Tamils liberated from their fascist past, at last!
Posted on October 20th, 2013

‚ H. L. D. Mahindapala

Part 1

Sri Lankan politics has been bedeviled by Tamil extremists whose political ambitions far exceed their capacity to achieve them.‚  The delusional politics of the political mytho-maniacs of the north led them all the way from Vadukoddai to Nandkadal. They have yet to realize that they were defeated, among‚  other primary factors, by their own arrogance, intransigence and stupidity that impelled them to miss the grand opportunities that came their way with the help of Indian (Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement) and Norwegian (Oslo Accord) interventions. If they grabbed the Oslo Accord, or even Chandrika Kumaratunga-â„¢s offer to run the north‚  and the east for ten years without elections, they would have been on top of the world today, running‚  rings round the nation. They were aided and abetted to go down this doomed Vadukoddai path by the NGOs, ‚ their paid pillion riders, not to mention the political dodos in the Colombo University, all of whom posed as righteous and pious human rights activists.

They manufactured and propagated, ‚ nationally and internationally, the fictitious image of an invincible Tamil conqueror, Velupillai Prabhakaran, who must necessarily be appeased for peace to succeed. ‚ -Paki- Saravana-mutt-u, the Tamil director, Centre for Political Alternatives, is one of them. The only difference is that he is not a pillion rider. He is, in fact, the rider who hires his cronies to ride on his pillion. His Centre had an alternative for everything except for replacing the ‚ brutal Tamil successor to Pol Pot, according to the New York Times. The inexcusable partisan politics of the NGOs compelled them ‚ to go along with the Tamil Pol Pot, under various pretexts, ‚ rejecting the democratic state, whatever its defects may have been. Plainly, it was a choice between good and evil and the Saravana-mutt-us opted for‚  the evil.

In the last days of the Vadukoddai War heading inexorably towards Nandikadal he was a busy-body, running from Western capital to capital, labouring non-stop to save the fascist regime of Velupillai Prabhakaran He also knew that this Tamil Pol Pot had killed more Tamils than any other forces involved in the 33-year-old Vadukoddai War. Tamil leaders who had worked for the welfare of Tamils, without being paid mega bucks like him, (S. C. Chandrahasan, the son of S. J.V. Chelvanayakam, and the TULF Leader, V. Anandasangaree are two leading examples) were despairing at the fate and future of Tamils under the fascist regime of this Tamil Pol Pot. His killing machine had decimated the Tamil leaders who went to bed with him, trusting him to be one of their -boys-. Even the Tamil civilians who were dragged forcibly to be his protective human shield‚  were shot at point blank range when they decided to escape his fascist grip.

These grim realities did not disturb the conscience of Saravana-mutt-u, the highly paid defender of Western agendas, disguised as one of the high priests of human rights. To him parading in Western lobbies and NGO circuits, mainly to justify the funding he gets from abroad, was more important than serving the dire needs of Tamils civilians caused by the terror and brutality of the known Tamil Pol Pot. The Tamil civilians were dragged without food, without water, without shelter, without security and without a place to rest. Whatever was provided by the GOSL for their sustenance was siphoned off to feed the dwindling forces of the Tamil Pol Pot. Did this plight of the Tamils‚  disturb the universe of Saravana-mutt-u? Under the cover of human rights and saving the lives of the Tamil civilian who were held as human shield to protect the Tamil Pol Pot Saravana-mutt-u was running, like a chook without a head, to mobilize Western forces to save the most brutal of all Tamil persecutors/killers. His idea of serving human rights and peace was to save Prabhakaran at any cost. Ending‚  the war was a serious threat to him because it‚  would have reduced the potential for raking‚  money from‚  the West. Peace rings the death knell for‚  all NGO apparatchiks

