An open letter to all political parties and politicians who seek a mandate to rule this country at the forthcoming elections
Posted on August 5th, 2019

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara 

A people’s Manifesto for the next Presidential/General Election. ?

Fifty Demands for all political Parties and aspirant leaders who intend contesting next Presidential/General Election


It is a foregone conclusion that there is no Government in this country today, in spite of the fact that there is a President, a Prime Minister,  9 Governors in the nine Provinces, nearly 157 Ministers (112 Central Government (until recently), and 45 Ministers with 5 Chief Ministers in the Provincial Councils, nearly 700 PC Members, and 336 Pradesiya Sabhas with 8825 Members,  maintained at enormous cost, bleeding the nation, with facilities and privileges not heard or given to politicians anywhere in the world. Moreover it is said that for every 16 people in this country we have 1 public servant (1/16) and for every 2235 people we have 1 politician (1/2235) all serving themselves and not the people who maintain them.

Thus we have the top heaviest and most corrupt political machinery and an inefficient, lethargic and servile public service for any country in the world, that has no concern for the country or the people who maintain all these wasteful institutions and parasites, plagued with thousands of liars and thieves.

Isn’t this total anarchy and naked day light gang robbery of a nation by corrupt politicians and their supporters, with impunity?

Furthermore even the Judiciary, the machinery of Public Service (except the Armed forces)   too has failed to win the confidence of the general public due to serious politicization. So much so today this country has almost become a failed State where top anarchy reigns.

In fact this had been the state of governance ever since this Government was installed in power in January 2015. The so-called Public Service today also has got reduced to the level of a domestic service of the political party in power, with very few exceptions found once in a blue moon. The situation is getting aggravated every day as all political parties are concerned only in vote hunting to remain in power.

Therefore the crying need to seriously address and arrest this grievous national problem immediately and find a lasting solution before the country collapses completely beyond redemption.

In order to achieve this noble objective, which, I consider will be a historic land mark in the political history of this country, I propose below a comprehensive list of 50 steps needed to be taken immediately to arrest this appalling situation and make this country once again the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, as it had been in the past, by converting it to a dynamic, vibrant and prosperous status. For this we need a strong and patriotic government that can fulfill the native people’s aspirations. With this objective in view, using the 1956 experience, I present the following proposal for all patriotic people to think seriously.

The following recipe is based on burning aspirations of the native Sinhala majority who has been discriminated and sidelined by all political parties for 70 years since the dawn of so-called Independence in 1948. It is a complete departure from the conventional manifestoes of political parties presented by them to grab people’s votes only to fulfill their own vicious and selfish ends. It is a people’s manifesto, prepared after consultation with a wide cross section of people.

In this proposal the people demand and command the politician and political parties for the first time in the history of elections, in this country since 1956, to accept and publicly agree to fulfill the people’s demands, if they want their votes. That is the fundamental difference between all previous election manifestoes and this. I hope this will also provide a precedent for all future elections in this country to lay a firm and solid foundation for democracy in this country. No political party or individual that cannot comply with this National agenda is qualified to aspire to govern this country in future or ask for a mandate from the people to do so.

The Blue Print of a People’s Election Manifesto for the next Presidential/General election


(These objectives are tailored to cover all fields like political, economic. social and cultural in nation building)

1 To replace an utterly corrupt, disastrous, treacherous and non-functioning government, by the politicians, for the politicians and of the politicians and their families, cronies and their government servants, with a “True Yahapaalanaya” by the people, of the people and for the good of the people and to set up a Civilization State” as Martin Jacques  proposed in his When China Rules the World” (2009), based on our own indigenous systems of governance headed by an honourable set of Statesmen headed by a strong patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader and a set of True Public Servants”, who love the country, its people and their culture than their own self interst.

2 To take the reins of power of Governance in to the hands of 75% Sinhala majority, consolidate their rights as the Bhumiputras of the land and end the tyranny of minority politics in this country, which has ruined this country since 1948 while ensuring the reasonable rights of minority communities and their due place in this country within the framework of a Sinhala Buddhist State.

3To restore the name of the country as Sinhale, Sinhala Language as the State Language, Buddhism as the State religion, the national flag that was there in 1815 and the status of the total land of the motherland free from all encumbrances to restore the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, freedom and the cultural heritage of this great Sinhala Buddhist country and the nation as it existed for 2500 years at the time of ceding to British I n 1815. (In fact these are things that should have been done in 1948 but never done by any Government for 71 years up to date)

4 To enact a new Constitution based on the roots of the nation as embedded in its history, traditions of state craft, legal systems, the cultural heritage and the 2500 year old civilization, to lay a solid and firm foundation for nation building to make this country a vibrant, dynamic and prosperous nation.

5 To ban all Political Parties named after ethnic, religious, regional or divisive basis like Federal, TNA, TELO, SLMS, TC and EPRLF or any other like who go against the Non-negotiable conditions of the Sri Lankan State. (See Annex 1)

6 To end the conventional practice of keeping everything in the hands of corrupt politicians by getting them to implement an election manifesto prepared by the people like in 1956, instead of hitherto prevailed practice of politicians imposing their election manifestos to get the votes and get their things done, while ruining the country.

