More on the third term of MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA
Posted on September 6th, 2014

Nalin de Silva

 When one reads the opinions expressed by lawyers, experts in English and so called political analysts it is clear that everybody is rationalizing his/her (not many here have expressed their opinions) convictions. I am not anyone of the above by any stretch of imagination, though I contribute to newspapers on topics that include politics.

 No editor considers me as a political analyst but for some reason or other some editors publish my articles. I sometimes write on philosophy but that does not make me a philosopher either. To most of my friends who read mainly the English newspapers my articles provide fun and to them Mahinda Rajapaksa contesting for a third time is a big joke.

 I must admit that though I am not a lawyer, expert in English or a so called political analyst (in the case of lawyers and experts in English there are criteria to identify them, but not in the case of so called political analysts, who are identified as such by presenters of programs in electronic media and interviewers in print media) I myself rationalize my convictions rather than coming to “rational” deductions. I have never been introduced by anybody as a political analyst or philosopher.

 In my philosophy, one does not need to be a philosopher to have a philosophy as almost all of us have our own philosophies, even deductions are the results of induction, though Hume may have scoffed at induction. All “axioms” in logic are the results of induction as has been demonstrated in the case of if A=B and B=C, then A=C or even in the case of A=A. These inductions are made due to Avidya as in the case of knowledge in general.

 Supreme Court interpretation

Whether Mahinda Rajapaksa could contest for the Presidency again seems to depend on the Article 31(2) of the Constitution that reads “No person who has been twice elected to the office of President by the People shall be qualified thereafter to be elected to such office by the People”.

mahinda rajapaksePresident Mahinda Rajapaksa

This is only a sentence in English Language, and different people will interpret this sentence in different ways. The interpretations depend on many factors but hardly on rational arguments starting from scratch. If one wants Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest again one would attempt to rationalize one’s wish and one who does not want to see Mahinda Rajapaksa contesting again, for some reason or other, would argue to convince the others of his/her desire.

It appears that the government has decided to obtain an interpretation from the Supreme Court on the above article as well as may be on some other relevant articles. We all have to abide by the Supreme Court interpretation and if the interpretation goes against an individual who has been elected President twice contesting for Presidency for a third time then the government has ways of rectifying it and it is unlikely that even if Hakeem and Rishad get together with the UNP and the JVP the government would lose its two third majority in the Parliament.

 The question at issue is whether the Article 32 (1) became operative on the day Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected as the President for the second time. It is an eligibility condition that is applicable even to Chandrika Kumaratunga. Is Chandrika Kumaratunga eligible to contest for Presidency at a future Presidential election provided of course she continues to be alive at the time of election, in the light of the eighteenth amendment?

 Presidential elections

 Chandrika Kumaratunga did not opt to contest a third time in 2005, and what was her position regarding contesting for a third time soon before the Presidential elections in that year. Who had the power to decide whether she was eligible to contest in 2005.

 It was finally the Supreme Court, had somebody gone before it against Chandrika Kumaratunga contesting at Presidential elections. The Supreme Court on its own most probably would not have given an interpretation as somebody has to move the courts to intervene. If Sarath Silva was the CJ he would not have expressed his opinion in public on the eligibility of Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest Presidential elections a third time.

 If Chandrika Kumaratunga in the absence of the eighteenth amendment decided to contest the Presidential elections in 2005, the commissioner of elections would have ruled out and even if she went before the Supreme Court against the decision of the commissioner she would have lost her case. However, could the commissioner of elections give a ruling before 2005? He could not have done so as there was no issue for the commissioner to give a ruling.

 As far as an individual is concerned it is the commissioner of elections who decides whether that particular individual is qualified to be elected as the President, whereas the Supreme Court could give an interpretation in general. I presume that the government would seek an interpretation in general from the Supreme Court and not on whether Mahinda Rajapaksa could contest at the next Presidential elections.

 As far as the nomination and eligibility of a person to contest at the Presidential elections, the following articles in the Constitution are relevant.

  1. (1) Any citizen who is qualified to be elected to the office of President may be nominated as a candidate for such office –

(a) by a recognized political party, or

(b) if he is or has been an elected member of the Legislature, by any other political party or by an elector whose name has been entered in any register of electors.

