USA,UK and UN Human Rights Council in Geneva have made Sri Lanka a safe place for degraded human beings-the terrorists to create mayhem inside Sri Lanka.
Posted on April 28th, 2019

By Charles.S.Perera

USA and UK with their resolutions 30/1 and 40/1 presented to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva,  sponsored by their local pawn Mangala Samaraweera,  prepared Sri Lanka as a propitious ground for” their terrorists” to bomb Churches targeting  their religion and their tourists.

Hillary Clinton  the USA Secretary of State under President Obama said  that all terrorists cannot be put into the same basket, as only those  terrorists who attacked USA and European Countries were the true terrorists,  and the others like those in Sri Lanka were freedom fighters.

Hence the USA Ambassadors in Sri Lanka  from O’Blake onwards became close associates of the Sri Lanka terrorists and after their  elimination the USA, UK and others such as the EU,UN, etc. supported and acted along with those  sympathises who funded terrorism in Sri Lanka  the Tamils of the diaspora in USA and European countries, to communally divide Sri Lanka.

They urged the Sri Lanka Goveernment led by their lackies  Ranil Wickramasinghe and Mangala Samaraweera  to reconcile with the Tamils allowing them to set up a separate Tamil Province in the North and East, writing for that purpose a New Constitution.  That was the declared  demand of the USA and the West from the Government of Sri Lanka.

Today USA seems to be well establised in Sri Lanka having Sri Lanka  Government under Ranil Wickramasinghe  well under its  control making Sri Lanka  an American puppet state.

Sri Lanka, under Ranil Wickramasinghe  has become a logistic supply hub for a US Warship US Air Craft carrier USS John.C.Stennis stationed in the Indian ocean with Sri Lanka receiving supplies to be transferred unchecked by Sri Lanka custom to  the warship which is a PLA Presence in the Indian Ocean to counter the influence of China in Sri Lanka.

(see below for details of this warship and its potential  danger to Sri Lanka one could imagine)

Sri Lanka has submitted to an American demand to allow the American Army to transport any material of any size and weight through the Bandaranaike International Airport and allow temporary storage of such material which  are interdicted  by the US Military for a Sri Lanka Custom check.

With these developments and an ISIS terrorists attack never imagined could happen in Sri Lanka, it should be investigated  whether,   the presence of a US Warship stationed in  close vicinity and material being transferred to and from  the warship through BIA in Colombo, has any connected to the terrorist strike on the Easter Sunday.

Was it a coincidence or is there an unexplained and unseen connection to the US Presence in the Indian Ocean and an International terrorists attack in Sri Lanka ?

It should also be noted that the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina Teplitz had been very active since the terrorist attack and  overzealously  initiated actions that Sri Lanka does not want,  such  as the presence of FBI and their assistance in  the  investigations into the terrorist attacks by the Security Forces of Sri Lanka.

This is strange as no FBI personnel had been present in the Island through out the the 30 years of terrorism in Sri Lanka. Why now ? Why is USA so intent in having their FBI investigators present in the country now ? Has Amerika any thing to hide, and the FBI is working to cover up any thing that would point the finger in the direction of state terrorism coming from America ? The FBI did not come to France to investigate terrorist attacks in France. Why in Sri Lanka ?

All these makes one wonder whether the terrorist attack on the Easter Sunday was indeed  ISIS initiated or was there other unseen hands behind those attacks ?

If it was the ISIS what did the attackers expect from this suicide bombs other than a bloody carnage or a  mere passport to heaven to sit by the side of their God as a divine reward for massacre of unbelievers ? 

But on the other hand USA and the West have much to gain by such attacks that would destabilise Sri Lanka.  A politically strategic island, with a Chinese influence which America would wrench away from Chinese influence to make the Island a puppet state taking orders from the American  Embassy and the American political  hierarchy.

The suicide bombers according to reports are normal educated people, without a troubled psychological past, or having any serious political  involvements or financial difficulties. It is best to investigate who had been their friends, relatives, teachers and religious contacts. Because unless they were suffering from collective psychological problems, they had been brainwashed by  clever manipulators of the minds of their followers.

With the change of  President Mahinda Rajapakse’s  government in January, 2015, Sri Lanka became opened to all types of  undesirable elements to hold high office ,  such as a citizen of Singapore to become the Governor of the  Central Bank of Sri Lanka who under the protection of the country’s Prime Minister  wiped out the finances of the country and escaped safely without having to answer anyone for the crime he committed. But those highly placed political leader and his Ministers  who aided and abetted him in the crime have not been arrested or even taken to the CID for questioning..

