Re-Kristley Pty Ltd Vs State Timber Corporation
Posted on January 8th, 2020

Stanley Perera Melbourne Australia.

Don’t be surprised if the writer tells you that a High Court Registrar wrote a judgement order without the knowledge of the High Court Judge taking a bribe from the State Timber Corporation.  Writer’s lawyer assisted the registrar also accepting a bribe from the State Timber Corporation. 

 court in Sri LankaThe litigation process of the above-mentioned case began in the arbitration Court of Sri Lanka before a panel of judges headed by a former Chief Justice late Sharvananda in the year 1994.  Fomer AG late Shibly Aziz appearing for Kristley Pty Ltd and Dy. Solicitor General Saleem Marsoof and Senior State Counsel Yuwanjan Wijeratne appearing for State Timber Corporation’ majority Arbitration award was delivered in favour of Kristley Pty Ltd Australia after an exhaustive marathon sessions.  High Court overturned the Arbitration order and the Supreme Court in its unanimous order re-instated the majority Arbitration Order with costs and compensation.  P.C. late H.L.De Sila appearing for Kristley and Dy.S.G.Saleem Marsoof appeared for State Timber Corporation.  Subsequently High Court Judge Sunil Rajapakse made an order interfereing the Supreme Court Order for the State Timber Corporation to gain undue advantages.  In that order an injustice to Kristley Pty Ltd occured.  Thereafter Kristley Pty Ltd appealed again to the High court for reliefs in the miscarriage of justice.  Former C.J. Sarath N de Silva being the ghost in these proceedings except in the Supreme Court and Arbitration proceedings,the writer felt that there was enormous pressure from powerful politicians and the C.J. against Kristley.  Appeal in the High Court resulting in unfavourable order that watered down the real strength of the Supreme Court order for which the High Court has no Jurisdiction on the Majority Arbitration Order re-instated by the Supreme Court.  It was highly irregular and illegal.  The C.J. and A.G’s department were fully involved in influencing the High Court.  State Timber Corporation paid a bribe to the Registrar of the High Court and the Lawyer appeared for Kristley Pty Ltd.  The Registrar of the High Court wrote a judgement order without the knowledge of the High Court Judge Sunil Rajapakse.  The chairman of the State Timber Corporation late Renuka Herath was fully responsible for bribing the registrar and the lawyer.  The writer thereafter appealed to the Supreme Court order to have the scullduggery by the Registrar of the High Cort.  After many exhaustive efforts it became humanly impossible for the petitioner to proceed with due to the enormous political influence from Hakeem, Wijedasa Rajapakse and whoever the justice minister at the time in that past 15 years.  Finally the Supreme Court after so much of harrassments dismissed the case without a hearing.  JUSTICE IS NOT ONLY BE DONE, IT MUST ALSO BE SEEN TO BE DONE.  But in this case it was not so.  If you bribe the registrar of court, you can get a favourable to you order written by the High Court Registrar.  The wrier complained to the Judiciary Services Commission and personally complaint was submitted to Solicitor General Suhada Gamlath and received no response to date.  This is the justice in my country.  I still call Sri  Lanka as my country although I am an expatriate Sri Lankan domiciled in Melbourne   

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