He had to keep Prabhakaran‚  alive to big note himself by carving out a greater role as a putative peace-maker in the never-ending peace process. That meant he had to stop to final assault heading‚  towards Nandikadal.‚  That meant stopping the war. Only by halting the offensive of‚  the GOSL could‚  they give oxygen to Prabhakaran. But would that have saved lives, peace and human rights? As the records shows, Prabhakaran was born to kill his own people, more than all the others put together. He knew only one form of rule: killing all those who opposed him. Saravana-mutt-u‚  knew that the Tamils had no future under the iron fist of the one-man rule of Prabhakaran. If Prabhakaran won, the oppressed Tamils would have had no option but to deify him and he would have used that glorification to tighten his fascist rule to create a garrison state, channeling the resources and energies of his enslaved Tamils to protect himself like the way he used the Tamils as a human shield when he was on the run to Nandikadal. Human rights and democracy too would have been buried under the mounting pile of Tamil corpses. He would have turned his Eelam into a paranoid state because there were enough victims of Prabhakaran among the Tamils waiting to get him, one day or another. Besides, a democratic south and a fascist tyrannical north could not co-exist. One or‚  the other had to go and inevitably Prabhakaran went down in Nandikadal. As Bertrand Russell once said at the height‚  of the Cold War, in any war between fascist tyrannies and the democracies it is the democracies that have won always.‚  And it was the GOSL won in the end.

Removing Prabhakaran from the political equation was not only a sine qua non for global and regional peace but also a moral necessity for good governance, democracy and for peace, prosperity and freedom of the Tamils. Right now, the northerners have the freedoms denied to them by Prabhakaran, including the right to send their children without fear of being abducted on the way, and the luxury of electing leaders of their choice to run their neck of the woods for the first time in their history ONLY because President Mahinda Rajapakse liberated the Tamils from the fascist yoke of Prabhakaran. Establishing democratic institutions under Tamil leadership is a unique achievement in the northern history. Bringing‚  the Tamil into the democratic mainstream, as an equal with the other eight provinces, is a landmark in the political evolution of Sri Lanka. It is‚  one of‚  the greatest achievements‚  of the vilified -Sinhala state-. It is an achievement which the biggest power on earth could not‚  achieve in Iraq, for instance, after investing over $60 billion over ten years. President Rajapakse achieved it in four years without $60 billion.

Of course, all this was achieved the hard way. There was no easy way short of fighting fire with fire. The results have to be measured, as in any war, by the end and‚  not the means. This may sound Machiavellian, but the fact is that the benefits‚  that flowed from ending the Pol Potist regime, once and for all, far outweigh the means adopted to end the war. It was the best surgical operation that saved the nation from a 33-year-old cancer. By any standards, either‚  on a global scale (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), or on the scale of‚  Prabhakaran where more Tamil were killed by him than any other force, the achievement‚  of the Sri Lankan forces was clearly seen on the TV screens with the stranded Tamils rushing into the arms of the Security Forces abandoning their -liberator-. Saravana-mutt-u has laboured ceaselessly to deny this reality. Idiotic Izzeth Hussain even went to the extent of saying that the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, instead of kissing the tarmac on his return from abroad -” a symbolic act of thanksgiving for the victory -” should have taken a sand bath in the Bambalapitiya beach, like the Muslim Caliph who won‚  Constantinople.

Throughout the 33-years of the Vadukoddai War the formulas, theories, paradigms and panaceas recommended by the money-making NGO mudalalis failed. Failed miserably and repeatedly. Having‚  failed they are now bent on re-writing history according to their agenda. As usual they are determined to denigrate -the Sinhala state- -” a democracy for what it is worth — and glorify the Terroristan of the Tamil Pol Pot. After Nandikdal Saravana-mutt-u went berserk crying that this was -Sinhala triumphalism-. There is no doubt about that, Mister Sarava-mutt-u.‚  Make no mistake about it, Mister Saravana-mutt-u. It was Sinhala triumphalism‚  at its best and greatest, Mister Saravana-mutt-u. The Sinhalese have all the reason to take just pride in crushing Tamil fascist tyranny and restoring democracy, liberty and dignity to the Tamils who had never experienced any such glory and freedom in their entire history.

