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Posted on November 14th, 2013

Ira de Silva Ontario, Canada

The Editor

National Post
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Sir:

Reference this article, what is interesting to note is that Mr. Samathanan came to Canada as a refugee. The inference is that he would have claimed persecution, discrimination, torture etc. to support his application for refugee status. That he lied to get refugee status‚ is clear‚ because he returns to Sri Lanka without any fear, starts a business, gets married has children and settles back in Sri Lanka.‚ He does not seem to have had any intention of hurrying back to Canada in fear of his life.

He then imports cell phones without a licence, another act which was illegal. Everyone in Sri Lanka knows that these items were used extensively by the LTTE terrorists to blow up buses, trains, buildings on a regular basis and that they were banned items. This took place in 2007 at the height of LTTE terrorism against civilians. He however proceeds without fear or permission to import these items, knowing full well that he was breaking the law hence the charge of “acting in a manner prejudicial to national security”.‚ It seems that laws do not have any meaning for him as long as he gets his own way.‚ He was unable to explain why he would need 600 cell phones or who was going to be the customer.‚ When he has no explanation about this illegal activity he is taken into custody. He once again falls back on his claims of‚ torture.

When his case was heard in the courts he agreed to plead guilty to a single count of illegally importing an electronic device. He paid a fine and was released in August 2010 but he only‚  returned to Canada in April 2011. If he was in such fear of the law and his situation in Sri Lanka,‚ how does he explain why he stayed on till April 2011?‚  The conclusion could be that he had no fear of living in Sri Lanka.

His wife and children have arrived in Canada in January this year. To coincide with the LTTE supporters‚ claims of torture etc. which is a‚ regular but unsubstantiated claim by‚ those claiming refugee status,‚ he has once again claimed torture and given an interview to the media‚ just in time for the Commonwealth meeting and the media have once again obliged. It appears that the Canadian media are so intent on blaming Sri Lanka of human rights abuses that they are unable to analyse his statements and recognize the lies.‚ While Canada is welcome to the likes of Mr. Samathanan it is time the‚ Sri Lankan authorities wake up to this type of fraud‚ and‚ make note of his claims‚ just in case he once again attempts to return to Sri Lanka for the “good life”.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

Ontario, Canada

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