7 To get all people to give up their kepuwath, meruwath UNP/ SLFP/ JVP type of blind party political affiliations, which has divided the Sinhala people and made the minorities the King makers, and to organize the Nation as a ‘We Sinhala Movement’ as one mighty patriotic force that will put the country before the party and all other petty considerations like religion and caste to unite the nation as one formidable and undefeatable ‘Force’ and to end the minority power of hijacking the  Sinhala Buddhist nation in to political wilderness. United we stand and divided we fall. Our failure to understand this simple gospel truth and getting blindly trapped in the divisive noose of party politics set by the colonial British to ruin this country.                    

8 To restore the lost heritage of the Sinhala nation and the main aspects of their Independence and identity, starting from 1505 to date, which the politicians of this country have miserably failed to do during 71 years of so-called Independence (See Mahanuwara Charter 2019 for details).Re-starting teaching of true history of this country  should commence immediately in all schools as a compulsory subject for all citizens to differentiate between fact and fiction.

9 To scrap the Indian imposed 13th Amendment and Provincial Councils, a white elephant and a curse imposed upon us by force by India, that has completely destabilized the once effective and less costly District Administration and Governance in this country, by multiplying and duplicating public institutions, number of parasitic politicians and public servants, dividing the country in to 9 semi-federal units paving the way for permanent division of the country in to a no return situation, wasting billions of public funds with zero benefit to the country, that could otherwise have been gainfully spent on the development of the country. Concurrently the abolition of Rajiv/JR Accord of July 29th 1987 that gave birth to PCC and many other serious political disasters, like 1) the acceptance of  a Traditional Tamil Homeland in the North and East, 2) granting Official status to Tamil Language in this country (when it is not given even in India where over 70 million Tamils live) and 3) granting Citizenship to all Indian Estate labour on the plantations on an affidavit from a JP, also has to be removed forthwith.

8 To punish all involved in the CB mega Robbery starting from Ranil Wickramasinha, the chief conspirator-cum schemer and the first accused ending in recovering the total loss to the country, life imprisonment, confiscation of property and ending in death penalty for those found guilty.

9 To cancel all disastrous agreements entered in to by this Government with Foreign countries to sell or lease out the nation’s assets and making prior Parliamentary approval mandatory before signing any international agreement in future.

10 To declare all land 5000 feet above sea level as strictly reserved forests as in the days of the Sinhala Kings to protect the country’s geographical Heartland that provides the source for all rivers in this country which in turn determines and dictate the entire life system and the civilization in this Island nation: limit all human settlements to areas below 3500 feet, to protect the physical stability of the central hill country” of the country, thereby increasing the water resources for agriculture, hydro- electricity, industries and domestic use.

11 To restore all lost rights of native Kandyan Sinhalese who fought for 443 years against three enemy invaders Portuguese, Dutch and British to protect this nation for us.

12 To set up a separate Ministry for Kandyan Peasantry rehabilitation, the Authority and the Institutions recommended by the Kandyan Peasantry Commission of 1951, to rehabilitate them immediately to rectify the historical injustices done to them and to abolish the newly formed Hill country Tamil (mono) Village and Infrastructure Development Ministry and all so-called development programmes started under it with ADB assistance by this Government that will ultimately lead to the formation of a permanent Indian enclave right at the centre of this country. (These people were brought by the British after 1840, as slaves who worked for the British to enrich the British Treasury. While toiling for their British masters they earned their living and transferred all their savings to India annually up to 1948).

13 To restore all lost rights of native Kandyan Sinhalese who fought for 443 years, from 1505-1815, against three colonial enemy invaders Portuguese, Dutch and British to protect the motherland and this nation for us.


a)To abolish the newly formed Hill country Tamil (mono) Village and Infrastructure Development Ministry and stop all the institutions and International  assistance that will ultimately lead to the formation of a permanent Indian enclave right at the centre of this country. (These people were brought by the British after 1840, as slaves who worked for the British to enrich the British Treasury. While toiling for their British masters they earned their living and transferred all their savings to India annually up to 1948). My question to Ranil and his government and all politicians who pamper these alien people is, as to why they are giving these lands outright and privileges to decedents of an alien slave force, while the Kandyan Peasants, the real owners of these lands are being blatantly discriminated and not restored with an inch of their ancestral land.

15 To drastically reduce the number of politicians and institutions at all levels starting from Parliament and Ministries to the village level to an economically viable level the country could afford. (155 Members of Parliament, 15 Ministries)


a)To limit granting Citizenship to Plantation sector Indian Tamils only according to Nehru-Kotalawala Agreement of 1954 and annul all Citizenships given under any other politically motivated treacherous agendas since 1954; even among them only those who renounce all their connections both physically and mentally with India for good and accept this country as the land of the Sinhala nation and agree to integrate with the native Sinhala people as it has always happened in history shall be qualified to get citizenship under this. Others have to leave either to India or Britain as they were British citizens on Feb 4th 1948. They also should agree to abide by the 15 non-negotiable conditions given in Annex 1. In addition to fulfilling the conditions laid down in the N/K Agreement it should also be made compulsory for them to pass an examination in Sinhala and Sri Lankan history before they are qualified to receive citizenship.

b) To limit granting citizenship to all other categories and to enact strict laws on giving citizenship to foreigners; only to persons who accept the 15 non-negotiable conditions listed in the Mahanuwara Charter 2019 and who accept and respect this country as the land of the Sinhala nation and agree not to challenge this inalienable status at any date even in future. (Please see Annex1).  They also have to pass an examination in Sinhala language and history of this land.