The Yahapalanaya and the present UNP Government from the beginning on the 9th January,2019 did nothing but ruined the country, until it became the centre of International terrorism and soon  would perhaps  be a victim of crossfire between  heavy fighting between America and China with America setting up an army base in the Indian Ocean with a warship ready to carry out even a nuclear war stationed not far away from Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka acting as its logistic supply hub.

All these happened to a Sri Lanka which suffered under local terrorism for 30years and was rescued  just in time by a visionary leader Mahinda Rajapakse  who gave political leadersip to eliminate terrorism under a military operation organised  by the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse carried out with a united Armed Forces with the Army lead by  its Commander Sarath Fonseka, Navy lead by its Commander  Wasantha Karannagoda,   Air Force lead by its Commander  Roshan Gunatilleke and Civil Defence Forces led by Sarath Weerasekara.  They all contributed for the victory over terrorism.

Mahinda Rajapakse won the war against terrorism and developed the country  remarkably because he faught a war against terrorism, and was determined to develop the country and unite the Communities which he started by stating that, …  hereafter there are no minorities but the good and the bad citizens”. He gave leadersip to a, government to develop and unite the country and he had no vengeance to take against any one, he raised no voice of anger or hatred even to his enemies.

The Yahapaalnaya was from the beginning a government to make the people forget the previous regime of Mahinda Rajapakse. It was a government led by Maithreepala Sirisena to take revenge from the previous President Mahinda Rajapakse. In his rage against Rajapakse he  was blind to the mismanagement of the country by Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP click.  The President Sirisena did not see the Bank robbery, he did not see Mangala Samaraweera running his own government slavishly abiding to the wishes of the USA and the west, and even sponsoring a resolution against Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

Ranil Wickramasinghe the Prime Minister was gradually leaving behind  the President and taking over for himself the powers of the President to decide on matters relating to the country. He agreed to sell even the Hambantota Harbour to the Chinese and sign a Trade  agreement of 1000 pages with Singapore without even consulting the Parliament. 

The President Sirisena was slowly and surely loosing his authority. The development, peace and security of the country suffered while the Yahapalana Government was getting involved in taking revenge from the former   President Mahinda Rajapakse his Ministers and every one that supported him.

The country was being mismanaged , Communities were disunited one looking at the other with suspicion, there was a constant demand  for a reconciliation with the Tamils. Every thing was being done with the aim of giving more political power to the Tamils even by proposing to write a new Constitution giving more political; power to the Provinces which was to be exclusively forTamils. The Tamil politicians were beginning to wield more power and one of them Sumandiran even  dictating terms to the Prime Minister.

It was then that the President Sirisena realised that he was being left behind and the Government of Ranil Wickramasinghe is becoming all powerful, to the detriment of the country,  the welfare of the people and the security of the country was being neglected. President Sirisena then tried to take over things into his own hand.

The coalition that formed the Yahapalanaya government collapsed. And with that there was  for him an opportunity to appoint a new government with his former rival Mahinda Rajapakse as Prime Minister. He also moved to dissolve the Parliament., which was contested by the disempowered Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  and his supporters.

It was then that the President Sirisena realised that it was too late and that all institutions including the judiciary had been taken into the Prime Minter’s confidence.   The judiciary which he thought was independent failed to render  independent and fair justice when the President asked for judicial interpretation of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court gave a ruling interpreting the Constitution in favour of the Prime Minister against the dissolution of Parliament stating that  the President has no right to dissolve the Parliament before four and a half years in terms of the Article 70 of the constitution ,when there was the Article 33 of the Constitution which definitely gave the President the right to dissolve the Parliament when there was a political crisis that needed the dissolution of the Parliament as a solution.

Thereafter there was a conflict between the President and the Prime Miniter with the Ministers of Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Cabinet like Mangala Saaraweera, Rajitha Senarathne, Malik Samarawickrama  acting on their own creating a disunited government. There was no ruling authority. The Inspector General of Police and the Minister of Defence were not taking their responsibilities seriously. Sri Lanka is without a ruler today.  This prepared the ground for whoever was planning to destabilise and breakup the county to create  utter political chaos.

