Dr. Nonis
Posted on October 4th, 2014

Ira de Silva London, Canada

Why is the media in Sri Lanka and the GOSL being so vague about the details of this disgusting incident? It is a fact that Dr. Nonis was slapped in public by a minister of the government. There were numerous eye witnesses. That a person of the caliber of Dr. Nonis was attacked in this manner in public is a reflection of the low mentality, standards of behaviour and caliber of those involved. It is the responsibility of the GOSL as well as the media to ensure that this type of behavior  is reported as unacceptable and that it is not the “norm”. That is the least the public expect.  The sad fact is that it is a bad reflection on the country and Sri Lankans that this boorish behavior is considered acceptable and that nothing is said or done to stop it.

What is required is a public apology from the “attacker” and a demand by the President that he not only makes such an apology but that he gives an undertaking that it will not be repeated under any circumstance. If this government expects respect it should treat it’s officials and citizens with respect.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

London, Canada

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  1. douglas Says:

    Dear Ira de Silva: “It is a fact that Dr. Nonis was slapped in public by a minister of the government”.. you have written above.

    In my opinion that to become a “fact” the victim must make a statement and say it happened to him. So far we have not heard from him. All what we hear is “so and so said it” or “such and such a news report reported it”. and we all are are commenting on the incident. On the other hand the Government’s spokesman also refers to a “Resignation” and that also when questioned by the media and the answer there too was “yes” and “no”. Where is the “host” of that “dinner”? Has he spoken? Has anyone who attended that “dinner” yet spoken? So far, the supposed to be “victim”; the “assailant”; the “host” and any of the “guests” have not spoken of this incident.

    So are we surmising this “episode”? Mark my words: This will also be one among a whole lot that would be swept under the carpet. At the end all will have a hearty laugh at us. The caravan will move and the dogs will be barking.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “It is the responsibility of the GOSL as well as the media to ensure that this type of behaviour is reported as unacceptable and that it is not the “norm”. ”

    But it is the “Norm” and is being proven again and again.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Douglas has a point.

    This first appeared in COLOMBO TELEGRAPH a pro-TE website. It has NO credibility.

    The FACTS are only CN has resigned after Sajin insulted him. Slapping story is no confirmed.

    Remember the story about WAKISTA the intel man? MR promoted him to a bigger role and he has already done exceptionally well at the airport.

    But the TEs twisted it to say he was punished for spying on A/L failed Upul Jayasuriya – Aluthkade Bar president.

  4. Sarath W Says:

    It is up to the minister of foreign affairs to clarify if this story is true or not as keeping quite will only create doubts in the minds of the voters. It is a fact that there are thugs in the cabinet, parliament and many of the provincial councils and is time to get rid of these goons before the next presidential elections.

  5. mario_perera Says:

    In my opinion normal rules about incidents and information in their regard are not applicable to the matter in issue namely the assault in public by Sajin Vaas on Chris Nonis.

    It happened within the inner sanctum of the presidential entourage and is ultra diplomatic in nature. Such incidents would logically be enveloped in silence and secrecy…as much as possible. Yet the fact is that news about it is OUT. It has brought the government of Sri Lanka including the president and his inner circle into ridicule and derision.

    The question is much more than a matter of fact and its authentic sources. The matter is about a topic that is making the round on the world scene. The protagonists feel bound by the law of diplomacy and secrecy. Yet considering its impact on the government and the President, a reaction from them is the reasonable manner to face the issue.

    Did it happen? If NOT then a government or presidential spokesperson must deny it. So far that has not happened. The Latin axiom applicable is well know ‘qui tacet consentire videtur’ – he who is silent seems to confirm.

    Furthermore that legal remedies are available against the sources of defamatory information is well known.

    In the face of all this the government and the president’s office keeps MUM ! How is that !? Does this not confirm that the incident did in fact take place? Dr Nonis says ‘no comment’…he does not say: it is a damned LIE’. He says: ‘no comment’. The accused Sajin Vaas has literally vanished from sight. The president remains dumb as a door post. G L Peiris is hiding behind his door. Keheliya says ‘I do not know’… Their attitudes speak for themselves. The parties concerned are running away from the scene of the crime just like common criminals do.

    To a right thinking person the conclusion is obvious – Chris Nonis was indeed assaulted by Sajin Vaas a right hand man of the president of Sri Lanka and also a realtive.

