Re:Your wanting a feed back about Prime Minister Harper not attending the Commonwealth Summit
Posted on November 27th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada  (Ottawa-Vanier Riding)

26 November 2013

Roxanne James, Conservative MP for Scarborough Centre, Ontario
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Roxanne:

Forgive me if I am breaching Electoral Riding protocols by responding to your letter to your constituents asking for a feed back on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “principled decision to boycott the Commonwealth Heads Government Meeting in Sri Lanka.”

The subject matter on the Sri Lanka file on the Eelam War and the separatist Eelamists in the Greater Toronto Area has interested me since July 1983, and I was living then and ever since in Ottawa.    I suppose 1983 was your last year at High School or perhaps your frosh year at University and the Sri Lanka’s separatist Tamil war may not have been in your intellectual radar at that point.

In your questionnaire to your constituents you had asked, “Do you agree with the Prime Minister Harper’s decision to boycott Commonwealth meetings in Sri Lanka?”    My answer would have been an emphatic NO.   The reasons for this you may decipher from my conclusions of Canada’s attitude towards Sri Lanka and its agenda to crush or hold back Sri Lanka’s reconciliation progress as well as that island’s social and economic progress after the 27 year war, especially in the war ravaged north and east of the island.

To be honest Roxanne, Canada has been the surrogate Godfather to Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka together with India, Norway and the UK.  We aided and abetted that war which killed innocent, unarmed Sinhalese and Muslim civilians in the  scores of  thousands for 27 long years.  And also aided and abetted the assassination of the former Prime Minister of India,  Rajiv Gandhi; President Ranasinghe Premadasa of Sri Lanka; two Foreign Ministers Lakshman Kadiragamar and Ranjan Wijeratne, and three Mayors of Jaffna, the Sri Lankan  equivalent of Quebec City.  All killed by the Tamil Tigers that Canada helped by letting the Tamil Diaspora stuff two million dollars a month for 13 long blooding years during the government days of the Liberals, to buy sophisticated killing war weapons.

You might dismiss this observation as trivial by saying, “Asoka, is that all?”

Not at all Roxanne, here’s what took placed in 1994.   The Tamils cut a cheque for 7.5 million dollars from a bank in Vancouver from an account of a Tamil to buy 10 tons of hexagon a plastic explosive like Semtex; 50 tons of trinitrotoluol (TNT) and a large quantity of electric timing caps and detonator cord, from the Rubezone Chemical Factory in Ukraine.

Now what’s all this have to do with Stephen Harper boycotting the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo you might ask!   It were these explosives bought with Canadian dollars that were used in the truck bomb by the Tamil Tigers that brought down the Central Bank Building in the business district in Colombo on 31 January 1996, killing 114 and maiming for life 1,338 others.  All 34 million Canadians got blood on our hands Roxanne with those killings aided and abetted by Canada.  It were the same consignment of explosives that were used to bomb the Temple of Buddha’s Tooth Relic in Kandy in the hill country on 25 January 1998, killing 12 and maiming 13 others.

And now  Prime Minister Stephen Harper has got on his high-horse to admonish Sri Lanka for having eliminated the Tamil Tiger terrorists that Canada  helped to survive and prolong that nasty war in Sri Lanka, and refuse to attend the Summit because of his concerns of human rights violations during the last five months of the war.   Is my Prime Minister and your boss confused about Canada’s complicity  in these alleged human rights violations, or is he trying to placate the GTA Tamils crying out for their bloc vote!   Go figure  Roxanne and let me know..

With this backgrounder, Roxanne, let’s not kid ourselves that “O Canada our home and native land….”  is squeaky clean.  What nonsense!   That silly idea is not worth two masala vadai’s with two curled dead shrimps at their top deep fried in coconut oil, from a Tamil Take Out joint in Scarborough Centre.

So let’s take out that item off the Conservative silly season of Senate scandals, Commonwealth boycotts, and Jason Kenney’s attempt to preach to the Sri Lankans in Colombo on January 7th on human rights when the First Nation peoples were demonstrating a stone’s throw away from his parliamentary office and Theresa Spence the Chief of Attawapiskatt Chief  was on a hunger strike protesting against Canada’s human rights violations of her people.   Sheesh! It was not only silly, it was also stupid for Jason to go to Colombo and act God, and tell the Sri Lankans “Hey, We are Holier Than Thou” So what’s going on in your Conservative camp, Roxanne?   You Conservatives with Stephen Harper at the apex are dishonest, disingenuous and a strange bunch, isn’t it?”