  1. Every person who is qualified to be an elector shall be qualified to be elected to the office of President unless he is subject to any of the following disqualifications –

(a) if he has not attained the age of thirty years;

(b) if he is not qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament under sub-paragraph (d), (e), (f) or (g) of paragraph (1) of Article 91 ;

(c) if he has been twice elected to the office of President by the People; and

(d) if he has been removed from the office of President under the provisions of sub-paragraph (e) of paragraph (2) of Article 38.

92 (c) is the most relevant in the present context and it has been repealed by Article 15 of the eighteenth amendment, which reads as:

  1. Article 92 of the Constitution is hereby amended by the repeal of paragraph (c) of such Article.

Thus the commissioner of elections would have no difficulty in declaring that Mahinda Rajapaksa is qualified to be elected as the president of the country at the next Presidential elections provided of course he seeks election. So far no voter or no political party has nominated him for Presidency for a third time and until such time the commissioner of elections does not have to decide on the eligibility of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Elections commissioner

As at present no nominations have been made and Mahinda Rajapaksa after all may decide not to contest at the next Presidential elections.

A ruling has to be given by the commissioner of elections only when there is an issue and it is when there is an issue the relevant Articles of the Constitution becomes operative. Until then it is not different from reading the horoscopes of unborn children (Noopan daruvange kendara belima). However, the government may move the Supreme Court to give an interpretation in general on the eligibility conditions of an individual who has been elected twice as the President contesting a third time at the Presidential elections.

34 Responses to “More on the third term of MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA”

  1. Marco Says:

    Reminds of seeing a dog chasing its tail in one direction and then changes direction to chase its tail in the other direction.

  2. Nanda Says:

    If MR has any “WISDOM” left (i.e. A=A) type, he should not contest and should leave it to GR. HE should however remain the only “senior minister”. Al other Senior Jokers should be chased away with respect.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “Article 31(2) of the Constitution that reads “No person who has been twice elected to the office of President by the People shall be qualified thereafter to be elected to such office by the People”.”

    So it is clear. MR CANNOT contest for a third term. MR’s term ends in 2017 (2015 + 12) or in 2016 (2010 + 6).

    Give GR the chance now. GR is SL’s next president. IF BR comes forward, he loses.

    MR should ask the question – why 18 amendment didn’t SCRAP Article 31(2)?
    Because Ministry of Justice is under Hack-him who is no friend of MR. He made sure the 18 amendment which was worded by his ministry screwed MR.

  4. AnuD Says:

    Everybody has written what we desire, So, I don’t have to write.

    There are a few other people even in the govt who are capable of governing the govt. they should be given the opportunity. right now, country is rudder less and every thing has gone to dogs.

  5. AnuD Says:

    If there is a supreme court challenge this time, it is very good opportunity to see how supreme court judges think about the country.

    Because, it is possible on interpret the law the way they want.

  6. AnuD Says:

    I think MR stays in and tries to be the president again if he is very greedy for power.

    The right decision is leave it to GR or Champika Ranawaka and MR becomes the Prime minister,. After that, chase away all these very soon to be drop dead and criminal politicians and introduce some honesty to the lives of politicians. Some of the Rajapakse relatives should go too.

    SF should not be neglected. A proper leadership would neglect the past grudges and and get his help too.

  7. Nanda Says:

    “SF should not be neglected. A proper leadership would neglect the past grudges and and get his help too.”

    -yes, if he can prove

    1. he did not set up necessary companies to rob money from army procurements registered at a house address Birkdale , Queensland, Australia, just before moving back to Sri Lanka from USA. (Alternatively, he can accept his corruption.)

    2. he is not a greedy fool who took up a fight with fellow patriots immediately after the war . ( Alternatively, he can accept his mistake and say sorry to the nation)

    3. if he did not attempted to grab power with the aid of USA ( Alternatively, he can accept his mistake and say sorry to the nation)

    His corruption may be minute compared to MR and the lot
    He may still be a patriot

    But, sorry, AnuD he is a stubborn, stupid idiot comparable only to Idi Amin unless he is ready to accept the above gracefully and be a Buddhist. We need a Buddhist president for sure, he is NOT. I can tell you this because I have first hand info.

  8. aloy Says:

    SF gave the most important contribution to the country. Army commanders before him tried in vain. It seems he got out of vehicle (when it was blown) with his bowels in hand. I also heard that he got JVP to support the government at the parliamentary vote and even convinced MR to give him few more months to finish the tiger business. If all these were true how can we be ungrateful just because he gave his support for a contract on which GOSL did not lose. There were four million Sri Lankans who voted for him at the last presidential election. He must have been shabbily treated for him to go against the commander in chief. After winning the war MR put him in the jail and got all the credit for the war victory.
    Let us not be ungrateful and give the devil its due.

