September is gone and so is JAYALALITHAA
Posted on October 3rd, 2014

Nalin de Silva

 In September last year almost all the news media hostile to the government were busy with reports on Geneva and the United Nations Human Rights Commission meetings with Navi Pillai heading the headlines. In fact some electronic news media that could be called government were also busy in telling the Sri Lankans how much they knew of Geneva and the UNHRC. If not for the news coverage by the pundits in the local media the Sri Lankans, especially the Sinhalas would not have known much about Navi Pillai and her friends who are from the West as well as from Sri Lanka who have sought political asylum in the Western countries.

 The stories planted in the media were critical of the foreign policy of the government. The pundits and so called political analysts were busy in pontificating what has to be done to “correct” the foreign policy. Some of them who had been against the “war” were now critical not of the war but of the foreign policy on “war”. It was mainly the devolution of power the pundits were interested in and wanted to devolve more powers to the Provincial Councils, though eight of the nine councils appear to be happy with the powers that they have.

 It is not easy to understand how more devolution could have corrected the foreign policy, as the former is internal policy. However, as has been pointed out on number of times, there was no problem on foreign policy as it was mainly an internal problem that the West and some others were interested in “solving” applying pressure using foreign policy.

The parties who wanted more devolution with some preaching Eelam were the Western countries led by England and ably assisted by USA with other Western countries in Europe giving whatever assistance they could give to England and USA.

 Sinhala Buddhist culture

 The West was interested in devolution, as it was England that created the problem using Tamil racism they nurtured, against the Sinhala people, mainly the Sinhala Buddhists, and since the Judaic Christian culture considers Sinhala Buddhist culture as a threat to their hegemony.

 Apart from the West and the countries that have to follow them for economic, political and cultural reasons there were two ladies in India who were against the Sinhalas. One was Sonia Gandhi and the other was Jayalalithaa Jayaram. Indira Gandhi was not anti Sinhalas as such but anti UNP, especially anti JR Jayewardene, though most of the UNPers have forgotten it now.

The government of Sri Lanka most probably understood what was happening in Geneva, unlike the pundit political analysts and media people, and were not interested in “correcting” the foreign policy. The government neither wanted to devolve more powers to the Provincial Councils and the pundits were frustrated as they failed to receive the awards and gifts they expected for their service to the “nation”.

 The government knew the services rendered by these people to the “nation” and moreover the nationalist forces were against the pundits being “rewarded”.

 Camerons and others came to Sri Lanka tried to use the CHOGM against Sri Lanka with their agents in the media, the UNP and the Western governmental organizations, but the government was not concerned, as there was no problem to be solved. The Tamil problem is a pseudo problem created by the West and it is the West that had to change its stance and not Sri Lanka.

 New friendships with countries

 In the meantime the President went round the globe, cultivated new friendships with countries that were not with the West as colonial countries and many leaders came to Sri Lanka to pay a visit of goodwill. In India politicians such as Dr. Swami who understood Jayalalithaa and her politics were critical of the “Goddess” and the Congress of Sonia Gandhi was becoming unpopular. The BJP came to power ousting Sonia Gandhi and last week Jayalalithaa was convicted of charges of very serious nature and as a result lost her Chief Ministerial post.

The new CM of Thamil Nadu is not as powerful as the previous and Karunanidhi’s Party is not in a position to challenge the party of Jayalalithaa. The situation is favourable to Sri Lanka and this September was over without the news media being hysterical of Geneva. We have always been against giving undue publicity to Geneva and UNHRC and this year the WGOs had to eat humble pie.

 Apparently twenty two countries have said that they are against having an inquiry against Sri Lanka the way it conducted “war”. Sri Lanka is the only country in the world to have defeated terrorism and achieved peace. Though Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace he is killing innocent people in Asia and other places, and no peace has been won in any country where USA is at war. As it is the Western countries that award the Nobel Prizes we cannot expect much and it is futile to suggest that Obama is stripped of the Nobel Prize, which could be awarded to Mahinda Rajapaksa.

 The new Prime Minister of India Modi, has apparently told the President to have talks with the TNA and nobody is against the government having a dialogue with the TNA, or TNA participating in the Parliamentary Select Committee. The problem as the Indian Prime Minister would understand in due course is that the TNA is not interested in talks with words but in talks with weapons. Even the previous talks or so called peace negotiations were used by the TNA and its predecessors to engage the country in “war”. The ITAK (Lanka Tamil State Party) or the so called Federal Party staged sathyagrahas and “non violent campaigns” in order to instigate the innocent Tamils to take part in violent activities and it is clear that the TNA is still on the same non violent path that leads to war.

 The TNA is reluctant to participate in PSC meetings for a number of reasons. They know that there is no problem to be solved except for a pseudo problem created by the West. Secondly they are interested in an Eelam whatever they may say in public and the pseudo problem is being used to that end. Thirdly the TNA and the Tamil racist leaders want “war” so that the West and India could interfere with our affairs and give them Eelam.