This situation would have been avoided if the Supreme Court had interpreted the Constitution correctly  by confirming the authority of the President to dissolve the Parliament under article 33 of the Constitution. Or if the Prime Minister had respected democracy of which he speaks often and resigned from his Office

There is also doubts about President Sirisena’s intentions of forming a united front along with  the joint opposition and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna,  against the UNF of the UNP and its partners. If President and the SLFP wanted such a unity one cannot understand why the President allowed Dayasiri Jayasekara the General Secretary to demanding the acceptance of  20 condition by the Joint Opposition  as a prerequisite for unity and running away from Parliament  without voting against the UNP Budget, along with the Parliamentarians of the Joint Opposition..

Apparently President Sirisena’s silence on the issue makes his intention to unite with the joint Opposition doubtful. This also could be sited as a reason for foreign interventions in Sri Lanka and the paving of the way for international terrorists to create mayhem in a country which had been peaceful for nearly ten years.  If Dayasiri Jayasekara continues to bargain for unity with the Joint Opposition by insisting on its accepting  his conditions its better not join with the SLFP for the next Presidential and General elections, and that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna contests the elections  alone as a Political force without joining with the SLFP.

Such a situation is sad as it would weaken the Presidents position today as he has only Dayasiri Jayasekara and SLFP to stand with when there is already a serious political crisis in Sri Lanka.

If Dayasiri Jayasekara is insistant for a conditional unity , and if the President Sirisena is genuinely interested in settling the present unsettled political situation in Sri Lanka, the President should change the General Secretary of the SLFP and settle for an unconditional Unity with the SLPP.


The following  is about the US warship USS John C.Stennis an American Military Presence in the Indian Ocean using Bandaranayake International Airport as a logistic supply hub.  The US Warship is  by itself a complete American Military Camp ready for any massive war with its foreign enemies.  It is another great danger into which Ranil Wickramasinghe has  plunged Sri Lanka. Fear is USA being  a country not sympathetic towards developing countries it would not hesitate even to  destroy our country without a second though if its in the interest of America. We have Libya, Iraq as  examples of its vicious intentions and itsinhuman State terrorism.

The mission of John C. Stennis and her air wing (CVW-9) is to conduct sustained combat air operations while forward-deployed. The embarked air wing consists of eight to nine squadrons. Attached aircraft are Navy and Marine Corps F/A-18 HornetEA-18G GrowlerMH-60R, MH-60S, and E-2C Hawkeye.

The air wing can engage enemy aircraft, submarines, and land targets, or lay mines hundreds of miles from the ship. John C. Stennis’s aircraft are used to conduct strikes, support land battles, protect the battle group or other friendly shipping, and implement a sea or air blockade. The air wing provides a visible presence to demonstrate American power and resolve in a crisis. The ship normally operates as the centerpiece of a carrier battle group commanded by a flag officer embarked upon John C. Stennis and consisting of four to six other ships.

John C. Stennis’s two nuclear reactors give her virtually unlimited range and endurance and a top speed in excess of 30 knots (56 km/h, 34.5 mph). The ship’s four catapults and four arresting gear engines enable her to launch and recover aircraft rapidly and simultaneously. The ship carries approximately 3 million US gallons (11,000 m3) of fuel for her aircraft and escorts, and enough weapons and stores for extended operations without replenishment. John C. Stennis also has extensive repair capabilities, including a fully equipped Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, a micro-miniature electronics repair shop, and numerous ship repair shops.

For defense, in addition to her air wing and accompanying vessels, John C. Stennis has NATO RIM-7 Sea Sparrow and Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) surface-to-air missile systems, the Phalanx Close-in Weapons System for cruise missile defense, and the AN/SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare System.

10 Responses to “USA,UK and UN Human Rights Council in Geneva have made Sri Lanka a safe place for degraded human beings-the terrorists to create mayhem inside Sri Lanka.”

  1. Christie Says:

    The dead locals are Sinhalese Christians and Muslims both religions Hinduthwa wants out of India and its neighbors.

    India knew the locations and even the names of the bombers and they had a local group in South India of the same names.

    It is Tirupati that spared the Taj hotel? I am sure Sirisena prayed for it!

    Taj is frequented by our king makers and kings like Chandrika, Atul Keshap of the days gone by; local Indians and Indian from overseas.

    Taj is part of TATA and our tea is next on the line with Tetley’s.

    India is good at covert operations; Jeppos and Tamil Tigers both killed Sinhalese.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese have been very very unfortunate to have these ungrateful, selfish, greedy, never happy, never Sri
    Lankan foreigners on their soil.