  9. Nanda Says:

    Agreed. Let us also agree not to be ungrateful to MR.

    “Army commanders before him tried in vain.” – But none other president than MR supported the army commanders fully to win thee war.

    This gratefulness is somewhere in our hearts, hidden , no denial on that. Nevertheless LET US BE GREATFUL TO MOTHER LANKA foremost. This is why I gave 3 conditions above (alternatives), otherwise our gratefulness to him will become a great harm our motherland.

    Again fully agreed on what you said.

  10. Vijendra Says:

    As far as SL is concerned, MR’s achievement was the greatest event of the decade. He did really great to lead the country out of the terrorist menace in spite of the support to them by the western warmongers. However, he definitely failed to capitalize fully on the victory for the betterment of the country. He continued to support the existence of the divisive forces for the last five years. The divisive 13A is still intact, and the TNA and other extremist groups continue their divisive politics with impudence. So, even if he is legally qualified, he has lost the confidence of many a patriotic Sri Lankan.

    Our country needs a better leader who can unite the people under the Lion Flag of the country. MR has lost his steam and become senile in his thinking. In this respect, it is best if he did not contest for Pres again. Logic dictates that if MR could not do what was needed in a timely fashion, he has shown that he has no wish to do them. It’s time for another more capable person to take the lead.

    Looking at the horizon, Ranil has proved beyond doubt that he is incapable of meeting this need. SF has shown what a foolish egomaniac he was. Those who have shown that they could lead the way are not many and GR is definitely well ahead of all the others though he may need to mellow down a bit and improve his diplomatic prowess. He has shown beyond doubt his capabilities as a true leader and patriot. Champaka R might be the only other who has shown this capability as already mentioned by Anu D. MR now comes as the third in line for me.

  11. douglas Says:

    The Constitutions; Expert Interpretations and Theories; High Court Decisions etc. cannot in anyway provide a country and a Nation with JUSTICE, unless and until the “PERSONS” (whom I wish to call “GUARDIANS”) and the rest of the “EXECUTIVES” (whom I wish to call “AUXILIARIES”) are comprised of people with high moral values and integrity. At least in an atmosphere of “Buddhism” such a person must be of a character filled with SHAME and FEAR of doing any INJUSTICE to the community. So the man or woman who assumes these positions of Presidency downwards must combine in his nature good memory, readiness to learn, breath of vision and grace, and be a friend of truth, justice, courage and self control. If a country can find such a person with education and maturity combined with these qualities and above all has “Shame” and “Fear” to do injustice, he/she would be the person to be entrusted with the STATE FUNCTIONS. A country and a nation need no people who look for comforts, good looks, wealth, physical strength, powerful family connections which combined to make them corrupt and distract from the main function of working for the common good and justice.

    If we can put such a person as a “LEADER” with a “TEAM” of SELFLESS GUARDIANS and AUXILIARIES to run the State Functions; I do not think anyone will complain of him/her being continued for “UMPTEEN” times irrespective of Constitutions and High Court Decisions.

    Unfortunately, so far NO PERSON who “WAS” and “IS” entrusted with State Functions has measured up to or at least attempted to satisfy the expected moral values and competency levels. So let us forget the Constitutions and look for a PERSON with “MORAL VALUES” “CHARACTER” and “COMPETENCY” and entrust him or her with the responsibility of running the STATE FUNCTIONS. That is the only way to get out of the MESS we are presently placed in.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    It was GR not SF who WON the war.

    1. SF was MIA when the war started. He was in hospitals until December 2006 since April 2006. War started during this time. Well begun is half done.

    2. SF was MIA again during the final stages of the war! IF the honeymoon HAPPENS without the groom, there must be ANOTHER groom!!

    3. SF ONLY commandeered the ARMY.

    NAVY, AIR FORCE, STF, CDF, police, SIS, NIB, CID, CCD, etc. also played a KEY role to win the war. GR was the commander to ALL.

    IF the navy didn’t bust ALL LTTE ships we would be fighting the war forever.

