Posted on October 11th, 2014

Ranjith Soysa

It is reported that the BASL has received funds from National Endowment for Democracy, a well known arm of the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA. Of late, BASL has launched its activities into many areas which are more of  political nature than stricly legal.

Since NED was involved in many a political movements including forced attempts at regime changes and spurring international political movements aligned to the USA, it is absolutely necessary to initiate a probe into the transactions the BASL had with NED and to ascertain the related agenda and how the funds received were utilized.

The CIA’s covert and overt operations in Cuba, Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador , Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Thailand, Pakistan and Burma etc should galvanize the strategic thinkers in Sri Lanka to effectively control this menace.

Sri Lanka’s national security should be safeguarded from the external interferences engineered by the Ugly Americans and their agents





  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Long overdue.

    CPA’s Paki Sara is in bad books following an article in CT. Looks like the NGO mafia is EXPOSED!

    SL should change laws saying NO entity connected to lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc. can take money from ANY foreign entity without govt. approval. Who knows Jihad money can also come this way.

  2. Raj Says:

    I totally agree with Lorenzo here for the first time. Well said.

  3. Nanda Says:

    The guy with 4F qualifications spend most of the day at Cinnamon Grand. Whose money is this ?

    “SL should change laws saying NO entity connected to lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc. can take money from ANY foreign entity without govt. approval”

    – yes long overdue. But only Haalmessos are caught while Moras rule. Any such currency restrictions will hamper the luxury life of Moras, so they wouldn’t do it.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    First of all one needs to find out how BASL and other similar organisations get into the control of unpatriotic Christians and their boot licking Colombian mimicking Sinhala Buddhists. This happens in almost every professional organisation; exceptions are few and insignificant as the rest of the membership too is stacked against any patriots. Once they are in place the rest is easy. All these organisations become victims of external agents hell bent on regime change and ultimate chaos.

  5. Marco Says:

    Further to Ratanapala comment.
    If there were capable and creditable people willing to take the mantle of BASL or any similar Professional organisations willing to uphold the objective of such organisations and bring to focus issues that are foremost in peoples mind then good luck to them.
    I assume Ratanapala gripe is such Professional organisations are bringing to focus the mis-management, mal- administration and lack of accountability of the current Govt administration whether they be Christians, Colombians, Buddhist or any other.
    A classic case in point being a Hydro Energy consultant from a credible organisation (for your benefit a Buddhist with renown credibility) wrote a scathing report on the inefficiency of our Hydro Energy plants. Champika Ranawaka the then Minister of Power and Energy was effectively clueless and embarrassingly admitted that he was under the impression the hydro plants was to provide drinking water first, then for irrigation and finally for power generation.
    I’m happy to share a link to that report.

    Thankfully, MR removed him from that portfolio.
    Sulk he may.

  6. Samanthi Says:

    It is essential that the Ministry of Defence is at heightened alert at this election environment as some western countries who are hell bent on regime change will do what ever possible actions such as bribing ministers, MPs and provincial/regional council members to switch to the opposition in order to install a puppet government alienating to promote their capitalistic, imperialists and separatist agenda in Sri Lanka. It seems like that Karu J’s son-in-law has already been bought by these reactionary forces.

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    I happy if I tread on some ‘sensitive toes’. Some find it difficult to see the woods for the trees! Get the ‘big picture’ and you will understand the forces at play.

  8. Marco Says:

    I’d rather see the woods and the trees and the ability to see the big picture in a unclouded vision.

  9. Nanda Says:

    4F man has created a mini-parliament now. He is passing ‘resolution” after “resolution”. Another fool Bijjeswaran ( don’t know whether he even did A-levels), is also passing his own “resolutions” in his Ealam Parliament.

    Byagulla leaders are scared to control these nonsense happening making the whole Sri Lankan even worse than Tamil Nadu. This is not democracy. This is lawlessness. In TN at least the buggress went to jail. Ours, more coming into the parliament and mini-parliaments working hard all over the place.
    Meanwhile modayas getting ready to hail and appoint same bloody leaders to the GON House.

  10. Siri Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo. However the wording should be such that “No political organization or politically afiliated entity should be allowed to take money from a foreign country or entity” with or without government approval. Taking such money amounts to a bribe and is a National Security concern. Our democracy should not be for sale to the highest bidder. Other organizations such as lawyers, doctors, politicians etc should be allowed to do so only with the knowledge of the general public and the approval of the Government.

    In this day and age when International Political power blocks are trying to change regimes by buying off politicians or highly influential individuals, the General Public should be on the look out for individuals and organizations trying to create trouble.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Low college shall be closed.
    It is fair to let those A/L candidates to compete for more positions in the UNi expanding LLB. Then only we can conclude lawyers have some brains. I am not saying only those people who pass exams have brains but we must do a justice to those students who suffer so much and spend a long time studying hard. There shouldn’t be another HORA channel ( which Jihadist and Thieves follow).
    A man who got 4F’s in the A/L has now become Aluthkade Bar.

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