They Came, Saw And Conquered Nothing, Returning To Their Respective Domains Empty Handed Yet Mr.David Cameron Wants To Get Tough On The Same Issues Too.
Posted on October 25th, 2013

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

When British Prime Minister David Cameron seeks to have “very tough conversations” with the Sri Lankan Government on human rights issues‚ during next month’s Commonwealth Summit‚ in Colombo is seems a‚ curiosity to say the least!
And when‚  he says he will‚  also visit the Tamil- dominated war-torn north towards fact finding beyond being a precedent it sounds a bit authoritative unless he observes the necessary protocols, attempts no litigation and conducts himself with the dignity expected of his status as the political‚ leader of the United Kingdom rather than adopt a get tough stance as reported!
It could get him in hot water!
So what else is new! and what facts does he hope to find beyond the prosperity and amazing development‚ in Sri Lanka today one wonders‚ ?
That its been done before, courtesy of the UN’s Ban Ki Moon, Naveen Pillai and a few others on the same witch hunt using the same rhetoric, lop sided excuses and cooked up evidence‚  sponsored‚ by the Global Tamil Diasopora, Tamil Tiger sympathisers and the rest of Sri Lanka’s adversaries over the issue of human rights, is common knowledge with a few participants from the EU, USA and Canada also who have yet to substantiate their claims tangibly as otherwise Sri Lanka would have been hauled before the International Tribunal in the Hague a long time ago which obviously needs no rocket science to conclude.
‚ The world knows the reason for this as there simply are no real grounds for Sri Lanka to be incarcerated for what has been none other than a legitimate defending of her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity against a near nation destructive, vicious‚ terrorist campaign which was carried out for almost three decades.
What the Government of Sri Lanka did was arguably‚ in the best interests of all Sri Lankans and the sooner the likes of Mr.Cameron and the rest of the same bandwagon get a whiff of this realistically the better off it would be for all concerned!.
The Canadian authorities who took up the‚ same call over rights violations and decided to boycott the summit almost unilaterally, have had no true bearing on the summit’s scheduling, progress and objectives either as there are sensible and assertive countries involved who see the true frame of things relative to what transpired in Sri Lanka.‚ The Canadian stand once again appears related to the urgings of the Global Tamil Diaspora and Tamils supportives within the caucases of the Conservative party sans the tangibility needed towards the accusations they pose against Sri Lanka where hearsay and doctored presentations such as the Channel Four documentaries‚ appear to dictate.‚ 
It isalso interesting to note that those who are in support of Sri Lanka at the‚ CHOGM‚ have no conflicts of interest nor are they‚ prompted by the Global Tamil diaspora like certain countries‚ which in some perspectives‚ are also obligated to various anti – Sri Lankan elements‚ inasmuch as the Indian Government is to the urgings of Tamil Nadu‚ which has very much to do with a block vote they are dependent on as well as responses to flybynight Tamil sympathetic politicos and‚ the eventual reasoning becomes somewhat academic.
Mr. Cameron in this respect would be well advised to tone down his rhetoric, stop‚ his intended getting tough attitude and participate in the summit like the rest of the participants in a‚ decorum filled‚ orderly manner as the occasion demands as opposed to “a Bull in‚ a Chinashop”‚ tirade which his attitude seems tantamount to‚ as in the end it is quite likely he will‚  despite all his professed toughness, get going as the saying goes with nothing to show for his trouble other than to appease the British foreign advisory committee who seem to have been hounding him and has also been reported as urging him to boycott the summit inasmuch as the Canadian Prime minister’s stand which might be a better option for him particularly if he has intentions of interfering into the internal affairs of a sovereignity‚ which in the end‚  could be egg all over his face!‚ 
This might not be that good towards his image which at present has all the embellishments‚  of a very classy and congruous‚ British leader.‚ 
Perhaps he should pause for a moment to ponder upon those in the past who came with greater fervour to hold Sri Lanka accountable towards the same reasons he is‚ purportedly canvassing for‚ yet saw nothing and conquered nothing beyond the marvel Sri Lanka is today after overcoming huge setbacks at the hands of the Tamil Tigers and their supportives where some of these types still linger on within the country and in all probabilities his rhetoric and body language could easily provide enough rope for them to chew on where he might even be championing a derogatory cause even though in all likelihood it might eventually hang them!‚ ‚ 


3 Responses to “They Came, Saw And Conquered Nothing, Returning To Their Respective Domains Empty Handed Yet Mr.David Cameron Wants To Get Tough On The Same Issues Too.”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Cameron should be taken to poor Sinhala villages too on the way to North. We should insist on this. He should be reminded that Sinhala people are also “human” and they have rights. These rights are also violated daily basis.

    Most of all, our participants should use CHUGIAM as platform launch a daring attack on human rights violations of the west and specially of British who carried out Wellassa Genocide. Before air gusts through their openings, our leaders should ask for a new apology from British and Endia.
    Let us keep on reminding MR to do this, as Shenali did.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    David Cameron should be firmly reminded that Sri Lanka is not a British colony any more and that we are more than capable of looking after our own affairs. He should be given the same treatment dished out to Mr Bean (David Miliban). Like any other tourist he should be given the same freedom to visit any part of the country, but should not be allowed to dictate terms to the government.The Brits and the Yanks talk about democratic process, but did their citizens have any say when they decided to invade Iraq? Cameron should be reminded about British crimes comited in Sri Lanka and should be asked for an apology.

  3. Charles Says:

    CHOGM is a get together of the Le

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