Tamil Nadu’ Resolution to Not attend the Commonwealth Summit
Posted on October 27th, 2013

Ira de Silva London, Canada

The Editor
The Hindu
Delhi, India

Dear Sir:

Reference your news report regarding the resolution passed in Tamil Nadu now supported by members of the Congress heading the UPA at the Centre as well as members of the Opposition in Delhi, it seems that anti-Sri Lanka behaviour is the only factor that unites Indian politicians who are generally at each other’s throats. Once again, they are critical of Sri Lanka for votes in India. This is the same situation in Canada, the other “high profile” country which is not boycotting but sending a second string delegation. Even the former Conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. B. Mulroney has indicated that Canada’s diminished role is a mistake. For Mr. Singh to not attend is also a mistake as it indicates that he has abdicated responsibility for Indian foreign policy to regional authorities.

It is no secret that successive Indian Governments have supported LTTE terrorism beginning with Mrs. I. Gandhi who provided them with military bases, money and political support. Not to be outdone, Tamil Nadu also voted funds for the LTTE, provided political sound bites and a safe home for their Tamil brethren from which they could attack Sri Lanka. This practice of supporting the LTTE and promoting anyone who wants the division of Sri Lanka to create Eelam, using any excuse to badger Sri Lanka continues and this latest resolution and support at the centre is a continuation of India’s harassment of Sri Lanka and it’s policy of being the neighbourhood thug to win elections and promote India’s imaginary belief that it has “sovereignty” in other countries of the region. In this regard, successive Canadian Governments have also contributed to LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka, politicians helped fund raising for LTTE terrorism and it was Canadian citizens who paid for the bombing of the Central Bank and other acts of terrorism. It was just to get Tamil votes in Canadian elections. The current Canadian decision is also based on Canadian domestic politics. This shows that India and Canada have the same attitudes. Both countries have supported Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka and now they threaten to not attend just to appeal to their domestic vote bases. Both have no regard for principles or human rights and certainly no concern for the Sri Lankan Tamils.
It is strange state that the “Deputy leader of the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam Panruti S. Ramachandran (whatever that is) said the Tamils across the world expected such a resolution and there was no need for India to worry about Sri Lanka switching its loyalty to China and other countries”. Why should Sri Lanka be the scapegoat for “Tamils across the world”? If the Indian Government wants to satisfy the requirements of Tamils worldwide, it should ask them to return to their homeland in Tamil Nadu, India where they can reap the benefits of being Tamil, enjoy the poor economic conditions of the majority in Tamil Nadu as well as the oppression of the Tamil Nadu Government. When can Sri Lanka expect a resolution being passed in Tamil Nadu, supported by the Central Government, requesting all Tamils to return to the comfort of India? I am sure that most of the countries where Tamils are resident will welcome and endorse the return of the Tamils, especially Sri Lanka, as the country will not have to deal with Indian harassment, constant aggression and intrusive politics. As for his statement that -as per the United Nations charter, even military intervention is allowed to uphold human rights,- India tried military intervention in Sri Lanka without any UN sanction and paid the price with thousands of Indian soldiers being killed and wounded and the Indian forces went back to India to lick their wounds. Further, if it is question of “human rights” it is more likely that there will firstly be intervention in India for gross human rights violations in Kashmir as well as other Indian states.
It seems that Tamil Nadu is dictating the foreign policy of India although according to the constitution it should be the Central Government taking into account the requirements of all of India not just Tamil Nadu. In this regard, If Mr. Singh does not go, it shows the inadequacy and short-sightedness of the Government of India. It broadcasts to the world how weak the Government of India is in contrast to the image that India wants to project to the world that it is a “leader” in the region. It is instead just a neighbourhood bully being bullied by it’s own state governments.
As for Sri Lanka, it is hoped that the Government of Sri Lanka will realise that it can not depend on India, that India is no friend, that India has repeatedly acted against Sri Lanka just to secure Indian votes, that the India that promoted LTTE terrorism to harass Sri Lanka has not changed and that India is willing to sacrifice Sri Lanka for political expediency. Therefore, Sri Lanka should clearly indicate to India that it will not tolerate any further interference by India, that while it is India’s decision to attend or not to attend, Sri Lanka will not tolerate any further insults or votes against it , that it will not be subservient to India. It should make it clear that India is not considered a friend, that it will take all measures to protect the country against Indian ambitions and that it will not give any concessions to Indian business just because they are Indian. In short, it is time to tell India that if they want to stay home, to do just that in every sense of the word. Ordinary Sri Lankans are fed up with India’s bullying and interference. It is time to officially indicate Sri Lankans distrust and disgust of India.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Canada

6 Responses to “Tamil Nadu’ Resolution to Not attend the Commonwealth Summit”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Let Tamil Madu not attend. Endia is not TN.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    I hope that gutless, spineless Indian PM will not attend the CGHOM. We already have enough trouble with some Tamils and do not need those who support them or scared of them in Sri Lanka.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Another Bearded, Gutless, Spineless, Hen Pecked AH, whose mind is manipulated by a VIRAGO.

  4. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Ira de Silva…….for opening up Indian eyes, they are sleeping most of the time. Only time they wake up is when Pakistan sends some terrorits to attack India.

    As most SriLankans have said Jamnu & Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan & we feel INDIA is illegally occupying this part of Pakistan since independence. So far no country has even mentioned the attrocities INDIA bring upon their neighbours. First helpless Bhutan is treated so badly & Nepal did not want India to mediate in its problems & asked President of Sri Lanka to visit & help them out.

    This is how India is treated in return for their arrogance & stupid foreign policy. Comng back to TN is this what India propose to do to Sri Lanka, with 13th amendment to, DEPEND on the goodwill of NPC tamils before a crucial decision is made..?

