Problem in Sri Lanka is not a minority issue! It is the inability of the majority to assert themselves! Let the majority unite to make racist minority politics, history.
Posted on January 4th, 2015

Ratanapala – 4 Jan 2015

With the formation of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party in 1951, the majority Sinhalese became a near non-entity in Sri Lankan politics. Sinhala polity got bifurcated and each half went of separate ways in a manner suicidal to each other. This provided and opened up untold vistas for the minorities to play divisive politics to the detriment of the Sri Lankan nation.  Ever since that time the minorities have been the kingmakers, movers and shakers in Sri Lankan politics except for very brief periods of time. They were behind unequal demands for the asymmetrical dismemberment of Sri Lanka, which resulted in Bandaranaike _ Chelvanayagam, then Dudley – Chelvanayagam and later JR – Amirthalingam pacts that paved way to the Vadukkodai Declaration for war and the resulting 30 year war.

Their demands were for ethnically cleansed enclaves while more than 50% of their compatriots lived worked and made business in the rest of Sri Lanka. If Bandaranaike stayed with the UNP in a few short years he could have come to power and reformed the party from within and there would not have been a need to disempower the Sinhalese. (Remember JR who was a senior politician in the first UNP government had to wait till 1973 to take on the leadership of the UNP.) The current ills of Sri Lanka are a direct result of this catastrophic political eruption. The power hungry and politically myopic Senanayakes and Bandaranaike’s and the pseudo arm chair socialists of the time should be held responsible for this not anticipated but idiotic act of self-immolation! They walked into the trap laid by the Westminster model of democracy.

Every politician that came to power since that fateful 1951 decision went onto bargain the majority rights – be they language, land or other privileges with the minorities in order to stay in power and to add insult to injury they called it democracy! They went onto take for granted the loyalties of the very people who brought them to power. The results of this treachery, is the longest war in the 20th Century – a direct result of the disproportionate demands that restricts the living space of the majority in every sphere of human endeavor. Sinhalese are driven from the North and East and now from Colombo and its environs! One only has to take a stroll down Colombo eateries, open spaces, the shopping malls, and the business houses to find out who is enjoying fruits of years of giving into minorities. This is the challenge that Sinhalese have in this election.

No country, where the majority community is left in limbo in perpetuity with the feeling of having left out by politicians, has not prospered or was able to form stable political structures. Iraq where a Sunni minority ruled the majority Shia, and Syria where an Alawaite minority ruled the majority Sunnis and Rwanda where the minority Tutsi ruled the majority Hutus come to mind.

The two politically castrated parties the UNP and the SLFP took turns to woo the minorities to stay in power. The present political re-alignments is an excellent occasion to bring back the status-quo to where the majority community find its proper and equitable position in the political landscape of Sri Lanka. The current political situation also shows that minority support is self-seeking and with every such move has left the majority community impoverished of their justifiable rights and standing in society. Even today the Sinhalese who were displaced from the North languish as internally displaced unfortunates wandering as the new gypsies of Sri Lanka at the mercy of their kith and kin in the South.

Whenever a minority politician joins a majority party they come with a bagful of demands and veritable a pound of flesh for default. One good example comes to mind. When Ashroff became the Ports and Shipping Minister he stacked the Colombo port with his supporters – obviously Muslims who were given permanent jobs. When he or his followers crossed over later, the Muslims he found jobs at the Port remained, while he went wooing the other idiotic Sinhala party seeking a fresh set of demands and a pound of flesh. Even Thondaman did likewise in the estate sector. Amirthalingam did likewise as his predecessor and mentor – Chelavanakam!  Little now and more later” became their political motto. Minority demands became the black hole that is devouring the mother star!

Kandyans who lost their land to the British under the infamous Wasteland Ordinance are suffering to date. Even to this day these hapless people are left unheard, unrepresented and impoverished not even able to have proper access to their places of livelihood, for access is across the land they lost to the British and then to the Estate Tamils. When Estate Tamils received citizenship in Sri Lanka they got exclusive rights to the lands they worked on as well. How many people in Sri Lanka know of this give historic giveaway?

When Sinhala people in Kotmale were displaced due to the construction of the Hydro Reservoirs they did not get alternate land in the same area due to protests from Thondaman and the historic caving in of JR and Gamini Dissanayake – the latter being himself a Kotmale born! Sinhala people who inhabited this land since King Dutu Gemunu’s time and beyond, had to leave their ancestral lands. They were settled in a clime entirely foreign to them – in the arid Mahaweli C-sector – Aralaganwila and Girandurukotte. All of this happened because the government in power couldn’t stand up to Thondaman who was asking for a pound of flesh to support the government in power.  A whole lot of these unfortunate people, mainly children and the elderly died within the first year of settlement; the first things that one encountered in entering those villages were the cemeteries of the dead. Every time the politicians relented Sinhalese lost out.

