Eric Solheim – ´A snake under grass´ 
Posted on November 20th, 2014

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

President Rajapakse at a meeting held on Saturday had said that, ´The former Norwegian Peace Envoy Eric Solheim was covertly financing the Tamil Tigers…Norway gave money to the LTTE. The Norwegian govt must investigate this. We have evidence that they have funded the terrorists. Solheim Is now planning to give evidence against Sri Lanka in Geneva…´

In reply, Eric Solheim had said, that the President is telling lies about him. However, the people of Sri Lanka knows who is telling the truth – the President who fought a terrorist war or the bogus Peace maker who was playing a double game. Eric S claims to be a saint. And for the terrorists and LTTE backers like the TNA he is an angel. The double game played by the Norwegian peace maker is an open secret. His peace talks were all tilted  in favour of the LTTE giving them a chance to bolster their strength. His constant advise to the Sri Lankan govt was that the LTTE is invincible and therefore to settle matters in a peaceful manner. In other words to offer to his hero Prabhakaran one-third of the country!

Norway not only funded the LTTE but also let the terrorists open an office in Oslo. Towards the end of the war when the Sri Lankan Embassy was broken into and more or less destroyed, the perpetrators were allowed to go scot free. After the war most of the terror leaders who escaped had been given refugee status in Norway.  Eric Solheim is not a saint as claimed by him but a snake under grass.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Eric is a terrorist supporter no doubt.

    But the sad part is good people are going bad.

    1. Who ALLOWED a LTTE (TNA) leader to become the chief minister of NPC?
    2. Who ALLOWS Kasippu Joseph to FRAME SL for bogus war crimes?
    3. Who ALLOWS Ananthi Sasitharan to FRAME SL for bogus war crimes?
    4. Who ALLOWS the terrorist 13 amendment to PLUNDER the country?
    5. Who DEMILITARIZED the north in 2013 even Norwegian terrorists could not in 2003?
    6. Who RELEASED 11,000 terrorists back into the society to kill?
    7. Who ALLOWED channel 4 criminals, UNHRC criminals into the country?
    8. Who made a KNOWN TERRORIST SUPPORTER (photos available in the internet) a SENIOR minister?

    IF I’m wrong in ANY of the above, please point out. NO offence meant to anyone. Just stating FACTS.

    We MUST address these problems without pushing them under the carpet. They are REAL.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    And please, lets NOT POLITICIZE national security.

    We had 9 years to FRAME this Eric the Terror Thor but we did NOTHING and now near an election we BLAME him. NO ACTION!

    This is NOT the way to handle criminals. DECISIVE ACTION is needed.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Why some one does not give any evidence instead of making accusations ?

    Even Mahinda Rajapakse gave money to LTTE via Tiran Alles.

    There are news paper articles including photos that Mahinda Rajapakse, Namal Rajapakse met LTTE financiers in Britain and in Europe ? There is photo evidence on that.

  4. AnuD Says:

    Recently, there was a plan to align with TNA and in turn, diaspora would be allowed to invest in the north and east. Look like it did not work.

  5. Indrajith Says:

    Lorenzo, can you please give more hints to identify the minister in your item no.8?

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Rauf Hackhim.

    Come on Mr Strategist. You know better than me! :))

  7. Vimutti Says:

    Solheim is being deceptive by not telling us the timeframe and WHICH leader knew of the payments. It was Ranil in the UNP who approved the radio transmitter going to the LTTE, NOT Rajapaksa.

    When the government was controlled by the UNP under Ranil’s leadership, Ranil was doing whatever these Western countries wanted him to do, including secret deals with the US CIA on rendition to torture US terror suspects. Now the UK, US, and Norway are doing all that they can to get the UNP back in control of the Sri Lanka government.

    Part of why Solheim and his UK and US counterparts are dragging Sri Lanka through the UNHRC war crimes inquiry and want to undermine Rajapaksa and his government is that they got egg on their faces by promising a so-called “political solution” (approved by Ranil and the UNP) to the Tamils that essentially gave them an autonomous governed territory in the North and East as desired by the LTTE. This all unraveled when Rajapaksa routed the LTTE in 2009.

    What also unraveled with the war ending in 2009 is the neo-colonial strategy of divide-and-conquer, in which white former colonist nations pit native populations against each other so they are distracted fighting each other rather than opposing the exploitation of their country by the neo-colonists. Norway, the UK, and the US have a much more difficult time getting whatever they want out of Sri Lanka now that the war has ended, and they obviously blame Rajapaksa for this change in fortune.

  8. Independent Says:

    No one allowed Kasippu Joseph to FRAME SL for bogus war crimes.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Actually Kasippu Joseph and 130 other Catholic priests made FALSE submissions to the UN, UNHRC, etc., etc. IMPLICATING SL leaders and army officers of war crimes.

    Their submission was even published in media.

    LTTE came up with a stupid number of 40,000. TGTE came up with 80,000. Kasippu came up with an astronomical number of 145,000!

    He regularly meets LTTE agents, anti-SL NGOs and other criminals. He is ALLOWED to do all this. IF another country, he is now rotting in jail or hell.

  10. Senevirath Says:


  11. ranjit Says:

    ERIC SOLOMAN not Solhiem is not an ordinary snake. Snakes were worshiped in some religions and we humans always respect snakes but this guy is not a snake but a Hyena. Hyena always eats left overs if not eat what others kill. Dirty animal with a dirty face. Soloman also like that. He was a dependent of LTTE and Tamil Diaspora. Now he do not get much cash so he has started writing books which are all damn lies. Norway was our enemy from the beginning.They helped most cruel terror organization to destroy our land and it’s people and we should not trust these scavengers at all. Let him talk or write anything what he likes but we the people of SRILANKA knows better about our country than this pig.

  12. Independent Says:

    Did you read the passage by Dilrook
    In 2005 JHU petitioned the Supreme Court to declare a presidential election. Mahinda approached the JHU and he was given conditional support. He was asked to promise to win the war at the holiest Sri Dalada Maligawa to which he agreed. Mathematically, Mahinda could not win the election without JHU support. All except Uduwe Dhammaloka supported Mahinda. For personal reasons he joined Ranil.

    However, after winning the election by less than 0.2% additional votes, Mahinda continued with the CFA. Even restarted peace talks with the LTTE. As usual LTTE continued its terror campaign. He had no intention of restarting the war. Although Norway is blamed now, his government allowed the Norwegian Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission to continue knowingly its bias and Norwegian support for Tamil terrorists.

    You think his statement is wrong ? Norway on their own initiatives did everything ?

  13. ranjit Says:

    Yes as a leader he must go on the Peace track first and if it failed then for war that’s what Mahinda did and we won with JHU support or not. When MR said to JHU that they will discuss after the elections about their demands why they leave because they have their own agendas. Let anyone leaves or come and join as President said nothing will change.President will be the same even by one vote that’s what people want at this critical period.

    UNPers are liars as always they sling mud at the President for the last 9 years without supporting for any issue concern our Motherland. They are bunch of rubbish. In my view all these stooges of capitalists are jealous of these Rajapaksa brothers. They are always moving with the people and doing wonders to our small nation where no other politician did. Dont look at the negative things always look at all the positives and try to join him and work for unity and peace for the sake of our next generations. I liked if JHU was with the Govt because former Minister Champika is a decent politician unfortunately they left and I dont think they can change the result because Mahinda have some good all-rounders in his team except for few.

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