    4. ALL war plans were GR’s. SF was NOT allowed to have ANY plans. He was ONLY tasked with doing what GR told him to do. Sometimes he disobeyed and DEBACLES happened.

    51% of credit for winning the war must go to GR.

    MR was the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of tri forces. He also deserves some credit.

    Agree with AnuD that GR or Ranawaka must be the next president. Certainly NOT anyone from the CURRENT UriNePee.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Some FOOLS tend to forget (conveniently of course) that although the war ended in 2009, LTTE and AL QAEDA made several attempts to restart a war. GR blocked all their attempts.

    GR even went on to demand to SCRAP 13 amendment!

    Did ANYONE else do that? NO.

    NO ONE has the backbone to say it.

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    IT IS TIME FOR G.R. to take the WHEEL. M.R. should take a low profile assignment in view of his Health Condition. He can continue to participate in the development of the Country, no doubt.

    WELL ! M.R. could be No#1 Presidential Advisor to the President. He should never feel it, as a come down. Discretion is the better part of Valour. Humility should be his guide, not Pride.

    C.P.R. should definitely be the Prime Minister. There is no other Patriot, anywhere around, with his Fore-sight and Vision.

    The rest are waiting to take up positions, and take revenge, which could put the Country into great turmoil. We don’t need that. ALL OPPOSITION CANDIDATES ARE LIKE THE FOX LOOKING AT THE BUNCH OF GRAPES.


  15. Nanda Says:

    “NO ONE has the backbone to say it.” – NOT TRUE. ( Please watch the youtube link)

    Before Tiger Council was made by MR , PCR has spoken on all the dangers. GR , in fact did not directly talked against PC system and thus 13A. He was against power devolution.


  16. Nanda Says:

    There are a number of people continuing fight against 13A.
    Wining the war has become a hindrance to this fight. As long as MR is popular, he will continue to ruin drain the country of it’s Sinhala-Buddhistness , wealth, discipline ( if anything left now), youth power ( kudu will ruin), most of all wisdom of our people. This bugger is a FOOL.
    We need GR NOW !

  17. aloy Says:

    I believe PCR should be the president. GR cannot control himself. Rathupassala is a case in point. If he becomes the prez what will be the situation?. No one will be able to talk to him and it will be like falling from frying pan to the fire.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    Of course! There is NO argument PCR VERSES GR.

    It is PCR & GR.

    GR must be the president and PCR the PM. A fantastic combination.

    The army did act ILLEGALLY in Rathupassala. AGREE. GR tolerated it and was subsequently separated from policing by MR.

    BUT that is nothing compared to the GOOD WORK he has done. And NOTHING compared to the THREAT facing SL. GR had a plan to give pipe water to these people but others didn’t support him.

    GR has COMMENDABLE SELF CONTROL than MOST politicians. He needs some good TALKING skills.

    e.g. Are there any stories GR going after women or boys? No.

    e.g. A very old MP is humping a top NGO woman while his litter is humping a LTTE-TNA leader’s litter! GR? No. A GREAT father and a loving husband. But unlike MR he never used his position to promote his child.

    GR’s qualifications other than winning the war.

    1. Rana Weera Padakkama.

    2. Rana Shura Padakkama.

    (NO PE candidate will be so qualified.)

    3. A computer genius and qualified professional (Advanced Diploma in UNIX programing).

    4. Working experience in SL, USA, etc.

    5. MSc in defence (VERY FEW in politicians have USEFUL post graduate qualifications).

    6. 20 years serving the army.

    7. A good business manager (GR worked in a 7/11 shop part time). A hard humble worker. Nothing to be ashamed about it. I bet NONE of the MPs can run even a tea shop!

  19. Nanda Says:

    I too think GR should be the one, reason , it is easy for MR to trust his bro. We should be realistic.

    As a team GR&PCR is the best combination. GR has the qualification, maturity, connections and PCR is bright, upright and an academically qualified engineer with a vision for Sri Lanka.

  20. Samanthi Says:

    When SL took control of the East, SF was in hospital bed and MR sent him to Singapore for further medical treatment. It is then Brigadier Cargi Gallage under the direction of Major General Parakrama Pannipitiya and the overrall leadership of GR who took the East. Being jealuousy of the success of Gallage and Pannipitiya, SF did his best to sideline both of them and even sent Pannipitiya to remand prison on fabricated charges.

