Posted on October 28th, 2013

By Stanley Perera -” Melbourne

Vigneswaran I knew was from the time he became a Supreme Court Judge.‚  But the writer does not know anything about Vigneswaran before becoming a judge.‚  The writer is of the view that Vigneswaran lived in Colombo amongst his Sinhalese brethren all his life bludging the Sri Lankan Government.‚ 

Justice Vigneswaran after taking his oath as a Judge of the Supreme Court, made a controversial speech on aspirations of the Tamil people.‚  Justice Vigneswaran wore the silk burrowed from a retired Sinhalese Supreme Court Judge who happened to be a relation of his.‚  Until his retirement Justice Vigneswaran wore this borrowed silk.‚  Silk is the cloak worn by the Supreme Court judges.‚  He was one of the two judges of the bench presided by Justice Mark Fernando.‚  But never been a presiding judge.‚  If Justice Vigneswaran went against the order of the majority, he must write his own order reasoning out as to why he was opposed to the majority order.‚  So what a lazy judge does is, he agrees with the majority order.‚  Justice Vigneswaran was not only a lazy judge often he asked dumb questions from the defence counsel.‚  When asked to elaborate on the question he asked, he has forgotten what the question he asked.‚  Juctice Vigneswaran was notorious to be an unreliable judge as he frequently been sick or going to India for medical treatment.‚  Soon he retired on medical reasons.‚  THIS IS A VERY VALUABLE POINT THAT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED BY THE AUTHORIES.‚  IF JUSTICE VIGNESWARAN WAS NOT FIT ENOUGH TO PERFORM AS A SUPREME COURT JUDGE DUE TO HIS POOR HELTH CONDITION, HOW COME HE FUNCTION AS A CHIEF MINISTER OF THE NORTHERN PROVINCIAL COUNCIL?

Question number two:‚  When Vigneswaran was nominated to contest as the Chief Minister there were some allegations that Vigneswaran lived all his life in Colombo and he was not a registered voter in the North.‚  THIS IS THE SECOND POINT THAT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED BY THE AUTHORITIES TO ASCERTAIN IF VIGNESWARAN IS REGISTERED AS A VOTER IN BOTH COLOMBO AND NORTH OR ONLY REGISTERED IN COLOMBO.‚  The GoSL must appoint a commission to investigate the above allegations together with his speeches made since becoming the CM on the basis of communal feelings that brings disharmony amongst the Sri Lankan communities.‚  His affiliations with the Indian sponsored anti Sinhalese and pro-terrorist ideology.‚  Vigneswaran is not a clever judge.‚  The man-â„¢s utterances are not that of an educated person. ‚ ‚ This man has more Sinhalese friends and relations than Tamils.‚  He has selected cheap and racist ideology for quick fame.

Since Vigneswaran became a politician he becomes a servant to the voters.‚  So he must Sir the constituents.‚  Vigneswaran must realise that he is only the CM.‚  Above him are: GA, Governor, Basil Rajapakse, Gotabhaya Rajapakse, Prime Minister and the President.‚  Therefore Vigneswaran is only the bottom of the heap.‚  At the rate he is uttering anti Sri Lankan slogans copied from the filthy Nadoos, Vigneswaran is already branded as a trash together with stinking TNAI.‚  Dogs bark.‚  Moon never comes down.‚  It is only fools make a noise.‚  Empty vessels make a noise too.

If one respects others, others will respect you in return.‚  While Vigneswaran disrespects Sinhalese, this fool cannot expect the Sinhala people to return him the respect.‚  Respect is something that one has to earn through his behaviour and the attitude.‚  This fellow is sponsored by Indians, funded by the RAW, manipulated by anti Sri Lankan mistress and Karunasleeping and elected by racist Tamils, practicing megalomaniac-â„¢s ideology.‚  Having lived all his life amongst the Sinhala brethren and bludging the Sri Lankan Government, no sooner the chappie becoming the CM showing his true colours is no surprise for a racist Tamil.

