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And we shall play a game of chess, Pressing lidless eyes and waiting for a knock upon the door. ·  From ‘A Game of Chess’ (the second canto of The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot)

(The following article was first published in The Island and Lankaweb simultaneously on June 29, 2016, under the title ‘Gota for the endgame’. I am reproducing it here because of its relevance to the current unfolding events in the Sri Lankan political arena. I have made no alteration to the text except for the transfer of the note explaining the meaning of the epigraph from the beginning to the end of the essay. Background information explicitly stated or implied therein has not been updated at all as it still remains common knowledge among the readers.

The latest stage of the ethnic conflict has become a political game of chess that represents an attempted rape of the unitary state of Sri Lanka.

Legitimate fear

For the establishment of a peaceful, prosperous, democratic society in Sri Lanka to become a reality, the legitimate fear of the majority Sinhalese that the unitary character of the Lankan state will soon be irretrievably lost must be allayed. We should not ignore the fact this fear is shared by the reasonable major proportion of the minority population living peaceably with the majority. The country took the initial step towards reaffirming and consolidating such a harmonious Sri Lankan nation in 2009 with the crushing of LTTE’s military capability. The defeat of armed separatist terrorism was a monumental victory for all Sri Lankans, made possible by the coming together of all the communities – Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, and others (no doubt, somewhat coerced by circumstances) –  under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. For the peace and security and the tangible economic development, we have achieved as a result of that historic victory all Sri Lankan citizens made voluntary sacrifices in unity. That unity was deeper and firmer than the spirit of unity and mutual support we normally see in action in our society during natural disasters like the 2004 tsunami and the recent havoc caused by floods and landslides. The post-war reassertion of kinship was due to the popular realization attained after the bitter experience of terror that, after all, blood is thicker than water.

Federalism no solution   

National unity cannot be achieved by dividing the land and its resources unequally among different ethnic communities, which is what federalists are in effect demanding. There are many internal and external reasons why federalism is unacceptable for us. Within the country, roughly, according to the last census taken in 2012, the majority Sinhalese account for 75% of the population, Tamils 15%, and Muslims 10%. But, while, numerically, the Sinhalese predominate in the southern, western, and central parts of the country, Tamils and Muslims form majorities in the northern and eastern provinces respectively. The three communities are intermingled across the country; then there are geographical, demographic, economic, cultural, and historical factors that dictate against federalism as a solution to the Tamil problem. Externally, federalism is likely to jeopardize existing regional stability because it will inevitably be subject to the full force of India’s covert or sometimes (as in our case) cynically barefaced irredentist designs over her small neighbours. For these and other equally cogent reasons, the late constitutional lawyer and distinguished diplomat H.L. de Silva said, addressing a seminar on Indian federalism” at the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies, Colombo, in 2003: The Federal solution to end the ethnic conflict is like a snake a drowning man clutches onto in desperation to stay afloat…..Federalism is the beguiling serpent which by its fatal sting will bring an end to this precious Republic”.

Need for a strong oppositional leadership

At the present critical juncture, our country needs strong oppositional leadership to democratically channel in the right direction the growing popular discontent with the current state of affairs in the country so that the government may feel compelled to correct its course in the national interest if anything has actually gone wrong. The citizens of the country have a duty to help the government to restore, instead of reverse, the positive trends  that the previous Rajapaksa government initiated, such as the restoration of democracy to the north and east which had been worst hit by the conflict, the promotion of peaceful interaction between the different communities, the strategic management of foreign relations without relinquishing its responsibilities to the nation and without sacrificing national dignity, independence and sovereignty, and the maintenance of equitable economic development across the country.

Mahinda’s undiminished popularity

The more the current regime harasses the leaders of the successful former UPFA government and its senior officials leveling at them spurious charges of corruption, mismanagement of the economy and foreign relations, etc., the deeper and the more widespread the public disaffection with the former. The overwhelming crowds that attended the Joint Opposition’s ‘Janatha Satana’ (People’s Struggle) protest rally at Hyde Park Colombo on March 17, and its May Day rally at Kirulapana one and a half month later both attended by Mahinda Rajapaksa have demonstrated this fact very clearly. That vouches for his domestic popularity. The rousing reception accorded to Mahinda in Japan by the Sri Lankans working and living there is an indication of his unmatched popularity among the Sri Lankan Diaspora in that country. Even the native Japanese joined them in extending this honour to him as we saw in the media.