    Tamils who were brought by bandesis to work in tobacco plantations and by the british to work in tea plantations
    want their exclusively them only tamil drealam while living in all parts of the country comfortably, enjoying more than their fair share of the cake. Mussies want their exclusively them only mussisthan while living in all parts of
    the country, breeding relentlessly, putting up eye sore mosques in every corner to drive away non-believers mporting more mussies to swell the numbers, enjoying more than fair share of the cake.

    Meanwhile catholics, converted to parangis’ religion of convenience for perks, want Sinhalese to submit the whole
    country thanks to traitor catholic run anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka United National Poonayinparty
    aka UNPatriotic_rats party who divides the Sinhalese and who makes minorities king makers. Meanwhile all these
    ungrateful miscreants knowing Sinhalese are divided thanks to United National Ponnyainparty aka UNPatriotic_
    rats take the full advantage and destroy Sri Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race to achieve their final goal
    which is their exclusively them only kingdoms.

    To make matters worse United National Ponnyainparty is headed by the chief ponnaya the biggest traitor ever, maybe only second to its traitor alugosu (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) uncle thambi mudiyanselage [email protected], die hard catholic token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya bay gal karaya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot [email protected]_leech
    wickrama Sinhala killer. We can’t expect this mussie terror menace to go away since wa(n)dakaya will be
    reluctant to take action since the culprits aren’t Buddhists.

    If the culprits had been Buddhists, the traitor United National Ponnayinparty aka UNPatriotic_rats would have had them burnt in tyre pyres, Batalande torture camps, headless bodies floating in rivers with the enthusiastic help
    from its portuguese police top brass. So Sinhalese prepare to sacrifice army, navy, police, air force personnel, Buddhist monks, men, women, children for the second United National Ponnyainparty aka UNPatriotic_rats
    instigated terror campaign and 20/30 years of these corrupt thugs tenure saying terras are invincible.

    For Sri Lanka to have long term peace:
    Ban the fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence (saudi arabia, iran, iraq, libya, turkey etc. etc.
    Buddhism is banned. Spain was saved from the breeders in 1478 by the Spanish Inquistion. Angola very very
    recently banned the menace.Why we need them? After all what we have, Buddhism, has been proven to be the
    only true religion (Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, his book, The Tree of Life, which explains how all living
    things came to being, or NASA’s expeditions to show the earth’s size etc. in the vast, vast, vast universe)

    Abolish mussie/tamils only schools which are promoting segregation and which are used to hide real numbers
    (output) by filling up to the rafters

    Ban race based parties which they use to somersault after the elections and be in government after any election and over promote their lot

    Arrest all racist deshapaluwan like bada udin, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), empty dog aka his
    bxlla, mujibxlla rahabxlla, xxxxheem, fouzie the owl, pigneshwaran, sivajisinnalinga, church acolyte
    sumanthiran etc. etc. who stir up racial hatred and destroy racial harmony and make stirring up racial
    hatred an offence

    teach Buddhism and history in every school and teach them killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying,
    alcohol drug abuse (Buddhism’s Five Precepts) are sins which their religions of conveniences don’t regard

    Limit 2 children to a family and make it law to stop mussie/tamil multiplication to generate more votes. Stop
    giving FREE education, FREE hospitals after two children.

    Teach them not to be too greedy, not too selfish (will come with learning Buddhism), be Sri Lankan or pack up
    and go where they came from!

    And Sri Lanka will be a place for all four groups to live in harmony!

  3. Dilrook Says:

    It is important to tell the truth. Decisions made based on lies are very dangerous.


    USS Stennis did a trial of goods transfer in January 2019. It again visited Sri Lanka in March 2019. It is not berthed near Sri Lanka during this time or for at least a week before. It participated in military drills in the Mediterranean Sea against Russia from April 24.



    Sri Lanka must not go to war against everyone!

    Threats must be assessed objectively and not based on our personal biases. US interests and Sri Lankan interests don’t always align (no two countries’ interests align) but there is room for co-operation. FBI’s global reach must be used to investigate this matter. We did it with the LTTE. FBI stopped many Tamil attempts to buy weapons, transfer weapons, collect money, attack Sri Lanka, etc.

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    Agree with Dilrook.

    Who are we to declare war with everyone ?
    People think their favorite politician is capable of handling this without help of any country ? Stupid !
    People think China will stop India and west getting control of Sri Lanka ? Stupid !