 Stick to the policy

 However, the Indian position has changed with the change of government and the West alone cannot apply pressure on Sri Lanka. Moreover Jayalalithaa factor has been taken out of Indian politics and the “Goddess” has been sent to jail. Few people may commit suicide but soon she will have to taste the jail life all alone.

 According to the President US Secretary of State Kerry has also changed his stance over Sri Lanka and all that the government has to do is to stick to its policy like the proverbial “indrakheela”. No more devolution of power to the Provincial Council, and definitely police and land powers are out of question or the equation as they say now. It is unlikely that the West will take drastic action against Sri Lanka and the only action they can think of now is imposing economic sanctions on their own without going through the UN. If they are so desperate let them do so and become the laughing stock of the world.

9 Responses to “September is gone and so is JAYALALITHAA”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:


    Her actions are similar to that of Prabhakaran and the way he managed the Tamil Tigers.

  2. AnuD Says:

    What hypocrites we are.

    Dalai Lama is not allowed in Sinhale.

    Instead, Sinhala-buddhists with some Catholics went to invite Pope to visit the Sinhala-Buddhist country.

    How many are saying “EHEI” to that leader.

    We criticize Judeo -Christian culture …….blah blah and run behind them.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    If they put sanctions on SL, GOSL should put sanctions in Tamils. Simple!

    Who pays for FREE schools, hospitals, etc. of Tamils? GOSL. They have to be cut as Premathasa did. He put total economic sanctions on Jaffna and I have first hand experience living under them. A 400g milk packet was 250 rupees. A coconut was 50 rupees. A small torch battery was 150 rupees. NO ONE in Jaffna had seen a working computer!

    If sanctions is the name of the game, there is only one winner – SL. Tamils will be the LOSERS, again.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Lalai Lilai Lama is NOT a Buddhist leader. He has been BOUGHT OVER by the Americunts and Norwegians. Like Gorbachov.

    SL has world Buddhist leaders and there is NO NEED to import any.

  5. Leela Says:

    AnuD, නියම දිනය හෝ එයට පෙර චන්ද තිබිය යුතු යයි ව්‍යවස්ථාවේ සඳහන් සහ සර්වඡන චන්දය අැති රටක, හරි හෝ වැරදි දේ බොරු හෝ අැත්ත හෝ තමතමන්ට අවශ්‍ය පරිදි විරුද්ධපක්ෂ වල අයට හඬ නගා කිවහැකි රටක, දේශපාලන බලය තහවුරු කරගෙන රටත් සංවර්ධනය කරගෙන බහුතර චන්ද දායකයාත් සටුතුටට පත්කර තුන්වෙනි වතාවටත් ඡනාධිපතිකම දිනනවා කියන්නේ ඔය කියන තරම් ලෙහෙසි පහසු කරුනක් නොවන බව කවදාවත් දේශපාලන නොකල මට නම් වැටහෙනවා.

  6. AnuD Says:

    Both Lorenzo and Leela are right.

    but, is it the appropriate for Sri Lanka ?

  7. AnuD Says:


    I forgot to say, anyway, Pope is suitable than Dalai Lama. Because, that gives more votes and make the family happy.

    Only thing is country is raped more.

  8. Naram Says:

    Dear readers,
    What I learnt from a number of folks is that Dalai Lama is a Chinese person born in Chinese provice and selected for that traditional purpose. It is no surprise that a feudal religious rulers chosen to rule for life of a province would be anathema to the rest, particularly for a socialist country.

    Having said that many feudal societies go through dearth of talent. Sri Lanka made pacts with India, indeed noble men went searching for a bride for King Narendrasingha in early 18th century. Even Welivita Sri Sarankara Sangharaja THera favoured succession of the Malabar Queens brother, a well eduacated young man who had grown up under his own tutelage over King’s own son of more wayward character.

    Panchan Lama who tookover the duties from Dalai Lama hadensurd an orderly progress. Now the province of Tibet is fully integrated to China by far better transport links and is a functioning modern society.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    There are TWO Dalai Lamas now.

    The better known Dalai Lama is the original one who escaped from Chinese occupied Tibet long ago, and now resides in Dharmasala in India.

    There is a second Dalai Lama who was selected, appointed and controlled by China. This second Dalai Lama is a Chinese puppet who has no acceptance among the majority of the native people of Tibet.

    Most people are talking about the original one when they refer to the Dalai Lama, but in your case I think you are referring to the second, counterfeit Chine Dalai Lama.

    Given that there are now two Dalai Lamas, an authentic one and a counterfeit one, we have to be careful and specify which Dalai Lama we are referring to in our political discussions, otherwise it causes confusion.

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