Posted on July 9th, 2014

Malin Abeyatunge

UNHRC Commissioner Navi Pillay recently appointed a three member panel to investigate into alleged Human Rights Violations by Sri Lanka during the war against the most brutal terrorist out fit in the world. Navi Pillay  branded her panel as three distinguished people and they are Martti Ahtissari-a Nobel Peace prize  laureate, Asma Jahangir – prominent lawyer and a Human Rights Activist from Pakistan and Sylvia Cartwirigt- a supreme Court Judge From New Zealand.

No wonder US hailed Navi Pillay  for the selection of the panel as she has always carried US agenda to appease the American politics and the west.

Marttti Ahtissari

There are enough Emails cascading in the public domain that the investigator Martti Ahtissari alleging to have taken a bribe of 40 million Euro dollars from Albanian Mafia to help to create a separate state for Kosovo. The Emails going around in the global domain expose the transaction details with relative accounts on this kick back of 40 million dollars alleged to have paid to Martti Ahtissari. This information has been exposed by the Global Information System confirming the existence of a report by German intelligence service BND regarding payments to Ahtisaari. In fact, if there is any veracity of this information, his credibility is questionable and he is not fit to be one of the investigators. The LTTE supportive Tamil Diaspora is very smart and skill full in buying important people to influence their cause. Hence, no one will be surprised if the LTTE Tamil Diaspora may try to buy him over to get a judgement in their favour as they have been doing in the past and continue to do so even now by buying over so called Human Rights organisations planted in the west and the politicians in the US Congress, UK & Canadian Parliaments. LTTE Tamil Diaspora with an annual collection of funds through dubious means running into millions can easily afford to throw away tens of millions of dollars for their cause in establishment of an Eelam State by hook or crook. The question is when money talks, can we rely on Ahtissari for an impartial and fair assessment on Sri Lanka?

Asma Jahangir

The other investigator appointed to the panel is  a Pakistani Human Rights Lawyer and Activists named Asma Jahangir.  To her credit  Asma Jahangir is a human rights lawyer based in Pakistan. She was a former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan She has been the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief since 2004.  Previously, she served as the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Arbitrary and Summary Executions.

So much has been said about the credentials of Pakistani Lawyer Asma Jahangir as Human Rights defender and activists. Her well paid UN job is to looking into HR Violations by the Sri Lankan forces during the conflict. Well, the irony is that  Pakistan the country she is representing as Human Rights Activists  has the most brutal human rights violations in the world. It’s happening in their daily life. I am referring to HONOUR KILLINGS of women but nothing is said about her working against HONOUR KILLINGS in Pakistan which is a daily occurrence. When it comes to human rights violations, Pakistan is number one on human rights violators for women .

Quote”Last year alone according to Human Rights org in Pakistan there were 869 women who were subjected to HONOUR KILLINGS.Ünquote”(source;Google) This number is a gross underestimate as most honour killings among the Muslim family circles never got reported to police  or treated as murders. But she is one of the three selected to investigate HR Violations alleged to have happened during the war between the Sri Lankan forces and the most brutal terrorist outfit LTTE. When 869 were reported killed  as HONOUR KILLINGS last year (over the last decade where she had been actively engaged in HR activists, the number would exceed10000 Honour killings  as an average)  WHAT HAS SHE DONE? When there are HR Violations in her own back yard in abundance, as a lawyer and a judge she has miserably failed to  bring those murderers to justice thro the law enforcement authorities or create a strong and constructive awareness in the society to stop the HONOUR KILLINGS. What credentials does she has to probe into Sri Lanka investigation when she has abandoned her own people mainly of her gender. Therefore, we cannot expect any reasonable justice from her. Since she was a failure in her own country to stop HR Violations happening on a daily basis on women in Pakistan, she should gracefully withdraw from the three member panel appointed by Navi Pillay to investigate into alleged HR violations by Sri Lanka.  If that happens, Sri Lanka will hail her as a true Human Rights Activist true to her conscience.

Sylvia Cartwright

Quote”” Cartwright was appointed to sit as one of two international judges in the Trial Chamber of the Cambodia Tribunal by Cambodia‘s Supreme Council of Magistracy.[14]

Multiple Defense requests that she stand down from this position have been consistently rejected by both the Trial Chamber and Supreme Court Chambers on their merits unquote (source; Google)

The above comments prove that she is also not without any opposition for some reasons ( not known) on this Cambodian war Criminal Panel. However, the writer couldn’t find any questionable comments about her in the public domain.




  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    By now the whole issue of the UNHRC getting involved in issues that date back to 2009 should be sumarily dismissed by Colombo.

    If the human slaughter of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, to Pakistan is not enough then deal with the massive crimes against nature being perpetrated against the Coptic Christians in Egypt and in so many Islamic African nations including Somalia, Sudan, etc.

    Even in the US hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied children is a massive human rights violations of child trafficking on a gargantuan scale. Already many are diseased with TB, and other deadly diseases. Many others have died by neglect through their travels from Central American nations such as Honduras to the US border or by gangs who have simply slaughtered them.

    In the face of such international calamity the issue of supposed human rights violations lashed on the Sri Lankan military during a time of war back in 2009 is not only dead but now borders on being cruel for the UNHRC is ignoring current violations of a far greater nature elsewhere around the globe.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    GOSL PUBLICLY rejects them but will SECRETLY invite them to SL.

    War was won by poor Sinhala men.

    But the benefits go only to rich Tamils and Muslims.

    Ultimately poor Sinhalese men will be hanged for “war chimes” while Tamilians and Muslims enjoy the fruits of the war victory.

    Time GR took over the wheel. MR is now useless. NR is totally mad. BR is disillutioned.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    A new breed of Monkeys:-


  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    As reported, Atisari not only took 40 million from the Albanian Mafia to create Kosovo, but he was rewarded by USA and its surrogate nation Norway by awarding him the Nobel Peace prize for this dirty deed. To make matters worse, he is now referred to as a Nobel Laureate, instead of calling him a criminal for the twin crimes of accepting black money and dismembering Serbia. One might wonder why he had to take such a huge bribe. It is my guess, he used the money to influence the majority on the panel to agree with his cowardly act.
    The LTTE Mafi which is now lavishly using its plundered money to bribe people, will not hesitate to do so, but it could be a huge figure, as they need to influence the more than a dozen appointed to this panel to investigate only Sri Lanka and avoid investigating the LTTE war criminals and those who aided and abetted their crimes against humanity over 30 years.

    The mere fact that the other two panellists, Jehangir and Cartwright are willing to sit on a panel with Atisari, indicates these two individuals don’t care for their own reputation as they seem to value the huge salaries and perks they will get, as well as the possibility of future appointments to similar Kangaroo courts, manipulated by the USA.
    However, it is a relief the heavily biased individuals Navi Pillai and her predecessor Louis Arbour are not on this panel.

  5. S de Silva Says:

    Thanks for the the comments of MA and others. It looks like the impotent history of how SL dealt with the appointment of Navi Pillai is about to be repeated. Has the GOSL written back to the UNHRC rejecting this ‘trio’ and formally refusing to cooperate on the strength of the recent majority decision to that efect in Parliament? – S de Silva – London

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