Gota for the endgame

I am not competent enough in politics to offer advice to a great leader. But I allow myself to believe that Mahinda knows what he must do with his still-growing popularity to save the country from the looming danger of federalism and eventual fragmentation of the country. I guess that he will form a new party or other organization and have nothing to with those of his former colleagues who left him to join Maithri. They have become Maithri’s sacrificial calves (rather, cows) for the purpose of protecting his and their own interests. Maithri will not seek a second term, and he will never prove false to Ranil. Mahinda cannot be on his agenda any longer, except it be for a repetition of the past.

But Mahinda will not be betrayed by his own brothers and the grateful people of the country. If Mahinda starts a new party or alliance, he is sure to co-opt his brother Gotabhaya. I am sure if that happens Gota will prove the greatest asset he and the country can possess at this dangerous point in our history. Gota will serve the nation with or without high office. He will help it play the endgame successfully, delivering the checkmate on the country’s foes.

Meaning of the epigraph

These lines from Eliot contain an allusion to the comedy A Game at Chess” (August 1624) by Thomas Middleton. It is a rather pornographic play where the action is in the form of a game of chess, which follows the stages of a seduction going on offstage at the same time. The chess pieces are shown as human characters and states. The dramatist declares in the prologue that his play is based on a game of chess in which checkmate will be given to virtues’ foes”.



    Timely analysis. Gota has already set in motion a completely different approach to campaigning by requesting removal of Cut Outs and Banners etc. Of course this will have an direct impact on income earned by self employed persons and small to medium sizes companies involved in marketing. Hence it will have an adverse effect on their incomes or employment. However, other candidates may not follow Gota’s approach.

    Important thing is Gota has made it clear his simple way of life. Keep the country clean without massive posters etc.

    Voters have already made a decision, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. They are unlikely to change by last minute publicity.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Dear Vaisrawana

    A good analysis based on your beliefs. Checkmate will be Mother Lanka and the victor will be Uncle Sam. Sri Lanka is already a federal country under 13A. The unitary clause is a sham. Our Constitution has many such contradictions because of patchwork amendments.

    Hope you can clarify this.

    USA made a big hue and cry when Major General Shavendra Silva was made the Army Commander but not a whimper when Gotabaya was made the presidential election candidate. Why might be that?

    The local US envoy even pandered into SLPP claims that the register of those revoked their US citizenship may be a little out of date. Then Robert Blake (no friend of Sri Lanka) who was the harshes critic of Rajapaksas during the war sang praise of Gota at a local meeting after the 4/21 attack.

    I’m puzzled.

    It is good to clarify this early as this question is raised in popular social media. They must be silenced before major damage is done.

  3. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you both Dr Dissanayake and my sparring partner Dilrook for your comments. I personally feel that GR’s accustomed disciplinarian gestures like asking his supporters not to make noisy demonstrations of their loyalty before the Dalada Maligawa when he visited the place recently because it was not a suitable place for that, and requesting the removal of banners, posters, cutouts, etc after a short time of display, will add to his image as a no nonsense administrator and manager of people he leads.I remember how he was shown in the media angrily reprimanding a police officer in public for allowing Wimal Weerawanse to enter the American embassy premises (to stage his famous fast) contrary to his orders (of course, MR his brother the then president handled the matter differently, which, of course, was of no concern to GR or within his purview in that context). In his nomination day speech at the Sugathadasa stadium some days ago, he expressed his intention to have a polythene free electioneering campaign. By the way, in my opinion, the proper removal of cutouts, banners, and other such advertising material will not rob people of jobs; on the contrary, it will increase them. Why? because people must be paid to do both. Those who put up these things, in this instance, for GR, will now be obliged to remove them at their own expense. In the past, we remember, it was the police or municipality workers who were used for that purpose. Politicians and their henchmen who defaced every available space in the cities and towns, walls, wayside trees, and whatnot dirtied them with impunity, while the taxpayers’money was spent for cleaning up.

