Sri Lanka raids net bomb-making equipment, ISIS flags
Posted on April 26th, 2019

Security forces in Sri Lanka were involved in a shootout — and seized bomb-making equipment as well as ISIS flags and uniforms — during sweeping raids within the country’s eastern region Friday, according to a new report.

The forces were searching for suspects linked to the Easter Sunday bombings that claimed about 253 lives when they found a cache of explosives at a home in Samanthurai, CNN reported.

In addition to the flags and uniforms, authorities found 50 sticks of the rock-blasting explosive Gelignite, 100,000 ball bearings and a drone camera, according to the report.

Three explosions were also reported in the city of Kalmunai, the outlet reported. Security forces got into a shootout with a suspected group there, Sri Lanka News outlet Nidahasa News tweeted.

The raids came after Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena ordered a major search operation during a Friday press conference.

Every household in the country will be checked,” Sirisena said. The lists of permanent residents of every house will be established to ensure no unknown persons could live anywhere.”

Sri Lankan prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe previously told CNN that authorities were working to root out possible sleeper” cells who could launch even more attacks.

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