Eelamist. Leena Manivekaali visits Sri Lanka and completes anti-Sri Lankan propaganda film “ White Van”
Posted on October 29th, 2013


The majority in the country has forgotten that a continuous plan is in operation to disrupt the CHOGM and to take our military leaders before the international criminal courts to take revenge against the defeat of the LTTE. As a link in this treacherous drive an extreme Eeelamist , Leena Manivelkalai visited Sri Lanka recently and directed an anti- government film called White Van.

She came to Sri Lanka under the pretext of participating at 41st Ilakaiya Santipuu literary festival by having mentioned to the authorities as a poetess and a writer. Rani Manivelkalai -Ëœs arrival in Sri Lanka or her stay in Jaffna was not scrutinized by our intelligence services.‚  She was received with honour and was driven ‚ to Jaffna by a well-‚  known ‚ Sinhala ‚ NGO activist.

After her arrival in Jaffna she did not participate at the literary festival. She was engaged in directing and producing a film on the persons who were made to disappear -by the SL Government-. Her effort was not only to help form‚  anti-Government views but also to arouse anti -“Sinhala‚  feelings in Tamilnadu.

After naming the film as -White Van- she commented ..- They will snatch your lives. They come hiding behind nightly dark clouds in Army uniforms. Sometimes they are in civil clothing. They will not give any reason after snatching you by your throat. You will be taken away without any warrant and sans your consent ‚ –

Pro-LTTE Tamilnadu resident, Manivelkali attempt in directing the -ËœWhite Van-â„¢ is to depict that SL Government and the army is ceaselessly kidnapping people using white vans. In her film the mention is made of the so called media person, Prageeth Eaknaligoda.

This is not the first time she made a film spreading anti Sri Lanka propaganda. In 2011 she directed a video film called Sengadal. In this film she accused Sri Lankan Navy‚  of attacking‚  Tamilnadu fishermen and Sri Lanka government-â„¢s war was not against the Tamil Tiger but against the Dravidians.

How is that this notorious film maker Manivelkali was allowed in SrI Lanka? She was free to roam around in Jaffna even though she was warned that she will be made to -Ëœdisappear-â„¢ by the Sri Lankan government.‚  She completed the film and left Sri Lanka safely.‚  Her plans are to screen the White Van before and during the CHOGM. ‚ 

(From the Defence column in Sunday Divaina of 27th Oct)

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Mr. President!

    But, that is not ENOUGH!

    INCREASE GREATLY the presence of the Armed Forces in the North and East, BUILD Coast Guard and Navy bases within eye-sight of each other ALL ALONG Sri Lanka’s coastline, especially in the Northwest, North and North East, to protect the territorial resources of Sri Lanka and PREVENT the influx of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

    Permanently SETTLE these Armed Forces Personnel … together with their Families … in these areas and Officially Sponsor the Ethnic Integration of Sri Lanka into ONE HOMOGENEOUS People.

    NEVER ALLOW provincial councils to assume POLICE and LAND powers, for that will be the beginning of the disintegration of SRi Lanka into ethnic fiefdoms.

    Finally, REVOKE the Foreign Imposed 13th Amendmentment and DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System that encourages and enables the transformation of Sri Lanka into a patchwork quilt of warring ethnic Bantustans.

    Removal of army camps from Sri Lanka’s north will not be a reality, President says

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 29, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa today stressed that the demands for removal of army camps from the North made by some elements will never be a reality.

    Addressing the 23rd convocation ceremony of the Sri John Kothalawala Defence University (KDU) held at the BMICH today, President Rajapaksa said Sri Lanka made history in successfully defeating terrorism and continues to do so as a country managing the post-conflict period as well.

    Observing that Sri Lanka set an example in eliminating terrorism and should share the experience of war victory with other countries, the President said the support of the security forces is essential to safeguard democracy.

    Ever since the war has ended, some opportunist elements both in Sri Lanka and abroad are still attempting to spread the idea of separatism and the government has been accused of not doing enough to provide relief to war affected Tamil population.

    These groups have repeatedly raised the issue of militarization in the North and demanded for the removal of troops from the north, Rajapaksa said.

    “There are demands that we remove the troops from the north. This is not a practical thing to do and it will not be done,” he asserted.

    The President, pointing out that the government has implemented a massive development drive throughout the island as a measure to eliminate all root causes of terrorism, requested the peace loving public to support the government to defeat the conspiring elements at the very outset.

    President Rajapaksa commended the security forces for their priceless contribution to establish peace and the harmony in the country.

    Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Chancellor of the KDU former Army Commander General (retd,) Rohan Daluwatta and Vice Chancellor Major General Milinda Peiris and the Commanders of three armed forces were also present at the occasion.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    How foolish SL govt. is!

    She will come back again and do yet another film – war criminals.

    Govt. will pay a HUGE PRICE for this stupidity.

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