Sri Lanka Tamils an obstruction to Sri Lanka’s progress and development as a Unitary Independent Sovereign State.
Posted on November 30th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

 David Camaron said of Muttiah Murulitharan:

 “First, I did not hit Muralitharan for six. Secondly, I think he was being quite gentle with me. I certainly could not read which way the ball was going to go and I was fairly lucky to hit it at all. He made a good point that a huge amount of progress has been made in terms of peace, stability and economic prosperity. His organisation is bringing together Tamils, Sinhalese and others to help forge the country together. He is doing amazing work and we should back that work. He also thought I was right to attend and to raise these issues. What he wants, as a proud Sri Lankan, is to ensure that a fair picture is painted of his country, and he is right to say that.”

 Muttiah Murulitharan said more.  He said that David Cameron had been misinformed about Sri Lanka.   He said that  he is a Tamil, and he loves his country.  His family suffered under racial riots of the past where their properties were burnt down. That was the past he said, which he has forgotten.  He now  helps the country in its development making an effort at uniting the communities.  What is the use of digging into the past of Sri Lanka ?,  he asked,  Sri Lanka has now to be  helped in its forward march.

 That was great as it was the first time I heard in recent times a Tamil speak out in public in defence of his country, his motherland.  And how many Muralitharans do we have in the South, though we have plenty of Vigneshwrans and Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttus.

 Immediately the Tamil “cancer” reacted. The Chavakachcheri Urban Council passed a resolution moved by P.Sritharan seconded by Kishore  condemning the statement made by the patriot Muttiah Muralitharan, which was adopted with all members  unanimously voting for it.

 They said, ” Perhaps, Muralitharan was playing cricket overseas when the Tamil people in the North were suffering and scores of young men and women disappeared. He has hurt the feelings of the Tamil people, grieving the loss of their loved ones, by undermining their struggles. Hereafter, we will protest if he held cricket training camps in the North and the East,”

 That is the uncouth Tamil mentality,  the Tamils in the south too perhaps assented, because none  of them have so for made a statement pro or against Muralitharan’s statement to Cameron.

 In a Sinhala village near Kandy I know, there is one Tamil family, all around them are the Sinhala families.  In the village they are not treated separately, they have become a part of the village taking part in weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies and even share what they cook amoung neighbours.  But when the son  of the Tamil family was selected to enter  the Moratuwa University, they preferred to send him to a University in Tamil Nadu.  It was during the period of  terrorism. 

 When I asked why , they said ” we fear to send him to the Moratuwa University because of  all this  trouble in the country  ”.  It was very disappointing, a Tamil family living with the Sinhala did not have the confidence and the courage to send their son to one of the best universities in the country.

 That is the mentality of the Tamils whether they are in the North or in the South, they would trust Tamil Nadu Tamils, more than their own Sri Lankan Sinhala.  How can we then expect this mentality to change amoung the Tamils in the North and East ? 

 One begins to wonder whether it was wise to have had allowed PC elections in the North.  The PC system is already a non-productive, ill conceived system for a developing Sri Lanka.  In this context the PC in the North is a transmogrification of what it should be even in its present form.

 The Tamils prefer to complain about their problems and find solutions from any white man embarking in their province rather than taking the government and the political leaders of the South into their confidence. It is alright to mix with the Sinhala in ordinary life but when political or social decisions have to be taken affecting their future they desert the Sinhala seeking their own kind.

 This Tamil mental obsession of seeking outsiders to solve their problems is well illustrated  by Upul Joseph Fernando  in an article he contributed to  Ceylon Today :

 ” Professed saviours of Tamils in the country have a notable series of succession over the years. First, from the start of the war in 1983, it was Rajiv Gandhi; it ended with the LTTE assassinating him at a political rally in Tamil Nadu in 1993. Thereafter, the mantle of acting saviour fell to the lot of Norway, which did it through its role as peace negotiator and the guarantor of the ceasefire between Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE. With the demise of Prabhakaran and the annihilation of the LTTE, the role of the saviour of the Tamils fell on India once again, until a new Messiah of the Tamils alighted in our midst, namely Britain and its Prime Minister, David Cameron, who have since been seriously performing the self-arrogated role at the international forum of CHOGM.”

Colombo Gazette reported that , the wife of former LTTE Trincomalee District political head S. Elilan  Anandi Sasitharan now PC Councillor in the North has filed a petition with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) over alleged threats faced by her and many of those who demonstrated in Jaffna during the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This woman cannot even for an instance  be grateful to  the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for giving  her the  gift of her life , peace and an occasion to lead a respectable life. What she is to-ay is the result of the elimination of terrorism by the Sri Lanka Government Forces. 