    When the Sl army took control of the North, SF was in China doing an armed procurement business and then Brigadier Shavendra De Silva under the direction of Major General Jagath Jayasuriya and overall leadership of GR who concluded the final war against the terrorists. Then brigadier Prasanna Silva too did a great job at the last stage. However, SF was so jealous of the brave soldiers who fought valiantly against the ruthless enemy never grateful to them. It is Jagath Jayasuriya who made Savendra, Gallage and Prasanna Major Generals in the SL army.

    So much so for SF’s patriotism!

  21. Samanthi Says:

    Correction! Chargi not Cargi.

  22. Leela Says:

    One should never ever forget without MR winning the Presidency in 2005, we would never have the peace that we enjoy today. Leave out starting the war, financing the war and the neo-con pressure to ceasefire, the government couldn’t have stayed in power without MR’s political acumen. Does MR still has a job to do or is he indispensable or cannot a replacement be found, I am puzzled. What I am absolutely sure is that Executive Presidency must remain and a nationalist with equal political acumen must hold that position if we’re to leave a peaceful and prosperous country to our children.

    In winning the war against LTTE, GR was the key. We couldn’t win the earlier wars because for whatever reason then Presidents didn’t lay enough trust on their defense secretaries and thereby the commanders. And defense secretaries couldn’t manage the commanders.

    As for GR, he commanded the complete trust of his brother – the president and coordinated various arms of defense forces effectively. If not for that key understanding and the coordination, war effort may have failed just like before.

    SF hasn’t done an excellent job. All I say is any other good commander would have done SF’s job but not GR’s job. Having said that I do not mean to say SF should be forgotten. I still have his photo together with other commanders hanging in my room. It is unfortunate or rather unforgivable that SF has become a partner of LTTE proxies and war opposing combine.

    Detractors of Rajapakse brothers finger point them as uneducated and fools. These are the people who believe Ranil is brainier for he speaks fluent English. I just cannot understand what a language proficiency has to do with the intelligence. Rajapakse brothers may not have excelled academically at school but they have certainly shown their metal in their chosen carriers aftermath. And GR proved to be the most successful manager. And that’s what matters.

    Only people who are absolutely stupid or are filled with hatred would not agree that GR is an exemplary administrator of par excellence. All others would give him credit for his achievements. Experience gained while doing humble jobs in the US must have definitely helped him on his way to success. I know, that’s the case for most people. Those who look down on lean, mean and difficult times of achievers are big headed fools if not hypocrites.

  23. aloy Says:

    I concur with Samanthi 90%. I do not know the inside jealousies that may have existed within armed forces. But it is a fact that many said that SF was the best army commander in the world. In fact it was him who announced ending of Prabha. I was in KIA at that time. These differences are there in any place and it is a fact of life. What matters is the end result. We all know that it was a team effort including commanders of other forces.
    My view is that someone should be there above GR to control excesses if need be. I know what the parents waiting ( in long lines of vehicles) to collect their children near a certain popular schools in Colombo say.

    On another issue my comments here on Southern Expressway that it is not a standard expressway has been proven to be correct with amputation of the leg of a parliamentarian yesterday and many more deaths before.
    With this let me take some time off from LW for some time.

  24. aloy Says:

    Let me add one more thing. I did not hide behind a woman’s name and preached about a religion to the world.

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    GR must be the president and PCR the PM. A fantastic combination.!- Great leaders .

    Thank you all my Chinhala Sakothrayas , you all working for our lasting goal as we Thamil can relax now.

    Nampungnal , Nalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam !!!

  26. Leela Says:

    aloy, Four million or so votes that SF received at the last presidential election belongs to TNA, UNP, and JVP. SF can claim only a fraction of it. Only fools believe all that 4 million votes belong to SF. At the last parliamentary election which was held immediately after the presidential election combined JVP and SF couldn’t get even half a million votes. You need political maturity to analyse election results.

    Type Leela in lankaweb search engine. You can see all my writings to Lankaweb. I write all comments under my nick name ‘Leela’ and feature articles under my full name, Herold Leelawardena. Dare you say ‘I am hiding behind a woman’s name’.

  27. Marco Says:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Aloy was not referring to Leela.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    Leela is spot on.

    SF won a few hundred thousand votes in the presidential election from Colombo district. That was UNP, TNA, SLMC, etc. votes in January 2010.

    3 months later his votes from Colombo district fell to a dismal 30,000!!