Could Vigneswaran have become a Supreme Court judge in India or in Tamil Nadoo?‚  NO.‚  Could Vignesvaran have become a Chief Minister in any State in India, let alone in Tamil Nadoo?‚  NO.‚  It is only in Sri Lanka that this racist Vigneswaran rose up to the top ladder in the judiciary and in local politics. So where is the discrimination you racist Vigneswaran?‚  Didn-â„¢t you achieve the Tamil people-â„¢s aspirations?‚  Where is the patriotism to the country that gave you everything that you asked for?‚  You are an undesirable, ungrateful and untrustworthy son of a gun.‚  You possess all the pre-requisites to be a parasite.‚  Megalomaniac has been replaced by a Megalomaniac.‚  This chap received a free education at the expense of the Sri Lankan government.‚  Man you are insulting the moderate Tamil people.

Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans.‚  Tamil people live all over the island.‚  Vigneswaran wants all Sinhalese leave north.‚  This chap wants the Sinhala Governor out of North.‚  The chappie wants separate Tamil Police force in the North.‚  This idiot wants the SL Army leave north.‚  Did this man say any of these during the 30 years of terror by his predecessor the Megalomaniac?‚  The chappie is blowing hot and cold.‚  Very injurious indeed.

More than half of the Tamils in the North are KALLATHONIS including Rayappu, Saundranayagam, Sampanthan and Sivajilingam.‚  They are thriving at the expense of the Sri Lankan Government.‚  Those starving Nadoos who do not know what a toilet is or how to use a toilet, an uncivilised Indians demanding the Tamil people-â„¢s aspirations.‚  It is a joke.‚  These Kallathonis demand from a country they do not belong to a separate state.‚  Now at this point the writer reminds the lecture by SL Army Commander Daya Rathnayake, -that if anyone tries to separate the country, their heads will be separated from the bodies like what happened to the Megalomaniac.‚  The above named racist Kallathonis including the successor to the Megalomanic‚  must take this lecture as a warning.‚  Take my humble advice you racist Tamils:‚  Live and let live like the moderate Tamil people.‚  Don-â„¢t insult the moderate Tamils like Thurai and Rajasinham.


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    STANLEY !!
    Justice Mark Fernando was my class-mate. He was a very beautiful person in College. Late Justice Ramanathan was also my Class mate and we were seated next to each other. Justice Ramanathan was a very simple down to earth lovable character. After leaving College, while he was a Supreme Court Judge, he used to come to the YMCA Cafeteria, and very often we sit to lunch together. Mind you, he was so simple, he used to come in a pair of shorts, the same long shorts we used to wear to College. Justice Priyantha Perera too was a class mate, and their simplicity is adorable. Iam saying all this is to differentiate the aforesaid Justices, to this bearded retired RACIST Supreme court judge. How come such a Racist Judge SQUAT on the Bench ? His DUAL personality is completely exposed with his racist utterences, which virtually intimidates His Excellency The President, and the Dignity of his Office. This is a Tamil Mad Dog let loose. In his TNA media utterences, he was complicit when he or some other fellow said, “RACIST SINHALESE BUDDHIST SCOUNDRELS ” So what I infer here is that his TWO DAUGHTERS ARE MARRIED TO TWO SCOUNDRELS. That is how this racist jackal address his Sons-in-Law. He is spitting on his two daughters faces. They must be crying in shame. How can the daughters socialize with their husbands relatives and friends. HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE BEAUTIFUL TAMIL RACE. He should be packed off to TN to collect night soil by hand. He will do a good job.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    VIGNESWARAN has told the Governor to go. He tells all the Sinhalese to go. GOOD. GOOD.