    The best thing is to find out the hide out of Sajin Vaas and ask him. As a ‘good catholic” he know the divine commandment: thou shall not LIE.

    As for the presdient who bows down before the members of the Sangha each time he makes an utterance and says : ehema netha haanuduruwane’ should come forward and say Yes or No…ehema nethe hamuduruwane??

    Mario Perera

  6. Nanda Says:

    A/L failed Upul Jayasuriya – Aluthkade Bar president , is taking all these incidents very seriously and dancing away in joy.

  7. Nanda Says:

    This is the last chance for our king without clothes to show Sinhala people that he is at least as good as Elaara the Demila king who asked the cart to go over his son as a punishment.

  8. Christie Says:

    What did Pirabharan say to his son?

  9. douglas Says:

    Mario Perera: You said: “The accused Sajin Vaas has literally vanished from sight”. Perhaps he must be in Rome by now in the company of our President who went to officially invite the Holy Pope to Sri Lanka. Do not worry, Sajin will
    Kiss the “Holy Ring” and seek solace. You shall seek and you shall get.

  10. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Douglas,

    Regarding Sajin Vass

    I only hope he will not go to see Holy Francis after having tucked a couple of CINZANO neath his belt. It might result in him hammering Holy Francis as well !

    Then Mr Ma-Hainda (because of me) will console Holy Francis with his classical words: You do not resign I will look after this fellow !!!

    Kindest wishes

  11. mario_perera Says:


    Sorry I missed out on a point. The brawl between Unholy Sajin and Holy Francis will erupt over the question as to who should be canonized, Sajin Vass or Joseph Vaas !!!


  12. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Doulas is trying to whitewash the naked emperor and cover his nakedness with white paint. Read the news report and Dr. Nonis says he does not want to talk about the incident. But He does not deny it.
    By the way, MR is now well passed his sell-by date. Urgently need a change. When people talk about corruption around him, talk about the politicians taking bribes and receipt of unlawful gratuities he is as silent as the dead. he did not introduce even a single legislation to prevent or arrest any loopholes and willingly leaving them open. When people complains, it is almost like talking to a brick wall. He is well aware that the Bribery and Corruption Commission alone can’t stop corruption. Even when UNP or JVP comes to power they will just do the same. Stealing money that legitimately belongs to the people is the crime that will change the present regime for best or worst.
    Take for example in US, see how many legislations they had to introduce over the years but still (From Wikipedia) dozens of high-level United States federal officials have been convicted of public corruption offenses while in office. These officials have been convicted under two types of statutes. The first type are also applicable to corrupt state and local officials:[1] the mail and wire fraud statutes (enacted 1872), including the honest services fraud provision,[2] the Hobbs Act (enacted 1934),[3] the Travel Act (enacted 1961),[4] and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) (enacted 1970).[1][5] In addition, federal officials are subject to the federal bribery, graft, and conflict-of-interest crimes contained in Title 18, Chapter 11 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. §§ 201–227, which do not apply to state and local officials.[1] Most notably, § 201(b) prohibits the receipt of bribes, and § 201(c) prohibits the receipt of unlawful gratuities, by federal public officials. Lesser used statutes include conspiracy to defraud the United States (enacted 1867)[6] and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) (enacted 1977).[7]

  13. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you all for the ‘interesting’ comments on this very sorry saga disgracing all Sri Lankans at ‘diplomatic level’ Mr President can you please immediately look into this disgraceful conduct of your supporting goons and punish severely the guilty to avoid repetition – S de Silva- London

  14. AnuD Says:

    So the final decision is this a lie and it did not happen.

    It is like LTTE getting killed by themselves.

  15. Outspoken Sri Lankan Says:

    Why are people so surprised about the conduct of Sajin Vas? That is the stuff he is made of. Ignorant, arrogant and corrupt!!!! May be he has more titles in private. This man should be removed regardless because even before the NY incident, he was out of line in many ways. He is so stupidly ignorant that he spoke rubbish while in Washington.