Northern tyranny ran from one type to another. First there was the feudal tyranny under ruthless chieftains like Sankili who massacred 600 Catholics for owning allegiance to the Pope‚  and the King‚  of Spain. Then the Vellahla sub-rulers under colonial regimes oppressed and suppressed the Tamils denying‚  them their basic rights to be human. The Tamils were not even allowed to drink water from wells or walk in daylight fearing that their sight would pollute the sight of the elitist Vellahlas. Even the great social reformer, S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike, who passed the Social Disabilities Act of 1957, banning casteist discrimination and oppression, failed to liberate the Tamils from Tamil oppression. Finally, they were persecuted by Prabhakaran who threw dissidents into the jaws of‚  hungry crocodiles infesting the Iranamadu tank. Tamil tyranny darkened the chapters of northern ‚ history perennially.

The yoke of Tamil tyranny was overthrown in its entirety only at Nandikadal. For the first time President Mahinda Rajapakse liberated them and restored the rights of‚  Jaffna Tamils to walk the length and breadth of the northern province with dignity. He cleaned the northern province of the inhuman Vellahlas who reduced their fellow-Tamils to sub-human slaves. Above all, he restored the right of any Tamil child to go to school without being abducted by the Tamil Pol Pot. He saved Tamil children from the clutches of the Catholic Churchmen who tipped the Tamil Tiger terrorists about the whereabouts of the Tamil children places in their safe custody by trusting parents. He saved the universal image of Holy Mary from‚  being hijacked by scheming priests who opted to serve the Tamil Pol Pot than their loving God. He gave them their first elected Chief Minister and a Council to run their own affairs. No Tamil leader in their brief history has ever gifted the Tamils with‚  liberty and dignity they enjoy now as President Rajapakse. In the words of the Chief Minister, C. V. Wigneswaram, there are among the‚  Sinhalese those who have defended and protected the Tamils and their dignity. It began‚  with Dutugemunu when he paid his highest respects to Elara, the Dravida colonialist. That tradition never left the Sinhalese until in the late thirties, under extreme racist pressures and provocations of G. G. Ponnambalam, ethnic explosions did take place which no rational or sane Sinhalese would condone. .

When‚  the time comes to write the history of our times this achievement of President Rajapaksa will be hailed as a crowning glory of his regime.‚  Any fair and just assessment of the conditions of the Northerners can only be determined by balancing the dominant forces that ruled the northern parts before and after Nandikadal. A comparative study of the Prabhakaran-â„¢s iron-fisted rule and the subsequent Rajapakasa regime will reveal that there is‚  no comparison. The Tamil partisans may still hanker after Prabhakaran just like the Neo-Nazis yearn for the return of‚  Hitler. The voting also indicated clearly that there is a tendency to go back to the Pol Potism of Prabhakaran. The reverse side of the coin is that the people of the North never did come out in full strength to fight for Prabhakaran. If they did come out in full force it would not have been possible for the Sri Lankan forces to win. Maj. Gen Janaka Perera told me that it is because the people of Jaffna were neutral that he was able to hold on to Jaffna. An aggressive and consistent intifada in Jaffna would‚  have made‚  it difficult for the military to retain its grip in the peninsula, particularly with international pressure..

The ‚ Northerners may have had ideological sympathies with Prabhakaran. But they never came out to fight for him. Prabhakaran had to forcibly pluck children from Tamil mothers arms to fight his futile‚  war. In the end the Tamils left him to fight it alone. They left him to stew in his own juices. Even those who were with him had to be dragged as a reluctant human shield. They opted to run away from him rather than fight for him. They saw through the myth of Prabhakaran as their -liberator-. They voted with their feet by running away from him, braving‚  the bullets that was fired by Prabhakaran at them.

