Tamils say “Thank You” to Stephen Harpen for boycotting the Commonwealth Summit
Posted on October 31st, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe‚  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

30 November 2013

Hon. Jason Kenney, MP (Conservative);‚  Hon. Chris Alexander, MP (Conservative), Hon. Tim Uppal, MP (Conservative),‚  Paul Calandra, MP (Conservative), Corneliu Chisu, MP (Conservative), Stephen Woodworth, MP (Conservative), Patrick Brown, MP (Conservative), Mark Adler, MP (Conservative), ‚ Wladyslaw Lizon, MP (Conservative), Brad Butt, MP (Conservative),‚  Harold Albrecht, MP (Conservatives), Parm Gill (Conservative), Stellar Ambler (Conservative),‚  Devinder Shory, MP (Conservative), Bruce Stanton, MP (Conservative), John Carmichael, MP (Conservative), Costas Managakis , MP (Conservative), Robert Sopuck MP (Conservative), David Anderson, MP (Conservative);‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Paul Dewar, MP (New Democratic Party), Rathika Sitsabaeisan, MP (NDP), Peggy Nash, MP (NDP), Mike Sullivan, MP (NDP), Irene‚  Mathyssen, MP (NDP), Jenny Jogindera Simms, MP (NDP), Murray Rankin, MP (NDP), Linda Duncan, MP (NDP), Dan Harris, MP (NDP), Marc-Andre Morin, MP (NDP);‚  Hon. John McCallum, MP (Liberal), Hon. Judy Sgro, MP (Liberal), Marc Garneau, MP (Liberal), Kristy Duncan, MP (Liberal)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I wish I had the conviction to address all of you as -Dear Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen--¦ but Naaa!‚ ‚  Couldn-â„¢t for the life of me, as I felt that none of you were honourable enough when all of you stood in front of 202 (we did a head count) Tamil Tiger sympathizers on the afternoon of Monday, October 28, facing a large banner carried by them with the words -Commonwealth fails on its core value by allowing Sri Lanka to Host Summit.-

What beats me is that none of you MPs who showed up had the presence of mind to discard your cloak of hypocrisy and ask these Tamils ——Well, perhaps you could name one-¦not two or three countries, just one, out of the 53 Commonwealth nations who live by the core values of the Commonwealth, and ‚ please don-â„¢t miss Canada when you make that choice.-‚  You know what dear MPs?‚  They will have difficulty to name one and so would you.‚ ‚  ‚ ‚ And that is this immoral game of Canada-â„¢s Big Humbug that you all are involved ‚ playing as Sri Lanka bashing politicians.. And that is the rub.‚  I wish I was there to present every one of you with a sausage of baloney from the ByWard Market, to remind all of you that you are full of it, and would go to any extent to seek the Tamil bloc vote in the Greater Toronto Area at the next federal election.‚  I see that most of you present were from the GTA ridings.‚ ‚  Right?

I laughed at you all standing in line in front of a mike, as if you all were groups of amateur choirs practicing singing your Tamil Tiger Blarney Christmas carol for the handouts of ‚ brown bags of samosas, chapthis ‚ and bowls of mulligatawny soup, from these 202 Tamils.‚  The only person missing was the choir master, Prime Minister Stephen Harper with his baton.

There is one thing that I noticed and I hope you did too, especially Rathika, that these Tamils after begging and prodding through public announcements for weeks for Tamils to join them to come down to Ottawa to rally and say -Thank You- to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for boycotting the Commonwealth Summit could only muster 202 Tamils to stand on Parliament Hill holding on to Canadian flags.‚  That ‚ small gathering speaks loud of the present interest of the Tamils on this dying issue as normally they would have brought 20,000 Tamils in bus loads to Ottawa at a snap of a finger by their leaders.‚ ‚ ‚  Remember the sea of 50-shades of dark brown faces under a sky of red Tamil Tiger flags on parliament hill and blocking Wellington Street for hours and hours every day during March, April and May of 2009? ‚ It-â„¢s pathetic that you all keep providing this miniscule depleting number of hardcore Tamil Tiger sympathizing separatists with oxygen with your presence for them to keep going, even though they are coughing and limping. ‚ ‚ Looks stupid, isn-â„¢t it?‚  Everyone of you looked pathetic to me!

Here-â„¢s what I mean when I say stupid.‚ ‚  At the end of my counting ‚ to three, I want every one of you, including NDPs Rathika to turn your palms over and look at them.‚  Here-¦we-¦go-¦ -ËœONE-¦TWO-¦THREE-â„¢.‚  Well, what do you see?‚  ‚ Look carefully every one of you, and you will find a film of Sinhala blood-â„¢ on them.‚ ‚  And they will never wash away, ever, reminding you politicians of your double-standard hypocrisy.