    The Foreign Ministry wants expats to do their dirty work to clean up the image of Sri Lanka with no funding. But his moron signs dime a dozen contracts with lobbyists without knowing the first thing about how far lobbyists can influence the voting public. All those who don’t like what they see because it is damaging the image of the country should protest. A global petition from expats will be an easy task because expats work so hard and this stupid man like some others not only talk rubbish but act like rubbish. MR will have to make some serious decisions. As it is good diplomats to represent the country are hard to come by. Good well educated people are running a mile from the EAM. Sri Lanka will have to recruit foreigners with brains to hold diplomatic positions because right thinking people will not touch them with a barge pole. MR — make your choice. Your thug or your people. One despicable person has ruined the name of all and will prevent any decent person from representing the country. Chris Nonis comes from decent stock. Today, all the low life people are ruling the country. They can’t even communicate leave alone represent. SVG should go back to carrying bags which is all he can do with O Level qualifications and no brains. By the way who paid for the Blue Label Jonny Walker Scotch? This is the la di da we all pay for. Get lost SVG before someone blows your brains for the things you do and the language you use on people.

  16. douglas Says:

    I am certain that all of the readers of this page would have already read the “Ksnenuka caused Sajin-Chris incident” captioned by “lankanewsweb.net” and published on 3-10-14.

    This reminds me of a very old song sung by Late Mohideen Beg: ” Visa Gora Naga Visa Kalatha, Meepanida Ehi Dawata, Bamba Mahwe Stri Loketa…………” ( The Creator, Maha Babba made the woman from the mixture of all venom and coated with honey) This explains all what to say about this “particular Lady”. That is what I understood of what was said in the publication.

    My apologies to S.de Silva – London. I know you are different.

  17. Marco Says:

    I too read the lankanewsweb story.
    I’m not sure what kind of agenda is set here but rather surprised that lankaweb thought fit to provide a link to web portal like lankanewsweb.
    If one was to analyse that news report i would come up with the following;-
    – Kshenuka is manipulative.
    – Sajin Vaas can easily be manipulated
    – Sain Vaas likes a tipple and cannot hold his drinks
    – Sajin Vaas becomes violent after drinks.
    -It is factually incorrect that tradition dictates the Minister and Secretary cannot tour the same country at the same time. In fact it is the reverse on important foreign visits like to the UN.
    -It is factually incorrect that all three met for the first time since the appointment of Ministry Secretary. Most recently publicised one being the CHOGM and i can name quite a few before them.
    – President Rajapakse relishes confrontations within his own ranks and manipulates them to fulfil his agenda.
    -Sajin Vaas returned to his normal self only after he got slapped by the president. Seriously? Was it after drinks again? Is the President setting an example? or is it the fashion after Warakapola?

    The guilty parties are off to Rome for an audience with the Pope. President & First Lady, Kshenuka & Sajin Vaas
    Thankfully the Vatican only serve sacramental wine and not JW Blue Label

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    AnuD and others,

    The FACTS are only CN has resigned after Sajin insulted him. Slapping story is no confirmed.

    It was WRONG for Sajin to insult Nonis and MR should take action. Nonis had said he will come back to work IF MR takes action against Sajin. A TRUE patriot.

    This Sajin fellow was the whose action REDUCED UPFA votes in southern province. He pushed his men and punished hard working UPFA people. One of his adversaries won over 100,000 votes!

  19. Marco Says:

    On a rather serious note i read the 38 page report/submission by Amnesty International to the UN HRC presented a few days ago. Apart from the usual list of issues raised as in the past, persistent climate of impunity has been focused on.
    Now, here we have an episode/incident at the very doorstep of the President himself. I wonder how will the President extricate himself from this?

  20. douglas Says:

    Marco: Thank you. I was only commenting on what was said in that web page and enjoyed it. To be serious on this matter, Sajin; Shenuka & Co. is a “DISGRACE” of the highest order to us and the country. When this lady was in Geneva, we saw how she carried herself about the business of “Foreign Service” – that “Service is Foreign” to her and Sajin. These behavioral patterns of these stooges are not matters of today or yesterday. Those pattens are in their genes. I pointed out how this Sajin came to USA and signed some “Consultancy Agreements” committing the country for several millions and how he gave his address as No. 8, D.S. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 8. That was a fact and did anyone in the Government or the Opposition questioned it or moved to take action against such behavior? He should have been dealt with seriously by the Parliament and the COPE. Where are they? As it is nothing can be done and wait hoping against hope to see some “divine intervention” to happen.