The worst enemy of Prabhakaran was Prabhakaran. His myopic‚  intransigence, his fascist personality, his inflated ego, inflated to the heights of a -Surya Devan-, his insensitive disregard to the needs‚  of the people, his killer instinct, his refusal to negotiate when the best offers were in his hands, his miscalculations that led to the rejection of the most favourable conditions offered by the international community, his inability to differentiate between friend and enemy (killing of Rajiv Gandhi), his exaggerated belief in his invincibility, the sycophants in the Tamil Diaspora who misled him into believing that he can win with their lobbying power abroad and finally the Saravana-mutt-us in the NGOs who defended him, etc., were only some of the causes that led to his downfall. In any case, he lost all his chances when President Mahinda Rajapakasa decided to throw his full weight behind‚  his forces. Prabhakaran, hopefully, will go down‚  in history as the last of fascist tyrants to rule the north. ‚ It is his fall that gave rise to Tamil democracy. It is now‚  up to the Tamils to preserve the liberty and dignity handed to them by President Rajapakasa.

Of course, this is not the be-all and end-all of Sri Lankan politics. There are infirmities now and many pitfalls ahead. But what has to be recognized is that a great start has been made and the need of the hour is to consolidate the gains, however inadequate they may be. The refinements come later, as always. The task right now is to work within a legally and democratically established political framework and work out compromises according to an agreed common agenda.

(To be continued)

20 Responses to “Tamils liberated from their fascist past, at last!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    It happened in 2009.

    But REVERSED in 2013.

    Now Tamil terrorists are back with a different name.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Mahindapala … Well Said!

    However, I disagree on two points:

    1. The Crowning Glory of President Mahinda Rajapaksa was to utterly defeat the LTTE in the battlefield; but his FAILURE to REVOKE the 13th Amendment and DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System in the wake of that Victory, declaring that Sri Lanka will never be allowed to disintegrate into Ethnic Fiefdoms, will be seen in the future as his Greatest Failure.

    2. You say the liberation of the Northern Tamils from the grip of Prabhakaran and the LTTE will be hailed as the crowning glory of his regime, but are they really free of the ideology that underpinned that terror NOW?

    By failing to destroy the racist political separatist movements and ideas that gave birth to Prabhakaran’s terror, he has not truly liberated the Tamil people. As we now see, that racist terrorist ideology is crystallizing again, under the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA, into an organism that will lead the Tamils down the same path of death and destruction. The President should have BANNED all Separatist and Communal organizations with Labels like “Eelam”, “Tamil”, “Muslim” and “Sinhala” in their names and dismantled the very basis of the demand for regional power by launching a ONE NATION program of Community/Ethnic Integration through settlement to homogenize the community distribution of the population in the nation.

    Instead, our heroic President has caved into to foreign pressure, without realizing that the brainwashing of Tamils over 30 years cannot be undone in 4 years given the enthusiastic support of Tamil Nadu and the Sri Lanka Diaspora to continue the Eelam struggle. He should have pointed to the 50-year occupation of defeated Nazi Germany to preserve the lives of all inhabitants of Europe as how those foreigners maintained the peace in the face of unremitting murderous Nazi ideology.

    With the Eelamists raised to power in the Northern Province, everyday there are pronouncements and demands that echo the Vadukoddai resolution. Sinhalese leave Jaffna, Prabhakaran is a Tamil hero, restore LTTE cemeteries, eliminate Army camps, give Police powers, give Land powers, engineer a fishermans war with Tamil Nadu, reject the nation’s president as Head of State for taking oath of office …. ad inifintum, ad nauseam. Clearly, the TNA-led Northern Province is drifting towards secession and Vadukoddai/Eelam War V! Is that the “Liberation of the Tamil people” we should of … the Crowning Achievement?

    While I applaud the President for winning the war, and building national infrastructure, I do not believe that he has succeeded in either truly permanently liberating the Tamils …. or for that matter the rest of his countrymen … from terror … for the winds of war are gathering again.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Once upon a time there lived a man. He became blind. A doctor came by and promised to cure him for a hefty fee. The man agreed.

    But the greedy doctor STOLE household valuables from the man because he couldn’t notice.

    Eventually the man was cured (good on the doctor). But he noticed his valuables MISSING. He realized it was the crooked doctor who stole them. Then the doctor asked for payment of his hefty fee since the man could now see.

    He REFUSED to pay and said he is still BLIND! Blind because he can’t SEE the household valuables he could SEE before!!!

