It Is The British PM needing Castigation Not The Government Of Sri Lanka On The Basis Of Breached Protocols, Quite Forgotten Britain’s Own Wrongdoings!
Posted on November 22nd, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

November 23rd 2013

David Cameron has come and gone, breached protocols in a most obnoxious and alarming sense according to many political analysts and left behind him a circumspect web of intrigue in the minds of those ever ready to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka as opposed to those who know the salient truth.

It is interesting to note that the British Prime Minister David Cameron whom many investigative sources reckoned after much research was acting on behalf of the expatriate Sri Tankan Tamil diaspora community who comprise a large chunk of voters in Britain supportive of his party, conditional to their demands to go after the Sri Lankan Government on Human Rights issues which seems to also have a parallel relativity in Canada vis a vis the Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper also dependent of a huge block of Tamil voters for his sustenance who boycotted the CHOGM unlike Cameron and was spared what Mr Cameron now faces as a cauldron of wrath from patriotic and sensitive Sri Lankans.

In this respect Mr Cameron would in all probabilities have been better off adopting the same stance as Canada rather than putting his foot into matters which seemed beyond his comprehension as as well as having little knowledge based on fact towards the realities of what really transpired during the two and three quarter decades long terrorist insurgency which was an illegal and criminal campaign where even if stringent measures were taken militarily to quell and wipe out the terrorists, Sri Lanka surely seemed adequately justified towards it.

This is not a denial that the measures taken were compassionate where the importance rests on prioritising the Sovereignity and Terrotorial Integrity of the Nation and assuring that all citizens were protected from the Tamil Tiger attrocities towards this where the war at times was intense and a raging inferno of armed forces pitted against heavily armed and well equipped terrorists.

The more profoundly pragmatic powers around the world with no vested interests in Sri Lanka know and acknowledge this, so most unfortunately Mr Cameron appers to have simply followed in the footsteps of another directionless former British PM. Mr Tony Blair who went to Iraq with his partner in crime Mr.George W.Bush looking for weapons of mass destruction which they seem to be still looking for with no success.

The analogies are uncannily similar, the eventualities notwithstanding where the question needs to be asked “when will these types ever learn and when will they stop causing the confusion they do in the minds of the gullible which is all they appear to have accomplished despite the intellectual and statesmanly high horse they’re purportedly on and the acumen they boast of on international affairs ( with the exception of Mr Bush of course with his particular brand of shortcomings!) and to add further to the confusion, on his return Mr. Cameron continues to insist that he will not stop hounding Sri Lanka whichs appears to have been his mission as he set out to the CHOGM. Well, good luck to him!

Thankfully there are those Like the Prime minister of Australia and the much respected Prince Charles and his Lady fron Britain who have not only been moderate and diplomatic about their approach unlike “Mr. foot in his mouth Cameron” but have chosen to take a parochial as well as respectful view of Sri Lanka and has acolladed the country observing the amazing progress made in the aftermatth of the troubles. This would have served Mr. Cameron much better had he paused to think where the term accountability now seems to rest on his head for his unilateral choice to castigate Sri Lanka and now appears to be the hunted hunter with many in disapproval of his apathetic words and actions.

That Mr. Cameron has indeed interfered in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, seems an understatement as he seems to have overlooked one outstanding factor where, after the Rajapaksa Administration had signed a joint communiquĩ with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon shortly after the defeat of the LTTE, pledging an independent inquiry into accusations, that it had stringently adhered to it contrary to the lies and innuendo also fuelled and fired by pathetic pro Tamil news sources like Channel 4 , the BBC fanned by globally united Tamil Diaspora towards the cause whether justifiablty or not, exaggerating and at times grossly distorting the truth in order to portray violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws with all the theatrical, melodramatic and graphic resources available to them hardly realizing that most of it is untrue and based on conjecture, hearsay and innuendo.This is based on the many experts and analysts who examined all of these and drew their conclusions as inaccurate and unacceptable despite the houndings of Mr Cameron and his allies who need not only to be reprimanded but perhaps justifiable legal action taken if this did not breach any related protocols in like manner to Mr Cameron.

To sum it all up, one also needs to ask “what businness do such individuals from Britain regardless of their high office have towards such indiscretions which is what they are tantamount to as the purpose of their visit to the CHOGM and the objectives of the summit appears to have been defeated in rank disregard and Mr. Cameron in like manner to a runaway train has breached much of the decorum expected of him which was, not pandering to one side of the Sri Lankan conflict where had he done the same with both sides, meaning the Sinhalese and the Tamils he might have been astounded over what he may have learned in retrospect in a realistic sense and at least an inkling of the liabilities of the Tamils, their support of terrorism and the extent to which the majority Sinhalese suffered as a result of Tamil Tiger attrocities may just have penetrated his cognizance.He might just be singing another song had he done this.

Furthermore Britain is in no capacity to point fingers at Sri Lanka as President Rajapaksa recently pointed out as they need to get their act together and be held accountable for their own excesses dating as far back as both World Wars where horrible attrocities against innocent civilians appears to have been a second nature to the British Armed Forces.

To cap it all up, the very latest revelation about how the British Armed Forces went about killing unarmed civilians during the troubles in Norhern Ireland on the instructions of the High Command is just coming to light and Britain may have to show a lot of accountability towards all this before the likes of Mr cameron goes about bashing Sri Lanka who fought a legitimate war against terrorists, liberated all ethnicities alike despite some being caught up in the conflict grievously albeit unfortunately and what needs to be emphasized here is the lack of observation to the fairness of a conflict where a Sovereign Head of State has had to ward off the evils of terrorism using all the resources available and a job done equitably and admirably to eliminate it. Turning a blind eye to the rehabilitation of the oppressed and the massive development programs now benefitting all Sri Lankans including appreciative Tamils and other minorities is simply adding insult to injury by anyone who takes this route.