17 To take immediate steps to restore and protect the ancient archaeological and historical monuments destroyed by Tamils and Muslims to protect the Sinhala Buddhist Civilization and culture all over this country together with the total land extend donated these institutions by the ancient Kings and pay special attention to restore all place names and names of rivers, given during the Portuguese, Dutch, British rule to their pre 1505 original status.

18 To allocate all employments under Government strictly according to ethnic ratios and have strict rules even in the private sector, to protect rights of Sinhalese.

19 To follow a Non-align Foreign policy protecting the Sovereignty, freedom and Independence of the country and to assert as an Independent nation without cowing and bowing down to anybody.

20 To make Sri Lanka  once again the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Miracle of  Asia by giving pride of place in the national economy to Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, Export promotion, Shipping and Aviation as key sectors in the economy and thereby converting the nation’s economy to a dynamic, vibrant and strong status.

21 to stop all wasteful public functions such as foundation laying and opening petty projects at state expense and talking shops (meetings) organized by and for politicians with expensive flower decorations and also expensive pavilions etc. to exhibit their vanity, spending millions of public funds and wasting millions of valuable man hours and to compel the politicians to go for actions at least now and stop talking which they have done for the past 71 years and also stop forthwith all meetings organized to hand over appointments  etc and post all such letters by post to recipients as it was done in the past.  Display of politicians on Sign boards all over the country costing billions should also be banned.

22 To revise the pension scheme for all retired public servants so that every pensioner will be placed on the same pension salary point entitled to a person retiring from the corresponding post at present irrespective of the date on which the former has retired, in terms of the historic 1985 Indian Supreme court decision, in order to do justice to nearly 600,000 pensioners, who are struggling to keep their heads above water.

23 To Ban sending slave labour (especially women) to other countries including domestic servants to Middle East and to provide employment avenues for them locally to stop our cultural erosion, and to start a program of sending skilled professionals only, like Doctors, Engineers, Technicians and Managers etc enabling creation of jobs for those who pass out from our Universities and technical colleges as a major source of foreign exchange

24 To ban all Schools under the ‘International’ labels and extremist ideologies like Madrasa so that we will have only National Schools that will implement the national Education policy of Sri Lanka in this country in future, as only a broad based National Educational policy that suits the country in the context of the new world, could lay the sound foundation that could meet the challenges of this emerging world, for proper nation building. Make studying Sinhala compulsory for all Sri Lankan citizens

25 To Reduce annual Public holidays (currently in the range of 125 -135) to a number not to exceed 12 as it is accepted in most countries

26 To stop poaching and robbing all our marine resources in our territorial waters by any foreign country, including India that leads the game depleting our marine resources

27 To impose death penalty for all found guilty on all serious and anti-social crimes starting with narcotics

28 To lay down special qualifications for politicians. Things like impeachable character, a Clean record, minimum educational qualifications, reasonable assets, unassailable patriotism and character, etc + five years compulsory permanent residence in the electorate, unless he or she has birth right to that electorate for which he/she seeks nomination and an upper age limit of 75 years with recall provisions and finally to make the JRS once again the most august assembly in the country.

29 To have a strict code of ethics and conduct for politicians and public servants with clear and strict performance targets, including a ban on all politicians and public servants other than Cabinet Ministers and National level officers attending state functions outside their areas of authority unless the chief guest invites him/her for some special duty, as the present practices involves a wanton wastage of enormous amounts of public funds.

30 To demand that all politicians have to agree to work free for one year under the new system

31 To appoint a permanent commission to inquire in to malpractices of all politicians and high officials from 1987 and punish those found guilty with confiscation of property illegally acquired, removal of civil rights and any other punishment courts deem fit for the offences committed. 

32 To restructure the present system of Government Machinery with lesser number of 15   Ministries. Departments and Statutory Boards and institutions will continue as implementing agencies of policies and programmes of the Government.

33 To set up an independent professional Judiciary and a Public Service where all recruitments, placements and promotions will be purely made on merits based on competitive examinations. Meritocracy should be the hall mark in the seats of public service in all these fields including politics.

34Main features of the new Government under the new Constitution

A Central Government

1An Uttareetara Purohita Saba/ Advisory Council

An Uttareetara Purohita Saba of 17 members (see Sec.  05 of Mahanuwara Charter 2019 for details (Instead of one Purohita in the past) as stated in the Siya Panatha

2) Uttareetara Jatika Selasum Mandalaya/Permanent Supreme National Planning Council  consisting of 10 or 15 eminent persons in fields like Economics,  Law, Finance, Agriculture, Environment, Industry, Education, Trade and Commerce, History and Culture of this country etc, to prepare the overall National Plan so that politicians will have only to implement national policies after they get elected. This will also has to be regularly evaluated, monitored and corrective measures taken to get this programme and the broad work plan given in the Mahanuwara Charter 2019 to be implemented by the new Government to the end without flaws. This Council should be chaired by the Prime Minister.   