    Clearly it was UNP, JVP, TNA, SLMC, etc. votes he got. Not his own votes.


    The fault is NOT the southern expressway. SL people are NOT used to those speeds YET. That is why there are accidents.

    The amputated MP is a UNP MP who ridiculed the expressway a few months ago! Karmic justice!

  29. aloy Says:

    Marco no need to talk about politicians who have got involved in LW as follows:
    “You need political maturity to analyse election results.”

    Why I want to stop commenting here was because it takes lot my time and also I wanted to get involed seriously on two of my interesting subjects: Two computer programs and a significant assignment on a large project in which a team of SL professionals would work on with my leadership. Since one of the programs was on the design of Roads I will comment on the southern expressway. It is known that a program known as “Civil 3D” has been used to design it. The program does not limit the lane width to any specific value. However it is the usual practice to use the 12ft (or 3.65 meters) as the standard but for added safety they use 3.7m. However it appears to me what has been used is 3.5m or even less. When two lanes are added there is a shortfall of about 0.4m. For vehicles traveling at a design speed of 100km/h this is a significant shortfall and they (drivers) do not feel safe and usually sound the horn. This happens in the SEW. The other thing is there is no kerb before the center median guard rail. Since it appear too near to the driver closer to his eye level he moves away from it pushing the outer lane driver further away. Next to him is the narrow shoulder which is only one meter in that expressway. Usually it is 2.0 or more. Next to the shoulder is the outer guard rail, immediately after which the downward slope starts exactly the way Civil 3D gives. This is not safe when the embankment is high as the vehicles can overturn the guardrail that does not have much support. The southern expressway embankments are unnecessarily high and the vehicles that hit the rail will go over it and the occupants can get seriously injured from the fall. The other problem is the drainage. I have seen that even when there is no superelevation water flows to the center which puts the faster lane driver in difficulty when there is rain. I believe about 40% of money spent could have been saved and got a much safer road. The parliamentarians vehicle did not go over the guardrail. But how exactly the accident happened need to be studied.
    This SEW can be improved (by widening the lanes and shoulder) without incurring substantial cost.

  30. aloy Says:

    Here we go again as I have commented earlier- a ‘monorail system’ from Japan; kind courtesy of Japanese government or our poor tax payers money down the drain again. A letter written to LW was not published, but I know it went to the correct people. Readers may google the phrase and know which countries in the world have them.

  31. Lorenzo Says:

    Mono rail is such a USELESS and WASTEFUL thing for SL.

    Hope it will NOT happen.

    I can see POLITICAL LOSERS are coming out of their hiding places where they hid since April 2010. Smell of an election draws them. They can go back to their hibernation or be DEFEATED again.

    LACK of post election violence in 2010 has a BAD side too. It SAVED many anti-SL losers and didn’t discourage them from CONTINUOUS engagement in anti-SL politics. This would not be the case had there been targeted post election jilmart against them as in other elections especially when UNP wins.

  32. Lorenzo Says:

    The rumor MR is dying from blood in urine has been BUSTED!

    Too bad the main opposition has urine in their blood!!

    A most FOOLISH green blood campaign has been launched by the UNP. Bloody fools.

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    After the UVA election, MR must be wetting his undies.

    UNP Harin got almost 3 times more preference votes than Shashindra RAJAPAKSHA.

    SLFP votes fell from a STELLAR 72% just 5 years ago to a DISMAL 52%.

    20% drop in 5 years. At this speed, SLFP will only get 48% next year. 46% year after that. 44% after that and so on.

    I say WELL DONE Harin Fernando. MR forgot about the 26,500 Sinhala soldiers who died for his victory and SHALL PAY a heavy price for it.

    UNP still is a loser party but there is a silver lining on the dark cloud. Harin is NOT a Tamil Elam supporter unlike Ranil, Ravi, Mangala, Karu, Sajith, etc. And that is what makes MR fear him most.

  34. Nanda Says:

    Welcome back after a big break to both Lorenzo and MR.

    UVA election is alarming. No point blaming the “ungrateful” people of Sri Lanka. It should be identified as ungrateful leaders who support the terrorists than those who died for the country. How dare MR invite LTTE for talks now ( even for UN “show and tell” ) ? In he the new RuinNil ? Will he ruin the UFPA victory for next 20 years to come or will he respect people’s vote and rehabilitate himself , or better still leave it for his bro to do ?

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