But here is a bigger problem for you Conservatives, who think we Canadians are a bunch of goody-two-shoes.  You quote Prime Minister Stephen Harper who said: “It is clear that the Sri Lankan Government has failed to uphold the Commonwealth core values, which are cherished by Canadians.  As such as the Prime Minister of Canada, I will not attend the 2013 CHOGM in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  This is a decision that I do not take lightly.”

*Roxanne, what are the Commonwealth Core Values that Prime Minister Harper is  talking about?   It was his Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon  who sent out a pathetic Press Release when the Tamil Tiger terrorists were finally eliminated, single handed by the Sri Lankan Government on 19 May 2009, after a 27 year long war that killed over 100,000 innocent people of all ethnic groups.  And when every other country patted the back of Sri Lanka and said “Way to Go, Sri Lanka”, but Oh No,  but not Canada. Canada couldn’t handle it.  Roxanne, Canada didn’t have that disciplined honesty to  do what the other nations did,  pat Sri Lanka’s back and say, ” Bravo! Way to go Sri Lanka for eliminating the most ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorist group in the world.”  That’s how hypocritical Stephen Harper’s Canada was.   So Prime Minister Harper should  stop pretending that he is a disciplined politician trying to  uphold Commonwealth’s Core Values. That is a mighty sham!

* I thought that one of the Commonwealth’s Core Values was to uphold every person in the Commonwealth of Nation’s  right-to-life, the most revered and treasured  paramount human right.  And getting rid of the Tamil Tiger terrorists militarily by the Sri Lankan government saw the classic text book example of giving back 22 million Sri Lankans their right-to-life after it had been hijacked by the Tamil Tiger terrorists for 27 years.  But Canada didn’t see it that way at all.   Roxanne, what’s wrong with Canada?  Was Stephen Harper concerned that if he had patted the back of Sri Lanka and tell its political leader “Way to go Sri Lanka!”, that you all would have lost all the Tamil votes in the Greater Toronto Area, and with that move even you would have lost your riding, and the Tamils would have blocked the Gardiner Highway in a demonstration for a whole day.   Is that what it was all about?  The police couldn’t have used water cannons to disperse the demonstrators and these Tamils are smart enough to have the older generation of Grandmums and Grandads  in wheelchairs, as well as young Tamil mothers with  infants and kids in prams and strollers on the front line.   You saw them doing it in May 2009 and would have repeated it again.   Are the Conservatives a bunch of hypocrites, Roxanne, or what?  If you ask me that question, I would tell you; “You bet, damn well we are!”

*Commonwealth Core Values, I thought included rescuing  and liberating citizens who were taken hostage as a human shield by the Tamil Tiger terrorists?  And so did President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Sri Lankan armed forces.  They rescued 295,873 Tamil refugees from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers by 19 May 2009.

It was not only rescuing these 295,873 Tamils, the Sri Lankan Government also prepared a million meals a day to provide three hearty – breakfast, lunch and dinner  each day, and not let these 295,873 rescued Tamils starved to death.   If they had died, the whole anti-Sri Lankan world would have screamed “Genocide…genocide!” Go figure why this miraculous performance by the puny Sri Lanka has not been  acknowledge until today by the Stephen Harper’s Canadian Government, as a Commonwealth Core Value of preservation of lives of  humans and  giving back to them their right-to-their-lives..  And Roxanne, do you know who cooked these million meals a day to feed these Tamils refugees?   The majority were Sinhalese that the  GTA Tamils ran away from saying that they have been discriminated by them?  I say to you Roxanne, the Conservative Government is down right hypocrites.   And here is the problem for you Conservatives.  For Stephen Harper to say that he wasn’t going to Sri Lanka because of the human rights violations is buckets full of hog-wash.

Roxanne, so what has been the problem for your Conservatives to acknowledge this classic text book example of promoting human rights in Sri Lanka with the rescuing these 295.873 Tamils who were held as a human shield by Prabhakaran’s Tamil Tigers for 30 months?  And there lies the rub –   the disingenuous dishonesty by Canada’s Conservative government on Sri Lanka.  And who are you Conservatives trying to fool?  Most certainly not me!