    The Sinhalese must now get ready to first ask all the Tamils in Wellawatte to GO.to Jaffna. They have to stop starting their Jaffna Bus from Wellawatte, to Jaffna. This bus must from now on, start from the Pettah Bus Stand. Some of these Tamils have to leave Wellawatte earlier to Jaffna, so that the Sinhales coming from Jaffna, can occupy the vacant houses in Wellawatte. This should be an ongoing thing. Mervyn, Wimal JHU, can come and help with the evacuation.
    As the Bearded Jackal said, they will do step by step. So here is good advice, Sinhales must take step by step,First Wellawatte, Then start with Mutwal Step by Step.
    Also the Tamil Business colony in the Pettah has to get ready to go to Jaffna, as the Sinhala Traders being asked to leave Jaffna can,eventually ente the vacant shops in Pettah. TTHAT IS HOW THE STEP BY STEP WORKS. To be continued.

  3. Indrajith Says:

    Susantha, I think a correction is needed here. It is not that Judge Wigneswaran’s two daughters are married to two Sinhalese boys. But it is the otherway round. As per our friend Lorenzo, his two African looking sons have married two Sinhalese gilrs. One of them is Vasudewa Nanayakkara’s daughter and the other one is the daughter of the brother of Kesara Lal Gunasekera. Still the point that you raise here won’t change.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Wellawatte Main Road Tamils should be the First to asked to leave their premises along with their belongings. A Sinhaslese guard will look after the premises till the Jaffna Sinhalese come. It is a nice understanding Take it Step By Step. If the Sinhales are Forced to Leave Jaffna, they shoud be happy to come to Wellawatte where all facilities and seed money will be give by the Government for basic set up. The Tamils will be welcomed in Jaffna, but may have to compete for getting suitable accommodation. This is a mad Scheme originated by the Tamils, So they will have to cut the curves and edges to fit in.

    Wellawatte should be cleaned up well by the municipality to welcome the Sinhalese, The Bearded Cm likes Time Schedules. SO all tamils~~~100 Families should be ready to board the buses at Pettah Main, along with luggage, on a given day at a give time BUSSES WILL ONLY START FROM BUSTANDS, ANO SPECIAL CONCESSION ARE ALLOWED TO BRING BUSSES INTO FAVOURED PLACES AT WELLAWATTE. LONG DISTANCE BUSSES DO NOT TAKE OFF FROM WELLAWATTE. WE CANNOT HAVE DIFFERENT SET OF RULES AS TO STARTING POINT OF THE LONG DISTANCE BUSSES.This is one time concession.

    Similar arrangements will be made in Jaffa to send the Sinhales down to Wellawatte.

    All Sinhales and Tamils must understand that this a wonderful scheme originated through his bearded mouth, mostly fo the benefit of the Tamils only. So love t see them enjoying That is charming recociliatin EH ?




    CG lkis time schedules.

  5. stanley perera Says:

    Sri Lankan High Commissioners in foreign countries to leave the station, prior approval must be obtained from the foreign affairs ministry. Similarly Vigneswaranai must notify the Governor and the GA if he goes out of the area. The cheque book is also not with him. The finance is handdled by the finance committe headed by the Governor. MR is planning to appoint District Minister who will be ahead of CM. So the CM is only the name sake. He can keep on barking.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    INDRAJITH !! Imay have got it vice versa, but the highlighting concept is tantamount to same.

  7. stanley perera Says:

    Susantha, What do we have to do with his two mongrel sons and the three thangachchies? Shall we hand them over to the Army Commander Daya Rathnayake to deal with them as per his lecture?

  8. Nanda Says:

    They are still puppies. No teeth yet, waiting to go to Loo College. Let them roam free for the time being.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Susantha & others,

    Advocating tit-for-tat chasing away of Tamils from Sinhala areas of the country amounts to ethnic cleansing, and will lead inevitably to the destruction of Sri Lanka as a unitary undivided state, and its partition.

    Therefore, I advise all to cease and desist from making such RASH DESTRUCTIVE statements.

    There is no way that Patriots of Sri Lanka will ever allow our Motherland to be carved up into racist Apartheid ethnic fiefdoms.