Had it not been for the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces she would still be leading a life in the Jungle uncertain of a future  taking chances with her life jumping from one ditch to another taking cover from deadly bullets.          

Sampathan, Suresh Premachandran, Sumanthiran, Sritharan, Wigneshwaran and the rest of the TNA politicians  whatever they have studied and what ever qualifications they may have, they are no different from Anandi Sasitharan, as they too  have the same simple retrograde Tamil mental capacity.  They cannot think beyond their Tamilness, separated from the rest of the global Community.   Where will it lead them, to another round of terrorism ?  When people are born with their unwholesome kamma, they cannot avoid their suffering.

Tamils in Jaffna have every thing to lead a happy life in a progressively developing peaceful environment.  But they are not satisfied. They say they have un-redressed grievances.  They  say they have unfulfilled aspirations. For the Tamils in Sri Lanka the other Communities do not matter, whether they also  have grievances and  unfulfilled aspirations do not concern them. The Sri Lanka Tamils are an utterly egoist lot.

They have no minds that can think independently out side themselves.   They are lead  like donkeys after the sentimental carrot of Tamilness held before them. They are  living in a hypnotic trance enticed by a single motivating object a Tamil Eelam. They do not realise that  if they were to set up an Eelam State in Sri Lanka, it would  be swallowed up by the well over 72.1 million TamilNadu Tamils, and it is  there, that their future would end, like being eaten up by a man eating shark. The Global Tamil Forum and the Tamil Diapora will not come to their help

Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan was the only Sri Lankan Tamil who joined hands with the Sinhala, the Muslims and the Malays in the demand for independence from the British.  It was finally after independence that D.S.Senananayake formed the Government of Independent Sri Lanka and admitted G.G.Ponnambalam in to his cabinet. It was thereafter that G.G.Ponnambalam  called for equal rights with the Sinhala, for the Tamils to be a community apart from the rest of the population.  Since then began the separatist agenda of the Tamils.

No Tamils either in the  North or in the South want to be a part of a United Sri Lanka.  Some of them want a separate Eelam State, while others ask for Federalism with the North and the East exclusively for the Tamils.

No Tamils in the South during or after terrorism manifested in support of the Government. Even when David Cameron went to north and supported indirectly  the Tamils call for separation, it was only the Muslims as a Community who  manifested against Cameron’s  foolish intervention in the North  making brash statements against the Government of Sri Lanka.

The Muslim Community understood  the hypocrisy of David Cameron,  that  in visiting the North of Sri Lanka, he was only carrying out his political campaign to win the votes of the UK Tamil diaspora, caring less that his unwise act would  damage the ongoing efforts of the Government of Sri Lanka to  reconcile the Communities.

The Business Standard of the 25 November reported,  ” A group of Sri Lankan Muslims today protested against British Prime Minister David Cameron’s warning to institute an international inquiry into alleged human rights violations during the war against LTTE.

The protesters demonstrated holding placards against Cameron at the central Colombo’s main mosque after Friday prayers. They accused the British Prime Minister of being influenced by the pro-LTTE diaspora in in Britain.”

The Tamils living peacefully amoung the Sinhala and the other communities in the South do not have the commonsense even to send letters to the press in support of the government.  But they live silently in the peaceful comfort of the South without committing themselves waiting for the opportunity to back the pro –terrorist TNA and join the separatist movement  to set up a Tamil Eelam in the North and East.   We have an example of them in Wigneshwaran, who now even accepts Prabhakaran as a freedom fighter !!!

But the Tamils in the South who by their silence contribute to the cause of setting up a separate Eelam State in the North and East  will never consent to live in the Tamil Eelam in the North if ever there were to be one, but will continue to live their lives of hypocrisy in the South amoung the Sinhala and Muslim Communities.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Very well said Charles.

    Unfortunately non-Tamils need a VERY HIGH IQ to realize this truth and VERY FEW has it.

    “But the Tamils in the South who by their silence contribute to the cause of setting up a separate Eelam State in the North and East will never consent to live in the Tamil Eelam in the North if ever there were to be one, but will continue to live their lives of hypocrisy in the South amoung the Sinhala and Muslim Communities.”


    You can do a crime by commission and OMMISSION.