    I am not at all puzzled by the Americans’ differing attitudes to GR and Shanvendra in view of their aggressive interference in SL’s internal affairs. They have already predicted an inevitable return to power of the Rajapaksas. American diplomats like Robert Blake, Mike Pompeo are a special category of strategists. We should not take them or what they say at face value. However, even if America threatens to invade Sri Lanka tomorrow, I don’t think a self respecting sovereign nation should kowtow to them slavishly. SL could be too small for them, but can they ignore China? Will China write off Sri Lanka, just because its current puppet regime appears to be willing to pander to America’s every whim, and will China look on passively while the country is led away from its radius of legitimate neighbourly influence?

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    Gota is the natural choice for saving SL. All others look like Jokers comparing to his calibre and the vision.

    His vision for Sri Lanka, looking ahead for meeting the challenges the country will face as far as 2050, is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and the best one ever produced by any leader.

    Last four years he has been working hard with intellectuals, professionals and entrepreneurs to establish this and with the root level input from Pohottuwa team, he will fine tune it to suit those needs.

    Nagananda has won the appreciation of many in the “Rajapaksa Hate” camp who now blame themselves for supporting Yahapalana regime change. Giving power to Nagananda is similar to the proverbial king giving his sward to the monkey who was tasked to chase away mosquitos…

    Anura Kumara is backed by the pay masters of the Regime Change project. Until yesterday he was defending Runil, the Batalanda killer. He was never a care taker or a guardian of Mother Lanka. His behavior reminds me of Tamilnadu movie actors playing politicians role.

    Sajith has no clue of the challenges ahead and the current challenges faced by Mother Lanka. He will read some statements and policies put together by his supporting so called “intellectuals” , obtained by copying from Gota’s document and Viyathmaga programme.

  5. Mario Perera Says:

    USA made a big hue and cry when Major General Shavendra Silva was made the Army Commander but not a whimper when Gotabaya was made the presidential election candidate. Why might be that?…I’m puzzled….It is good to clarify this early… – Dilrook

    While not daring to call myself a ‘sparring partner’ of this superlative intellectual that is Dilrook, may I nevertheless state that the consideration of oneself as being his ‘sparring partner’ as enunciated in these columns is a pretentious self-inflation of an ego-bloated head.

    As for Dilrook’s question, I am convinced that he knows the answer.

    When the Americans through overt (by some) and tacit (by others) declarations buoy the candidacy of Gota for president, it is not because of their esteem for Gota who for them is a replica of Idi Amin Dada of Uganda and Bokassa of Central Africa. Nor is it because of a concern for Sri Lanka for which they care two hoots. For them praise and condemnation have no intrinsic meaning when applied to others.

    Therefore the declarations of the American as regards Gota necessarily pivot on their own SELF-INTEREST. And their stakes are high. It has to do with their will to dominate the world especially at this juncture when they are losing their hold on the key strife-ridden area that is the Middle-East.

    Now what is their relationship with Gota? It is definitely NOT mutual esteem. It is the STRANGLEHOLD they have on him. The criminal charges of international impact they leveled at Shavendra are infinitely more applicable to Gota. But they leave Gota unscathed. Why? Because the Americans know that they are holding Gota’s head under the guillotine of their construction.

    Gota is submerged to his neck with charges both criminal and civil, many pending and some in progress in courts both in the USA and here. Gota is a man handcuffed and in shackles both under local but especially under international law. Having Gota as president will give the American tremendous leverage over him to achieve their goals. Their goals? Yes. They are the obtaining of free access to land, water, and air space in Sri Lanka to the tune of their demands. Indeed if their intention as regards Gota is achieved, the Americans would have changed the name of GOTA. To them it will henceforth not be GOTA but GOTCHA (we have got you).

    GOTCHA will have no option but to yield to the demands of the Americans. He will become a different version of our Duttu Gemunu lying curled up in his bed. What he will see above him is the American guillotine of war crimes of every order, while all around him he will see the might of the American army, navy and air force hemming him in.

    We know how our politicians have treated Sri Lanka. Although they sing with tearing eyes: Sri Lanka Matha, in reality the mother Lanka is handled like a prostitute open for penetrations from within and without. From within it is the Tamils and the Muslims. Their access to the open body of Mother Lanka is through the INDEBTEDNESS of the Sinhala politicians for their support to achieve power and maintain it. The penetrations of foreign powers is due to the DEBT factor. InDEBTedness for the former, and DEBT to the latter.