    This is what happens in SL. Victory? Where the ffff is the victory? I see NO victory today. Tamils have won, SL LOST.

    Next time when MR tries to celebrate the victory he should be HOOTED. Landless, displaced, killed (Weliweriya, etc.), arrested for war crimes, evicted from homes in Amparei Sinhalese should be brought in bus loads to victory march and get them to MOURN. Army will NOT shoot them.

    When MR leaves office there will be LTTE war again.

  4. Nanda Says:

    So the doctor and the looter = MR
    Blind man = Sinhalaya

    An excellent example.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Yes Lorenzo !! He should be BHOO-TED.



  6. mario_perera Says:

    “Tamils liberated from their fascist past, at last!”

    For the Tamils that past is the past of the North under Government control…that past is the space of time between Nandikadal and the September, 2013 Northern PC elections.

    Mario Perera

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    “Prabhakaran, hopefully, will go down in history as the last of fascist tyrants to rule the north. It is his fall that gave rise to Tamil democracy.”

    One of the most foolish things we did was give democracy to Tamils.

    There was a GAP between killing VP and giving Tamils PC democracy as Mario says.

    SL history will judge that to be the BEST period (only 4 years) in the north. Mark my word.

    When democracy was introduced in Pakistan and Gaza some said OH! FANTASTIC! But that worsened the situation. Pakistan became a Taliban den and Hamas won Gaza.

  8. Charles Says:

    I do not agree with Lorenzo. Some times I feel there is some thing missing in his comments.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    You DON’T have to agree with me. It is best to have patriots with DIFFERENT views on things.

    But you can mention WHAT PART you disagree so that we may find common ground.

    My comments lack RESTRAINT. May be because my job and hobbies involve impulsive decision making. But I keep within decent limits.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    greedy doctor STOL & man was cured ! so both are not honest same as We both community last 2,500 years !!!

    What can We do ? live with it (fight each other) & obey our big brother India ( settle the problem with indian order) !

    We both Modayas & Sakkiliyas do not know any other way !

  11. thurai Says:

    Tamils aren`t liberated. They live in Sri Lanka and in western countries same as before. Sri Lanka and Tamils in western countries are liberated from LTTE Terrorism by GOSL. At the moment they don´t support anyone other than TNA.

    Tamil Terrorism isn´t dead I can say Tigers have now skin of cows. Who is real Terrorist who support Tamil Terrorism who are all behind of Tamil Terrorisms noone know. Tamil terrorism is more dangerous for Tamils than Sinhalese and other communities in Sri Lanka. There is no any strong Tamil politician or political party to
    fight aginst Tamil Terrorism. Sri Lanka Government can assist only with limit for Tamils. 75% depends in the hands of
    Sri Lankan Tamils themself.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Revelation! WHO KNEW Lalith Weeratunga’s father was Arumugam Veeraraja … a Tamil? No wonder Lalith was a STRONG supporter of the Eelamists undermining the GOSL at every turn!

    I thought he was a Sinhala TURNCOAT … no he was not … he was an undercover Tamil Eelamist hiding in the open in Colombo ….. posing as a journalist for protection against retribution for his anti-national activities!

    NOW the general public also knows!

    Sri Lankan activists still ‘disappeared’

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 21 (Australian) THE voice on the other end of the line was clear and menacing. “Are you going to remove Lalith from Jaffna, or do you want us to eliminate him?” When Lalith’s father, Arumugam Veeraraja, received the call from an unknown number one afternoon in November 2011, he started shaking.

    He told the caller: “Please. I’m just a working man. Please don’t take my son.”

    His plea was in vain. Two weeks later, his 28-year-old son, a Tamil human rights activist who had been investigating abductions by Sri Lanka’s security services, vanished.

    Armed men bundled him and a colleague into an unmarked white van in Jaffna, the Tamil capital of northern Sri Lanka. It was broad daylight and there were witnesses, but Lalith Kumar Weeraju has not been seen since.

