Uncouthness of Tamil Diaspora and Politicians in SriLanka
Posted on January 25th, 2020

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

The writer has unraveled several aspects of the shortfall in strategic initiatives and cohesive living in SriLanka for the last several donkeys’ years. The problem here is that Tamil readers do not want to know about this if the writer does not support Tamil Eelam or a relative of SJVC or Ponnambalam Ramanathan. Addressing the shortfall in the perception of the four + 1 NPC ministers, the writer highlighted their incompetence and the associated corruption.

Please open the following link: http://nrnmind.blogspot.com/2017/01/history-of-tamilpolitics-and-suicidal.html

There should be an end to blabbering about Lemuria and Tamil Language. Even the Tamil Nadu Tamils are not worried about their safety but worried about SriLanka. The National Anthem (NA) can be sung only in one language. All Sri Lankan people in Australia sing the NA in English to get their citizenship. The Tamils in TN sing the NA in Hindi, however, they are worried about SL.

It is a feeling that we all are trying to hit our head against the brick wall in the North. Somehow the Tamils in the North want to raise some issues against GOSL. Missing persons. All over the world in a war, there are casualties among the civilians. Have we ever heard of missing persons in Iraq, Syria, Arabia, etc?

SriLanka had one Tamil party before independence. After independence, SJVC out of egoism went and formed the second Federal Party. Today SriLanka has a number of political parties to represent Tamils. The reason is that caste differential plays an important part in their ideology. A typical example is Siththarthan, a dump politician is everywhere sucking powerful politicians. (ஓடுமீன் ஓட உறுமீன் வருமளவும் வாடி இருக்குமாம் கொக்கு ) The inner secrets are that they want to get employment for their supporters, kith, and kin so that they can get votes. Receiving votes is through two modes. (1) Cash + other collateral, (2) jobs for their supporters and clowns. Tamils theatre comedy plays an important part in the job-seeking role. This is what Sambanthar was doing all this time. Let us refer once again the events that happened which were the root cause of the uproot of ethnic differentials and hence issues.

  • GGP elected to State Council in 1934
  • The ACTC founded in 1944. GGP asks for 50-50% representation, which is imprudent and thoughtless demand.
  • GGP enters as leader of ACTC on 29-08-1944
  • SJVC Deputy leader in 1944
  • SJVC elected to parliament in 1947 (first time)
  • Citizenship act passed on 20-08-1948
  • Citizenship act became law on 15-11-1948
  • FP was formed on 18-12-1949
  • Tamil politicians define the Tamils are of a distinct Nation in 1951
  • SLFP formed by SWRDB in 1951

SJVC formed the Federal Party which was read in Tamil as Tamil Kingdom Party in 1949. SWRDB formed his SLFP only in 1951. SLFP’ s party never identified his party as Sinhale party. The ethnic distinction was first identified by SJVC, NOT the Sinhale. There were no laws that discriminated or oppressed the Tamils then or ever. The SJVC crowd was quite xenophobic and ethnically hated the Sinhalese in public.

It could be assumed that the reason is to be in politics forever.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah of Pakistan demanded that the Muslims be given a country: Pakistan before independence. Why did not the Tamils demand the country to be divided and given as Tamil Nadu or whatever they wanted it named? The answer lies within Ponnambalam Ramanathan.


Tamil Eelam Marketing strategy

Tamil Diaspora as a Team decided and developed strategies to keep the Tamil Eelam flag to be up in the air among the Diaspora and in the N&E of SL. Their tactical moves:-

Form as much as possible Associations, Sangam, Congress, Senior citizens Associations, in every country. The strategies and tactical moves are as follows:

  1. Tamil Diaspora (TD) and associations etc should boycott every Tamil Diaspora who does not support the LTTE & Tamil Eelam cause.
  2. Not admit any of the Tamil who opposes the cause into their Association/Congress.
  3. Most of Tamil Diaspora business centers support the LTTE, and the Tamil Eelam cause, if not customers may boycott their business thereby those centers may lose their market share of Indian spice business.
  4. Even Tamil parents who have several daughters intend to support TE cause. This is to get a good bridegroom, if not they will be sidelined.
  5. Most of TD want to be recognized as TE supporters to be on top of others.
  6. Some TD want to rip off people by collecting funds in the name of TE.
  7. TD Radio stations always talk about TE cause and the Federal Party to prop up their stay in politics. Several radio stations have been floated in Australia itself.
  8. It is believed sometime back TD groups provided financial support to FP and TNA support parties.
  9. It is fair to state that Tamil classes are organized in every country, however, there is no guarantee that this will continue forever. Temples provide service, however, limited SL Tamil youngsters attend Poojas in temples. The reason is Tamil youngsters are in the move of assimilating with different races, mostly European. It is fair that it can be justified as they intend to live overseas forever and do not want to lose their bond with the overseas country. Mostly TD Doctors promote TE cause for the same reason of business. Most of the social organizations overseas are headed by Doctors and specialists. A simple question: Can they be competent in their own field of practice if they practice racism.
  10. Tamil politicians in SL are flying to the UN to complain. It is ridiculous as their Law & Order sector is in SL.
  11. Female Secretaries from the West and India always fly into SL for discussion like that of Seagulls. Could it be similar to From Russia with Love”?

