Dayan and David predict fall of GR government under Biden-Harris duo
Posted on November 15th, 2020


The Indian proxy Dayan Jayatilleke and JVP stooge Kumar David predict the overthrow or downfall of Sri Lanka government of President Gotabhabaya Rajapaksa under Biden-Harris duo

The Indian proxy Dayan Jayatilleke in his latest pro-American, pro-Indian article written to Sri Lanka Guardian and reproduced by Financial Times assuming the the status of the Heads of the Pentagon and the White House, the American institutions responsible for molding its future policies states that the Biden-Harris ‘event’ with the change of the global zeitgeist will impact Sri Lanka’s political destiny. He says that history will show that this was the turning point, where the world saw democracy alive, decline of Trump’s institutional obstructionism and polarizing incitement of far-right passions and the Biden-Harris victory marks the birth of a new American consciousness, with globalised resonance because the USA is more a mirror of the world, of humanity in all its plurality, than is any other country.

Under the sub-heading Lessons for Lanka this treacherous writer states that the planetary political pandemic of autocratic Alt-Right ultranationalism has just had its curve flattened in its epicenter – the country of its most dramatic height, the USA and Sri Lanka’s likeminded regime will feel secure that with the 20th Amendment and the grip it has on the institutions and electoral process, the ruthlessness will be its recourse to pre-empt a replay of the fate of its hero President Trump.

While the Biden-Harris ‘event’ won’t translate immediately and unmediated, into a decisive impact on Sri Lanka, the change in the global zeitgeist and the world          correlation of forces, starting with the overall balance of ‘soft power’, will transform the regime’s environmental conditions of existence and ‘overdetermine’ Sri Lanka’s  political destiny. 

Continuing his baseless diatribe, he states that GR presidential project was socially and psychologically powered by Trump’s 2016 victory. The Gotabaya regime this stupid guy says came into being as the last victory of global Alt-Right ultranaionalism, the parabola  of which has begun its descent with Trump’s defeat. The regime’s external factors of existence constitute a tripod: Trump and Trumpism; Israel’s Netanyahu, Netanyahu’s Israel; and Xi’s China. 

Quoting from a writing of Ben Rhodes, former American President Obama’s  Deputy National Security Advisor he adds For the last decade, the political project of an increasingly far-right Republican Party has become enmeshed with other right-wing movements in Brazil…and elsewhere…Right-wing parties share sources of financing, media and disinformation platforms, political strategies, and consultants.”

Ridiculing Sri Lanka this treacherous writer states that  The ‘Late Trumpist’ Lankan regime’s tripod just lost a leg. The second leg is Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel. Biden is staunchly pro-Israel but he’s also pro- ‘two state’ peace. Netanyahu will be hoping that a Biden victory will not help his rival-cum-partner Benny Ganz, a more promising peace partner. The third leg  he says is President Xi’s China. In a reopened dialogue between the USA (with India in its corner) and China, that leg may prove flexibly retractable, and even if it doesn’t, perching on that particular leg will make the regime more vulnerable in the coming global re-set. 

The pig headed Dayan points out that Trump/Biden example shows that Trumpism (the Sinhala Buddhist supremacy in Sri Lankan context as he perceives) can be electorally defeated in a single term at a Presidential election. While it was a protracted struggle for the electoral college, culminating in victory, it was a much clearer sweep in the popular vote. Biden-Harris polled the highest number of votes that any presidential ticket did in US history, beating Trump by almost five million votes. 

In a presidential system with a direct popular election, it is perfectly possible to defeat a majoritarian-supremacist autocratic President in a single term. As Bolivia recently showed with the first round 55% win for the Movement for Socialism candidate Luis Arce, this is perfectly possible even against a tougher-than-Trump de facto dictatorial regime…which killed protestors” (President Arce).

This would be especially so if, like Trump, the incumbent President has been a success in other fields but has zero-experience of legislation and governance, and faces a progressive democratic candidate who by contrast, has considerable political experience. Sri Lanka’s democratic challenger lost to the incumbent President at the zenith of the latter’s post-Easter/pre-corona popularity as candidate, by only 10% (52%-42%). He conveniently avoides the subsequent mammoth 2/3 victory achieved in the August 5th General Election.

This Indian servile poodle says that Sri Lankan democrats and liberal/neoliberal civil society intelligentsia must abandon their colonial hang-up on the Westminster model and absurd three-decade-long fixation on the abolition of the executive presidency (‘contact traceable’ to the abortive anti-Premadasa impeachment and the reactionary DUNF breakaway). What ended up abolished was not the executive presidency, but the UNP which was the project’s vehicle. The executive presidency stands reinforced. 