    This is what the Eelamists are trying to do: Provoke the Sinhalese to chase all Tamils away from the South into the Northern Province and hence create the raison-de-etre for a Unilateral Declaration of an independent separate homeland for Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Make no mistake: If the Sinhalese do what you propose, it will happen … no matter what the Sinhalese think or do. Therefore, it is truly IRRESPONSIBLE to make those kinds of threats against any community of Sri Lankan citizens.

    Think hard before you say these things. Let us not fall again into the same trap in the full light of the day, that Prabhakaran set for us, and we stumbled into in the darkness of the night in 1983.

    Instead, we should all be saying that no matter how much the Eelamists provoke the Sinhalese, the Sinhalese will not turn on the Tamils in the South.

    What the Sinhalese will do is to ONCE AND FOR ALL eliminate all possibility of disintegration of Sri Lanka into ethnic regions by REVOKING the 13th Amendment, DISMANTLING the Provincial Councils, banning Communal political and civil organizations, and LAWFULLY INTEGRATING all communities … with government sponsored settlement, if necessary … into ONE people, just as Singapore did.

    If that launches an Eelam War V to enforce the WRIT of the National Government and National Laws throughout the entirety of Sri Lanka … so be it.

    If that launches a war against intervening interfering foreign powers … India included … so be it.

    But, whatever the PROVOCATION we must hold tightly onto the concept of ONE Undivided Nation, of ONE Inseparable People sharing ONE Common National DESTINY, with Equal RIGHTS and Equal RESPONSIBILITIES for ALL as Sri Lankan citizens, without divisions, special rights, or special limitations based on community affiliations, and turning on one another.

  10. stanley perera Says:

    Vigneswaranai is re-born megalomaniac and he is Perumal 11. We need to exterminate these vermin. They are too hazardous to our society. A health hazrd.

  11. Nanda Says:

    The challenges faced by ONE Undivided Nation, of ONE Inseparable People sharing ONE Common National DESTINY, with Equal RIGHTS and Equal RESPONSIBILITIES is
    the 13th Amendment, the Provincial Councils, Communal political and civil organizations.

    Current jokers voted ( using stupid western system) are just doing the opposite.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Sinhalese will NEVER be settled in Jaffna or Vanni now.

    That time has PASSED. This is the bitter truth.

    Tamils now have their OWN Province whether we like it or not UNTIL the NPC is scrapped.

    So it is only right that Tamils LEAVE Colombo and go to NPC.

    Otherwise the Sinhalese will lose WPC too!!!

    First step is INTERNAL Tamil colonization of WPC. When their numbers reach 20% of the province (Muslims another 15%. Total 35%) Tamil Nadu illegal migrants come and TIP the balance in their favour.

    Unfortunately Tamils are EXTREMISTS and they leave NO MIDDLE GROUND for others.

    IF anyone seeks middle ground among Tamil MASSES he is FOOL. He can find a snail with a testicle the size of a giraffe but never common ground for a UNITARY SL among Tamil masses.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Look how the Sinhalese LOST provinces one by one.

    This is a HORROR STORY.

    First Sinhalese lost the North province. Tobacco Tamils colonized it. Because it is closest to Endia Tamils came by small boats.

    Then Sinhalese lost the East province. Partly because of the DUMBASS Sinhala king who settled Arabs in the East Province.

    Then Sinhalese lost the Central province. Tea Tamils colonized it.

    3 out of 9 GONE!!

    Next Sinhalese WILL lose Colombo district. Colombo city is already LOST!!!!!

    Hitha Honda gaani emathaama budding!!

    Hitha honda Sinhala people don’t deserve SL if they can’t protect what is theirs from ROBBERS!!! They INVITE outsiders to come and capture SL province by province.

    Either this CAPTURE must stop or the capture must be REVERSED.

    There is NOTHING (I repeat nothing) worse than Sinhalese becoming a minority in any other province or district.

