SLPP Youth Convention
Posted on August 26th, 2019


Mahinda’s message is to look at Lanka history, and he pointed out how EA Goonesinghe who fought for universal suffrage for Sri Lanka was sent home after he won it from the forces of Imperialism, and similarly, CWW Kannangara who fought for free education was sent home by the same forces. He also reminded the young people of what happened in 1971, and 1989, and he pointed out how ironic it is that the ‘torturers and the tortured’ of that time have got together now!  He said the same forces that acted then are still acting now. He called on the youth to not forget history and to look far ahead and not look short term. He received a standing ovation. 

Gota spoke to the youth of Lanka on how to move forward. He explained their short term plan and the long term plan. He too received a standing ovation.  

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