    This host should have contacted us and we would have been glad to provide them with their usual “drink” of “Kassippu” so that their system would not go overboard with that type of “premium drinks”- JW Blue Label. Everything would have been OK and the “string hopper” party would have been concluded with a happy note.

    They would have said: “Cheers ! One for the Road! and departed peacefully.

  21. Nanda Says:

    “I wonder how will the President extricate himself from this?”

    -No worries. Pope is there to help. He will wash away all sins of Sa-Jin and his uncle.

    As I judged earlier, swearing of Nonis appears to be a fabricated lie by a jealous angle.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    This story has given HOPELESS Tamils something to CHEW ON.

    After FAT JAYA’s imprisonment, they were on a suicidal mode. Let them chew on Nonis and forget the PAIN of their Amma in jail. Endian jails are notorious, particularly for women.

    Ananthi Sasitharan and her husband are culpable in CORRUPTION and CHILD SOLDIERS. When will SL follow Endia’s lead and jail her for her crimes? According to Tamil circles, her two older daughters were also complicit in recruiting child soldiers.

    No law in SL. So she will keep out of jail!

  23. radha Says:

    The penis head SVG MUST be kicked out from his high pedestal. It is time to stop the governance of this country by a mafia family and its retinue herd of donkeys and hyenas. GR may be an exception, but I thought if he was man enough he would use his immense power to sweep out the scum associated with his big brother and do something beneficial to this country and clean its tarnished name.

  24. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Hot News from the town.(http://lankanewsweb.net/exclusive/8880-where-were-you-then-susil-asks-basil)
    Premajayantha had been at his home having a chat with his family and friends. Hearing Basil’s outburst, he has forgotten where he was and shouted out, “Where were you all in 2005? We are the ones who suffered to bring the party to power. Got shot at. Sacrificed our lives. What have you done? What you did was to parachute from America to Temple Trees and stole without an end. You have destroyed this government and the party too. Because of your lowly acts, we cannot walk on the streets. All these will affect badly on the real SLFPers who have been suffering all this long. When things go wrong, you will flee to America. The poor SLFPers will have to face the UNPers.” Family members had to make much effort to calm down Premajayantha, a heart patient. All of them heard the conversation in stunned silence.

  25. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Comment On Sajin-Nonis Affair By Tamara Kunanayakam -(lankanewsweb.net)
    The questions that everyone should be asking is: “Why now? Why in New York? Why in the context of the UN General Assembly? Why during the Human Rights Council session in Geneva? Who benefits from the crime? What is the mission of Sri Lanka’s diplomacy?”

    Sajin Vass Gunawardena, the man who runs the Foreign Ministry, and Kshenuka Senewiratne, his number two, are two sides of the same coin.

    The assault of High Commissioner Chris Nonis is only one in a series of Acts in a Tragedy that opened in Geneva in 2009 with the same cast of villains, followed by other Acts also in Geneva in 2011 and 2012, and still others played out in Rome and Paris.

    The method they used then to disarm Sri Lanka’s representatives was mobbing, now they have advanced to physical thuggery, and these top “diplomats” continue their devastation not only with total impunity, but enjoying high patronage, promotions, and financial advantages.

    Their modus operandi may have changed, but their objective hasn’t . Their actions have always put Sri Lanka on the defensive in the position of the Accused. There is a striking coincidence between the defeat of the West along with the LTTE in 2009 and the beginnings of this Tragedy.

    At a crucial juncture in the history of our country when unity and cohesion are national priorities, and credibility and allies international priorities, such hooliganism on the part of Sri Lanka’s top “diplomats” raises questions about the very nature of the Sri Lankan State and its state of decay,

    It is urgent that the parliament, the parties that represent the people, and the people themselves put an end to this public humiliation of the nation if the country’s sovereignty, independence, and dignity is to be defended.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    “Where were you all in 2005? We are the ones who suffered to bring the party to power. Got shot at. Sacrificed our lives. What have you done? What you did was to parachute from America to Temple Trees and stole without an end. You have destroyed this government and the party too. Because of your lowly acts, we cannot walk on the streets. All these will affect badly on the real SLFPers who have been suffering all this long.”

    I’ve been saying this all along.

    It is BR who is stuffing things up MOST. He doesn’t know who the voters are. He only serve Jaffna people who doesn’t give him a flying fart.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Radha is right.