Canada was the Godfather of these Tamil Tiger terrorist serial killers whose sympathizers stood in front of you, or rather you stood in front of them on Monday supporting their foolish cause of ‚ still wanting their racist, mono-ethnic Tamil separate state, Eelam. Canada helped them for 13 long Liberal years to collect 2 million dollars a month and stuff it into the Canadian Tamil Tiger war chest to buy sophisticated killing war weapons to snuff out my unarmed Sinhalese people in scores of thousands.

It was in 1994, that one of the Canadian-Tamils cut a cheque for 7.5 million dollars from a bank account in Vancouver to buy 50 tonnes of TNT and 10 tonnes of plastic RDX explosive materials from the Rubezone Chemical Factory in Ukraine.‚  It were these explosives purchased with ‚ Canadian dollars that were used in the truck bomb to bring down the Central Bank Building in the Fort in Colombo on 31 January 1996, killing 114 innocent people and maimed another 1,338 innocent‚  people for life.‚ ‚  And if I request from you to let me know with a show of hands who knew of this fact, I will bet my last dollar that if 10 MPs put their hands up we would be lucky. As the majority of you know sweet nothing of the genesis of this Eelam war, and the ruthless killings and ethnic cleansing of the innocent Sinhalese and Muslims by the Tamil Tigers. ‚ ‚ And yet you support these ruthless bastards‚  by supporting their Tamil rump in Canada.

And I say to all the then Liberal parliamentarians, POX on you lot for aiding and abetting these serial killers to kill my Sinhalese people.‚ ‚  Judy, you know what I am talking about and so do you John.‚  As for you Kristy and Marc, you may not know it as you two were not around sitting in the hallowed chambers of the House.

I notice in the photograph taken that day of the NDP parliamentarians standing behind Rathika Sitsabaiesan doing the royal salute with her right hand up and her four colleagues smiling with appreciation when she was dumping on the Sri Lankan Government who got rid of her Tamil Tigers to give back the right-to-life to 22 million Sri Lankans whose human rights were hijacked by her ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists for 27 bloody years.

I believe that Rathika has sold her sob story that she sought refuge in Canada because she was discriminated and persecuted by the majority Sinhalese.‚  I say to Rathika, that-â„¢s a bucket full of cods-wallop, lady.‚  Why don-â„¢t you cut out that fairy tale and tell your colleagues that you were 5 years old when you were brought over by your parents to dodge the Tamil Tigers who would have kidnapped you, brainwashed you and trained you to become a suicide bomber as over half of the 388 suicide bombers were young Tamil women who blew themselves up while killing 100s at special events or crowded places to satisfy the Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran who was chasing his own tail to find his mythical Eelam. And what you remember when you were 5-years old was playing hopscotch under a mango tree and even ‚ if the word D-I-S-C-R-I-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N was parachuted down from heaven on Babi-dolls onto your lap, that you wouldn-â„¢t have known what the word DISCRIMINATION meant.‚  And that-â„¢s a fact.‚ ‚ 

I ask you to be fair to your moderate Tamil brethren, and there are thousands of them in the GTA who visit Sri Lanka regularly, and have witnessed the reconciliation process and what miracles the Tamils in the North and East are enjoying. ‚ And some of Tamil Torontonians have already started their lucrative businesses in the North and‚  East of Sri Lanka and enjoy the company of their Sinhalese friends and share a plate of string-hoppers with katta sambol and kiri-hodhi for breakfast. ‚ ‚ ‚ 

Give Peace a Chance and give them a break and cut out your stupidity.‚ ‚  Let-â„¢s accept it, that you have failed miserably if you could only attract 202 Tamils from the GTA out of the 200,000, then that tells an extraordinary fact -” you have failed to hurt Sri Lanka, the place that you only know of playing hopscotch under a mango tree.

And I tell to the rest of the MPs who did their little song and dance in front of the 202 Tamils who wanted to say -Thank you- to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for boycotting the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo, Sri Lankans couldn-â„¢t care two washed out dead capelin on the shores of Bonavista Bay as they know that Canada is hostile towards Sri Lanka, the land that they love.

And when Deepak Obhrai, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs who will be leading the Canadians at the Summit land his feet on the tarmac of the Colombo airport, he will understand what I meant when he will hear the strains of the song filtering through the fronds of coconut palms waving a welcome ‚ to him in the wind:

-*This land is your land, this land is my land/ from Dondra Head to ‚ the‚  beautiful Delft islands/ from the majestic Teak forests to the Palk Strait waters/ so don-â„¢t you come to hurt Sri Lanka/ as it was made for you as a visitor and me.

