A comprehensive program to prevent CKD-related deaths in Rajarata:
Posted on November 16th, 2013

Prof.Sunil Wimalawansa

Please find the attached three events in November,‚ focused‚ to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) deaths that affects dry zones in Sri Lanka. ‚ also attached is a brief summary of the prevailing issues and solutions that are‚ necessary‚ to overcome the ongoing CKD of-multi-factorial origin (CKD-mfo) disaster that kills ~13 farmers‚ every day,‚ destitute 13 families each day. ‚ At the current rates of deaths, unless‚ intervene‚ efficiently‚ and timely, this will soon surpass the deaths due to LTTE-terrorism!

Program 1:‚  Kandy/Peradeniya: Brain-storming Workshop on “Engineering Solutions” to overcome the CKD;‚ Wednesday, November‚ 20th (9.00 AM to 12.30 PM), senate house auditorium, University of Peradeniya. ‚ We welcome your participation and contributions‚ (please see the attached flyer for details;‚ RSVP -‚ kanchana.huy@gmail.com).
Program 2: ‚ Anuradhapura: 25th November at 4 to 6 P.M., at North Central Provincial Council Auditorium; with all stake holders in the Anuradhapura district, including the chief minister and the‚ deputy minister of health‚ . ‚ Welcome your participation and the contributions.
Program 3:‚  The “2013-Col. Olcott oration” (Water Pollution and CKD): at the Kularatne Auditorium, Ananda College, Colombo 10) on 30th November, at 4 PM (please see the attached flyer for details;‚ RSVP – Lakmini: 011-269-8551).
We encourage joining the Consortium of‚ Concerned‚ Philanthropic‚ Organizations (CCPO) to‚ assist (i.e., specifically geared to prevent the‚ occurrence‚ of CKD-mfo) those who are suffering and dying in Rajarata that is spreading to‚ else‚ where in the country. ‚ 
Together, we can make a‚ meaningful‚ difference to over one-million people who are potentially vulnerable to this disease in the critically affected areas in the North Central Region in Sri Lanka. ‚ 
Please feel free to‚ disseminate‚ the above‚ information‚ to your‚ friends, colleagues, and concerned citizens.
Best wishes
Sunil Wimalawansa

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