3 President

 An Executive President elected by all the people in the country who shall be the Head of the State, Head of the government and the Chief Commander of the Three Forces and restore his powers removed by the 19th Amendment. 

4 Prime Minister

Prime Minister; The Chairman of the 15 Executive Committee as stated in 6 below.

5 Jatika Rajya Sabhava

Jatika Rajya Sabhava JRS/ (Parliamentto be named as JRS) of Elected Members representing 198 electorates (Abolish National list MP, District MP, Proportional and Preference system) Five years permanent residence within the respective electorate for all candidates should be made compulsory to get nomination.

6)  Cabinet

JRS to have 15 Executive Committees whose Chairmen will form the Cabinet of 15 assisted by 15 Deputy Ministers, representing the 15 Districts that have not got a Minister. Of the 15 Chairmen one will get elected as the Chairman of the Committees (Cabinet) who will be appointed as the Prime Minister by the President. (For details see Towards a Government without Political Parties” mentioned in Mahanuwara Charter 2019)

7) State machinery

The present system of State machinery of Ministries and Departments with semi-government institutions will continue, of cause reduced in number.

8 New Constitution 

To enact a new Constitution base on our own civilization as more fully described in Mahanuwara Charter 2019.  The Constitution for any given country has to be formulated by the Bhoomiputras who have founded the land, made the civilization and lived there from inception of history of that land and who treat it as their only motherland unless it had been overrun and conquered by an alien power like in the case of   N&S Americas, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. No other outside party such as a foreign country or institution or an invader or labourers brought by them for their work and left behind when they left or left outs of invaders or itinerant seasonal traders and illicit immigrants who have their own true motherlands elsewhere, like Tamils and Muslims in this country has absolutely no right to take part in constitution making for this country. As such constitution making for this country is the non-negotiable prerogative and the birth right of Sinhalese Buddhists.

(No man or woman who is not prepared to agree to the conditions given in Annexes 1 &11 and Charter2019, even if he/she is a Sinhala Buddhist should be appointed as a Minister or a Deputy).


Local Government

9 To form

1) Grama Sabha,

2) Village Councils at Korale level for villages and,

3 Urban Councils and Municipal Councils for Urban centers. (Pradesiya Sabhas will be abolished under this system).

35 To restore former District and Divisional Agricultural and Coordinating Committees

to be presided over by District and Divisional Secretaries (Disapathi and Upadisapathi)

36 To completely reorganize and upgrade the present Grama Seva System with resident village level officers to be named Gampathi in place of present itinerant Grama Seva Niladhary system, transferable only within the respective divisions, transferable once in 5 years, as both the Village officer Gampathi and the Village formed the rock foundation of the effective administration in this country from the inception of history, at least from 307 BC

37 To divide the Island again in to Tun Rata with 10 districts for each totaling 30 for the whole country. Five new districts, Mahiyanganaya, Wellavaya and Seruwavila for Ruhunu Rata; Yapahuwa (kurunegala   for Maya Rata and Willpattuwa for Pihitirata)

38 To ban clergy of all religions from contesting elections to Jatika Rajya Sabhava or any other political body

39To ban appointing defeated politicians and members of politicians families to any post under government violating all recruitment procedures to government and semi-government institutions or local and foreign services.

40 To stop all special privileges to all politicians and public servants like Duty free and official vehicles and punish all those who have misused this facility by violating the PA circulars from 1987 as given in Siyapanatha item 88.

41 To abolish the of Pension rights politicians and convert it once again to an Honourable public service as it had been in the past and to end politics being pursued as a fraud and a big business

42 To disqualify politicians and all other persons including those found guilty of any treacherous action against the State or the country to hold any post in politics or public service.. Even those who are holding any public positions at the moment, that fall in to this category should also be removed immediately.  This should be followed by removing civil rights, life imprisonment and confiscating illegally acquired property in addition to any other punishment the authorities deem fit.

43 To stop all interference by foreign countries or any foreign organization in the internal affairs of this country and to govern only according to the wishes and aspirations of the Bhoomiputras of this country.  The age of Navi Pillay, Samantha Power, the British Prime Minister, Geneva and all other similar organizations like Amnesty International and UNCHR, ordering us what to do should be put to an end immediately.

44 To Terminate diplomatic relations with all countries that do not conform to these  Sri Lankan national policies and who consistently act against  the interests of the Sri Lanka Government and support the LTTE remnants  both at Home and abroad  and the so-called Tamil Diaspora  operating from New York and London  and many other countries.

45 To make the Secretary to the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance once again the Head of the Public service and the Secretaries to Ministries to be appointed only from the Secretaries Service (see Siya Panatha Sec.3 for details). This will insulate Public Service from political messing and restore independence, discipline and quality of public service and all recruitments to State jobs to be done through open competitive examinations and viva voce with no political interference. All Government institutions to have a fixed cadre

46 To resettle all displaced people due to LTTE atrocities or during the war in their original places within six months.

47 To ban all types of Communal segregations and make the whole Island open to people of all communities without any discrimination and to punish persons like Vignesvaran Sivajilingam, who openly preach and act against this principle.