    GR has to MAN UP and do something or end up becoming impotent like the rest. But still he holds HOPE. Lets give him some time. His biggest enemy is that JAFFNA FRIENDLY BR.

  28. douglas Says:

    This Hon. Sajin Vass has denied assaulting Dr. Nonis and he even says to verify it from those present viz. the present High Commissioner to USA and others at the dinner. He also has told that Dr. Nonis could make a complaint and proceed with legal action.

    Now Dr. Nonis will definitely say: “I assaulted myself”. Do you remember what Samurdi Officer said when Hon Mervin Silva – the Minister tied him to tree. He said: “I tied myself”.

    Anyway, if you are interested to know further details of this Honorable Monitoring MP of External Affairs Mr. Sajin Vass Gunawardene, please read the article by Sonali Amarasinghe appearing in Colombo Telegraph today. Of course there many more dots to be joined on the fact given. Enjoy reading of this “confidante” and “family friend” of MR family.

  29. SA Kumar Says:

    Now Dr. Nonis will definitely say: “I assaulted myself”.
    Do you remember what Samurdi Officer said when Hon Mervin Silva – the Minister tied him to tree. He said: “I tied myself”.
    also poor Puggu hamed himself.

    It is like LTTE getting killed by themselves.

    Yes We Demilaya have something to CHEW ON until our Amma come out from Kannda jail .

  30. mario_perera Says:

    “This Hon. Sajin Vass has denied assaulting Dr. Nonis and he even says to verify it from those present viz. the present High Commissioner to USA and others at the dinner. He also has told that Dr. Nonis could make a complaint and proceed with legal action.” – Douglas

    A TOTAL DISGRACE. A piece of shit airing an ‘apolocia por vita sua’…and from where? From the Vatican. In the presence of whom? The President of Sri Lanka now a public accomplice to the crimes of his hit men…ehema netha apey hamuduruwane?

    Everything about the damned country STINKS and that stench has long since gone beyond the frontiers of the bearable. Remember what J.R.said: that the only thing the executive presidency could not do is to change a man into a woman and vice versa. But now even that is happening. No manliness, no womanliness just monstrosities. Murder, rape, Rowdyism, thuggery, lies, cheating, deceptions is THE ORDER OF THE DAY. It is not the exception to the rule, IT IS THE RULE.

    Just last night that gutter snipe Mervyn de Silva came on TV and declared loud and clear that he has not told a lie in his life. Sajin Vass said the same in his message from no other place than the Vatican. ‘Tell others who our leader are, and we will be told what our country is”. This is an accursed land. Darkness is on the face of this land. Darkness has become such a permanent feature that we are compelled to take darkness for light.

    What has this nation become? The dregs have inundated and filled the cup that is Sri Lanka. We are ruled by pigs wallowing in piles and piles of excreta. The rulers have even dared take their stench to the Vatican. No amount of papal visits can cleanse us. No amount of canonizations can remove the filth we are bathed in. A daylight murderer was seen off to Singapore by the high and the mighty, kept going in Singapore with astronomical sums of money that defy the imagination, brought back, reinstalled in his pristine glory.

    My advice to all who can is: go away, leave this accursed, land of divine curse, this Sodom and Gomorrah, this earth awaiting the deluge with no Noe in sight…Go away; go away…go anywhere. Leave this accursed country with no salvation at hand, no redeemer on the horizon. Sri Lanka is an open toilet where the great and that mighty squat and shit before the eyes of all and demand to be applauded for their ignoble deed.


    Mario Perera

  31. aloy Says:

    I can understand your hopelessness. It is all because of just one man and that is the leader of the opposition who now wants to be the common candidate. I know if not you will be brimming with confidence. That man has been put there by MR himself. All the UNPers are just puppets. The man is being paid lavishly by more than a Billion rupees a year just for his upkeep and is being protected by the judiciary so that no one can push him out. Idiotic UNPers and their voters are being taken on a ride. Each election they stage the debates on TV and play the same drama and the MR rule goes on while the leader of opposition does the globe trotting with public money. They have now realized that 49% is not enough to defeat MR. So mighty and so strong.

  32. Marco Says:

    O what a tangle web we weave

    Lies, Lies and whose Lies!