    But people should NOT hate Tamils for it. HATE is NOT the solution. Instead DON’T LET TAMILS HAVE THEIR WAY.

    e.g. Electricity is a VERY GOOD servant but a horrible master.

    Get Tamils to TOE THE LINE. Give them nothing they demand that Sinhalas and Muslims don’t demand.

    Put the damn minority where it belongs.

  2. douglas Says:

    Very timely presentation. I am a cricket fan and always remain so. I have immense love and honor to this great son of Sri Lanka – Mr. Muralitharan. His mission was known to me for so long and it has come to light with this Cameron joker’s encounter.

    In fact this is what our National Heroes like cricketers must embark on. Without much into making money, get involved in a country wide training campaign to enlist all of the youngsters from South, North, West and East and build up our “National Team”. Present them in International encounters and show the world who we are and what amazing things that we are capable of doing. In that respect, Murali you are a pride of our Nation.

    This reminds me to “search” for the Hon’ble the Minister of National Languages and National Integration. Where are you? At least give a head start to programmes of these types and above all make all of our Sinhala young generation conversant in Tamil Language and Tamils in Sinhala language. That will at least keep out these “Ultra Community Minded Bigots” out of “Business of Governing” and we can be rest assured of a United State of Sri Lankan Nation. After all you the Hob’ble the Minister is “Old” enough to understand your duty by this Nation.

  3. douglas Says:

    All the news and intelligence reports point to the URGENT NEED to bring in a ‘PATRIOTIC ACT”. I hope the urgent attention of the Authorities will be drawn to this NEED OF THE HOUR.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    The bearded Tamil Rascal, who said, ” racist Sinhalese Buddhist Scoundrels ” has to be reigned in, before he leads another set of beautiful tamil youth to the Nandikadal Lagoon.
    Pandan, Andran, anthiran, itharan, shwaran, has to be put in place, before they lead tamil youth to their death. If they want to separate, it is quite sure that their head will be separated from the body, as the Army Commander warned. So intelligent Tamils will have to intervene to stop these Lunatic Tamils of their seperatists agenda.

  5. stanley perera Says:

    Charles, you and I travelled to North after the war. My experience is Tamils in the North or whereever will remain Tamils affliated with the Tamil Nadoo and never call themselves Sri Lankan. Tamil mentality is such no matter how hard the GoSL work to win the hearts and minds of the Tamil people, they will never ever wanting to be a part of the Sri Lankan community. We won the war. But we are losing the battle. Reason being majority of the Nothern and Eastern Tamils are Kallathonis. The GoSL must bugger the Tamil mentality and revoke 13A. Shameles GoSL however much India bash SL, Si Lankan politicians go after the Indians. See what Gota is doing now in India.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo says,

    “But people should NOT hate Tamils for it. HATE is NOT the solution. Instead DON’T LET TAMILS HAVE THEIR WAY.”


    Don’t hate ALL Tamils, just the Eelamists.

    And don’t stop there: FRUSTRATE them at EVERY TURN …. MAKE THEM FEEL HOPELESS …. for the NEXT 50 years … for ETERNITY if need be!!

    Right now, the Eelamists are HOPEFUL, thinking that India FORCED Sri Lanka to Empower them in the Northern PC, and MORE can be had with MORE Blackmail.

    With the CHOGM fallout, they have become even MORE HOPEFUL that an Eelam can be achieved. Colombo & Diaspora Tamils are writing BIG CHECKS for the Eelam project now, just as they did at the HEIGHT of Prabhakaran’s power. They lost ALL of that INVESTMENT when the SunGod received his come-uppence along the banks of the Nanthikandal Lagoon.

    That led to IMMENSE FRUSTRATION & HOPELESSNESS. NOW is the time for us to RE-CREATE that mental state.

    Now, AFTER the Colombo & Diaspora Tamils have “Donated” their money as an INVESTMENT in Eelam Project, it s TIME TO FRUSTRATE THEM AGAIN by,

    REPEALING the 13th Amendment,

    DISSOLVING the PC System and replacing it with Appointed Government Agent run District System,

    INCREASING the stationing of the Military in the North & East PERMANENTLY,

    SETTLING Sinhalese in the North & East under a Policy of Ethnic Integration for permanent peace & security in the land,

    DEPORTING as many as 1.6 Million Kallathonis who flooded into Sri Lanka even as the SunGod exported 1.5 million Sri Lanka Tamils into the Diaspora taxbase, and

    ERADICATING ALL INVOLVEMENT by India in Sri Lanka’s internal matters, its economy, its military, and all Cultural links with Tamil Nadu.