Today most of the Shylocks have left the governing party and they are now with Sirisena. The rest will cross over in droves if the unthinkable were to happen and there is a win for Sirisena. In case of a Sirisena win they are waiting to milk him dry with their demands and a call for a pound of flesh on default. This will be the beginning of a new wave of destabilization that will lead to make another Libya out of Sri Lanka and the formation of Eelam, Naziristan and a Safristan – in simple words unending civil war!

 It is time for the Sinhalese in both UNP and SLFP to join hands and bring back their lost position in Sri Lankan politics to create a monolithic political entity of the majority Sinhalese, simply because we cannot rely on the minorities political parties at this juncture to show magnanimity. Fact of the matter is there is nothing essentially different between the two main parties with respect to how they approach economic development and other spheres of political endeavor. In fact with frequent crossovers the difference between the two parties is only in the label, the content being the same with only a slight difference in flavor! The other difference is that on the UPFA side there is at least a hope for the majority Sinhalese and especially Sinhala Buddhists. The truth is it is only the majority Sinhala polity who can bring solutions to the justifiable and practically possible demands of the minorities.

Over the years the UNP has very surreptitiously filtered out Buddhist contenders for power within the party. So much so with Chrisitian Ranil, Catholic Ravi Karunanayake, Catholic Joseph Micheal Perera,  Christian Eran Wickramasinghe  of Assembly of God and supposedly Born Again” Sajith Premadasa could be a closet Christian (thanks to Born Again Christian Rosy Senanayake) the UNP has become a Christian / Catholic led political party.  If voted to power they will bring about evangelization of Sri Lanka – a la South Korea. It is decision time for any Buddhist UNPers who love their country, religion and culture to think twice of their affiliation to this Anti Buddhist, Anti Sinhala party anymore. Don Juan Ranil will once again invite the New Portuguese” and it will not be long before Sri Lanka has Western Powers and their cat’spaws at the gates of Kotte again!

Prosperity of Malaysia and Singapore is mainly due to having a a strong political party at the helm for more than two decades. This is how Japan prospered and this how South Korea prospered. The need for a one single party of the majority Sinhalese will make racial politics a thing of the past forever. It is the bounden duty of the patriots to see that Sri Lanka will not end up at the receiving end of petit minority led politics and in turn end up at the mercy of international big power politics who were ever ready to fish in troubled waters and now for regime change.

If Sirisena comes to power it will be with a common understanding with the Ranil, Chandrika, Sarath Fonseka, TNA and the rump of the JHU. It is clear as day light that this unholy alliance cannot have a common agenda.  Once the elected these parties with opposing agenda’s will jockey for power leading to major instability in the country. It is very likely that there will be widespread riots a la post 1977 election riots to settle scores, having being out of power for nearly two decades. Knowing the forces at play it is very likely these events can elevate into a very cruel civil war.

People in Sri Lanka do not know what it is like to be in a civil war. The closest examples are to see what is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. This is where neighbor rise up against neighbor, which is the worst form of warfare one, would not wish even on an enemy. Although termed a civil war due to lack of foreign forces, the 30 years Eelam War was not a civil war per se. It ran on clearly demarcated lines in that they were fighting for a separate homeland. Eelamists ethnically cleansed,  the Sinhalese and the Muslims from the North. In the South there was no danger to the ethnic Tamils and in fact the majority of the Tamils including those of Terrorism supporting TULF and TNA lived in safety in Colombo and elsewhere in the South. For most part of the war it was mainly restricted to the North and East of the country.

Civil wars are far more devastating and far more cruel. Rape, pillage, arson, looting death and destruction become commonplace. People who lived as friends earlier become deadly enemies.  Examples of the aftermath of such wars are full of unbelievable cruelty and depravity. The worst under current circumstances is the scenario when foreign powers decide to favor one faction over the other, like what is happening now in Syria, Iraq, Libya and most recently in the Ukraine. They will dump lethal weapons to fuel and destabilize the country even further and further. In a civil war the worst is for the recently rich middle class. Just listen to the lamentations of the Syrians now freezing under tents as homeless in refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey. Myopic Colombians and their like-minded compatriots elsewhere in the island are literally behaving like flies in a death dance with the flame.

The Democracy and Human Rights of the west can only be cultivated in a soil fertilized by the flesh and blood of human beings. This is what they are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now trying in Syria and in the Ukraine!

When going to polls on the 8th of January the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka have a clear choice in their hands. That is whether

  1. to vote for the band of former traitors – Ranil, Chandrika,  Mangala, Rajitha , Sampandan conglomerate now using Sirisena as a cat’s paw to come to power in a political coup or
  2. to vote and keep in power the Rajapakses who delivered Sri Lanka from a supposed to be unwinnable war, made tremendous progress in making bridges to the minorities, made rehabilitation of brainwashed ex- terrorists into  useful citizens, have implemented mega development of essential infrastructure projects and now in the way to further development of Sri Lanka to be the wonder of Asia.