    The Rajapakses opened the body of Mother Lanka for penetrations by the Chinese. They now own the landmass of Hambantota with those sterile installations of no value to the country, but served only as ACES for the Chinese. Then there is the Port City of Colombo of which the Chinese are the overlords. Then the UNP under Ranil opened the body of Mother Lanka for penetrations by the Indians. But the deadliest cut of all will be the opening of Mother Lanka’s body to the Americans. It will make us partners of their ugly wars, make us to be loathed by other countries whom we now consider to be friends, and draw on us retaliation far worse than what we have ever seen.

    Indeed our politicians have made Mother Lanka into the HONDA GENI with the ever LOKU BADA filled with Tamils, Muslims and Foreigners, with no place for the Sinhala.

    There was talk of changing the name of this country from Sri Lanka to Sinhala. With the Sinhala reduced to servility of Tamils, Muslims and foreigners, the only name that will fit Lanka in her dire and tragic predicament is: KAGETH SUNDARI…that is, of all but the Sinhala.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  6. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you Mario Perera for describing me gratuitously in the following terms.

    “While not daring to call myself a ‘sparring partner’ of this superlative intellectual that is Dilrook, may I nevertheless state that the consideration of oneself as being his ‘sparring partner’ as enunciated in these columns is a pretentious self-inflation of an ego-bloated head.”

    Perhaps you are right, if that is the impression my verbal behaviour makes on you. One can’t look at oneself with one’s own eyes, except indirectly, such as by holding a mirror before one, which however falsifies the view through lateral inversion. The physical view of one by another person is more truthful, that view, however, cannot be shared by one (that is, one cannot look at oneself through another person’s eyes). The analogy may be useful in the assessment of one’s personality. However, I am sorry if my earlier comments concerning your writings angered you. I didn’t mean to hurt you. But different people react to what is perceived as criticism differently, even when criticism is free from malice. We are all fallible human beings, after all. Take it easy, dear Mario Perera.

    But, please don’t get angry yet again and suffer, when I contradict you about GR. I am afraid your ideas about Gotabhaya are erroneous. As a person, he is a very disciplined character; though tough speaking, and hard-nosed in dealing with his subordinates, he is very kindhearted and generous. He didn’t commit any war crimes. He is much more honest as a state official, and much nobler as a human being than Robert O’Blake or Mike Pompeo, though the latter two are from the world’s so-called only superpower. My statements are based on facts, not on fond beliefs. You might have read Shamindra Fernandez’s article in the popular Sri Lanka daily The Island today August 21, 2019 titled ‘Why GR should be grateful to yahapalana chiefs’ to be continued on August 28. Shamindra is a journalist I greatly respect for his truthfulness, professionalism, and patriotism.

  7. Mario Perera Says:

    Dear Vaisrawana,

    The moment I posted that comment I was sorry and depressed about my reference to you.

    It is human to err and divine to forgive.

    So I humbly ask you to forgive me.

    You are totally free to write what you want. My freedom is to read and understand you, and, maybe evaluate your ideas objectively.

    This is what I will do in the future.

    With my kindest and also respectful regards.


  8. Vaisrawana Says:

    LOL! Dear Mario,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. No hard feelings. We will argue like this in the future also and make others laugh!



  9. Mario Perera Says:

    Thank you my friend

    I will be different towards you. You will see.

    Keep well, keep fit, and look after your health.

    I am very sorry for having hurt your feelings. It will never happen again

    With my kindest wishes to you and yours


  10. aloy Says:

    Gotbahaya or no Gotabhaya and MR or no MR, this nation will not fall. Indians learnt their lesson and US also will learn the same if they go too far.

    MR also did the dilly dally until he realized there is no alternative and the rest is history. Let anybody get elected. I prefer if the selection is done by mahasanga in their own way of thinking. They should not take Sinhalese as a bunch of lotus eater or simply modayas. When the time comes they will unite and fight to a finish.

    They say ‘Sinhalaya modaya kawung kanda yodayas’. May be they knew intuitively that it is a way of staying healthy and strong, if what Dr.Tissa Jananayake is saying is correct, there is penicillin in kewun and king Dutugemunu had used it in wars..He says he is going to present a paper in Japan next week. Perhaps a new use for our humble sweetmeat.

