he may have instructed the DIG to issue the said letter to the parties concerned. Neither the IGP nor the DIG has taken any follow up action until the yesterday’s carnage took its toll.

2 The Secretary of Defense and his office also knew about the pending attack.

3 They also knew the details perpetrators too

4 Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also knew about it.

5 There was enough time to arrest the leader and prevent this disaster

6 No steps have been taken by all these people until the carnage took place killing 2 over 200s and nearly killing another 400 innocent men, women and children and causing billions of loss to the nation

7 They all were sleeping as none of them was concerned about the lives of people or the country at large.

In this backdrop I pose the following questions to the IGP.DIG. Secretary of Defense and the Prime Minister

Why didn’t the IGP request the Secretary to immediately inform the Head of the State about this impending serious disaster and advised him to summon the Security Council immediately to take necessary steps to prevent this disaster?.

Why didn’t the Secretary Defense inform the President as his Minister and ask him to summon a meeting of the National Security Council and take necessary steps to arrest Thowfeed Jamath leader Mohammed Zahran immediately and take all precautions to prevent this colossal disaster.

Why didn’t the Prime Minister inform the President, if he also knew about it, and ask to summon a meeting of the National Security Council and take necessary steps to arrest Thowfeed Jamath leader Mohammed Zahran and prevent the impending disaster.

The 21st incident clearly shows that all these people are together responsible for the carnage and all the damages caused to the nation and none of them is fit to hold their positions any longer as none could be exonerated from this crime. Nor can they plead not guilty either

If the President was kept in the dark why doesn’t the President sack the Secretary Defense, the IGP and the PM and all others responsible for this incident for gross negligence and failing their duties by the people and the country. In the alternative he can get sacked himself by resigning for failing in his prime duty of providing security to the people of the country he is supposed to govern as the Head of the State.

The best thing for others is therefore to resign from their positions before the President is compelled to sack them.

News item two

2 Minister Harin Fernando today tweeted the image of an internal memo and report by the police intelligence of a terror attack to be carried out by an organization called National Thawheed Jamath.

Some intelligence officers were aware of this incidence. Therefore there was a delay in action. What my father heard was also from an intelligence officer. Serious action need to be taken as to why this warning was ignored. I was in Badulla last night,” the minister tweeted..

The letter signed by the DIG and dated on April 11 was addressed to a number of key officials in the security services including the Directors of the Ministerial Security Division (MSD), Former Presidents’ Security Division and the Ambassadors Security Division.

The letter titled Information of an alleged plan attack” said the state intelligence services had received information from a foreign intelligence service to the effect that National Thowheed Jamath Leader Mohammed Zahran was about to launch a suicide bomb attack in Sri Lanka targeting famous catholic churches and the Indian High Commission.

In the letter, the DIG requested the concerned authorities to pay attention to the information and to beef up the security provided to VIP personnel and to the locations.”

If he knew all this including the name of the terrorist organization including the leaders name as well and has tweeted after the event why didn’t he at least tell his Prime Minister and requests him to take necessary steps to prevent this disaster, if he did not want to speak to the President. He too could have prevented this disaster had he divulged the name of the intelligence officer who told his father about it to the authorities.

What a selfish man he is. No wonder the country is gone to such pathetic situation when it is run by useless politicians like this.

All these events show that all these fellows are utterly unconcerned about the lives of people and the country as they are only concerned about their power, positions, perks and their own wellbeing.

This entire pack of unpatriotic self-seeking traitors should be sent home  ASAP before they put the country to an irreversible state.

The whole nation’s curse will be upon them.


Meanwhile I noticed last evening that Minister Rishard Bdurdheen and Hakeem walked away from a “UNP Cabinet meeting” held at Temple trees presided over by another noted traitor Minister Rajitha Senaratna.

Rishard Badurdeen and Hakeem walked away from the meeting when questioned by the press as to the involvement of Badurdeen’s sister at whose place the Dematagoda incident took place.

Now that a person living in that house has been arrested at Dambulla.  I suspect Badurdeen the never changing Minister of Trade and Commerce in Sri Lanka and Hakeem are also involved in this carnage. Otherwise why did they evade answering the press and left in ahurry?