48 All Universities to be made independent seats of higher learning catering to Economic. Social and Cultural development needs of the country, subject to the implementation of the Government’s National education policy. Ban all politically designed Student unions in Universities and also ban raging in all universities and Schools.

49 To Minimize foreign travel both for politicians and State Officials. Both politicians and State officials going on foreign study tours or training should submit their reports within one month after they return, as to what lessons they have learnt, that could be made useful to the country, to the JRS by politicians and by officials to the Secretary/Head of Department to the relevant Ministry/ Department.

50 Stop the present practice of allocation of public funds to politicians either by seats or through Decentralized budget invented for political bribing and to channel disbursement of all public funds through State Official as it was done in the past and to minimize financial mismanagement

(For details on each item please see relevant sections in the Mahanuwara Charter 2019).

(As no man or woman who is not prepared to agree to these conditions is fit to be a citizen of this country or to take to national politics or get appointed to public service in Sinhale, no such person should be elected or appointed to any public position).

Lastly, let there shall be no Ambalamas (stoppages) in this “Great National Leap Forward” until the final destination is reached!

Annex 1

The 20 non -negotiable conditions

1 Name of the country shall be Sinhale as it had been known at least from 543 BC up to 1972 (for 2515 years).

(All historical and literary sources have referred to it as Sinhale, Sinhala Dveepa or Seehala Deepa, Lakdiva or Lanka, but never as EELAM. Only ancient Malayalam people of South India had referred to this country as EELAM by which they simply meant the land of the Sinhala people. The country that was ceded to Britain in 1815 by the Kandyan Convention of 2nd March 1815 was Sinhale, translated to English as Ceylon, meaning the land of the land of the Sinhala people. All the 20 odd names used for this country except two means the land of the Sinhala people except two that is Taprobane (derived from Tambapanni) and Serendib (from serendipity). Therefore that original name of the country has to be restored. Note both Sinhale (Puraana literature) and Lanka (Ramayanaya) had been used synonymously from very ancient times to this country. The prefix Sri was added in 1972 Constitution when they named the country as The Republic of Sri Lanka and today it is known internationally as Sri Lanka and it has got permanently established by now. As such it could be called either Sinhale (lcally) or Sri Lanka (internationally) like Bhratdesh and India, if necessary after public consensus. Thereafter this country shall be known in all languages either as Sinhale or Sri Lanka. To call it by any other name like EELAM, Ilankai or Kalisthan thereafter will have to be declared as treason).

 2 Name of the Nation of this country shall be Sinhala as it had been in vogue at least from 543 BC up to 1948. But again the nation could be called either Sinhala or Sri Lankan for reasons given in item 1 above. Tamils or Muslims thereafter shall not be referred to or called as nations in this country any more. They shall be called minor communities only (Sulujana kotas not minorities which is erroneously translated as Sulu Jati).

3 Its Ratavesiyo (citizens) shall be known as Sinhala meaning the people of the Sinhale). Those who wish to be citizens of Sinhale should learn the Sinhala language, Take Sinhala names, renounce all allegiance to their country of origin and get fully integrated with the native Sinhala society as they did in Burma in 1947. None, other than honorary citizens, who will not comply with these requirements, shall be given full citizenship of Sinhale.

There shall be two category of Ratavesiyo under this scheme.

a) Ratavesiyo by decent or Bhoomiputrayo:  All descendants of those who were  Ratavesiyo of Sinhale before 1815.

b) Ratavesiyo by registration.

 This includes Ratavesiyo who are registered after accepting the conditions laid down in Annex 1 and 11 included here in, subject to the conditions prescribed in Mahanuwara Charter 2019 item 7 regarding Rtavesibhavaya.

4 Buddhism shall be declared the State Religion while freedom of practicing other religions, will be guaranteed with no right to manifest or propagate as it had been done from the beginning of history of this country up to 1815. Buddhism has to be accepted by people of all other religions asthe State religion of this country as it had been accepted by Kings and subjects alike in the past and even in contemporary times ‘as the main tree where all other religions are only small branches’ as Rev Malcolm Ranjith Malcom Fernando has aptly said.

5 There shall be one Law for the whole country for all Citizens as it had been up to 1815. Details have to be worked out by the Bhoomiputras, based on the traditional native laws. Simultaneously ethnic laws such as Thesawalamei (Law for Malabar inhabitants) and (for Muslims) introduced to this country by the Dutch and British to divide the Lankan nation shall be abolished and banned. Polygamy presently practiced by Muslims and Sharia marriage laws also should be scrapped along with this.

6 Sinhala should be made- The official language of the State as it had been from 543 BC. Both Tamils and Muslims can use their language. But all have to correspond in the official language with the Government as it was done before 1815. 

No one who does not know the language of the natives, that is Sinhala, shall be given full Ratawesibhavaya of this country

7 One country, One Nation, One National Flag and one National Anthem concept must be enshrined in the Constitution. It should be sung only in Sinhala as given in the Constitution.(This will enhance and consolidate the unity and patriotism as one nation)

8 This country shall be declared the Historical Maathrubhumi of the Sinhala race and all other communities have to accede to that non-debatable and non -negotiable fact of history.