And I take umbrage of Prime Minister Harper’s representative Deepak Obhrai, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affair, who was arrogant, and brash to disrespect the host by doing what they requested him not to do – to lay a wreath for the Tamil Tiger victims at Elephant Pass where three major battles were fought when the Tamil Tigers wanted to cut off the isthmus to isolate the northern Jaffna peninsula to claim it for  their separate mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam.

Deepak was a boorish guest, and acted like a Canadian High School bully and a thug spoiling for a fight in the school’s backyard.  Not good.  I suppose, there would have been cheers by the separatist Tamil community in the GTA and consider Deepak as one their heroes, together with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Ministers John Baird and Jason Kenney.

And finally, here’s what I resent mostly about you Roxanne.   You say, “I can assure you that Canada is deeply concerned that the situation in Sri Lanka and has been monitoring and urging them to improve the situation and prevent violence against the Tamil peoples.”

Roxanne, that statement,   no doubt, has found approval for your membership as a Honourary Member of the elite ‘Society of Conservative Parliamentary Humbugs about Sri Lanka’.  Why, violence against the Tamil people, and why have you had difficulty to include the Sinhalese as well as the Muslims in that statement of caring.   They are children of the same God, and the Tamils are no Babes in the Woods, nor are they lily-white or Paragons of Virtue. The Tamil Tiger terrorists hacked with machetes and shot with Kalashnikovs and blew my Sinhalese people with claymore mines and suicide bombers to smithereens, and plucked infants from the young Sinhalese mothers arms  and bashed their heads on granite and charnokite  rocks and enjoyed watching the infants skulls open and gush out ketchup blood.   And these rascals shot and killed the Muslims with assault rifles while they were kneeling at prayer in their mosques.  Were you aware of all this?

This is my submission to you Roxanne as I do not believe in the Conservatives  nor their leader anymore.  I have been a card carrying Conservative since the Reform days, and I will let my membership lapse when December comes along.  And I have made up my mind not to vote for the Conservatives, even if I have to hold my nose walking to the ballot box, as the Conservative policies on Sri Lanka stinks to high heaven. Nor will I vote for the NDP and the Liberals for very good reasons and their attitude towards Sri Lanka which do not gel with my passion and psyche for my Motherland, Sri Lanka..

If you ever want to have a debate on this Sri Lanka file and Prime Minister Stephen Harper boycotting the Colombo Commonwealth Summit, count me in.   And I would love to have Deepak Obhrai, Jason Kenney and Patrick Brown on the opposite side of the table.


Asoka Weerasinghe


7 Responses to “Re:Your wanting a feed back about Prime Minister Harper not attending the Commonwealth Summit”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Asoka !! All these names you have mentioned, they are a bunch of Canadian Hypocrites, trying to appease the Terrorist Tamil Diaspora for their VOTES and MONEY, given to them for indiscriminately, chanting ill will against Sri Lanka. Many top POLTICIANS in the world have been bought over with blood money that the TAMILS continue to collect, to bribe these Scoundrels. SHAME CANADA, SHAME. DISGUSTING.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE money collection has RESTARTED in Colombo. All Tamil businessmen are contributing to this. Many giving MILLIONS. NO compulsion. Willing donations.

    The STATED reason is to FILE A CASE TO SAFEGUARD “TAMIL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS”. But it will not cost so much. REAL REASON is to buy weapons. AFTER the news of the killing of the “TRAITOR” (pro-SL EPDP PS chairman) money collection has INCREASED dramatically.

    DELFT islet is the FURTHEREST islet from SL and CLOSEST islet to Tamil Madu. Because of that it is a MAJOR Tamil Madu-SL weapons smuggling hub. This is why TNA/LTTE killed its pro-govt. PS chairman. Now weapons will FREELY flow to Jaffna, etc. Navy camp was WITHDRAWN in 2012 after “demilitarization” BS.