    1983 will look like heaven compared to a situation when Sinhalese lose Colombo district. Sinhalese will keep the good name and go extinct. What’s the point in that good name? For Tamils they will be perfect modayas.

    But Tamils will NOT keep their good name and go extinct. Tamils will SACRIFICE their good name to SAVE their territory.

  14. Sooriarachi Says:

    Lets leave the children and families out of this.
    I agree that Wigneswaran hasn’t conducted himself in a manner one would expect from a rational, intelligent person. His utterances,provided they had been reported correctly, are not only rash and arrogant, but is tantamount to arousing racial tensions which could snowball into a massive c lash between the two communities. This behaviour of his could be his way of covering up his own incompetence in his current position, just like Jayalalitha is doing across the sea. I am not aware that Wigneswaran asked Sinhalese to leave the North, though a couple of other TNA MPs did. If he too did, then that is a very serious offence and the Govt should caution him and if he repeats, he will have to be removed.
    Though he seems to be an undesirable man, we must NOT insult his children or their families, simply because they had the misfortune to have a racist, eccentric, arrogant, cocky man, as their father. I’ve known many families where the parents and children are of opposite qualities and also where the husband and wife also had different qualities. Every adult is an independent unique individual and we must treat them accordingly. Who knows, his two sons could be thorough gentlemen and the fact they married Sinhalese girls shows they are at least not racists.

  15. jay-ran Says:


  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ” So it is only right that Tamils LEAVE Colombo and go to the NPC ” Agree with you Lorenzo. It is not a Tit for Tat. Just reciprocal. We are just only talking here. It will not happen.

    Ananda, So good to see your Wisdom. You should have been this active, while the Megolomaniac was living. All the Politicians and Ministers think the same way. Great Minds Agree. You should be a Presidential Advisor.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    I was MORE active while the Megalomanic was living, than NOW. In fact, I was the first person to advocate a military solution to the Eelamist terror from the very beginning, over 25 years ago. However, my activity was not primarily online at LankaWeb.com, but on many levels.


  18. stanley perera Says:

    Sooriaarachchi, I respect your isea. It hurts me so muchwhen one disrespects the country that provided with the free education decent livelihood. Specially when they say anything to disturb communal feelings that creates racial tension. I have toomany connections with the moderate Tamil connection. I take back what I said about Vigneswaran’s children and the sisters.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Streamlining Business Processes by enabling online access and reducing paperwork and bureaucracy is GOOD, but … in my view … excessive corruption in public’s interactions with officials, still makes people … Sri Lankan Expatriates and Foreigners …. reluctant to invest in Sri Lankan enterprises!

    Multiple LAYERS of Officialdom … such as the TOTALLY UNNECESSARY Provincial Council System … only INCREASES the BURDEN of Sri Lanka’s long suffering people … and prevents the RELEASE of their INNATE GENIUS to GROW the Nation into the New Wonder of Asia!

    Sri Lanka one of the most improved economies in Doing Business

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 29, Washington, DC: Sri Lanka is one of the 29 economies in the world that improved the most in the ease of doing business, according to a new global survey by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and World Bank comparing 189 countries.

    Sri Lanka ranked 85th out of 189 countries surveyed in the Doing Business 2014 dropping two notches form the 2013 rank of 83.

    However Sri Lanka’s distance to frontier (DTF) measure, which indicates how far each economy is from the best performance achieved by any economy on the resolving insolvency indicators, improved by 0.96% from 60.87% in 2013 to 61.83% in 2014. A score of 100 represents the frontier.

    The report “Doing Business 2014: Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises” assesses regulations affecting domestic firms in 189 economies and ranks the economies in 10 areas of business regulation, such as starting a business, resolving insolvency and trading across borders.

    This year’s report data cover regulations measured from June 2012 through May 2013.

    The economies improved the most in the ease of doing business had in 2012-13 implemented regulatory reforms making it easier to do business in 3 or more of the 10 topics included in this year’s ease of doing business ranking.