    This is a time west are with us. It is a time west is not crying over deaths of 6 Tamil speaking innocent little children.
    Did it ever happen ?
    So we need proper leadership now, who can act and balance this tactically and smartly. They should not be USA, UK , Europe citizens, in order to avoid conflict.
    There is no danger of Sri Lanka becoming a Syria but opportunity to work together and get rid of these elements should be grabbed with all hands.

  5. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dilrook and Randehiyage.

    Yes we have to look at things as they are.

    Now there are four world powers. USA, Russia, China and India. They are equally powerful and far ahead of any other country and or an association of countries. India entered the realm of space war recently.

    India is the only country among the four who has real colonies of Indians living outside their country. We are one of those countries. An Indian village called Gandhi Puram was opened in our country by P M Narendra Modi over the Skype net while he is busy with his own election work in a country of 1.4 billion people.

    USA policy towards us changed with Obama who is more Indian than an American or an African. Look at the number of Indian Senators in Democratic Party. Democrat President hopeful Kamalika Harris is an Indian (Tamil).

    It is India and Indian Parasites who was behind the killing of Sinhalese in 1958 and expulsion of Sinhalese from the North and East. Then killing of Sinhalese by Jeppos and Tamil Tigers.

    Now I am sure it is India that got us to the current situation. No Hinduthwa deaths.

  6. Charles Says:

    I agree with you Dilrook, but it is a well equipped Warship this time. And how long they are going to be stattioned where they are is unknown. There are reports that Sri Lanka has agreed to sell 4000 acres of land in Trincomalee to the American Army to prepare recreation facilities inside Sri Lanka for the American Soldiers. The FBI certainly has modern methods of detection, but we cannot be absolutely sure whether they will not create cells for a permanent in Sri Lanka.

  7. Dilrook Says:


    If USA wants to set up a base in Sri Lanka, they would have done it by now. They don’t need permission. No one will stand up to them. This is the bitter reality.

    It is a shame that we need them now. We are a poor and weak nation. We cannot face this global menace alone.

    Americans came to Sri Lanka after the tsunami as well. We were worried they will not leave but they left. American warships came close to Sri Lanka in 2000 when 40,000 army soldiers tensely waited an LTTE attack in the north. We don’t know they intentions but they didn’t interfere when we destroyed LTTE cells and drove them away from attack positions.

    Although Gotabaya’s defence deal with USA is criticized by some patriots, it helped Sri Lanka looking at subsequent events. (However those around him should not show a false anti-Americanism.) We managed to destroy LTTE floating warehouses with US help, bust LTTE finance network after FBI unearthed a $300 million network and plenty of credit card frauds, US donated warships played a key role in the war as well as US donated fast attack crafts. Sri Lanka received fire finder artillery that saved us from serious war crimes charges and saved the lives of soldiers. The first South Asian country to have them.

    USA is no one’s friend. Not even its most trusted nations. They will even cannibalize their best friend.

    e.g. UK and IRA

    However, we can have many things in common to benefit both.

  8. Charles Says:

    If you say so Dilrook.

  9. aloy Says:

    Dilrook says “We are a poor and weak nation. We cannot face this global menace alone.” with Charles’ half hearted agreement.

    What a shameful thing to say. And is quite contrary to His Eminence Cardinal Malcom Ranjith’s statement today. When someone suggested the American help, he immediately dismissed it. He also said that we are not beggars to accept their offer of $ 480 million.

    Prez JR was entertained at white house with all sorts of eloquent speeches and exchange of gifts etc, but what help they gave at our hour of need when 40,000 of our soldiers were trapped in Jaffna?. They just looked the other way. It was up to our all weather friend Pakistan to came for our help with the multibarrel rocket launchers and our forces had to fight back. When they helped us to locate the LTTE flotilla of weapons the war has already tilted on our favour. Even without those weapons how much they buried before they were finally defeated. But we need their help for our trade and to make positive outlook for our tourism. If we can get their help to improve our tech sector that would be the best.

    We have to stand on our own when it come to our national security, no one well come and fight for us unless they see an opportunity to get them plated here. That what happened throughout the colonial period starting from 1505.

  10. Dilrook Says:

    A nonsensical argument.

    The fact is we are a weak nation and this is a global threat. As with the LTTE we need US support to bust it as powerful nations (Saudi, Qatar) are financing it.

    This does not mean we become a US colony or a US sell out as lunatic UNP supporters advocate. That is another extreme we must avoid.

    There is a happy middle.

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