    Let the Eelamists in Colombo and in the Diaspora watch their current MASSIVE NEW INVESTMENT in the Eelam Project ALSO GO UP IN SMOKE to the four winds, just as their funding of the SunGod’s military machiine disappeared into thin air, generating the DEEPEST OF DEPRESSIONS and a sense of UTTER HOPELESSNESS that the Eelam Project will EVER SUCCEED!

    In this way, the ONLY AVENUE, other than EMIGRATION, LEFT OPEN to the Separatist Eelamists to better their lives should be to ACCEPT ordinary Sri Lankan citizenship, slowly transforming themselves into that mindset, perhaps in 50 years, bereft of ALL HOPE of a separate Racist Tamils-only existence in Sri Lanka.

    The Patriots of Motherlanka must GIRD their LOINS and PREPARE to wage this battle AS LONG AS IT TAKES … GENERATIONS IF NEED BE …. to FRUSTRATE and RENDER HOPELESS the Machiavellian Machinations of the Perfidious Eelamist!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Who is this Pestiferous Catholic Christian Priest hiding in a Tiger Striped Cassock?

    Swamy urges Jayalalithaa to nab LTTE operative

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 30 (Hindu) BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to take immediate action on the Home Ministry’s communication to her seeking the State government’s assistance on the whereabouts of an LTTE operative, a Catholic Christian priest.

    BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to take immediate action on the Home Ministry’s communication to her seeking the State government’s assistance on the whereabouts of an LTTE operative, a Catholic Christian priest. FBI charge In a statement, Dr. Swamy said the priest had been named as accused by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a complaint filed before a court in the United States for terrorist related activities. He as a LTTE operative in the U.S. had tried to bribe U.S. under-cover State Department officials to obtain material assistance for the LTTE two years ago. “Warrant issued” Dr. Swamy said: “Subsequently, warrant for his arrest had been issued and the FBI is now on a lookout for him. He has since escaped to India. Recently he surfaced on a NDTV & CNN IBN panel discussions on Sri Lanka. And hence it is clear that he is hiding somewhere in Tamil Nadu. Therefore the Ministry of Home Affairs alerted to this LTTE terrorist on the run and has sought the help of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister in nabbing him so that he can be dispatched to the U.S. for facing criminal prosecution.”

  9. mjaya Says:

    Great article Charles!

    We wanted the 13A abolished but now it has all gone full cycle.

    Our imbeciles didn’t get the warning signs now it is the same menace with new faces TNA+Vigi.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Another Tamil (mis)adventure!

    “A Sri Lankan woman has been arrested at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake for attempting to smuggle 2 pieces of gold biscuits, weighing 232g, concealed in her rectal cavity, an official said today.

    The woman who was arrested last evening was also wearing 3 unfinished gold bangles and an unfinished gold necklace weighing 114 grams, customs media spokesman Leslie Gamini said.

    The total value of the gold seized from the woman has been estimated at around Rs 1.73 million.

    He also stated that this is the first instance where a woman was arrested while concealing gold in her rectum.

    The airport customs is conducting investigations.”


  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Attempt to pay tribute to terrorist leader:
    MPs want no confidence motion against TNA MP

    by Manjula Fernando
    December 1, 2013

    Members of Parliament are agitating for a no confidence motion against TNA MP S. Sritharan for violating the Constitution in an attempt to pay tribute to a terrorist leader of a banned terror outfit in Parliament.

    MP Sritharan in a statement read out on Tuesday in Parliament, when the second reading of the 2014 Budget debate was in progress glorified Vellupillai Prabhakaran as a freedom fighter.

    His speech coincided with Prabhakaran’s birthday on November 26. It is also the day the LTTE commemorates the terrorists killed in battle, Mahaveer Day.

    Plantation Minister and President’s Human Rights Special Envoy Mahinda Samarasinghe said the TNA MP could not take cover under parliamentary privileges to violate the laws of the country.

    “Such conduct should not be condoned by anyone, especially parliamentarians because a number of MPs from both sides of the House had been brutally killed under Prabhakaran’s dictates or himself.”

    He said the MP had violated the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution in making a speech in which he glorified a terrorist leader of an organisation which is banned in Sri Lanka and 31 other countries.