9 Sinhala people also must have the right to live in any part of the country of their choice and have the right to have their religious establishments like temples and shrines just as the Tamils and Muslims currently enjoy. If anyone objects or refuses this condition then they should leave for their motherlands in India or Arabia.

10 Sinhala Buddhist culture has to be legally recognized as the national/dominant culture of the Sri Lanka nation, while the freedom of practicing their own cultures for all minor communities will be guaranteed.

11 The international community has to honour this Sri Lankan identity

 Discontinue diplomatic relations with all countries that do not agree to these conditions and deport their Diplomatic representatives immediately and terminate all relations with such countries until they agree to do so.

12 This country will not get aligned with any World power. We will strictly adhere to the Non-aligned policy as a free, Independent and sovereign nation and will have friendly relations with all countries. Any attempt by any country to interfere or intervene with the internal affairs of this country will be rejected and defeated.

13 No national asset within the Island and its territorial waters shall be sold to or otherwise divested in any foreign country or agency.

 (All these 13 conditions are nothing but the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Bhoomiputras of this Island as they were there at the time of ceding this country by the Kandyan Convention in 1815 and some of them like the place of Buddhism, machinery of administration and customs and Judicial practices were included even in the Kandyan Convention, although most of them were outlawed by the Royal Proclamation of Nov 21 1818 unilaterally and therefore illegally by the British. These conditions should have been restored in 1948 to make independence meaningful, but it was not done. Therefore none of them are new. Furthermore no Tamil or Muslim can challenge the imposition of these conditions as they themselves had been living within that very system prior to 1815 and all rights they enjoy today were given to them under suppression by the colonial powers against the will of the Bhoomiputras)

Additional Conditions


14 Under this proposal all Political Parties named after ethnicity, religion, region or divisive basis like Federal, TNA, TELO, SLMS, TC and EPRLF or any other etc, will have to be banned by law as they run counter to this principle.  Even the Marxist parties like LSSP, CP and JVP should be banned as their political ideologies do not suit this country. There is no need to talk about the UNP or SLFP as they are also now defunct and will die a natural death at the next election.

15 The President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker of the Jatika Rajya Sabhava, IGP, and the Heads of the three Armed forces shall be always be Sinhalese and Buddhists both by convention and Law.

16 All recruitments to public service should be done strictly according to ethnic ratios (Please refer to Mahanuwara Charter 2019 and Siyapanatha for details)

17 Strict Programme of family planning to maintain demographic balance and  stop multiplying particularly by Muslims like rabbits

18 Ban ethnic and communal segregation

19 Ban Muslims marrying Sinhala women and polygamy

20 Ban Sending women slaves to Middle East etc. Provide employment for them at Home improving the home economy.

Annex 11 new Constitution

The New Sinhale/Sri Lanka Constitution should be based on the following historical foundation and premises.

1 Historically this country had remained the Traditional Homeland of the Sinhala Nation, at least from 543 BC up to date.

2 Since 307 BC it had been the only Sinhala Buddhist nation in the world.

3 Firstly, Sinhalese Buddhists were the people who found, developed and fostered the unique Sinhala Buddhist civilization on this Island. It was also they who protected it from all foreign devastations firstly, the Indians, more particularly, South Indians, starting in the 2nd century BC up to the 12th century AD (culminated in the barbaric Maagha devastation), who razed Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa civilizations (that ranked among the best in ancient and medieval world) to the ground.

Secondly, it was virtually destroyed for 443 years from 1505 to 1948 by the Portuguese, Dutch and British invasions. In all these wars it was the Sinhala Buddhists who had to face the brunt of the invader and die in battle in millions in defense of their Motherland. Among the long list of brutal and savages atrocities carried out by these invaders, shooting all those who could not be arrested, hanging them then and there, burning down all fields, houses and barns and slaughtering all animals of the natives to feed the soldiers of the invader could be cited as few example of the cruel crimes carried out by these invaders.

4 The name of the country ceded to British in 1815 was Sinhale as given in the Kandyan Convention of March 2. 1815. Except Taprobane and Serendib all other names over 23 like Zeylan and Ceylon simply meant the Land of the Sinhala people. Even the Tamil word EELAM means the land of the Sinhalese. This clearly shows that, right throughout history it was the Sinhala imprint that has flourished on this land.

5 Sinhala Buddhists were the architects of the civilization in this country, who fought relentlessly for millennia against the South Indian and thereafter Portuguese, and British invaders from 1505 to 1948and died in millions in battle to defend their motherland in the savages and brutal 1818 and 1948 especially in Uva and Matale historic uprisings against the British. It was they who lost all their lands in battles fighting against the enemies to defend the motherland for posterity.