*When the sun was rising and I was strolling/ and the rice fields waving and the mist shroud rolling/ and as the mist was lifting a voice was chanting/ so don-â„¢t you come to hurt Sri Lanka/ as this land was made for you as a visitor and me.-

And I hope and wish that the Canadian delegation will not only be welcomed with the Sri Lankan norm at the airport with festoons of flowers around their necks but also with a special welcoming gift of a kite in the shape of a maple leaf so that they can go to Galleface Green by the Indian Ocean and fly their kites.

Please think about what I said, and not what Rathika has told you.‚ ‚  She has no moral right to hurt Sri Lanka and nor have you as Canadian law makers, the Godfathers of the Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka.‚ 

Jason Kenney, I hope you heard me loud and clearly.‚  You and the rest who were at this gathering have no moral right to talk down on Sri Lanka as your Government has still not acknowledged the classic text book example of the ultimate human right when Mahinda Rajapaksa-â„¢s Government gave back the right-to-life to 22 million of his people by whipping the butts of the Tamil Tiger terrorists and eliminating them militarily on 19th May 2009 on the Nandikadal lagoon-â„¢s beach.‚ ‚ 

And when your government has still not acknowledged the classic text book example of human rights of liberating 295, 873 Tamils by the Sri Lankan armed forces, who were held as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers for 30 months like unwashed cattle.‚ And that‚ the majority Sinhalese prepared a million meals a day to feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner.‚  And not only that Jason, all of these Tamils were sent back to their ‚ own renovated, rebuilt homes within three years after the war ended.‚ ‚  And you had the gall and temerity to go to Sri Lanka on 7th January and preach to them about our – Made in Canada -Ëœaboriginal abused women-â„¢ Human Rights with a snide face almost saying -ËœWe are Holier than Thou.-‚ ‚  What bullish nonsense, Jason!‚  All this for a Tamil vote. Ha!

Before I conclude this letter, permit me to address the MPs who think they know best how to safeguard the security and sovereignty of that little island that is under the clawing hegemonic- shadow of the giant India, and still under pressure from Tamil Nadu wanting to invade the north of Sri Lanka to give the Tamils like Rathika, their Eelam.‚  Added to all that the unholy ‚ pressure from Canada to remove the army camps from the North and let the northern and eastern shores be wide open, so that the Tamil Tiger rump who are collecting funds to regroup and perhaps bring in shiploads of arm as they did bringing 11 shiploads during the Scandinavian monitored‚  Ceasefire period of 2002‚ to 2006. Sneaking sophisticated arms inland and try one more time to fight another war with kidnapped children as their child brigades and watch them getting mowed down along the front line like fields of poppies in Kabul as it happened during Eelam War IV.

The problem with you lot is that you did not have to fight terrorism in Canada, ‚ but the Sri Lankans did for 30 years, aided and abetted by India, Norway and Canada and a few other western nations.‚ ‚ 

President Rajapaksa knows it better than you all as he was the one who had to get rid of the scum off the civilized world.‚  He has said -There demands that we remove the troops from the north.‚  is not a practical thing to do and will not be done.-

Let-â„¢s see whether I can make you all understand why the military camps are in the North and East of the island, by rewording my reasoning.‚  The Sri Lankan Army is placed in the North and East because the Army has to protect the strategic interests of Sri Lanka, as much as what we expect from our Armed Forces to protect Canada-â„¢s strategic interests.‚  ‚ ‚ This is not rocket science. These were the areas that once a upon a time, for 27 long years were Tamil Tiger terrorist dens as well as ‚ where illegal immigration took place from South India, which has been a contentious issue in the recent past.‚ ‚  You factor in the problems that Sri Lanka has with Indian fishermen poaching on Sri Lankan waters who carried arms and ammunitions and barrels of kerosene and oil for the Tamil Tigers from Tamil Nadu.‚  So it is imperative that the army be deployed at strategic points in the island ignoring the demands of the meddling ‚ and stupid Canadian parliamentarians who doesn-â„¢t have to live in Sri Lanka-â„¢s north nor would want a summer cottage there either.

And if you want to know whether President Rajapaksa-â„¢s decision not to remove the Army camps from strategic positions in the North and East ‚ to ensure national security, territorial integrity and sovereignty, is his final answer, I am certain that he will respond without a blink of his eyes once by saying -“-Yes, it is the final decision and my final answer and stop trying to teach my grandmother how to suck eggs.‚  She does it the Sri Lankan way and that works and is good for us.-


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

9 Responses to “Tamils say “Thank You” to Stephen Harpen for boycotting the Commonwealth Summit”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Hey Asoka !!