He says that the USA proves (as does Bolivia) that however autocratic the President, the task of democrats is not to abolish the Presidency, but to WIN the Presidency, defeating that President and adds that the former Obama strategist David Axelrod correctly said on CNN after the victory that Biden is a Centre-Left Democrat with a progressive agenda”. When the neoliberal-globalist Hillary Clinton was his opponent, Trump broke through the ‘blue wall’ that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had built and Joe Biden rebuilt it. He asserts that Biden is an authentically caring, empathetic man with an appeal to the blue-collar working people of the white majority (who had deserted the party during the Hillary Clinton candidacy), able to breakthrough in the American heartland which Hillary had lost for the Democrats, while constructing the broadest anti-Trump coalition, especially with the African-American community which voted overwhelmingly for him. 

In a lesson for Sri Lanka’s ethnic/religious minorities, the Black community didn’t support the ideologically advanced Bernie Sanders (backed by young, college-educated whites) as they did that Democrat who could reassure the white majority and break through to it, giving the best chance of victory.

Under the subheading Chinese wall  this Indian servile poodle says that it could be déjà vu all over again”: the tale of the two submarines, he asks what could be the wider effect of the optics and the discourse of the SLPP-Chinese Communist Party seminar on Governance, including a banner with the symbols of the CPC in one corner and the Pohottuwa in the other, and the reference to the relationship of the ruling parties”?

He asserts that as the newspapers reported: Minister Song Tao of the International Department of Central Committee of CPC, Party Secretary Liu Cigui of CPC Provincial Committee of Hainan Province, SLPP Chairman Professor G.L. Peiris, Secretary General Sagara Kariyawasam, SLPP MPs including Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, Namal Rajapaksa and Ramesh Pathirana together with some State Ministers and Mayors from the Western Province participated in the meeting. 

He further states thaty Ambassador Qi Zhenhon had emphasized that the experience sharing between the two ruling parties would play an important role in bilateral cooperation in the post-COVID era to come, and as ruling parties, CPC and SLPP should enhance experience sharing so as to better leading the two Governments and the two peoples for a brighter future.”’

He also states that it was President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who decided, in conversation with President Xi, and later with Politburo member Yang Jiechi, on taking the party-to-party relationship, as distinct from the purely state-to-state or government-to-government relationship, to the next level and the Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Luo Chong said that the meeting was aimed at implementing a consensus reached by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and President Xi Jinping in their telephone conversation as well as the recent high-level visit of top leader Yang Jiechi to Colombo.”

Commenting further, he states thattThe event was billed as an Opening Ceremony of CPC-SLPP Advanced Seminar on Governance Experience”, and asks would the Governance Experience” that the SLPP absorbed at this seminar make its way into the new Constitution? This stupid contrary to what has been achieved through election results claims that the SLPP is not a ruling party in the systemic sense that the CPC is and unless that transformation is the goal and enquires whether the regime seek to entrench itself behind a Chinese wall of an ‘Asiatic absolutist’ constitutional/political order? 

Delving further on the subject, he further asserts that the SLPP-CPC dialogue on Governance took place in the immediate aftermath of Pompeo’s messaging on his Sri Lanka visit, and while a naval exercise of the Quad was underway in the Bay of Bengal. Mike Pompeo was careful to target the Chinese Communist Party more often than China as such, an interesting attempt at an implicit distinction between state-to-state or intergovernmental relations, and the alleged expansionist impulse of the Chinese CP. 

He points out that just as the Trump administration built on Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ (minus the Trans-Pacific Partnership), the Biden administration will build on elements of Trump’s China policy,just as the policy of ‘containment’ of the USSR was essentially bipartisan, albeit with varying emphases, so too will be the policy of the ‘containment’ of China.  

In his American pampering this foreign servile poodle says that the US Democrats are even more focused than the Republicans on the issue of democracy vs. the projection of China’s governance model by the CPC. On this, there is a bipartisan consensus and moreover, if Michelle Flournoy handles China policy, the Biden administration’s approach will be smarter and sharper in both soft and hard power dimensions. 

Tie this into the recently reinforced American relationship with India (billed as a relationship between ‘the world’s two greatest democracies’) which lies at the cente of the Quad, itself billed as an alliance of democracies. The Quad has a back-office backstop: The Five Eyes, an old (1951) but recently re-energised partnership for intelligence integration, comprising the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, he explains.

That’s the substructure/infrastructure in place. Add the coming ‘superstructure’: Biden’s stated commitment (in a landmark Foreign Affairs essay) to what I call ‘democratic internationalism’ – a global mobilisation and vigorous offensive, advancing the values of democracy and human rights while explicitly targeting autocracy and ultranationalism.

This Indian poodle discloses that there is a politico-corporate-managerial-bureaucratic-institutional conglomerate in Colombo with an economic stake in its vocation as China lobby/client, but Beijing’s umbrella will not sustainably extend so far south in the Indian Ocean, and it will be vulnerable to an Indo-US pincer or Quad encirclement, and be rolled up. In the great game in the Indo-Pacific, he saysSri Lanka may prove a dispensable bargaining chip, traded-in to protect a stake elsewhere. 