Western Strategy

Recently UK PM gave a complimentary speech on Thai Pongal 2020. SL was under the UK. Although Tamils were cunning in getting educated from the UK/SL, they did not have the intelligence to demand a separate country for the Tamils like that of Jinnah of Pakistan. The UK was silent on the disfranchising of the one million Indian Tamils. During the 2009 war, the West was silent. Then why is the UK favoring Tamils? The answer lies in the cheap Politics of the Western strategy. Right from Srimavo the country was aligned with China. The West wants to keep most countries under their feet, and they develop strategies to implement their policies and bring those countries to their feet. In the case of SL, the west has the UNP in their pocket and got the UNP to help the revolts, LTTE and the JVP. By favoring the Tamils, the west has its vision that the GOSL will join them (the West) because the Tamils will attain virtual strength. The Tamils think that the West will definitely help and support them. If it is the case, then why did not the West help the Tamils during the 2009 war? Why did not the West help the Tamils to get their Tamil Eelam? The Tamils do not understand the politics, strategy, vision, and mission of the West that the West is cheating them. It is a pity for the Tamils to have such foolish Tamil politicians, further the Tamil Diaspora who think that they are smart and not fools.

USA has let the TGTE operate to fool the Tamils which the Tamils do not understand. The main theme the Tamil Diaspora and the Tamils in SL should know is that, to the West, nothing comes free. There is always collateral between the West and the Tamils. It is only the GOSL can be partners of collateral with the West. To agree for the collateral the West will use any means to bring down GOSL to their knees. The recent strategy is on the MCC implementation. If US troops step foot on SL soil, then SL should not name the country as a Republic, but be a slave to the USA. Diego Garcia is an issue to the USA and the USA is critical to step foot in the Indian Ocean and they know that SriLankan politicians are FOOLS and will give in.

One thing they do not understand is that SL has the best Head of State for the first time in history and no one can stir up our President HE GR. HE GR is also a former military Commander trained also in the USA and is the best competent president that SL ever had. USA is playing a game in fool’s paradise with a lack of understanding of the competency of the HE GR Regime. Most of the past USA presidents came out of the CIA & military garbage disposal unit anyway.

Indian Strategy

The same goes for India also. India has an issue with Kashmir, Tamil Nadu (TN) and several other states. To bring down TN to their knees, they pretend that they support TE and the SL Tamils. This is just to satisfy TN. This is like putting bones without meat to the DOGS.

India has its strategy to colonize TN with their North Hindi speaking people, which is what is being implemented currently. Most of the movie stars are non-Tamil speaking people who become rich in the arena. Most industries, Universities, Hospitals in TN are owned by non-Tamils. Tamils in TN are poor. With the caste system, the Tamils are divided fighting and killing each other. TN is full of Telugus, Malabar, Bengalese, Orisons and Marathi’s who are quite rich. A typical example is Rajinikanth (movie star) who is a Marathi dominating the wealth in TN. The money he earned is from Tamils all over the world. Previously he assaulted Tamils in Mysore and Bengaluru with his brother during racial riots. Rajnikanth was just a COOLIE, shifting Jute Hasian bags from vehicles to shops.

Therefore, in general, most Tamils are fools.

In the current environment, Tamils in the N&E are divided, not interested in developing the N&E, however, greedy of power are fighting each other and floating new political parties. Any wise person will know that the Tamils in SL are only interested to be in power and not help the people. Sambanthar was enjoying free housing, free transport with security, etc. What did he do to the Tamils? Same with CVV. He was the CM of the NPC but did nothing to develop the Province. It is obvious that the current old Tamil politicians are immature and incompetent in politics.







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