What if Sirisena wins? – Part I
Posted on January 4th, 2015


 4 Jan 2015

The 13th Amendment in its various manifestations will be in for consideration with Eelamist Tamils if Sirisena wins. It is best if Sri Lankan electorate come to know the implications of giving into Eelam demands.  Let the politicos and the powers that be too understand the implications.

Part 1.  Indefinite, non existing, but a moving Eelam border


Eelam Stamp ”…” Issued clandestinely in 1980 and the 2009 Ealam Map


First and foremost the so called Tamil Land has no definite borders.  There is no record in history the shown borders or anything else having being contested with the rest of Sri Lanka politically or militarily by the Tamils.

Eelam Stamps  – 2012 ”…” Issued clandestinely in France and many other LTTE / Terrorist friendly countries


See the Eelam border in 1980 is metamorphosing into what is demanded today in 2012 Eelam stamps. The new map includes areas up to Negombo in West and up to the banks of the Kumbukkan Oya in the East.

 It is easy to see that the Eelam of 1980 with the entire racist thinking at that time did not include land south of Mannar ”…” Puttalam and Chilaw and the areas of Akkaraipattu and Potuvila.

 What will be the future of Sri Lanka if power is devolved to the Northern and Eastern Provinces?  We saw within a short period the result of Varadha Rajaperumal being made the Chief Minister ”…” Tamil National Army and the Unilateral Declaration of Independence!

 If land and police powers are granted to the Separatist Racist Tamils will the border shown stay static?  Eelamist imagination knows no bounds. There will be incessant wars over land and waterways and the border will move ever southwards in a pincer move to till Eelamists grab the head waters of the Mahaveli.  Eventually it will be Anschluss with hill country Tamils – annexation of the Indian Tamil areas in the hill country.

What’s next for Sri Lanka? Will there be anything left of Sri Lanka to call Sri Lanka?

3 Responses to “What if Sirisena wins? – Part I”

  1. ranjit Says:

    No if’s and But’s the clear winner on 8th will be one and only HE.the President Mahinda Rajapksa period! As lomg as Rajapaksa’s live there won’t be any division but if the stupid Sinhalese vote them out then the picture might be different. We all hope that will not happen for another 100 years.

    If we are strong as a nation no one can touch it but if we have leaders like Ranil,Chandrika then anothet story because they alwys took advise from their Masters abroad. They live outside,they give their children in marriage to outsiders,They are financed by outsiders, They live like outsiders. They love these white skin very much. They tell that they are ashamed to be Sri Lankans. They worship America and the western evil Govt’s. They have done so many mistakes in the past and still they come begging our vote without any shame.I feel pity for these Gobells. This coming 8th they have to find places to hide because people of my land is angry with them for trying to sell our land to the white pigs.

    Our true Sri Lankans will show them who will be the King again same like old days. Let’s prepare to celebrate and enjoy. Our country is blessed with kind and intelligent people so nothing to worry.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Aiyoo, Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena!


    200 Years after that YEAR OF INFAMY 1815, in 2015 you have chosen to deliver Mother Lanka BOUND HAND & FOOT to her ENEMIES!

    But, FEAR NOT PATRIOTS, the same fate that befell the Arch-Traitor of that day, Pilimithalawa will befall the backstabbing traitor Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena too!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa…..What have you done to yourself and to our motherland!

  3. Daya Says:

    Dear Ananda, I have exchanged ideas with you many times, and I have come to respect many of the bloggers here for their sincerity. However, I find that I am in a minority amongst contributors here. I have decided that I will vote for Maithirpala. I am uncertain about how things will work out if Maithri is elected, but I am not fearful.

    I hope we meet some time, and I also look forward to learning some of the many things that you have learnt in a life that has obviously been full and varied. I’ve not been fortunate enough to have visited any “Western country”, and I’m quite an old man now.

    The bottom line to this is, once the elections are over, let’s generate less heat and try to make this country a better place for us all.

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