The nation needs to get the big picture and prioritize the dangers facing them. What is more important – whether it is living with the  Rajapakse regime or the prospects of rosy future full of blood and gory a la Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine!

I sincerely hope that the Sri Lankans will have the wisdom to opt for the lesser of the two evils – just as much as President Rajapakse told the Northerners that it is better to be with the known devil than with the unknown angels.

5 Responses to “Problem in Sri Lanka is not a minority issue! It is the inability of the majority to assert themselves! Let the majority unite to make racist minority politics, history.”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thank you Ratnapala. It is India, Indian colonial parasites and vermin who funded and set the policies of SWRD in 1951. Even the name Sri Lanka Freedom Party is part of it. Chandrika addresses political rally in Jaffna in English and her father was talking about Sinhala Bhashwa in 1951. what a contradiction. Chandrika is giving people more than Rs one thousand to attend meetings.

  2. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    “Thoppigala is just a rock,, the military map is in English and it is named as Baran’s Hat… I wonder these people have read the military map” – Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe

    “Our commander of army is not even suited for salvation army” – Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera

    “Any bull can wage war” – Lakshman Bandara Kiriella

    “Once these people go Pamankada saying Alimankada,,, Other time the go Madawachchiya saying Kilinochchiya” – Ravindra Sandresh Karunanayagam (Also known as Ravi Karunanayake)

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe, Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera and their coterie have no love for anyone, but for themselves. These are very dangerous people, the will do anything to gain power.

    Ruban Canistus Jayalath Jayawardena, his acolytes along with the LTTE backers did round the clock anti-war propaganda during the war, calling for peace with LTTE. And after the war, at the drop of a hat, Ruban Canistus Jayalath Jayawardena ran to India to complain against Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Catholic Church is heavily involved with the LTTE from the 1970s. Catholic Church played a major role in the genesis of the LTTE . Why the Catholic Bishops in other parts of Sri Lanka are silent in this matter. Whoever has the ultimate responsibility and obligation to The Vatican should have taken to task, the Catholic clergy that has given comfort to the brutal LTTE. Instead of being cremated in accordance with Hindu religious custom thousands of Hindu LTTE martyrs were buried in mass cemeteries. The Catholic Bishop of Jaffna, the Rev Father Thomas Savundranayagam unashamedly made several false accusations about conditions for Tamils in Sri Lanka with absolutely no conscience whatsoever. When Jaffna Muslims were ruthlessly chased away, the Catholic Church remained silent.

    S.J.Emmanuel who was appointed, with the consent of the Catholic Bishops and the Vatican, to be the first rector that the Jaffna Major Seminary wrote a book “Let My People Go” and elaborated a ‘liberation theology only for Tamils’. S.J.Emmanuel called Velupillai Prabhakaran Jesus Christ, the LTTE soldiers of Christ, the suicide bombers, martyrs of the Catholic Church to whom the Church provided a Catholic burial, and self proclaimed himself, the Moses who would lead the Tamil nation from the bondage of the Sinhalese-Buddhists to the land chosen for them by God.