    “He was my only son,” said Mr Veeraraja, 54, his voice cracking with emotion as he sat at the family home on a rubber plantation in Srinivas last week. “Sometimes when I think about him I shiver. I don’t know how to cope.”

    Mr Veeraraja, who survived an abduction attempt last November after pressing for information about his son’s fate, is not alone.

    Next month, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to greet Prince Charles and dozens of world leaders for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, an event he hopes will bolster his regime’s credibility.

    However, four years after the end of a civil war that left up to 100,000 people dead, activists say the nation’s human rights record remains atrocious and such abductions continue with disturbing regularity. After Iraq, Sri Lanka has the highest number of disappearances in the world, with fewer than half of the 12,000 on record solved.

    White vans have become such a potent symbol for abductions in Sri Lanka that they have even spawned their own verb. Being “white vanned” is to be “disappeared” by shadowy groups linked to the security services.

    Dimuthu Attygalle, 46, understands Sri Lanka’s dark underbelly better than most. Walking home in Colombo in April last year, she felt a hand grab her mouth and pull her backwards.

    “There were six or seven of them, armed with T56 rifles,” said Ms Attygalle, a member of a leftist political party who is now in hiding. “They bound my eyes and beat me. They molested me sexually and used filthy language.”

    She was handcuffed and blindfolded for four days and interrogated by security agents, but was relatively lucky. A colleague who was abducted simultaneously was a dual Sri Lankan-Australian citizen. She believes that pressure from Australian diplomats helped to secure their release.

    Although the pace of abductions has slowed since the war ended in 2009, Ruki Fernando, a human rights activist, estimates that about two “white van” abductions take place every month. Some believe the number may be higher, as many cases go unreported because the victims’ families are too frightened to speak out. Another activist believes there are at least three abduction squads operating in Colombo, with several more in the north of the country, the heartland of the Tamil insurgency that gripped Sri Lanka for 26 years.

    The government denies it is behind the disappearances.

    The families say few cases are followed up by the police and the fate of the victims is unknown.

    Abdul Hameed Noor Najiba, 62, fought desperately with the men who abducted her two sons outside their home in May 2010. “When I went to see the police, they laughed at me,” she said. “When I saw the police Inspector-General, he said: ‘Don’t bother searching for them, just pray for their souls.’ “

  13. mario_perera Says:

    Reference: Dayan Jayatillake’s article in the Hindu titled – Learn to keep your friends close

    DJ writes

    “If it boycotts the CHOGM summit, New Delhi will alienate Sri Lanka and erode the progress it has made in nudging Colombo to devolve more powers to the Northern Province

    Were Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to stay away from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) summit in Colombo next month, it would not only be perceived as a snub by Sri Lanka but would damage Delhi’s soft-power projection in its own environs and prove deleterious to India’s interests.”

    Firstly I personally think the use of words by DJ are inappropriate.

    Nudging is a soft word. But have the tactics of India with regard to Sri Lanka been SOFT? To me the answer is a resounding NO.

    Nothing about the dealings of India as regards Sri Lanka from the time of Indira Gandhi has been soft. The training and unleashing of of terrorists would not fall within the meaning of ‘nudging’! Neither would the State terrorism involved in forcing the 13A down Sri Lanka’s throat. So too with India’s part in holding the Northern PC elections which was more of the nature of ‘blackmail’ than nudging. It is the same with India’s attitude as regards the CHOGM as also with the UNHRC.

    There is absolutely no nudging involved in any of these, but something more akin to ‘brute force’ and arm twisting.

    DJ argues that should India not participate at Head of State level in the Colombo CHOGM, Sri Lanka would dump any further involvement with the Northern PC as regards power sharing and veer irremediably towards the Bejing-Islamabad axis. Unfortunately judging from the back-boneless attitude of the MR regime as regards India, such an eventuality would seem very remote indeed. Many thought the Sampur would go to China. But in whose hands did it end up?

    I personally believe that India considers itself as having Sri Lanka in an iron grip and will continue with its ‘carrot and baton’ policy with a Sri Lanka salivating after the ever receding carrots and groaning after the painful whacks with the baton.