On this basis Mr.Cameron does not have an inch to stand on and should hang his head in shame!

7 Responses to “It Is The British PM needing Castigation Not The Government Of Sri Lanka On The Basis Of Breached Protocols, Quite Forgotten Britain’s Own Wrongdoings!”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    WHAT A DAY WITH CAMEWRONG !! that British low down AH who acted like a chimpanzee in ‘heat’. He left his stinking trail, where ever he went. The British stink that he left in Sri Lanka, has to be cleaned up by a Herculese. His facial expression clearly showed that he was in Tamil Heat.

    First foreign Ah to visit Jaffna eh ? So what is so great about that ? He would have been the first to visit Anuradhapura, Medawachchiya, Vavuniya, Madhu etc. He has to pass all these places is it not ? So this AH has many firsts. When in Jaffna he had to use a Toilet, and here again, he was the first British AH to use a Jaffna Toilet. GREAT !! Conceited Vanity Eh ???

    Let us wait till MARCH 2014 !!!

  2. Marco Says:

    We can castigate, knock our heads and keyboards against a brick wall till the cows come home, write endlessly to no avail. CHOGM is finished, damaged done and have we learnt anything? Doubt it. If one feels better to release pent up frustrations so be it. Doubt it will make an iota of difference.

    Next on the agenda is March 2014.
    It’s time to get used to two names that we will hear more often in the run up to March 2014. Nisha Desai Biswal and Atul Keshap. Both are Americans of Indian origin. Nisha takes over from Robert Blake as US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs specifically entrusted to deal with Sri Lanka on UNHRC resolutions and Atul is her Deputy. Interestingly the third in command (deputy) is a American of Sri Lankan origin.

    Nisha brief would be to meet SL Govt officials in relation to progress in the promises made at finding solutions as noted in the SL Govt. appointed LLRC commission prior to Geneva March 2014.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    MARCO !! What everybody says on this web site, will not make an iota of difference. Yes, it is true. There is no necessity to doubt it. Even what you have expressed will not make an iota of difference, Period. Ultimately, it will be pent up frustrations for you too, the way you think. Your views are not special.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Cum-Moron is in for his own HR violations showdown after MR started the expose on him.

    Now lets see how the Brishit soldiers killing Irish men, women and children will unfold.

    Of course we are still waiting for the chilling CHILCOT report!!!

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    David Cameron is a left wing crack pot. He is a hack. He talks about global warming when it is summer in London and then goes on to talk about a mini ice age when it is winter in London. He is nut ball and HOW DARE HE COMES TO SRI LANKA WITH THAT HIGH HANDED WHITE MAN’S CRAP???

    Who the hell does this stupid stupid man who happens to have the same complexion of a maggot to tell President Rajapakse what to do and not to do IN SRI LANKA?

    There is a great book titled “Crucible of Decline” by Rocco S. Bagaladi who not only shows the decline of the West but the rise of the East. Sri Lanka and her strategic position plays a part in this book. In a world of books where even the subcontinent is hardly mentioned the author goes out of the way to point to the war, the victory led by President Rajapakse and the strategic importance of Sri Lanka. I suggest go to Amazon.books and read the back of the book for a synopsis of it. This book is both daring and unique in dealing with the possible overthrow of the US government by a military coup.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bernard W,

    I have ordered the book “Crucible of Decline” by Rocco S. Bagaladi from Amazon… should be a fun read even if it is wishful thinking!

    Thanks for the lead!

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo! FINALLY some action to DEBUNK the 40,000 deaths figure in the last phase of Eelam war IV!

    But MORE THAN THAT, this census will identify ALL CASUALTIES of LTTE terror since 1982 ISLAND-WIDE!

    However, the GOSL should be careful to CROSS-VERIFY this Census Information provided by Eelamist Tamil households …. for Manipulating Records and Disseminating False Information in their Forte’!
    Island-wide household census will determine number affected by conflict

    By Franklin R. Satyapalan
    November 23, 2013

    The Secretary to the Ministry Public Administration and Home Affairs Bandara P. Abeyakoon said the government launched an internationally-recognized island-wide household census to ascertain first-hand persons affected by the conflict, gone missing and feared dead or disabled after 1982.

    He said that in the past, a similar household census was conducted ad hoc and as a result there were conflicting reports that some 40,000 to 60,000 persons went missing during the conflict.

    He said that the Director General of the Department of Census and Statistics D. C. A. Gunawardena has been tasked to implement this project.

    Gunawardena said that he was carrying out the instructions of the Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga who serves as Chairman of the Task Force to implement the Lessons Learnt Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) recommendations to set in motion a scientifically designed household census

    He said that the objective of this island-wide household census is to ascertain the number affected after 1982 and also gather first-hand information on the scale and circumstances of death and injury of civilians as well as all damage to property during the conflict.

    The census, funded by the government and the department, was tasked to conclude its work before the December 20, 2013 deadline.

    He said that his departmental officers at the district level were summoned to Colombo for workshops conducted at the Hector Kobbekaduwa HARTI auditorium so that the trainers could train Divisional Secretariats and Grama Niladhari officers to carry out the census scientifically.

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