    Sri Lankans of all races love to live in multi-ethnic communities. As Tamil speaking Sri Lankans live in the South, Sinhalese and Muslims were living in the North until a few decades ago. Their numbers were small but sizable. This was before communal politics hijacked Northern politics. It was very unfortunate. Never would this have happened had the North was a vibrant multi-ethnic community like the Central, South, East & West. The Tamil Elam concept was finally officiated in 1949 with the formation of the ITAK (Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi which means Sri Lanka Tamil Kingdom Party). This catchy name was a ploy to fool unsuspecting Tamils. Its English translation – Federal Party – was another ploy – to fool the Sinhalese. Using aggressive communal politics ITAK rose to prominence winning seats at the 1952 Parliament election and later expanding at the 1956 election much the same way National-Socialists won increasing number of parliament seats in the 1930s in Europe. 450 years of colonialism set the stage for ethnic friction during the post independence period. Do belief systems prevalent in Tamil speaking Sri Lankans from Jaffna, matter in affecting their social integration with Sinhala speaking Sri Lankans? Tamil speaking Sri Lankans from Jaffna who bring values that depart very substantially from those of the the majority of the country may always lead to the creation of social boundaries that are difficult to transcend. To pre-empt polarized ethnic enclaves ethnic integration must be promoted. By maintaining a multi-ethnic environment, the government can maintain social stability, communal harmony and religious tolerance, and keep Sri Lanka safe, secure and prosperous for all ethic groups.
    Do people call Kandy or Nuwaraeliya Sinhala Towns?
    Why this ethnically designated towns only in the North?
    Who ‘colonized’ Wellawatte and Milagiriya?
    Given that millions of Tamils are living in the South and South is too cramped with people so we must say it is okay to allow new settlements (no matter what race are they) in the North and East.While population of the rest of the country increased rapidly, with some once small towns like Galle and Matara becoming mega cities with population bursting at the seams, the population in the North has dropped by more than half. Diaspora Tamils know that Sinhalese are great neighbours and even better than German, French, Italian or British. Tamils are living in harmony with Sinhalese in the South. In Sri Lanka there are many LAWS in the books. Kandyan Law, Mukkuwa Law, Islamic Law, Roman-Dutch Law, Low Country Sinhala Law and Thesawalamai.
    Why we have Islamic Law but no Buddhist or Hindu Law?
    “Thesawalamai” is not practiced much in Jaffna. If that is practiced people from Pungudutivu or any low castes cannot buy lands in Jaffna!
    Now that the Tamils are relocating to Canada, UK etc etc Sinhalese should relocate to the vacant areas left by the Tamils.
    In Singapore EIP – Ethnic Integration Policy – is enforced to balance ethnic composition.
    Any Sri lankan should be able to live where ever they want, as long as the law of the country is respected and follwed.
    When racists use “Tamil Areas” it implies that there are some areas exclusive for Tamils.
    This “Tamil Exclusiveness” concept is one of the roote causes for ethnic tension in our motherland. This is likesomeone saying that “Tamils are Tamilizing Sinhala areas of Wellawatta”. Mono ethnic enclaves should not be encouraged. That’s the reason to non-tolerance of other cultures. Everyone should have a common Sri Lankan identity. Sri lanka is for every son and daughter of the soil, whether speaking in English, Tamil or Sinhala. Equality,liberty and freedom to exercise one’s religion, language and culture is all that matters.
    Time has come to stop all this nonsense of being Tamil and Sinhalese. We are all Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka belongs to all its children. Every Sri Lankan citizen has to be treated equally, should be allowed to move around freely without any restrictions and when they do so they should be encouraged to procure these assets at market prices. If the Tamils can live other parts of Sri Lanka, then why Sinhalese don’t have the same right. Please do not create mono ethnic enclaves. There are no ethnic homelands in Sri Lanka… only Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lanka is a free country; Anybody from Dondra Point should be able to live in Point Pedro and vice versa as well. Co-inhabitant is the best solution to national integrity and makes different ethnic groups to understand each other.

    Hindi is the official language of the Indian Union (although it also recognises 15 or 16 other regional languages as official). Still, it is the native language of only about a third of all Indians. Those who don’t grow up speaking Hindi must learn it at school. Very little Hindi is spoken in the south of India, where the dominant languages are completely unrelated to those of the north.

    Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. It is also the official language of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and one of the two official languages of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

    Like Hindi, Urdu is not the native language of most Pakistanis. For only about 10% of Pakistanis, primarily those living in Karachi and other cities of the Sindh province, speak it as their mother tongue. The remaining Pakistanis grow up speaking Punjabi, Sindhi, Baluchi, Pashtu, Kashmiri or other languages and must learn Urdu at school. In fact, India has about ten times the number of native speakers of Urdu as Pakistan.

    But this situation is changing because the Pakistani state has so thoroughly suffused the country with Urdu. Many of today’s young Pakistanis for whose parents Urdu is not the mother tongue, have grown up speaking Urdu as though it was.

    Similarly a majority of Sri Lankan kids with Tamil speaking parents are now living in traditionally Sinhala speaking areas and growing up speaking Sinhala as well. Language will not become a subject of racist division in few years if all the Tamil speaking Sri Lankan children learn Sinhala.

    It has been the proud privilege of the Sri Lankans to live in harmony with one another. That has been the basis of Sri Lanka’s culture from the days of Asoka, 2,300 years ago. This has been repeatedly declared and practiced. Let us endeavour to rebuild the brotherhood that once existed between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. It is the only way forward to usher in peace and prosperity once more to this beautiful country of ours that has been torn apart by war and strife.

  3. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    If MY3 wins
    in 100 days
    Ranil – Prime Minister of South
    Bandit Queen CBK – Finance Minister of South
    Sampanthan – Prime Minister of North
    Hakim – Prime Minister of East

    If MY3 wins AIYO Mother Lanka

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    If MY3 wins AIYO Mother Lanka- so aiyayo ( in Thamil) Mother Lanka on 09th Jan 2015 .

  5. S.A Says:

    Yes, “Problem in Sri Lanka is not a minority issue! It is the inability of the majority to assert themselves! Let the majority unite to make racist minority politics, history.” is true.

    The issue is with the Majority . They prefer divisions among themselves. Some of them forget the past very fast. It is surprising to see how some fools cheering Chandrika , Ranil and crowed who are now leading the My3 camp forgetting their past and how people suffered over3 decades under their leaderships.

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