Posted on April 30th, 2019


Many people talk that under the constitutional reforms, a Muslim administration unit should be established in the Eastern Province and what is the logical base for this idea is a question when current experience in Sri Lanka is analysed and who created this idea is needed to discuss broadly.

Since the election of yahapalana regime in 2015, the existing constitutional structure of the country wanted to change converting to a federal system in which the hidden motive of the yahapalana advocates was to disunite the country and with a hidden objective of creating a Muslim administration unit in the Eastern province.  The aim of the proponents might have expanding IS terrorism to the South and South East Asia.   The hidden motive of the yahapalana advocates was strongly opposed by the Sinhala community in Sri Lanka without a religious difference. The yahapalana advocates attempted to define the vote base of the country using dubious points and arguments using unrealistic assumptions that Sinhala votes might divide basically Buddhists and Christians, then UNP and SLFP.  Mr. Mangala Samaraweera and Mr. Rajitha Senaratne in the yahapalana coalition pushed to achieve the objective eye washing of the president of Sri Lanka as well as prominent members of UNP. In fact, the secret agenda of Mr. Mangala Samaraweera was to achieve a UN position and Mr. Rajaitha Senarathne was to find a place for his son, who became an unpopular politician in Sri Lanka mainly because he is a popular figure, who lies to the public.  Mr. Mangala Samaraweera attempted to get a UN position before, but his qualifications for a UN position (A Tailoring Certificate) was not a foundation qualification for a senior UN position.

Historically, Sri Lanka had been governed by Kings, who treated the country as a unitary state with provincial administrative units like Municipal style governing bodies (Rata) at district levels. The district administrative units (Korala or pattu) was not entirely based on religions, ethnical races or castes. There was some historical evidence that Kings mentioned Demala Pattutu and Vedi Pattuwa as Tamil and Indigenous people lived in those areas, but they were not federal style constitutional units.  At present majority residents in those area are Sinhala people. There were not administrative divisions based on religions.

Current population of the country according to the census of 2012, 74.9% Sinhala, 11.2% Lanka Tamil, 4.1% Indian Tamil, 9.3% Muslim and 0.5% others.  This ethnic mixture of population assumes to be changed during the past ten years period, the major contributing factor could be considered as migration of Tamil and Christian population overseas and the current Sinhala population, could be assumed that has increased to 77% and Muslim Population also increased to 10% as the women fertility of Muslim women is higher than the average. The national average of women fertility in Sri Lanka is 2.3 (Sinhala 2.3, Sri Lanka Tamil 2.3, Indian Tamil 2.9 and Muslim 3.3), but Muslim women’s fertility is comparatively higher (3.3) than the national average (2.3).

Although the government had a policy agreement to change the women fertility, it has not been successfully implemented by the government and there is an informal view that Muslim women are given encouragement to have more babies.  Compared to other races in the country most Muslim women do not willing to go out of houses and work.  Muslim women stay at home and look after kids, when they go out wear burqa and walk on the road, no one can recognize them and maintain any relationship and association. Only few Muslim women married with Sinhala or Tamil men and the usual practice is when a Muslim female married to a Sinhala or Tamil person she would be expelled from the family.  It seems that Muslims want to increase their population, despite the government policy to control women fertility in the country.  The culture of Muslim people in Sri Lanka encourages women to stay in the house and live in a static society without an employment in outside and the purpose of the culture is to look after kids at home.  For education, marriage and divorce, Muslim people have more flexible legal provisions in Sri Lanka, which are not available to other ethnic communities in the country.

According to the census of 2012, 70.1% of population in Sri Lanka counts as Buddhist in religion, 12.6% Hindus, 9.7% Islam and 7.6 % Christian and others. It is quite easy to assume that 75% of current population is Buddhist and Islam has increased to more than 10% of population.  Within these religions there are sects and accurate statistics of sectoral population of each religion are not available.