Under subheading International relations 101he points out that Sri Lanka’s rulers must know that in international politics, being within your rights when you choose to do something, is only one factor in the mix, and not the determinant, nor is being in the right in your own eyes. 

What counts ultimately, this treacherous commentator says,  is whether what you do, best serves your national interest, defined not as the interest of an ethnic/religious community, ruling party, ruling family or corporate-bureaucratic stratum, but the State and its citizenry and adds that in making that calculation it is important to know what the threat perceptions of others are and how your actions or inactions impact on those threat perceptions, what they might do about it, and whether you are capable of deterring, countering or absorbing their actions/counteractions.   

Once again pampering the Americans, he says that in the confident speech immediately preceding the Pennsylvania result, Joe Biden staked a global claim, saying there’s no reason that America cannot own the 21st century”. That riff on TIME/Life founder Henry Booth Luce’s definition of the 20th century as The American Century” may be over-ambitious for the 21st, because China apparently aspires to the same goal, and Russia to multipolarity, with both states entitled to fair and adequate space and status, commensurate with their achievement and power. 

Then he says that in his victory speech Biden said at its best, America is a beacon for the globe…we will lead not only by the example of our power but by the power of our example”, adding it’s always been a bad bet to bet against America.” 

Under another subheading Let freedom ring!” this treacherous poodle asks What if the Trump presidency was not, and had not been, constitutionally constrained? With presidential power unchecked and militarism rampant, liberty in Sri Lanka has no safeguards, enjoys no guarantees. The objectively enabling role that any external power assumes in relation to domestic tyrannical tendencies must therefore be externally contained and countervailed” and adds this is so not only in Sri Lanka.

He points out that humanity’s main threat today comes from the narrowing and darkening of human consciousness through parochial ultranationalism, racism and supremacism; the retrogression in human and social progress through reversion to tyranny and despotism; the anarchic breakup – not progressive transformation—of the world system through the irruption of walled-in ultranationalist tyrannies; and the sporadic, opportunistic, enabling and/or consolidation by rising great powers of these retrogressive trends and adds that the absence of a common, science-driven global response to COVID-19 and the much larger danger of climate change are symptoms of this situation.

He further states that humanity has to be reunited; the human consciousness broadened and enlightened; for internationalism to be reborn.

In conclusion of his article, he says that the ideas and ideals of the Biden-Harris campaign (including those of progressive and left Democrats) must be transferred and transmitted globally, uninterruptedly extended and expanded into an internationalist project of democratic solidarity against tyranny and for freedom, liberty, equality and justice and states that the new American revolution must be universalized.

Meanwhile, the JVP’s nationalist nominee, the pseudo-Marxist and Tamil chauvinist Kumar David(KD) in an article written to Colombo Telegraph under the title USA is less racist and bigoted than Sri Lanka” says that he had been a critic of American capitalism and imperialism, but on one point he had been firm and it was that America (and some other liberal democratic countries) are less racist, bigoted, and culturally primitive on these matters, than Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Japan and Islamic majority states.

This Tamil chauvinist and pseudo-Marxist states that America has now elected a person of colour of Indian Tamil origin as vice-president, and elected its second ever Catholic president; Kennedy was the first. He asks whether anyone in Sri Lanka can imagine the day when a Muslim non-Buddhist will be president of Sri Lanka or a Tamil not a Sinhalese prime minister?

This Tamil chauvinist asserts that he cannot  foresee the day when something like Black-Lives-Matter which mobilized tens of thousands of whites, unfolds in the majority community in Sri Lanka against carnage such as the 1983 massacre or violence against Muslims. MIRJE (Movement for Inter-Racial Justice and Equality) was led by Father Paul Caspersz a Burger Catholic and his principal lieutenants were a Tamil Catholic and a raceless Marxist. The radical monk of recent times, Sobitha Thero with whom he says he hsas  worked did not actively intervene against anti-minority pogroms.

On an allied matter, this Tamil chauvinist and pseudo-Marxist asserts that once again he renews his call for a National Cabinet to defeat covid.

Referring to American elections, he states that Biden has risen above partisanship and gone all out in a quest for national unity. He is facing a far worse covid and other challenges. By national cabinet he says that he refers to something like Churchill’s War Cabinet to meet an existential challenge after which parties resume their identities. There have been, and probably there will be no takers for his suggestion, he adds. Gota, Mahinda, Sajith and Sampanthan are too small minded to see the point.

This pseudo-Marxist claims that he sent a shorter version of this as an email to some people with the note The purpose of this email is to motivate you to never condone racism in Sri Lanka and not give up the fight to defeat it.

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