    Sri Lanka made dealing with construction permits easier by eliminating the requirement to obtain a tax clearance and by reducing building permit fees. It streamlined procedures, reduced time for processing permit applications and reduced fees. Sri Lanka reduced the fee to obtain a construction permit by eliminating the development tax.

    Sri Lanka made paying taxes easier for companies by introducing an electronic filing system for social security contributions. The country has introduced online platforms for filing and paying labor contributions, easing the administrative burden for businesses of complying with labor regulations.

    However, as of 2012 most companies were not taking advantage of the electronic payment options.

    Using a field experiment in Sri Lanka with one control and four treatment groups and offering incentives to informal firms to formalize, it has been found that providing information on registration or paying for it do not necessarily increase formalization.

    These interventions had a low impact because many firms that did not register had informal leases or agreements and were not able to provide authorities with the required proof of ownership for the land where they operated.

    Sri Lanka made trading across borders easier by introducing an electronic payment system for port services.

    Sri Lanka made getting electricity easier by improving the utility�s internal workflow and by reducing the time required to process new applications for connections. Sri Lanka improved process efficiency by improving communications with contractors, improving introducing electronic document management systems and increasing staff and resources for inspections.

    Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Electricity Board introduced an electronic document management system that streamlined its internal workflow and cut the time to process new applications by 22 days.

    Singapore ranked the easiest to do business in 2014 while Hong Kong, New Zealand, the US and Denmark rounded up the top five in that order. In the South Asian region Maldives ranked at 95th place, Pakistan at 110th, Nepal at 105th, Bangladesh at 130th, and India at 134th place.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Mr. President!

    But, that is not ENOUGH!

    INCREASE GREATLY the presence of the Armed Forces in the North and East, BUILD Coast Guard and Navy bases within eye-sight of each other ALL ALONG Sri Lanka’s coastline, especially in the Northwest, North and North East, to protect the territorial resources of Sri Lanka and PREVENT the influx of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

    Permanently SETTLE these Armed Forces Personnel … together with their Families … in these areas and Officially Sponsor the Ethnic Integration of Sri Lanka into ONE HOMOGENEOUS People.

    NEVER ALLOW provincial councils to assume POLICE and LAND powers, for that will be the beginning of the disintegration of SRi Lanka into ethnic fiefdoms.

    Finally, REVOKE the Foreign Imposed 13th Amendmentment and DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System that encourages and enables the transformation of Sri Lanka into a patchwork quilt of warring ethnic Bantustans.

    Removal of army camps from Sri Lanka’s north will not be a reality, President says

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 29, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa today stressed that the demands for removal of army camps from the North made by some elements will never be a reality.

    Addressing the 23rd convocation ceremony of the Sri John Kothalawala Defence University (KDU) held at the BMICH today, President Rajapaksa said Sri Lanka made history in successfully defeating terrorism and continues to do so as a country managing the post-conflict period as well.

    Observing that Sri Lanka set an example in eliminating terrorism and should share the experience of war victory with other countries, the President said the support of the security forces is essential to safeguard democracy.

    Ever since the war has ended, some opportunist elements both in Sri Lanka and abroad are still attempting to spread the idea of separatism and the government has been accused of not doing enough to provide relief to war affected Tamil population.

    These groups have repeatedly raised the issue of militarization in the North and demanded for the removal of troops from the north, Rajapaksa said.

    “There are demands that we remove the troops from the north. This is not a practical thing to do and it will not be done,” he asserted.

    The President, pointing out that the government has implemented a massive development drive throughout the island as a measure to eliminate all root causes of terrorism, requested the peace loving public to support the government to defeat the conspiring elements at the very outset.

    President Rajapaksa commended the security forces for their priceless contribution to establish peace and the harmony in the country.

    Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Chancellor of the KDU former Army Commander General (retd,) Rohan Daluwatta and Vice Chancellor Major General Milinda Peiris and the Commanders of three armed forces were also present at the occasion.