The first official census of Sri Lanka was taken place in 1881 and the classification of population included Muslims as an Ethnic race in the country without clear anthropologic or biological evidence.  All other ethnic groups were identified based on language they speak. In other countries we cannot see that population is classified by religious basis and in the Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran do not classify on religious basis and why Sri Lanka did adapt such a fallacious classification system and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible. According to historical information, Sinhala speaking people converted to Islam in Upcountry and Sothern area and Tamil speaking people in the North, North Central and East, in fact, they should have classified as Sinhala Muslim and Tamil Muslim.  The Muslim religious people should have included to Sinhala and Tamil ethnic groups. Why this problem is not corrected by the government?

The historical information indicates that the major reason to Sinhala and Tamil people convert to Muslim was the flexible marriage and divorce legal provisions in the Muslim culture.  This reason caused to massively convert people in Indonesia and Malaysia.  In the history people in those countries were Buddhist and Hindus.  In a society where allowed to polygamy, Muslim religion did not expand rapidly.  For example, it can give Papua New Guinea and many South Pacific Countries.  In Sri Lanka, when men wanted to divorce and remarry, they converted Muslim as it was easier. When I was a law student in Sri Lanka, I read a new law report that a famous Sinhala political figure, Mr Anil Moonasinghe converted to Muslim to divorce his wife and marry another woman.   

The major concentration of this article is to consider the constitutional style of the country and uniting the country with different divisions.  As the ambassador of the United States in Sri Lanka it is correct that the unity of people in the country is a key factor to defeat terrorism whether it originated within the country or imported from overseas. The other important factor is that the unity of Sinhala people is vital factor to overcome terrorism issue in the country and to defeat fabricated constitutional reforms.

If Sinhala people are united without political deviations, majority of the parliament would be Sinhala, and Muslim and Hindus will be a minority, which need the consent of majority Sinhala community to make constitutional reforms.  Sinhala people divided on political party basis since the era of the State Council.  Later it was appeared that Sinhala people was divided by economic policy and it was changed after 1978. Now all Sinhala people agree with the market economic policy and why they have differences now is a question. The most conspicuous answer to the question is power and motive to be unduly enriched achieving political power.

Sri Lanka is a small country and the most appropriate constitutional style to the country is a unitary system with the unity of people. Any other style of a constitution will create never ending political, social and economic problems to the country.

The current problems clearly indicated that Sri Lanka needs anti-discrimination laws to control hate speeches and Muslim women are discriminated by male and the caste system among Tamil discriminate lower caste Tamils


  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    MR/JO to prepare a Security Report

    GOOD MOVE, but let it go FAR BEYOND the CURRENT CRISIS and address issues related to the DANGER of allowing different communities to adopt Laws different from the National Law!

    ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE, ONE LAW strictly ENFORCED should be the guiding principle!

    MR meets former defence heads

    29 April 2019 07:01 am – 12 – 6780
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    Leader of the Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday met the former defence chiefs led by former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to discuss the prevailing security situation in the country.

    “I met with the former defense chiefs to discuss the current situation that has arisen with the national security. Requested them to provide me with a report with measures that can be taken both short term and long term with regards to the current situation the country faces,” former President Rajapaksa tweeted.

    Former commanders- Admiral (rtd) Wasantha Karannagoda, Air Marshal (Rtd) Roshan Goonethilake, Air Marshal (Rtd) Mohan Wijewickreme, General (rtd) G.A. Chandrasiri, General (rtd) Jagath Jayasuriya, Admiral(rtd) Jayanath Colombage, General (rtd) Daya Ratnayake also attended.

  2. Christie Says:

    Hi Edward.

    Like any other colony we have Indians and other natives. Fiji, Mauritius, Africa are good examples.

    It is the Indian Parasites that is the problem.