    The CHOGM is nothing but another carrot of India. An .eventual absence of Man-Moron (thank you Lorenzo for coining this most appropriate word) will be the thud of the Indian baton yet again on the Raja-Passa.

    There are other carrots and baton blows to come for a salivating and groaning MR regime. The next is the UNHRC in early 2014.

    It is therefore far too early to predict any disengagement on Sri Lanka’s part from the evolution of the Northern PC ambitions considering the carrots and batons in India’s armory; diplomatic and other.

    Mario Perera

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamils have got used USING Sri Lanka and the People of Lanka to liberate themselves from Fascism and CASTE.

    Till Tamil Nadu has zero Caste identities, with no more Scheduled Castes lists etc in their local govt., Lanka will have problems with Tamil people.

    Pres. MR has done a lot for Sri Lanka and all her People. We are grateful and we will persevere to preserve the integrity of Lanka through the courts of Law.

    Also, no more illegal migrants from anywhere. If all Tamil illegal migrants are deported, most of the problems will cease for then only will Tamil Nadu Tamils get the next clear message of ‘NO’ to Eelam in Lanka. They are free to form Eelam in Tamil Nadu’s salubrious Nil Giri Mts.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    Why should Sri Lanka be demonized and isolated? For Liberating itself … at great cost in blood and treasure … from the grip of murderous terrorism and internecine war?

    Western nations who did their utmost to hinder a military solution to LTTE’s reign of terror, thereby extending the conflict over 30 years, killing and maining several hundreds of thousands of people, and setting back Sri Lanka’s economic development by that many decades, do not have the MORAL HIGH GROUND to PIOUSLY PONTIFICATE to Sri Lanka for freeing itself!

    I ACCUSE these Western nations … who liberated themselves from the scourge of Nazi terror in World War II, and suppressed its revival with the iron of MILITARY OCCUPATION of Europe for nearly half a century … of the DEATH and IMPOVERISHMENT of these Sri Lankan citizens, by refusing to allow Sri Lanka to do the same for its citizens, and aiding and abetting by allowing the Eelamists to raise funds, buy arms, and providing safe havens in their countries.

    ASK US NOT to RECONCILE with these UNREPENTANT MURDERERS by continued diplomatic support for them. You asked for the support of the world against facism in your hour of need … and we provided it willingly! Today you plead for more support against terrorism when it invades your own countries; but you are DEAF to our pleas for support and aid, when the lives our people are threatened by the same intolerant, racist, murderous ideologies.

    NO! Sri Lanka SHOULD NOT RECONCILE with the Murderous Unrepentant Eelamists still striving for their separatist state by any means fair or foul.

    Instead, like the Allied nations of Europe who stamped out the scourge of Nazism with an IRON FIST, Sri Lanka should PROSCRIBE all Eelamist parties and STRIVE to DEMOLISH & ERADICATE the Eelamist Idealogy from every corner of Sri Lanka.

    The need is not for RECONCILIATION and ABJECT APPEASEMENT with Racist Murderers, but for SUPPRESSION of their Murderous Idealogy by EVERY AVAILABLE LAWFUL MEANS until the cows come home, and this generation of brainwashed jaundiced Eelamists pass forever from the firmament!

    Sri Lanka deserves support

    The Australian
    October 21, 2013

    SADLY, pressure for a boycott of next month’s Commonwealth Heads of Government summit in Sri Lanka is gathering significant momentum. India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, is now considering joining the campaign to stay away. The campaign has been spearheaded by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper over Colombo’s alleged human rights abuses.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron is also under pressure not to go, following a demand by the House of Commons’ all-party Foreign Affairs Committee. Tony Abbott should ignore the clamour whipped up by the well-organised Tamil diaspora and maintain the firm opposition to a boycott he expressed after meeting Mr Harper at the APEC summit. Legitimate concerns do exist about human rights in Sri Lanka. That is hardly surprising after a civil war of exceptional brutality that lasted 30 years and saw 100,000 civilians killed. But the process of reconciliation, now demonstrably under way, would be seriously impaired by a boycott of what will be the biggest international event held in Sri Lanka since the 1976 Non-Aligned Summit. The Tamils inevitably would be blamed by the Sinhala majority for any failure, with potentially dire consequences.