  21. Sooriarachi Says:

    Stanley Perera
    You are not only a patriot but also a gentleman for quickly realising we should not drag in Wigneswaran’s family, unless they decide to get involved in this debate. I agree Wigneswaran is very provocative and unreasonable, unlike the many decent Tamils we have known from childhood.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    I wrote this in response to a Fran Diaz, elsewhere in LankaWeb.com:


    1. As long as learning ALL Three Languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English) is Compulsory … it is fair and will lend itself to INTEGRATING the TWO major language groups in Sri Lanka.

    Knowledge of Tamil will make it easier for Sinhala people to keep tabs on the Eelamsts and settle and live in the North and East. On the other hand, Tamils will be forced to learn Sinhalese … and prove proficiency for example through National exams (GCE O/L) …. so it will breakdown the insularity and isolation of the Northern Tamils that is the cause of much continuing Eelamist sentiment. But, if Sinhala people are forced to learn Tamil, we must force Tamil people to learn Sinhala as well … what is good for the goose, must be good for the gander as well.

    The ludricrous nature of this whole issue is that a 80% Sinhala-speaking majority is having to accord the same status to an at most 20% Tamil-speaking minority (Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils and Moslem Tamil speakers), just to preserve the peace and integrity of Sri Lanka, due to a conflict created by at most 3% of the Tamil speakers!

    If it were not for the fact that Sinhala people must be able to effectively confront Tamil Nadu for ETERNITY, I would rather learn to speak HINDI …. linguistically related to Sinhala … that is the National Language of India. If there is any other language I would want Sinhalese to learn well … it is CHINESE … the Global Language of the future.

    The downside of requiring Sinhala people to learn Tamil is that … will they forget and lose Sinhala proficiency given the veritable flood of Tamil films and other media ….. streaming in from Tamil Nadu?

    2. On the subject of using Districts as administrative units, it is ESSENTIAL that their administrations are NOT LOCALLY ELECTED, but are DIRECTLY administered by the ELECTED National Government through APPOINTED Governments Agents, because the National Government represents the will of ALL citizens of Sri Lanka, while an Elected District Administration would represent the will only of its local constituency. If Local Elections are allowed to determine the administration …. we would again be back to SQUARE ONE … separatism by collaboration of some of the Elected District Administrations.

    Election of Members of Parliament to the National Government is a NECESSARY & SUFFICIENT means of allowing people to exercise their Universal Franchise as citizens through Elections conducted in the Nation as a whole, and not part by part in large regional units.

    It may be a good thing to pass a new law assigning some limited power to each these Members of Parliament so that can bring benefits to their communities from their participation in the National Parliament, rather than merely through supporting their parties in the Parliament. Currently, they are lobbyists and lotus eaters paid by the tax payer. It would not be a bad thing thing to actually put these buggers to work, and deliver a benefit to the people of their constituencies in return for paying their salaries.

    Recently, the GOSL under MR’s leadership, has already taken some steps to implement a District based System of Governance presumably as an ALTERNATIVE to the Provincial Council System. The problem is that Provinces are much bigger administrative units than Districts, and their control by anti-national elements presents a threat to the TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY of the Nation, and ADMINISTRATIVECONTROL by the National Government.

    Among these steps, is the appointment of a “District Minister” to each District. The term “Minister” sounds grander than “Government Agent” but by definition it is the same thing in that he is NOT DIRECTLY ELECTED by the People, but is APPOINTED by the ELECTED National Government.

    All of this may augur GOOD NEWS for us Patriots now incurably unhappy about the 13th Amendment and the rise of an Eelamist Controlled Northern Provincial Government that every day acquires more of the trappings of the recently defeated “LTTE Government” in the Wanni.

    It may, in fact, signal the REVOCATION of the 13th Amendment and the DISMANTLING of the Provincial Council System in the near future, and its REPLACEMENT by a GOSL controlled District System of Governance. Let us HOPE & PRAY that becomes a REALITY very soon!

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