    The root cause.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Mussie deshapaluwan are to be blamed for the carnage so far and the more carnage expected who have been
    encouraging multiplying like xxxx to swell mussie numbers and get into every government and over promoted
    mussies. Bada udin of old put foundations for segregation of mussies by introducing mussie only schools under
    Sirima B. Today all those schools which started with about 100 students are bursting at the seams with 6,000+ mussie new breeds. While Sinhalese parents find it so difficult to find a school for their only kid or two, mussies
    just add 1 or more stories to existing building, quickly fill it up to the rafters too. What’s more the traitor breeders will invite ponna chief ponnil, MR or Gota to giver it ‘royal’ seal of approval to open the building. And obviously,
    they will all oblige donning skull cap to collect more mussie bonus points aka votes which are being manufactured
    at industrial scale.

    For Sri Lanka to have long lasting peace:
    Ban the fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence. After all all mussie countries, saudi, iran (a former
    Buddhist country at that), iraq, libya, turkey, syria, etc. etc. Buddhism is not allowed. Why we have to have it force
    down our throats? These man-made god based religions thrived in the olden days in the absence of science.
    Charles Darwin showed the world how we all came to be being with his Theory of Evolution (just like Buddha
    explained). Then his book, The Tree of Life, explained how all living things came to be being, including mosquitoes,
    flies etc. etc. Today, they are all facts and everyone (honest and educated only) accept them to be true. Then NASA’s missions have shown that the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast universe where
    distances are measured in light years and no scientist know where the edges are to date (just like Buddha preached). So Sri Lanka don’t need fictitious gods since we have the only true religion in the world. Spain was
    saved in 1478 with the Spanish Inquisition in 1478 from the fast breeders. Angola recently banned fastest breeding religion. Sri Lanka? United National Ponnyainparty? Do it for all four group’s sake! Tamils want them only their
    tamil drealam while living in all parts of the country comfortably. Mussies want mussie only mussiesthan while
    living in all parts of the country comfortably. Catholics want everyone to be under them and whole of Sri Lanka
    since they have the religion (a religion of convenience which don’t regard killing, stealing, sexual misconduct,
    lying, alcohol/drug abuse – Buddhism’s Five Precepts – as sins) with seats to sit down, singing hymns, powerful
    organisations to safeguard them etc. etc. Sinhalese? Sinhalese have no place in their own country thanks to
    traitor UNPatriotic_rats who divide them make the minorities king makers.

    Ban race based parties which they use to wag the government of the day by somersaulting who ever wins and
    get powerful ministries and over promote their breeding, religions etc. etc to cause mayhem

    Ban race based schools which promote segregation and used to hide real numbers

    Make it law to arrest tamil and mussie harassment of Sinhalese and say they can’t live in their own country N&E
    while living in all parts of the comfortably. This will stop traitor deshapaluwan like pigneshwaran, sivajisinna
    lingam, bada uding, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), church acolyte sumanthiran etc. etc.

    Make it a law lmiting 2 children to a family to stop mass multiplying to take over the country by the two

    Stop FREE education, FREE hospital after 2 children

    Teach Buddhism and history in every school (compulsory)

    Teach Sinhala in every school and make it official language. England official language? France official language?
    Germany official language? Sri Lanka? We are special and we can do and demand whatever we like because
    Sinhalese are divided thanks to anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, minority worshiping, Mother Lanka
    dismembering United National Ponnayingparty aka UNPatriotic_rats party.

    Wipe the traitor UNPatriotic_rats party from political map of Sri Lanka who divide the Sinhalese and make
    minorities king makers.

    Whoever don’t like these, should be asked to leave the country since we didn’t bring any of them here!

    If any of these foreigners want to live in harmony, without trying to dismember Mother Lanka they themselves
    should initiate these things since they came here uninvited. For mussies who turned old Buddhist iran,
    afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia within a few hundred years of their
    arrival in those countries and turned them to mussie countries, that dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick won’t work
    in this tv, phone, fb etc. etc. age since people going to know and fight back to save their country. You’ve seen it
    in Buddhist Myanmar recently, after multiplying and numbers are right, you can’t wrestle countries by murdering natives. So be humans, learn a bit of Buddhism to stop the greed, selfishness, learn to share which will make
    you good member of the society now rather than following a murder manual founded by a very very unholy,
    wicked man and in the next life too or leave!

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