Sajin assaulted him, Nonis confirms , Foreign Secy. also complains against Nonis; President orders probe
Posted on October 4th, 2014

By Zacki Jabbar Courtesy Island

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the UK, Dr. Chris Nonis said last night that he did not know what the complaint made against him by Foreign Secretary Kshenuka Seneviratne was.

He was speaking to The Island over the telephone from London, shortly after President Mahinda Rajapaksa ordered a probe from the Vatican, into a complaint made by Kshenuka against Nonis.

“I have absolutely no idea what this so called complaint against me by Kshenuka is.

All I can say is that I was assaulted by Sajin Vaas Gunawardena during a function I attended in New York on September 24. I met President Rajapaksa on the very same day, lodged a strong protest, tendered my resignation and returned to London.”

Dr. Nonis,when asked if he had been manhandled by Sajin in the presence of the President as alleged and if he was still Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the UK, despite tendering giving quit notice, replied “What I told you is all I can say at the moment, Thank you.”

Attempts to contact the Foreign Secretary for her comments, proved futile, as her phone remained engaged at the time this edition went to press.

7 Responses to “Sajin assaulted him, Nonis confirms , Foreign Secy. also complains against Nonis; President orders probe”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE RUMP must be laughing! A break from their howling and mourning from FAT JAYA’s imprisonment.

  2. Nimal Says:

    I have worked with Ksenuka and Keegle when the Prez had a successful event and Oxford union and what ever the complaint against a honorable Dr Nonis,it’s out of order for that fellow top assault him.Prez should sack him or demote him.him. Ksenuka was a dedicated workaholic and one of the best we had in London.She had good connections with the British officials and that’s how we came to know her,resulting in the diaspora had no chance to disrupt the President’s visit.I too remember the even at Hilton where we too attended and there was nor disruption from the separatist lobby as these fellows were well and truly restricted by the officials concerned.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Looks like NONIS is NO BETTER than SAJIN? until yesterday You all my Sinhala brother said you have best HC Dr Nonis.
    but today you all against him , I am so confused now !
    Please ask Dr to check his chard( sathakam) in one of Tamil temple in London .

  4. Nimal Says:

    What you have written was unbelievable and sad.I too felt very uneasy with another VIP guest who attended an event last Dec,where he turned up very late.There was a bit of disorganization created by the minor staff who had most of the seats reserved for their families,mostly kids where some were never there but raincoats and overcoats were placed on several empty chairs meant for them but not for us us.But the usual people who are critical of events there over years were well looked after and were seated at a different section,while my wife and I stood against the wall with another sudda politician. We were very embarrassed as the privileged lot seems to enjoy our agony with awkward glances.
    Just like Dr Nonis we are very busy with so many business connections not only in UK but in SL,Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia etc. in addition to my Job in UK.
    So I can’t blame Dr Nonis for having an interest in Mac Woods,after all we don’t want diplomats from the gutter.We were so uneasy,decided to leave the event before it began claiming that there was an emergency in my business and we were followed by the Sudda official.
    we were concerned that Cameron met the diaspora at Downing street and prior to his trip to the island we for warned him not to take part in separatist issues when in SL.As Con. Party members we lobbied our MPs and our known big wigs at the party to no avail.It seems that all too powerful diaspora had infiltrated no 10.We were glad that Cameron had applauded after our Presidents speech at the recent UN event.He his not that popular with the party at present,running like a headless chicken,desperate to counter the UKIP.
    I can’t see any politician not having a business interest when in office,like Lord Nasby,who spoke for us against the diaspora activities.He had to neglect his venture capital firm(IPRT) because of his involvement in Politics and because of his keen interest in our country,as a gesture of goodwill I bought thousands of shares in his company by selling some good blue chip shares that have grown in value but for my misfortune I lost all my money with Lord Nasby’s company as the fund was dissolved.
    We just can’t criticize a person for born to a business family and holding a political position,as one has to fall back to his business should he be out of office.What I am against is person from the gutter to enter politics just to make money,just as in the third world and they mess up the country as well.
    He taking prince Charles to the tea estate had a great impact on us and the tea drinking general public in UK.I too bought about 100 packets to be given as gifts to my friends here and they were wondering if they could buy our tea in the open market in UK.
    By the way we don’t have the Ceylon tea Centre any more,along with our student centre was sold by the previous regime.

  5. radha Says:

    Any reasonable person would see that the alleged complaint by KS is nothing but a belated damage limiting exercise through spreading misinformation, and trying to make it official. What else can we expect from this pair of crooks stage managing this discrediting campaign against our premier diplomat.

    Successful event at Oxford? Yuck!

  6. Nanda Says:

    Lucky he had kept his business going, otherwise he would not be able to even submit resignation with honour !

    If you are offered a position by MR would you go leaving all you business to joint him ? Do you trust this bugger so much ?

  7. Christie Says:

    Assault is an assault and depending on the law of the land it occurred it may be subject to law of the land. Has anyone made a complaint to the relevant authorities?

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