    May be in INDIA who depends on TN vote BUT not in Sri Lanka, we do not allow TERRORISTS to dictate how the govt: of Sri Laka operates. I know our former responses were making FUN of PM of India, but I would sat Indians have NOT got their TOOLS although they can produce kids in large numbers to BECOME MOST POPULOUS country in the world. jst like sakkili Tamils in Sri Lanka, that is why Tamils run to INDIAN GOD FATHER to get advice.

    Even if Indian beared man comes NOW the damage is done, and his visit becomes of NO VALUE……Better for him to stay home as SONIA has dictated……Good riddens I say…….~ J

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Northern Province now acts like a Parallel Autonomous Government to the GOSL, taking upon itself to send a Northern Province Minister to mediate International Issues with Tamil Nadu in India.

    The GOSL should STOP this IMMEDIATELY NOW, prohibiting international diplomacy as OUTSIDE THE SCOPE of Powers of the Provincial Councils, or this will become a DE-FACTO precedent setting up a standard practice that will DILUTE the AUTHORITY of Sri Lanka’s National Government.

    The GOSL should issue a CEASE & DESIST order to the Northern Provincial Council, identifying the PENALTIES for engaging in such activities, before TOO MANY ministerial COOKS SPOIL Sri Lanka’s international security SOUP!

    Sri Lanka Northern Province minister to visit Tamil Nadu to address fishermen’s issues
    Sun, Oct 27, 2013, 01:21 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 27, Colombo: A minister of the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka is to visit Tamil Nadu in order to address issues faced by the Sri Lankan fishermen in the North.

    The Northern Province Minister of Fisheries, Transport and Rural Development P. Deniswaran is considering to visit Tamil Nadu to resolve the issue of massive-scale poaching by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan waters.

    Deniswaran told the local media that he hoped to hold discussions with the Tamil Nadu authorities about the issue.

    Pointing out that local fishermen are badly affected by the large scale poaching by Indian fishermen and the use of illegal fishing methods by them, the provincial minister said that Indian fishermen are also destroying coral and marine life in Sri Lankan waters while engaging in poaching.

    According to Deniswaran, the Sri Lankan and Indian governments need to find a diplomatic solution to address the issue of illegal poaching in Sri Lankan waters by Indian fishermen.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Good rebuttal by SSP Ajith Rohana. The Real Reason is that Wigneswaran and the TNA want to get ALL Sinhalese, including Police and Army security personnel, out of the Northern Province … so they can start diddling the registration records of voters, land ownership, interdiction of illegal immigration, and start training an Eelamist Army under the guise of a Police Force.

    This activity WILL NOT END … until the 13th Amendment is REVOKED and the Provincial Council System is DISMANTLED by leaf, branch, trunk and root. Only then willl Sri Lanka be SAFE!

    Police counter CM’s criticism of policing in NP

    By Shamindra Ferdinando
    October 27, 2013

    Police headquarters spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana yesterday said that all police stations in the Northern Province were geared to accept complaints in Tamil.

    He told The Island that since the conclusion of the conflict, in May 2009, police headquarters had launched a special project to assign officers proficient in Tamil to police stations in the Northern Province.

    The officer was responding to Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran’s request to the government to appoint Tamil-speaking police personnel in the Northern Province, who would understand the people’s aspirations, language and culture.

    In his address to the inaugural session of the Northern Provincial Council, the retired Justice urged the government to ensure that the army stopped taking over private land in the North.

    CM Wigneswaran said: “It is important to draw a time-frame for the military to return the land taken over in such a manner to the rightful owners.”He also called for a civilian to be appointed as Governor of the Province. The present Governor, G. A. Chandrasiri, is a retired Major General, who once commanded Security Forces deployed in the Jaffna peninsula.

    Police spokesman Rohana said that nowhere in the world were personnel recruited to police forces on the basis of ethnicity, language, caste or creed. Of some 2,800 police officers proficient in Tamil who were serving the department today in different positions, approximately 900 were deployed in the Northern Province, the official said. He said that some of the 2,800 personnel proficient in Tamil were Sinhalese.

    According to SSP Rohana, since the conclusion of the conflict, in May 2009, the police had recruited nearly 1,500 personnel proficient in Tamil, including 60 Sub Inspectors to meet what he called the demand for policing in the Northern Province.

    The Northern Range comprises Jaffna, Kankesanthurai, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mankulam, Mannar and Vavuniya.

    SSP Rohana said that there were 42 police stations and 40 police posts in the Northern Range under senior DIG Gamini Silva.

    The Northern Range senior DIG is on extension and expected to retire on Dec 3. Although Silva was to retire on Sept 3, he was given an extension due to the first Northern Provincial Council polls held on Sept 21.

    Responding to a query, the police spokesman pointed out that Tamil youth were prevented from joining the police in the ‘80s by northern terrorist groups. Terrorists also carried out a spate of target killings of Tamil speaking police officers to discourage Tamil youth from joining the department, he said. “Threats prevented Tamils from joining the police until the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009. Unfortunately, those complaining about the dearth of Tamil speaking officers and men remained silent as long as they felt the LTTE could overcome the military on the Vanni front.”

    Asked whether officers had been deprived of promotions due to them being Tamil, SSP Rohana said that Rudra Rajasingham and T. Anandarajah functioned as the IGPs during the conflict. Apart from them, several other Tamil officers held senior positions during the conflict, he said, adding that the LTTE formed its own ‘police’ force in areas under its control.

    The police spokesman emphasised that people of all communities could respond to police advertisements calling for recruits. It would be important to keep in mind that recruitment and deployment would never be on the basis of ethnicity, he said. During the conflict, the police had to adopt certain measures to meet the unprecedented threat to national security therefore it would be prudent to examine strategies adopted at that time in the context of the terrorism threat.

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