    What Sri Lanka needs is more of the Tamil participation seen in the successful provincial elections just held in what was the war’s main fighting zone – with a remarkable 68 per cent voter turnout and the main Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance, winning 30 of the 36 seats. Increasingly, the Tamil diaspora – especially in Canada, which has the largest Tamil community outside Sri Lanka – seems at odds with the Tamils at home, whose priorities are reconciliation and reconstruction, not retribution. Australia’s interests would be best served by assisting that process, not in contributing to communal tensions, which would be the likely consequence of a CHOGM boycott. Stability and an assured place for Tamils in a prosperous and peaceful Sri Lanka would also cut the ground from under people-smugglers bringing asylum-seekers across the Indian Ocean. And it would make it easier for our government to hasten the repatriation of Sri Lankans already here.

    Mr Harper has sacrificed his place in a major forum with the potential to exert real influence on Colombo. Dr Singh and Mr Cameron should not follow him. Sri Lanka needs assistance on reconciliation, not isolation.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    The right thing for SL is a MILITARY TAKEOVER.

    SACK the president, his 190 advisors, 1,500 staff, 225 MPs, 100 ministers and their staff, PCs, MCs, PSs, etc. Immediately SL people will save BILLIONS. GIVE these benefits to people IMMEDIATELY. Punish all drug dealers, thugs, the corrupt IMMEDIATELY.

    SCRAP the con-stitution.
    SCRAP ALL ethnic specific laws like Vesawalami, Shitaria, etc.

    Put a NEW constitution based on Sinhala a must know language for all, Buddhist principles of good governance, TOTAL UNITARY SL, EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE, ZERO TOLERANCE of ANY FORM of separatism, ZERO TOLERANCE of illegal immigrants, nationalist media, independent judiciary and police, ZERO TOLERANCE of foreign missionary work, strict rules for NGOs, death for treason and major corruption.

    Then hand over to a SMALL LEAN govt. elected from an election within 1 year. Any party that fails to get 20% of the TOTAL NATIONAL vote is DISQUALIFIED from election. Its voted shared between the 2 top parties equally. NO PCs. ANY PARTY violating the new constitution immediately disqualified.

    Limit TOTAL politicians’ expenses to 0.5% of GDP.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    ANY PARTY violating the new constitution immediately disqualified.- All ok in ideal economical world not in faith base world !
    eg: USSR become 13 third world country !!!

    follow our big brother that is only option left for us for ever !!!

    live & let live ,leave our fight for our future generation than they live &let live etc……

    Modayas & Sakkiliyas never learn & never will be …….

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka has been USED as the place to EXPORT Tamils abroad by creating riots here through Tamil leaders Separatism.

    Some in the Tamil Diaspora thus formed in some 30 countries will always try to trash Lanka with lies and deceptions. That is why Sri Lanka continues to suffer.

    Tamil Nadu from where Caste bound Tamils come, stays snug and cozy, while Sri Lanka suffers from lies, cheat, deceit and misery for helping Tamils out of their suffering from Caste/poverty issues.

    Send a clear message that Sri Lanka is from now onwards CLOSED TO TAMIL ILLEGAL MIGRANTS by Deporting all the illegal Tamil migrants in Lanka.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Nanda said ….

    Are you talking about Lalith Kumar Weeraraj ?
    But you said Lalith Weeratunga who is MR’s secretary.”

    Oops … I goofed! My PROFUSE APOLOGIES to Mr. Lalith Weeratunga … who I have met … and consider to be a Patriot of the Highest caliber!

    Thank you Nanda for pointing out my TERRIBLE MISTAKE. Yes, it is Lalith Kumar Weeraraj I am talking about.

    I will try to DELETE all of those posts!

  20. Christie Says:

    Let us liberate ourselves from Indian imperialist and colonists.

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