    This statement is also an insult to India whose Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was brutally killed by the LTTE. Minister Samarasinghe said the UNP must help the Government to take stern action against this MP, since the LTTE also killed President Ranasinghe Premadasa, a UNP leader.

    “I know for a fact that there are a number of instances in other Parliaments of the world where action had been taken despite privilege being given to Members of Parliament when they have crossed the line endangering the law and order of the country.”

    The Minister said MP Sritharan is known to have close links with the LTTE diaspora and the statement was premeditated to commemorate Prabhakaran’s birthday and get the maximum publicity.

    Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkody said that a ‘no confidence motion’ can be moved against the TNA MP who made the ‘mistake of glorifying a proscribed terror outfit in Parliament’.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    GOOD EFFORT to INVITE Expatriates, but it won’t work …..Not as long as they DENY Dual Citizenship to even Patriotic Expatriates!

    How can Successful PATRIOTIC Expatriate Sri Lankans, who are often Citizens of Other Countries, contribute to Sri Lanka, if they have to RUN TO RENEW their PASSPORT VISA every month?


    INVESTIGATING the PATRIOTISM of applicants, for Dual Citizenship, and DENYING IT to Anti-National enemies of Sri Lanka … often FAKE REFUGEES who demonized Sri Lanka to enter other countries, is ESSENTIAL; but placing DESTRUCTIVE INSURMOUNTABLE BARRIERS to the RETURN of PATRIOTIC expatriates who WANT TO HELP Sri Lanka’s growth and development with their skills and their money is ABSOLUTELY ASININE!

    Many PATRIOTIC expatriates, now living in retirement and owning real estate and investments accumulated over the most productive periods of their lives abroad, want to take the bulk of their assets to Sri Lanka and live out their last days helping the Motherland …. but CANNOT DO SO under the current immigration laws governing their return to their Motherland.

    ENABLE Dual Citizenship NOW with APPROPRIATE Safeguards against ABUSE by TRAITORS!

    WorkInSriLanka 2013 conference aims to attract expat professionals to country

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 01, Colombo: WorkInSriLanka, a volunteer-led initiative to advocate Sri Lanka as an attractive destination for highly skilled individuals and high caliber businesses, will hold its 2013 conference to on December 23rd, 2013 at the Taj Samudra Hotel.

    The “Work in Sri Lanka 2013: Asia’s Next Knowledge Hub” will bring together recent returnees, expats living in Sri Lanka as well as people considering returning or moving to Sri Lanka to discuss the opportunities and challenges in making Sri Lanka the a preferred work destination.

    First session of the conference will layout the public and private sector vision for Sri Lanka for 2020. Returnees and expats are expected showcase their stories and a panel of experts will discuss the challenges in making Sri Lanka a top work destination and what is being done about each of the challenging areas.

    A panel of leading CEOs will discuss opportunities that exist in various industry segments for knowledge based work and entrepreneurial activity.

    The conference will conclude with a cocktail event to provide ample opportunity for attendees to network with each other.

    WorkInSriLanka Chairperson, Gillian Daas will open the conference. Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga, Governor of Central Bank Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Secretary, Ministry of Defense and Urban Development Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and, CEO of Brandix Lanka Ashroff Omar are scheduled to address the conference in the first session.

    WorkInSriLanka, a “brain gain” initiative of SL2College, was launched on May 14th 2013 in partnership with key public sector officials, industry leaders, heads of international NGOs and government institutions, and civil society experts. The initiative aims to attract world class professionals, especially Sri Lankans, to return and become a part of Sri Lanka’s economic development.

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Customs mistook the hole.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Poaching in Sri Lankan waters: Ministers decry Tamil Nadu’s inhuman approach

    by P. Krishnaswamy
    December 1, 2013

    While the Northern fishing community is up in arms against Indian poaching which deprives them of their livelihood, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne and the Provincial Fisheries Minister Balasubramaniam Daneeskaran have also come out strongly against the inhuman approach of political leaders across the Palk Straits.

    As a mark of protest, the Federation of Mannar District Fishermen Societies (FMDFS) boycotted the World Fisheries Day on November 21 and presented its three-page representation to Minister Senaratne.

    FMDFS President Noor Mohamed Alam told the Sunday Observer that they relied on Minister Senaratne to resolve their livelihood problem because he had taken up their cause internationally and locally.

    Even after the restoration of peace over four years ago, Sri Lankan fishermen had been unable to go fishing due to problems posed by the poachers. The poachers also contributed to the depletion of fish resources, he said.