6 None of the Tamils or Muslim at any time has supported the native Sinhalese in these wars. Instead they took the side of the enemy and particularly the Muslims, both in the Uva and Matale freedom struggles who supported the British by transporting their provisions, guns and ammunitions from the harbours to the interior and by spying against the Native Sinhalese. When Muslims were brutally murdered by Portuguese in 1665 and when those who survived ran to the King in Kandy it was the Sinhala King who saved them and settled in the Panampatuwa (these are the ungrateful people now asking for a separate State in the South East)

7 In the period of early political agitations even Tamil scholars wrote on the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country and accepted that this had been the Land of the Sinhalese from the dawn of history and they were the architects of the unique civilization in this Island nation. See what P. Arunachalam in his Sketches of Ceylon History (1906) and Ananda Coomaraswamy in his classic Medieval Sinhalese (1905) wrote and concluded about the Civilization of the country. It is a tragedy and a pity too that the present day Tamil politicians don’t understand what these great Sri Lankans had said. I invite extreme communalists like Sambandan, Vignesvarana and Sumanthiram to read these books and find out as to where they should stand in this country. Instead today they all follow a Malaysian born Catholic Tamil Chelvanayagam, who had migrated to this country (around 1903) as a 4 year old boy who later became the Father of Ilankai Tamil Arsukachchi idea (1947) and Grandfather of modern Tamil extremism in this country.

8 Even as late as 1965 K. Indrapala professor of History in his PhD ‘Thesis Dravidayan settlement in Ceylon’ concluded that there were no Tamil settlements in the interior of this country until the 13th century and they were confined to a narrow coastal strip in the north and East. I am talking here on  Indrapala, who wrote  his PhD  Thesis in 1965 and not what he had said recently at LTTE gun point in his “The Tamils of Sri Lanka”: (300 B.C.-1200 A.D.)-

9 All minority races including Tamils and Muslims are thus only descendants of immigrants who had come to this country from time to time either as traders, invaders, slaves of colonial powers or illicit immigrants. Tamils in the North and East were brought as slaves after 1505 by the Portuguese, Dutch and British to work in their projects. There are very few who descend from those left behind by early invaders. The last category is the Estate Tamils who were brought as indentured labour by British to work on their Coffee and Tea plantations after 1840. Therefore they were British citizens who were left behind by the British when they left in 1948. As such none of these categories   has any legitimate right to call this country their motherland unless and until they become full citizens of this country after learning the Language and history of the land and integrate with the native Sinhalese. The irony is none of these people accept this country as the land of the Sinhalese. Instead they all want separate independent and self-ruling regions carved out from this Land. Some people like the LTTE and their proxies have declared even war against the natives claiming the land of the Sinhalese for 30 years. All native politicians who are supposed to have ruled this country since 1948 are responsible for this unfortunate situation.

Appendix 111

Process of elections

Selection and Election of Members to the Jatika Rajya Sabha and other Sabhas

 (see sec 12 Mahanuwara Charter 2019 )

 Candidates at different levels shall be first selected by the respective Councils on public consensus by Nomination by the Council or self- application, from among qualified and distinguished persons permanently resident within such electorates. (They also can hold a primary election to select them). They will be elected on a non-party basis as there will be no parties in this system, on the first past post basis on and electoral basis thereafter. The simple criterion for selection shall be all-round suitability to hold public position.  This system will see the real Mahasammatha principle in practice. (Since Elections to JRS, are conducted at District levels for the purpose of electing them, the District Council will submit the lists

There shall be 3 or 2 names for each electorate, for the JRS candidates from among whom the voters of the respective electorate will elect 1 for the JRS

Only persons with permanent residence within the electorate are qualified to be nominated for any given electorate.

The persons who come first in each electorate will go to the Jatika Rajya Sabhava.

At the conclusion of the Election the Commissioner of Election will announce the list of Jatika Rajya Sabha.

(Please see Towards a Government without Political Parties; Key to a New Political Culture in Sri Lanka for details). It may also be useful to refer to the election process adopted during the State Council days)

All these crazy people must learn the wisdom of Rev Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith (one of the greatest sons of Sri Lanka in modern times} latest statement where he said “Buddhism in this country is the big tree and other religions are only small branches of the big tree.’ In my opinion this is by far the best description of the Sri Lankan society made by any religious dignitary or a historian ever. The same thing could be said with regard to ethnicity as well. Accordingly, I will put it as “Sinhala race in this country is the big tree and other communities are only small branches of that big tree”.

Why can’t the Tamil and Muslim politicians, the treacherous NGOs, Colombian Sinhala politicians and the so-called International Community (the five anti Sinhala groups) also understand this all-time reality, and learn to live together without quarrelling with the Sinhala people who are the true Bhoomiputras of this land. Both Tamils and Muslim could be compared to ‘parasitic plants on a Sinhala banyan tree’ struggling to kill it and trying to be the banyan tree. Now the time has come for Sinhala Statesmen to compel these immigrants either to accept this gospel truth and try to live amicably with the native Sinhalese or leave for good for their own motherlands. 

If all these five categories could understand the wisdom of Rev Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the day they do so, on that day, ends the ethnic and religious clashes in this country.

                                                                The end 


Dr Sudath Gunasekara

Hanthana Pedesa Mahanuwara                  

8 Responses to “An open letter to all political parties and politicians who seek a mandate to rule this country at the forthcoming elections”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    A very honest and patriotic set of demands. But allow me to point out that no political clan will consider them. That is because their masters are the TNA, SLMC, ACMC, CWC, etc.

    Of political clans, some of them get the support of TNA, SLMC, ACMC, CWC voters while others don’t get. Still the latter group goes venerating them hoping that one day they will get these illusive votes.

    This is the status of the nation.

