The High Commissioner UNHRC , a penny for your thoughts
Posted on February 28th, 2020


UNHRC High Commissioner as expected has rejected the Hon Dinesh Gunawardane’s disapproval of Resolution 30/3 co -sponsored by the UNP Government. She has opted to sit with the critics of Sri Lanka and questioned that Sri Lanka has not addressed impunity for past violations and nor undertaken security sector reforms . She firmly

believes in the numbers killed as churned out by the Darusman report and other pro-LTTE fronts. These figures vary from 40,000 to 200,000 making the war against the Tamil Tiger terrorism almost a genocide, a term used by the political arm of the LTTE. Can the High Commissioner

Bachelet re-examine the words impunity and the security sector reforms used by and vouch that her words are based on facts or fantasy created by the interested parties as Bachelet knows who, what, where etc. She has completely ignored the UN Colombo report, Lord Naseby’s comments, Col Gas’s observations, Paranagama Commission report and Census carried out by the Government of Sri Lanka. Hence, Sri Lankan government position that Resolution 30 /3 is misleading can stand the test and if UNHRC is aware of its powers that it cannot force any solutions that impinge on the country’s sovereignty and is interested in a productive dialogue, the High Commissioner should reconsider to grasp the ground realities.

The High Commissioner had regretted the change in the approach to the issues by the new government compared to the ‘commitments previously made’. She should realize that the present Sri Lankan government is determined to extricate the country from the bogus reports based on disinformation, and taking steps in keeping with the mandate received at the recent Presidential elections in which the baseless UNHRC resolution received a lot of attention. The High Commissioner should understand that the previous Government’s foreign minister did not have the approval of the Parliament and the President for him to have made a commitment on behalf of the country.

She further commented critically about the present Sri Lankan government’s stand on the Constitutional reforms carried out by the previous government. Such statements are further proof of the fact that the UNHRC’s  resolve to intervene in the affairs of the sovereign Sri Lanka whereas there are many countries who consider UNHRC as a dead duck.

2 Responses to “The High Commissioner UNHRC , a penny for your thoughts”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    It is no use preaching to those scum bags who are either on the LTTE payroll or determine to tore the Western governments policy to destroy Sri Lanka. Instead we should tell our brave and patriotic president to take a determined stand. Use Lord Naseby’s and Paranagama commissions report to promote the real situation.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    There is a place these bully boys can get busy. It is on this planet of course, place called Syria. None of these
    human rights monkeys can’t open their mouths since Mr Putin is there. So these shameless two legged creatures
    get busy bullying small nations until they confront a powerful backer. Shameless bullied Myanmar (being a Buddhist
    country get more bullying points of course). When China sided with them, human rights monkeys took a back seat.
    Sri Lanka? Of course shameless bullies score more points since we are also a Buddhist country. No Mr Puting or
    China in the vicinity so bullying goes uninterrupted. If you have an iota of shame, you should at least shed some
    crocodile tears for victims in Syria.

    The five precepts of Buddhism:
    1 refrain from taking life, ie killing any living creature.
    2 refrain from taking what is not freely given, ie theft.
    3 refrain from misuse of the senses or sexual misconduct, ie overindulgence in sex or committing sexual offences.
    4 refrain from wrong speech, ie lying or gossiping.
    5 refrain from indulging in intoxicants

    Breaking the Five precepts are the major sins any two legged creature can do anywhere under the sun.
    Buddhism’s Five Precepts are the basis for every country’s penal code under the sun. What The Buddha preached
    over 2,5000 years has been proved by science again and again. No mythical gods! All true! All science. These human rights monkeys should be careful not to lie (which is a major sin) which can result them to be not a two legged creatures in their next lives (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?). Singing for supper. If I were you, I will find a job rather than being a bully
    boy (girl)!

    Syria, Yemen etc. etc. Don’t know they exist? Or know world powers there and stay away from the hot spots and
    keep busy bullying Sri Lanka?

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