    I think the CASE TO SAFEGUARD “TAMIL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS” is a case to get FULL 13 amendment rights.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Asoka Weerasinghe, thank you for trying to educate these blind supporters of the wealthy LTTE, who are as a matter of fact is sabotaging the quick development of the economy and progress in the reconciliation between ethnic groups. It is getting clearer by the day, the NATO nations led by USA are not interested in any other nation not willing to take instructions from them and would rather destabilise such nations.
    You have challenged Raxanne James to a debate on Sri Lanka, but there is no doubt she will not dare accept it, as she is only repeating like a parrot, whatever is dished out to her and wouldn’t know anything about the ethnic issue in Sri Lanka. In fact Shavendra Silva too has been challenging the journalist Callum Macrae for a debate, but to date Macrae has evaded such an encounter.
    What is unfortunate is that these NATO leaders like Harper and Cameron are retarding the growth of Sri Lanka’s economy and the ethnic reconciliation process.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Sri Lankan civil war was started by a Tamil Terrorist group known as the Tamil Tigers or LITE. Instead of blaming their elected representatives for not addressing their grievances they chose to settle it by a war, a terrorist led war, led by Prabhakaran, This war lasted for close to 30 years and India’s hand in it along with her secret Service Agency RAW were already training Tamils in preparation for violence and through violence shift from solving grievances to the demand for a separate nation. Many governments tried to work with them and almost succeeded in a quasi autonomy with New Delhi working with the then Prime Minister Jayawardene on an amendment 13 where a Federal system will be formed in Sri Lanka and the areas claimed for Eelam to have a great deal of autonomy. The terrorist leader Prabhakaran not only turned it down but gathered a massive human shield of Tamils that numbered well into the hundreds of thousands in a preparation to meet the Sri Lankan army and confident that India will give him support. India did not and the human shield failed. The war was brought to a bloody end in May 2009. Now the world is shouting human rights and for President Rajapakse to play fair when for 30 years the LITE was relentless, got outside support and were known as the worlds most lethal terrorist organization. NO ONE played fair for 30 years. Now the world wants Colombo to “tow the line’ and why should they? Colombo won the war and Colombo is the Capital of Sri Lanka. the laws set by Colombo have to be observed as in any other nation. Right now the Tamils in Sri Lanka who are represented mainly by the Tamil National Alliance are demanding Colombo give preferential treatment to the Tamil areas and give them land and police powers which no other province shares. When refused they claim it is human rights violations. It is not! it is the law. Now the Tamil Diaspora including the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa are demanding New Delhi tow the Tamil line and use punitive measures on Sri Lanka till the Tamils get what they want and if they do not it is called human rights violations and that Colombo is not being fair. Since the war ended the Tamil diaspora across the world and in India are using every diplomatic method including propaganda to achieve what they could not achieve using force and Colombo is learning with each blow. NO! Tamils and Sinhalese are Sri Lankans who have to follow the same law. Now Great Britain has threatened President Rajapakse to his face that if a probe into human rights violations are not done then he will organize a world of nations (most of them with large Tamil populations) that they have the audacity to enter Sri Lanka without permission and do the probe themselves. The response is academic for it is not meant to give credence to false accusations but to have the necessary documentation be it right or wrong, to stop this present act of intrusion. There will be a time when Sri Lanka has had enough!

    Read the Crucible of Decline by Rocky S. Bagaladi which addresses a declining US. In it Sri Lanka plays a prominent role. In Amazon.books read the back for a synopsis. Worth reading.

  5. TorontoCentral Says:

    Roxanne o nly care about Tiger votes all sri lankans vote Green next time

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    Trying to put sense into politicians dancing to the tune of Tiger terrorists, is just a waist of time, as political compulsions make them not wanting to believe the truth, but do or say anything to get voted to power with their help. The only way to counter such politicians is, irrespective of the political party one belongs to, those who oppose terrorism should vote for the strongest candidate opposing the candidate aligned with Tiger terrorists. This might help to defeat Tiger sympathisers.

  7. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Asoka, it is a very useful article to teach the un-educated masses of Conservatives, Liberals & NDPs. It is time some of these MPs in Toronoto & GTA come to know the TRUTH about LTTE & their sympathisers.

    I hve repeatedly written to our President HE Rajapaksha & his brother Defence Minister & UDC which comes under his perview, to find a way to EVICT Tamils & MUslims from Colombo District. So far no takers & very soon there will be COLMBO controlled, by Tamils & Muslims.

    It is very appropriate time for Sri Lankan expat community to get involved in writing letters & have protest marches to SEND TAMILS & MUSLIMS out of Colombo. They can go North or East, BUT NOT to live in Colombo.

    I hope other Conservative members will read your article & get educated what LTTE & their supporters are doing to Sri Lanka.

    Thanks again……….J

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