Also Rajitha Senaratna said that they knew about it 19 days before.

The big question that arises is, if so, why didn’t they take immediate action by informing the Head of the State, unless he had the ulterior motive of putting the blame on President Sirisena. This proposition is confirmed when you look at Senaratna accusing the President for not inviting the PM for Security Council meetings since Oct 26 last year. 

In this backdrop I suspect he also, like Minister Haren Fernando, is trying to put the blame on the President and wash off his hands.

Revelations made by Mawanella MP and Minister Kabir Hasim and Wijedasa Rajapaksa on Asad Sali also have to be taken very seriously. They also should be sacked immediately and handed over to the CID for further action

As such there appears to be much greater ramifications in this canard where even some Cabinet Ministers are directly and indirectly responsible for the 22nd disaster. It appears to be a much wider conspiracy to destabilize the country even with wider international connections.

Therefore I would like to suggest that the President should sack all these Ministers as well and instruct the CID to arrest and question them for sabotage and hatching a conspiracy against the State in the interest of the Security of the nation.

If he is unable to take this course of action, then he should find a way to dissolve the present government which has brought the security of the country to a standstill and allow the people to elect a new patriotic and competent government to replace it in the interest of the Nation and the country.

That Mr. President is the only thing  the whole country expects from you at this moment as they know very well they cannot expect anything more from you on earth, going by the way you have governed or rather miss-governed this country for the past four and half years.

4 Responses to “All those who were in charge of the security of the country in between 11th April up to yesterday should take full responsibility for this carnage”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    It is long term and short term failure. The local extremist group was operational for over 10 years. No action was taken. In 2014 there were 150,000 followers of the group. If it grows at this rate it will be uncontrollable.

    Since the start of this year and particularly this month there was total incompetence of this Yamapalanaya regime. They only protected their kind and a selected number of MPs. People were not protected.

    Reconciliation is what destroyed Sri Lanka.

    No tough action was taken against terrorists fearing it harms reconciliation. Of course it does. Between reconciliation and public security the latter comes first. Now anymore reconciliation achieved after 2009 is dead anyway!

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Sri Lankan nation awaits to know the names of those MPs and Ministers of all hues who are Christians and did not attend Easter Sunday Church Services?

  3. Dilrook Says:

    We are yet to witness carcasses of Islamic terrorists killed by the military and their weeping widows which means nothing effective is done to bring it under control. That is the test. It either happens or not.

    I think the government deliberately took no action hoping that the real danger would wait till change of government as the UNP regime is seen as sympathetic to minority extremism and terrorism.

    This is the perfect time for Tamil terrorists to raise their ugly head again.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    A list of 160 terrorists found, but no arrests made

    The Island
    April 24, 2019, 6:53 am

    By Hemantha Randunu

    The State intelligence agencies had gathered information about 160 National Thowheed Jamath members who had been trained by terrorists, but it had not been possible to arrest them as there had been no orders from higher authorities, according to sources.

    Investigations had revealed that a group of persons, who had undergone training previously had trained the suicide cadres who carried out the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels.

    The investigators had not received orders from higher authorities to make arrests while the probe was on though information about the terrorists had been conveyed to the Defence Ministry and the police, sources said.

    The information about the Islamic extremist group was elicited following a raid on a training facility of the terrorist group on a 75-acre coconut plantation in Wanatavilluwa, in January.

    Several persons responsible for destroying some Buddha statues in Mawanella were arrested by the CID, last December, and their arrests led the police to the Wanathawilluwa training facility. The investigators acted on an SMS received by one of the suspects to trace the camp.

    The CID recovered about 100 kilos of powerful C4 explosives, six gallons of nitrogen and 99 detonators buried on the plantation, on January 16.

    Investigations revealed that the members of the terrorist group had been trained in weapon handling in carrying out bomb attacks.

    Leader of the NTJ, Sahajan Hashim, had visited the training facility frequently and conducted lectures to the new recruits, sources said, adding that bombs had also been manufactured at the camp.

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