    The FMDFS has called upon the Minister to secure the immediate release of the 154 Sri Lankan fishermen and their 37 fishing vessels in Indian custody. The Federation of Northern Fishermen’s Societies (FNFS) led by its General Secretary S. Sooriyakumaran also boycotted World Fisheries Day.

    Minister Senaratne in a strongly-worded media communique said that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram and other political leaders there had raised human rights issues on behalf of the Northern Tamils only for their political gain while in reality, they are indifferent to their humanitarian problems.

    They have conveniently ignored the loot of the Northern fishermen’s livelihood resources by their fishermen. This loot had continued for over 33 years depriving the Northern fishermen of their livelihood, he said.

    Minister Daneeskaran said that poaching should be stopped and both sides should adhere to the maritime boundary lawfully declared in 1976. The Indian side has asked to be allowed to fish for one day in a week in Sri Lankan territorial waters but that too cannot be permitted considering the livelihood problem of the Northern fishermen who had lost everything and suffered untold misery for over three decades, he said.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    SL should NOT care about the livelihood problem of Northern fishermen.

    It is NOT worth it. They are all TNA voters. Let them perish so that the others will know Tamil Madu is NOT their friend.

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes … Lorenzo also identified him. Thank you both!

    The GOSL should ARREST, PROSECUTE, CONVICT and PUNISH this man under the POTA & TREASON Laws.

    Furthermore, let the relevant local Christian Church demonstrate its LOYALTY to Sri Lanka by DEFROCKING this Pestiferous Priest hiding his terrorist activities under a Cassock! Awful HYPOCRITE

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo ! Sri Lanka Armed forces planning to stay in the North for anoother Hundred Years!

    Too bad … if there is a Hundred Year Limit … that should be Lifted … Permanently.

    What is WRONG with the National Military settling in to PROTECT & DEFEND the country … PERMANENTLY?

    Even if it were civilian land, they are NOT STEALING the land without COMPENSATION; it is being PAID FOR in HARD COIN! This is NOT ETHNIC Cleansing by the Force of Violence and Killing that Velupillai Prabhakaran practiced while the TNA applauded enthusiastically! This is Ethnic Integration to create ONE Indivisible NATION, of ONE Inseparable PEOPLE, sharing ONE National DESTINY to bind together and usher in an ERA of PERMANENT Peace, Security and Prosperity in our Motherland!

    It is WRONG only to those Anti-National people … like Wigneswaran … who have things to HIDE, insurgencies to REVIVE, illegal immigrants to IMPORT, terrorist cemeteries to RECONSTRUCT, weapons to SMUGGLE, banks to ROB, terrorists to TRAIN, registrations to FALSIFY, and separatist causes to SUPPORT!

    Let the Sri Lanka Army lead the way to help settle Sinhala people in the North free from threats and intimidation by the Eelamist Tamils … just as Northern Tamils flooded in and settled the Greater Colombo area during the last 30 years … to escape the tender mercies of their vicious Tamil Savior …. the late unlamented Thalaivar …. Velupillai Prabhakaran!

    Sri Lanka military acquiring civilian lands, Northern Province CM informs UN envoy

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 03, Colombo: Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province C.V. Vigneswaran has informed UN Special Rapporteur for Internally Displaced Persons Dr. Chaloka Beyani that military is acquiring civilian lands in the North.

    Wigneswaran has held a discussion with the UN Rapporteur during his visit to the North.

    The local media reports from the North said the CM informed the UN Rapporteur that more than 6000 acres of land had been appropriated by the military in Valikamam North.

    The Chief Minister has also given details of land and the acreage acquired by the military in the Kilinochchi District as well.

    “On the basis of their present activities, they plan to stay in the North for a further hundred years, which really means that they plan to bring in people from the South and resettle them along with the army families,” Wigneswaran has been quoted as saying.

    The government earlier said it has decided to acquire 6,381 hectares of the land in Jaffna that is now being used as High Security Zones permanently and the owners of the land will be paid compensation.

    The acquisition is to be done under the Land Acquisition Act and the government has allocated Rs. 400 million as compensation for the owners.

    The Chief Minister alleged that the military was trying to colonize the North like the Eastern Province.

    The Army has denied that it plans to acquire civilians’ lands to establish military camps in Jaffna. Army has said that it has already earmarked government lands for that purpose.

    Wigneswaran also told the UN envoy that the livelihood of residents in the North has been seriously affected since the military has taken over all avenues of employment available to the people and the people have to take loans for their day to day living.

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