  2. Mario Perera Says:

    Dear Dr.Sudath,

    You have painstakingly laid out EVERYTHING that must be done to ensure the existence and survival of the Sinhala and their Motherland.

    Dr.Sudath, what you have laid out should be the REAL constitution of Sri Lanka, to be renamed SINHALE ”as it had been known at least from 543 BC up to 1972 (for 2515 years).”
    Yet, unfortunately, as Dilrook correctly points out: ”no political clan will consider them.”

    Therefore let the SINHALE do what is necessary to enforce their acceptance. There is only ONE WAY to ensure that this ONE TRUTH and ONE LIFE prevail. As it cannot be done by the BALLOT, it must be done with the B…..It must be done BY PHYSICAL FORCE. The Diyawanna Oya Bastille must be stormed. That storming can only be done by leaders at whom the subservient armed forces will NOT fire. They are the MAHA SANGHA united as ONE to save the Sinhale Motherland of which THEY are the founding fathers.

    Dr.Sudath, you have written all that has to be written. Now you must do all that has to be done. That is: to convince the MAHA SANGHA of the enormous gravity of the nation’s plight. Do they want to see the prophetic words of W.S.Senior come true again. He put these words into the mouth of Mother Lanka: “My cities are laid in ruins, Their courts through the jungle spread, My scepter is long departed, And the stranger lord instead”
    That is what it is NOW. The Sinhala are the overwhelming majority in a land lorded over by strangers.

    Dr.Sudath, there is not a single instant to be lost. These forthcoming presidential elections MUST NOT happen. You must act before that. Go, meet the mahanayakes of every chapter. Convince them of the utmost urgency of Lanka’s situation. They wrote the Mahavamsa which dealt with Lanka’s past. Now they must write the second book of the Mahavamsa which will be about the FUTURE of the SINHALE.

    Do not wait, Dr.Sudath. Do it and do it NOW…FOR NOW IS ALL THE TIME THAT THERE EVER MAY BE.

    The Maha Sangha of the Theravada tradition founded by the Sinhale monks is not there to defend any TEN commandments of which one clause reads: thou shallst not kill. In the final county killing will be perfectly legitimate to make the country, the SINHALE, both country and nation, LIVE. We have reached the point where life and death of individuals does not count any more. There is ony one thing that counts: the life or death of our country: the SINHALE.

    Dr.Sudath, the entrenched traitors of Diyawanna Oya MUST GO. If it is not to be yy the ballot, then let it be by the bullet. Our leaders in this fight to save the SINHALE can only be the MAHA SANGHA. They are the ones who led the armies of Duttu Gemunu with Buddhist relics incrusted into their spears. It is under their leadership that the SINHALE must storm the Bastille that is the Diyawanna Oya. It must be done NOW if this country the SINHALE is to be preserved as the guardian nation of the footprints of the LORD.
    To hell with the presidential elections. This country must be placed under the guardianship of the real lords of the SINHALE: the Maha Sangha.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    Very good initiative Dr. Sudath.

    Please send this to the Maha Sanga organisation putting together something similar, headed by Ven. Medagoda Abeytissa thero.

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    Why not push for just TWO THINGS from ALL the candidates.

    1. REMOVE 13A ( That will automatically get rid of Palaath Sabha)
    2. Get rid of Thesawamai, Muslim Law and Udarata law and have ONE LAW

    If we are not pushing for this and this alone and nothing else we are not patriots.

  5. aloy Says:

    Powerful and moving words, Mario. Yes, the Mahasanga should arrange for a chanting of pirith at Diyawanna and chase away the ghosts who think the country is their family silver, buried in it.


    An excellent piece of presentation. To take it forward, I suggest to distribute the main objectives officially to main Presidential candidates ( without including pedestrians), I mean : to Gota, Sajith, Ranil, Karu, Nagananda or any other potential winner.

    Objective 10 was excellent, to protect the natural beauty of Sri Lanka and protect its resources.

    Objective 30: Question: If they have to work one year without pay, how are they going to pay back campaign commitments?, might lead to more corruption.

    Objectives 12 and 13: Udarata-Pahatha Rata classification may further divide Sinhalese. Recently Minister Naveen Dissanayake expressed sadness that so far country failed to elect a President or Prime Minister from Up Country. This will open gates for Tamils and Muslims to seek governing dominance in North and East.

    With your permission and after revising for objectionable Objectives, if you like I can send it to Gotabaya Rajapakse, through Viyath Maga. Lankaweb contributors
    with direct contacts with other potential candidates can also contact them.


    සුදත්, කරුණාකර මෙම වැදගත් ලිපිය අප රට වැඩි දෙනෙකුගෙ යහපත සද්හා සි හල බසින් ලියා පල කරන්න – දයා හෙවාපතිරණ

  8. Sarath W Says:

    Yes it is an excellent presentation. But I believe no presidential candidate will have the courage to announce that he/she will repeal the 13A. So the next best thing is to demand from he/she to announce to conduct a REFERENDUM on 13A. I think the best way to stop the greedy, power hungry, corrupt and uneducated thugs getting into the parliament is to get rid of all their perks like luxury vehicles, body guards and calling them “OBATHUMA”. They should have a minimum education or professional qualifications. If we have a decent set of patriotic politicians, every one of your suggestions could implemented easily.

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