    Do all these people whom you have named, posses an attribute known as “CHARACTER” ? NO. Shame, Shame.

    Selling themselves for a TAMIL TERRORISTS DIASPORA VOTE ? There is already a TAMIL NADU in TORONTO. Other cities are gradually getting filled by the Tamils. Good. Just like Colombo, Tamils have now increased to 41%.

  2. cassandra Says:

    What all those honourable ladies and gentlemen whom you have listed should be asking themselves is ‘ What has Stephen Harper achieved FOR Canada by electing to stay away from the CHOGM in Colombo?. As the British PM has pointed out, the CHOGM is about the Commonwealth, not about Sri Lanka.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    What have the Canadian PM & MPs achieved by posturing against Lanka ? Nothing. All this was done just to placate a group of Tamil economic refugees from a trumped up (Tamil vs Tamil) 1983 Riot ?

    Canada had a fine standing as a fair and upright country and relations between Canada & Sri Lanka were excellent, till Sri Lanka Tamil bogus refugees spoilt it all.

    The Canadian representative who is supposed to arrive in Lanka for CHOGM should be taken across the Palk Sts to Tamil Nadu, the Homeland of Tamil people and shown what goes on there with Institutionalized Discrimination and Caste/Poverty issues.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Cassandra,

    How nice to see you back on this forum.

    I for one missed you and so would have several others, I am sure.

    Kindest regards and thank you for enlightening presence.

    Mario Perera

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Tamils do not belong in Sri Lanka. It may take a while and Sri Lanka may have to face the wrath of the world, which by the way Sri Lanka is already facing regardless of how much Colombo helps the Tamils and the concept of the “world” only includes a handful of nations.

    Just like in Europe that has come to the realization that “multiculturalism” is a failure and are passing “Pro European” laws it is time for the Buddhist Sanga to take a strong pro Sinhalese stand including that Tamils must learn Sinhalese before they learn Tamil. Sinhalese have the full right to any part of Sri Lanka and Buddhism must become a State faith.

    With time the Hindu Tamil element can be purged out of Sri Lanka. This is not new nor radical as it is being done in Egypt against the Coptic Christians, in many African nations against Christianity, in Pakistan that has successfully purged Pakistan of the Hindu element and Bangladesh is in the process of doing the same to Myanmar actively expelling the Muslim population and all of this is happening without the UN being able to do a single thing to stop it.

    Sri Lanka must instill into the minds of the Hindu Tamils and to India that Sri Lanka is a Sinhalese Buddhist land that does not have the luxury of hosting a minority determined to divide the nation.

  6. jayasiri Says:

    As I tried to send a response, I feel someone purposely CUT ME OFF. Now I am going to REPEAT what I wrote few seconds ago.

    Sri Lankan President should DECLARE our country is a PREDOMINANTLY a Buddhist & SINHALESE Nation. We do not have to explain to anyone, why we are doing this. It is the wish of the majority.

    Then ABOLISH 13th amendment & start settling SINHALESE in the Northern & Eastern Province. This time it is NOT replacing the ONES already displaced by LTTE terrorist, BUT new settlers to occupy NORTH & EAST. These TWO provinces must be neutralized, so that NO one Provunce can be dominated by a MINORITY RACE.

    THEN move Tamils & Muslims out of Colombo..district. They can live to work in suburbs at the mercy of the Sinhalse race. No Tamils should e allowed to live in Colombo.

    ONCE these are done Sri Lanka will be a peaceful place for generations to come…Another expat expressing his views…..May GOD BLESS SRI LANKA & May the Noble Triple Gems guide & protect our Motherland……J

  7. Nanda Says:

    Not possible for someone to cut you off.

    Also not possible to ” move Tamils & Muslims out of Colombo..district ” by force.
    Government should buy over all land belong to them unofficially, through UDA.
    This can be done buy large blocks. Then build mass scale housing on these lands and sell to Sinhala people.

    If Singapore officially declare “Racial Balancing” is very important, why can’t we do it ?

  8. Nanda Says:

    Sorry not “unofficially” but “officially”.

  9. Vis8 Says:

    Here’s the real massacre: Tamil terrorists who have donned disrobed soldiers’ uniform are killing the Army soldiers. This video all in Tamil language was later dubbed with Sinhalese and given to ‘channel 4′

    This is the original of the channel 4 video:


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