    If we can beat the most ruthless terrorist outfit with support from all corners of the world, we can do many more things with what we have up in our sleeves.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Mario and Vaisrawana! Happy to see you reconciling amicably!

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said Aloy, we Sri Lankans are STRONGER and more RESOLUTE than other people give us credit for. WE WILL SURVIVE against ALL ODDS, just as our ancestors did through millenia!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    THE BULLIES are BACK! What they do to DEFEND their Nation, we are not permitted to do to DEFEND our Nation!

    U.S. warns Sri Lanka on investment, military ties after army chief promotion

    Aug 21 (Reuters) WASHINGTON- A senior U.S. State Department official warned on Tuesday that Sri Lanka’s appointment of a war veteran accused of serious human rights violations as head of its army could affect U.S. military cooperation and investment in the island nation.

    On Monday, Sri Lanka named Shavendra Silva, 55, as the country’s new army chief despite United Nations accusations that he was involved in human rights abuses during the country’s 26-year-long civil war.

    The Washington official, speaking to reporters on background, said the appointment would have lasting implications for reconciliation following the brutal conflict, which ended in 2009.

    “It is a highly charged political environment in which some political factions feel there is much to be gained by playing the nationalist card,” the official said.

    “It is unfortunate that this card is being played through the promotion of a general about whom vivid and well documented human rights violations are on the record. We are deeply troubled.”

    Silva is credited with successfully leading an army division against dissident Tamil Tigers in the final phases of the war. Thousands of civilians were killed in the last phases of the armed conflict, including in areas declared by the government to be ‘no fire zones’ that came under sustained army shelling, including hospitals.

    Silva, who joined the army in 1984 and was its chief of staff from January, has denied the accusations.

    The U.S. official said there would be “limits to what we can do as we develop a stronger military relationship with Sri Lanka if the army chief is a known human rights violator.”

    The official also warned of a possible impact to foreign investment.

    “There are limits to what foreign investors are willing to take as far as risk if they see a situation that is leading to greater polarization,” the official added.

    The official suggested Silva’s new role could also affect a $480 million grant through the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation, aimed at modernizing Sri Lanka’s urban transport system and infrastructure. The agreement is awaiting approval by Sri Lanka’s cabinet.

    Asked whether Silva’s promotion could affect the MCC investment, under which a country is assessed on its commitment to democracy, the official said: “It will be one factor that will be looked at.”

    Read More:: Reuters (Source)


    Lanka paying the price for co-sponsoring Geneva Resolution US, TNA condemnation of new Army Chief
    August 20, 2019

    by Shamindra Ferdinando

    National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weerawansa, MP, yesterday told The Island that an unprecedented US statement critical of the appointment of Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva as the Commander of the Army should be examined against the backdrop of the US backing war winning Army Chief retired Gen. Sarath Fonseka’s candidature at the 2010 January presidential election.

    The US threw its full weight behind Gen. Fonseka, in spite of him being called a war criminal by the then US Ambassador Patricia Butenis, MP Weerawansa said.

    The US advised the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to back Fonseka, lawmaker Weerawansa said, adding that the US owed an explanation as to why it found fault with Silva’s appointment having backed the wartime Army Commander.

    Pointing out that the Illankai Thamil Arasu Kadchchi-led TNA, too, had no qualms in backing Fonseka at the 2010 January presidential election, MP Weerawansa said that he comfortably won all electoral districts in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, including Digamadulla, MP Weerawansa said.

    The (TNA) expressed deep dismay about the appointment.

    TNA Spokesman and Jaffna District lawmaker M.A. Sumanthiran said the appointment of Shavendra Silva, who had been accused of grave crimes, as Army Commander, was a “serious affront to the Tamil people”.

    “We are deeply dismayed by this appointment,” the TNA spokesman twittered hours after the announcement was made.

    Responding to another query, the National Freedom Front Leader said that Lt. Gen. Silva was being deliberately harassed by those who couldn’t stomach the LTTE’s defeat. Weerawansa pointed out that of those who had commanded front line fighting Divisions on the Vanni front, Shavendra Silva was the only officer to receive an opportunity to command the Army.

    The previous government brought the war to a successful conclusion in May 2009.

    Fonseka command was followed by that of Lt. Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya, Lt. Gen. Daya Ratnayake, Lt. Gen. Crishanthe de Silva and Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake.