    Dr Nonis has finally spoken and confirmed he tendered his resignation on the 24th Sept after being unlawfully assaulted by Sajin Vaas.(unclear if the resignation was tendered to EAM or the President) and his resignation was accepted on 3rd Oct. See voice recording on Adaderana.

    Rambukwella at a press briefing on the 30 Sept first confirmed that Nonis had resigned then retracted it after having consulted GL Peiris. Clearly there was a letter of Resignation. Both Rambukwella & GL Peiris were economical with the truth.

    We also hear that Sajin Vaas has denied assaulting Chris Nonis.
    To add to it further, Kshenuka has lodged a complaint against Chris Nonis.
    Minister Yapa says Chris Nonis should have acted with restraint if there was an assault. !
    President Rajapakse has ordered yet another investigation (yawn) into the whole affair.

    Sajin Vaas is nowhere to be seen on the videos of President Rajapakse visiting the Pope.

    Its like a Tele-drama

    Chris Nonis during an interview with CNN stated the following
    -we have had a vibrant civilization for 2,500 years. We have perfectly educated people and I think we’re perfectly capable of carrying out our own domestic inquiry.”

    To test this principle, Nonis needs to observe the outcome of this investigation into this incident.

  33. Marco Says:

    I entirely understand your frustration.
    We make the bed we sleep in.

  34. douglas Says:

    Mario & Marco: I join in your expression of frustrations. Yet isn’t it that this situation has to be brought to a halt? Just think of the ordinary people who do not know what is going on behind their back and how the people who are entrusted with the running of affairs of the country are plundering the country’s wealth and above all our values and dignity. For the last sixty years, since Independence, this has been evolved in a slow and steady manner and today we see it in an exalted position and more or less looks like the whole country is handed down in a platter to a gang headed by a “God Father”. I saw, I came and I conquered. Now I rule. PERIOD.

    I totally agree with what Aloy said above. Even the “Official Opposition”(if there is one) is managed and ruled by the “God Father. Unfortunately we have no “Media” or any other means of communication with the ordinary people. To tell you in short, a large majority are CLUELESS of what is going on. The other day a case against an opposition MP, viz Mr. Ravi Karunanayake came up in courts charged for violation of foreign exchange rules. A witness(ex Govt. Official)referred to recorded conversations, this MP had over the phone with Raj Rajaratnam who is serving a jail term in USA having found guilty in one of biggest insider trading cases in history. This man was the man who sent millions of foreign money to this MP. Now this Rajaratnam faces another case of “funding LTTE, a Terrorist organization banned in USA. See the connections, friendship our politicians have. I spoke about it to some university students and it was amazing to find that not a single of them knew or want to know about the case in question or the circumstances connected with it. So what more to talk about the ordinary Appuhamy, James mama, Yaso nenda, Gunawathie akka, Srirsena malli,Udula nangie?

    So no wander the “God Father” heading the “gang” including the “aging” “Rathu Sohodarayas” are very comfortable in their own “kingdom” and so goes to say about the members of the “Official Opposition” too. Unfortunately, contributing to the frustrations expressed by Marco,Mario, Aloy and whole lot of others, I do not see yet, that much desired CHANGE is coming. It looks caravan is moving and we dogs are barking all “alone”.

  35. aloy Says:

    As Douglas says “Unfortunately we have no “Media” or any other means of communication with the ordinary people.”
    Our ordinary people are worse than the frogs in the well; they do not know even what is in the well. The few media that appear to be popular are:
    Derana – owned by Dilith Jayaweera?.
    Hiru – owened by brother of Duninda
    Colombo Today (CT)- owned by Alles
    My brother lives in SL and is a fan of Derana but did not know that they will give a picture favourable to the GOSL at the critical moment. The others are the same. Exactly how they got money to establish them, one needs to question.

  36. Siri Says:

    This is a disgrace for Sri Lanka. Everybody in NY knows about this incident as Dilan is well known and the dinner he gave to this group. There is no hiding the facts. The President should never have brought this thug to NY to disgrace the whole country. The Sri Lankan Parliment should hold an inquiry and kick out Sajin Vaas Gunewardene from it’s midst before he disgraces them again. This man only belongs in jail, not in the Sri Lankan Parliment. This shows the calibre of the Sri Lankan voters who sent this idiot to Parliment.

    It is high time they set a standard for MP’s contesting elections to keep out thugs and the ill-literates.

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