What Britain Sees In Clear Vision Re-Tamil Refugee Claims Should Be Picked Up By Other Western Countries !
Posted on December 19th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

December 19th. 2011
 The recent trend of deporting so called refugees or Asylum Seekers on the part of Britain attests to many transparencies on the part of these individuals presently being viewed as not being legit or kosher enough to substantiate and uphold their claims and that their sob stories about oppression in their Motherland do not tug at the British Administration’s heartstrings anymore! It is indeed an encouraging response from the Brits and one perhaps which others should emulate.

 While it has now become  very apparent that the concerted and widespread propaganda campaigns targeting the Sri Lankan government over human rights issues and so called crimes against humanity do not carry as much weight as it did some years ago for very plausible reasons it has also been learned that  the Tamil Diaspora seems to be losing ground in Europe, with the UK stepping up deportations on many revocations tabled in court. 

 It certainly seems  a  rational consideration for countries like Norway and Canada in particular to also follow suite rather than continue to harbour these types as they ultimately pose a threat to the security of the host nations as well as being an unnecessary financial encumbrance where risking to support and tolerate them could eventually pose a major issue where initial prevention might  avoid finding resolutions to the greater implications that could easily result which in all probabilities is what entails the British vision on the issue as after all these are individuals who have not really given up their cause towards secession nor come clean from their  support of the Tamil Tigers (the LTTE) . This can be confirmed when one looks around many major world cities with Tamil Diaspora populations where every past action of note involving the LTTE during the three decade long insurrection still continues to be celebrated with shopfronts carrying posters of the likes of Velupillai Prabhakaran, Anton Balasingham and S.P.Tamilselvam in comemoration as well as in remembrance despite the group being banned as well as many other clamdestine activities that still continue behind the backs of the authorities concerned! In some countries ludicrously enough they even erect statues of their likenesses as unlikely as it seems~ no pun intended despite the proviso for same!

 The exhortations that come from Senior External Affairs and Defence Ministry officials addressing the media that the international community shouldn’t accommodate bogus political refugees and those entering countries using fraudulent travel documents is something countries such as Norway and Canada should heed fairly seriously as the realities  as well as the consequences are very prevalent and encourages many other undesirable sources to also take this route and the UK has created a precedent which needs to be emulated towards the well being of decent  and secure societies around the world where the naturalization process has come through legitimate means to immigrants rather then through the back door and these societies could pay a price for the tolerances of their Administrations. Relatively Friday’s deportation of 58 Sri Lankans from the UK seems indicative of the British government no longer bending to propaganda carried out by various interested parties on behalf of those seeking to remain in the country on false pretexts and needs to be commended.   

The British response to bogus asylum and refugee seekers has been well co-ordinated and by their own admission inspired by a similar stand taken by Australia which in turn has benefited the Sri Lanka Government and its continued calls towards exposing the iregular and illegal nature of these claimamants. 

The British authorities have said that the Sri Lanka Government  should be grateful to Australia and indeed they should be, for taking a tough stand against bogus asylum seekers and that the Australian position had contributed immensely to Sri Lanka’s efforts to convince the international community to expose certain troublemakers, some of whom who they most certainly appear to be based on findings related to their backgrounds.


 Breaking news on this was first reported in the Sunday Island News of Sri Lanka recently  and quoted here according to which “British Security personnel accompanied those deported on a special flight and handed them over to Sri Lankan authorities at Colombo International Airport. Among them were residents of several districts including the North.” The report also says  that ” The London based Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, British MPs and a section of the UK media had been campaigning against the deportations citing continuing human rights violations in post-war Sri Lanka. The Tamil Diaspora had even campaigned against deportations at cricket venues during Sri Lanka’s last cricket tour of the UK ”  which the world today has been made aware of through the widespread  global publicity  these actions  were given but beyond monotony and repetition it has not swayed the British Authorities who have stuck to the conformity of officialdome and recognized the legiticimacies involved relative to the Sri Lankan Authorities while sending the dissentors  a strong message.This is what needs to be picked up by those who believe word for word  all the souped up and falsified depictions by sources attempting to discredit the Government of Sri lanka and applied to calls suggesting Sri Lankan indiscretions in the manner Canada has done recently with no inkling beyond hearsay and conjecture and of course a bit of sympathy induced by Tamil supportives of the Diaspora  lobby and the nature of their bleatings  far removed from what really transpired as Sri Lanka fought to overcome the deasdly terrorism which could have torn the Nation apart but stands triumphant in the wake of the Government’s concerted pursuance for a legitimate albeit overwhelming solution out of necessity which it mercifully did!

 It is now officially known and further confirmed by the Sunday Island report also that quote “since last June UK Border Agency had carried out three large scale deportations to Sri Lanka amidst protests aimed at forcing the government to reverse its decision.The UK has also tightened border controls this year and ordered punitive action against those seeking entry using fraudulent documents.

The Defence Ministry said that in the backdrop of thousands of terrorists released from detention facilities since the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009, claims of their being tortured sound ridiculous. In fact, the UK had provided considerable amount of funds in support of the ongoing rehabilitation and reintegration process handled by IOM (International Migration Organization)” end of quote where the calls of those dissenting against the actions of the Sri Lanka Government seem worthless and irrational and leaning  perhaps towards their own agendas.

Other excerpt from the Sunday Island report also alleges  that somewhat alarmingly  and in a conspiratorial  perspective how  certain Sinhalese seeking asylum in the Europe and Australia cooperated with LTTE front organizations wanting to haul the Sri Lankan Government up before an international war crimes tribunal for alleged war crimes. Sources said that sending people abroad had been a lucrative business carried out by organized gangs. In this respect is is no surprise that such individuals would fight to avoid deportation as they well know what awaits them when they return as they will have to contend with the long arm of the law awaiting to deal with them as they well deserve!

Depicting the activities which pro active LTTE supportives within the Tamil Diaspora will resort to and the extent to which they will go in their attempt to halt deportations, LTTE front Tamils Against Genocide has reportedly lodged a petition in the High Court claiming the UK government failed in its obligation to review its deportations policy in light of new torture allegations. And in continuity to what transpires consequently as reported in the British  Guardian newspaper and picked up by The Sunday Island, the UK Border Agency has warned officials who are deciding on asylum claims that the NGOs have serious concerns about forcibly returned Tamils. However, the agency is also circulating a report  which quotes senior Sri Lankan intelligence officials as saying Tamil detainees are inflicting wounds upon themselves in order to create scars that will support later asylum claims. Perhaps deportations is too good  for these types who probably need to be confined to prison for a long time.

In response The Border Agency has said  that it only deports individuals “when we are satisfied the individual has no international protection needs”, and cites a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that not all Tamil asylum seekers are in need of protection.

So what more needs to be emphasized  about What Britains Sees In Clear Vision Re-Tamil Refugee Claims which Should Be Picked Up By Other Western Countries! one might ask ? beyond the stark reality that the Government of Sri Lanka is not culpable  for the accusations directed at it  by indiscriminate finger pointing and  need to be viewed objectively as being emphatically within its right to conduct its own affairs!

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