    Shavendra Silva commanded the Task Force 1/celebrated 58 Division during eelam war IV (2007-2009)

    Weerawansa said that there was absolutely no basis for US assertion that the allegations of gross human rights violations against Shavendra Silva, documented by the United Nations and other organizations, were serious and credible. The NFF leader challenged the US, the TNA or any other interested party to produce evidence to prove so called serious and credible allegations.

    Those who risked their lives to eradicate terrorism were being hounded, he said. The former JVPer condemned the US assertion that Shavendra Silva’s appointment undermined Sri Lanka’s international reputation and its commitments to promote justice and accountability, especially at a time when the need for reconciliation and social unity was paramount.

    MP Weerawansa said that national reconciliation would never have been possible if the Army failed on the Vanni east front. Shavendra Silva spearheaded operations in one flank in the overall Vanni campaign, the largest single combined security forces offensive against the LTTE.

    Asked whether the issue would be raised in parliament, Weerawansa said that the military was in trouble today because the yahapalana government co-sponsored a resolution against its own armed forces at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Oct 01, 2015.

    Pointing out that the Geneva resolution was adopted on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations yet to be inquired into in any court of law, lawmaker Weerawansa said US and TNA statements were based on those wild claims of war crimes, already disproved by several leading international military experts and by available evidence at the disposal of the US and UK governments as well as the United Nations.

    The NFF leader said that the government should respond to US and TNA accusations. MP Weerawansa said that over the years, a section of the international community deprived senior military officials prestigious foreign courses and visas citing war crimes accusations. Weerawansa named retired Maj. Gen. Chagie Gallage as one of those who had been unfairly treated by foreign countries. Australia denied visa to Gallage on the basis of still unproven UN accusations.

    MP Weerawansa urged the government to address the issue without further delay. The lawmaker said Army contingents assigned for overseas deployment under UN Command, too, undergo severe hardships for want of government intervention.

    Responding to another query, Weerawansa said that the country paid a heavy price for not countering lies.

    The government neglected its responsibility by the armed forces even after UK House of Lords member Naseby provided specific information required to challenge the main accusation pertaining to the massacre of over 40,000 civilians on the Vanni east front.

    MP Weerawansa said that the government never really pushed for fresh examination of allegations though Foreign Minister Tilak Marapana, PC, referred to Lord Naseby’s revelations, in his address to the last Geneva council.

  14. Dilrook Says:

    “U.S. warns Sri Lanka on investment, military ties after army chief promotion”

    But not a whimper when Gota was made the SLPP’s presidential candidate – future commander in chief of the military!

    An unrelated matter but proves why US hypocrisy is so common.
    Reminds me of Somoza and Harry Truman.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    ELIMINATING the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY is the MOST ASININE and DESTRUCTIVE thing that can be done, especially to Sinhala Buddhists!


    ABSENT the Executiove Presidency, Sri Lanka today would be a Balkanized Patchwork of Communal Bantustans!

    These so-called “Civil Society Groups” are ASSORTED TRAITORS and TOOLS of Foreigners PLOTTING & SCHEMING to COMPLETE THE DESTRUCTION of Sri Lanka they INITIATED on Jan 8, 2015 with the CONNIVANCE of Foreign Powers and simple-minded IDIOTS like the COMMON CANDIDATE for President who swallowed hook-line-and-sinker the incessantly chanted mantra of these TRAITORS, and could not control his own greed for pomp and power!

    INSTEAD of DISMANTLING the Executive Presidency, STRENGTHEN it INSTEAD!

    Get RID of the 13th and 19th Amendments to the CONSTITUTION!

    ELIMINATE the REDUNDANT POST of Prime Minister; the SPEAKER can handle the conduct of Parliamentary Affiars!

    RESTORE Control over the CABINET to the EXECUTIVE President of the Nation without DIVIDING the EXECUTIVE Powers of Government!

    The current SUPREME COURT is STACKED with BIASED STOOGES of the UNP that Ranil Wikunansinghe strived to do anticipating a Constitutional Struggle to OUST HIM as in ALL OF HIS PREVIOUS STINTS as PM! RESTORE the IMPARTIALITY, PATRIOTISM and INDEPENDENCE of the Supreme Court as an URGENT NECESSITY!

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